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Title: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Mark on March 11, 2015, 12:01:44 pm
Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado

So it's true: The early bird gets the fireballs.

Coloradans who were up before the sun on Wednesday morning saw a "bright green" fireball soar across the sky before it burned out over the mountains.

More than 60 eyewitnesses filed sightings on the American Meteor Society's website.

Greg Moore, an analyst and contributor at Weather5280, told Mashable he was driving over the top of Vail pass, west of Denver, just before 6 a.m. local time when "a bright green fireball caught my eye."

The object had a "flaming tail with a long trail behind it," Moore said. "As it moved towards the far horizon it started to flame out, but even after the tail was gone a bright orange ball was still visible till it disappeared beyond the far mountain range."

"It was pretty incredible," he said.

Snapchat user Joel Jimenez sent Mashable video he caught from a Home Depot parking lot in Fort Collins.


Brian Paulson, a software engineer, caught the fireball on his car's dash cam while driving about 15 miles north of Pueblo, Colorado. A second man caught it on his dash cam from Denver.


Colorado resident Nate Hershey told Mashable he was getting his kids dressed on Wednesday morning and happened to look out the window when the object was streaking across the sky.

"The head was bright white, and it had a deep orange tail with what looked like sparks falling behind, moving very slowly for a meteor," he said.

"I had time to put my 1 year old down, grab my four year old, climb onto my bed and hold him up to the window for a few seconds before it faded," Hershey said. "At the end, the tail appeared to be an eerie green with a slight blue tint as it disappeared."

"I've seen a lot of meteors in my day but this must have been the most spectacular, lasting for what seemed like around 10 seconds," he said.

The fireball, which could have been a meteor, satellite debris or a warning shot from an alien warship, was first reported on Twitter.

rest: http://mashable.com/2015/03/11/colorado-fireball/

Throughout history the appearance of Green Fireballs were harbingers of UFO  flaps

Title: Re: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on March 11, 2015, 10:32:22 pm

Throughout history the appearance of Green Fireballs were harbingers of UFO  flaps

Could you elaborate on this? I don't understand - thanks!

Title: Re: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Mark on March 12, 2015, 04:46:44 am
Could you elaborate on this? I don't understand - thanks!

It was something that John Keel discovered in his research. Green Fireballs are nothing new, but when they start to show up, UFO sightings and abductions start soon after for a while. When i get time ill see if i can upload what he was talking about

Title: Re: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Mark on March 25, 2015, 05:55:55 am
pg 137 Why UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse

These peculiar "meteors" and green fireballs have been
turning up in increasing numbers for the past fifteen years.
They usually look like the astronomer's concept of meteors
and comets, with a long tail dangling behind, but their
maneuvers and the many physical effects accompanying
their passage rule out a simple natural explanation. They
are far more numerous than the intriguing flying saucertype
reports of metallic circular objects. In fact, the reports
of mysterious lights and unlikely meteors form the major
body of our neglected "soft" sightings. Furthermore, they
pop up year after year in the same isolated, thinly
populated areas. Natural meteors could hardly be so
selective. And meteors don't change direction or angle of

pg 138 Why UFO's: Operation Trojan Horse

We are having an influx of fireballs, and these have had an
unusual amount of attention because of their number,
brilliance, and the Kelly-green color of some of them. There
does, indeed, seem to be something queer about them.... For
the record, it might be stated that the green fireball flurry did
not originate in the United States, but apparently in Sweden
[1946]. This was a few years ago and essentially before the
greatest intensity of interest in UFO or saucers. They were then
thought to be Russian rockets or missiles; and to this day we
cannot prove that they were not Russian. In the United States
the green fireballs made their debut in New Mexico and were
thought to be associated with atomic energy experiments.
Now, however, they have spread over much of North America
and, frankly, we don't know what they are nor why, nor from

Title: Re: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Mark on January 10, 2016, 10:31:31 pm
Meteor fireballs are increasing exponentially but nobody knows why

Comparing 2014 to 2013, the frequency of fireballs increased by 120%.

Comparing 2015 to 2014, fireballs increased by 20%. That is a significant increase, and it should be generating a lot of attention. If it is, then it’s being done very quietly behind closed doors.

This statistics was made possible by data from NASA’s All-Sky Fireball Network, which observes, and daily reports, fireball activity over the US and from the American Meteor Society.

Overall increase in fireballs over the US in the last decade

The overall increase of fireballs over the last decade is exponentially insane.


From 2010 onwards, the frequency of fireballs has been increasing each year in an exponential fashion. Such a change is significant and should be generating a lot of media attention and a lot of activity in near space observation.

REST + MORE GRAPHS: http://strangesounds.org/2016/01/meteor-fireballs-increase-exponentially-mystery.html

Title: Re: Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado
Post by: Mark on February 07, 2017, 06:09:17 am
As meteor lights Midwestern skies, Lisle cop captures 'giant green-lighted orb' on dashcam

As a regular on the night shift, Lisle police Officer Jim Dexter is used to seeing the occasional shooting star or lunar eclipse, though mostly he's a witness to what he called “the odd behavior of animals and humans.”

Soon after, the National Weather Service was tweeting his video of a meteor that lit up the skies across the Midwest around 1:30 a.m.

“It was too good not to share,” Dexter said. “I thought about how few people actually saw it, but then there’s the amount of people I got to share it with.”

The American Meteor Society, which monitors meteor showers, said it had received more than 380 reports of sightings Monday.

“The fireball was seen primarily from Illinois and Wisconsin, but witnesses from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, New York, Kentucky, Minnesota and Ontario (Canada) also reported the event,” the society said on its website.

The society said preliminary information from witness reports suggests the meteor ended its flight in Lake Michigan between the shores of Sheboygan, Wis. and Manitowoc, Wis.

The fireball seen Monday was similar in size and brightness to another observed in 2003 in Park Forest, where meteorite fragments fell onto south suburban homes, said Philipp Heck, the Robert A. Pritzker associate curator of meteoritics and polar studies at the Field Museum. In 2010, a smaller and dimmer fireball was visible from Chicago and landed near Mifflin, Wis., he said.

A meteor forms when a meteoroid — which is a fragment of an asteroid — enters Earth’s atmosphere after orbiting the sun. The atmosphere’s hot air helps the meteor evaporate, and what ends up on the ground or in the water — called a meteorite — is much smaller than what initially entered the atmosphere, Heck said. About 60,000 meteorites, which can be as small as pebbles, have been discovered on Earth, and some are on display at the Field Museum.

“It’s unusual that it was visible from a metropolitan area,” said Heck, adding that most fly over unpopulated areas or over oceans.

Although the National Weather Service’s office in Green Bay said the meteor was accompanied by a sonic boom that shook houses in the region, Heck said the meteor was not big enough to cause damage.

Weather radar, seismometers, video footage of the fireball and eyewitness reports will help determine how big the meteor was and how fast it traveled, according to Heck.

Officer Patrick Murphy of the Chillicothe Police Department near Peoria, was alone in his squad car in the middle of his patrol shift when he saw the green fireball as he was passing a traffic light. His dashcam, which is constantly recording, captured the meteor.

“It definitely caught me off guard a little bit. Obviously, I was not expecting to see that,” Murphy said. “I figured it was probably a meteor because I don’t know what else it could possibly be.”

He said he drove to the northeast part of town where it looked like the meteor had fallen, but there were no flames anywhere.

Murphy, who reported the meteor sighting to his sergeant, said the fireball surprised him. He said he has seen falling stars but “nothing this big, nothing even close to this big.”

video: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-northern-illinois-meteor-20170206-story.html