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Title: Pray for bro James Knox
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on September 19, 2014, 08:26:14 pm
Brother James Knox is in need of our prayers.
Friday September 5, 2014
Before you hear bits and pieces of things which may or may not be true, we are sending out the following statement:
♦Since early July Brother James has been experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. These symptoms came and went for a few weeks but are now on-going.

♦A visit to the doctor on Tuesday revealed problems in an EKG and his blood pressure, normally quite low, was very high.

♦A full battery of blood work has been done, results are pending. He is scheduled to see a cardiologist on Sept. 17.

♦The September meeting with Pastor Alltop in Danville, KY has been cancelled as doctors and family did not want him flying until this is resolved.

♦There is no further information to be given at this time.

♦Please pray, nothing more. As tempted as you will be to send suggested cures, treatments, etc. we ask that you please just make this a matter of prayer.

Thank you.