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Title: Controversy Stirs as ‘Prophet’ Chuck Pierce Bestows ‘Mantle’ on Mormon Glenn Bec
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Controversy Stirs as ‘Prophet’ Chuck Pierce Bestows ‘Mantle’ on Mormon Glenn Beck

prophets....  :D.

Controversy is stirring over reports that “prophet” and speaker Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion International Ministries ceremonially gave a “mantle” to popular radio host, author and speaker Glenn Beck, who identifies as a Mormon.

Beck appeared at Pierce’s Global Spheres Center in Corinth, Texas this past Sunday, as Falma Rufus, a black civil rights speaker, had reportedly asked Pierce if he would host her family and Beck’s. Pierce posted a photo of Beck’s appearance later that day, which showed Beck being imparted with a spiritual “mantle” as a Jewish tallit was wrapped around him and his wife.

“We were so honored to have Glenn Beck and his family with us at Global Spheres Center this morning!” Pierce wrote. “Here is Glenn receiving his new mantle for the future!”

But some of Pierce’s followers expressed disapproval and were perplexed as to why Pierce would have spiritually embraced a follower of Mormonism.

“I am not saying to not show Christ love and kindness to Glenn, but he is an open LDS member and his belief system is not of a Christian, period,” one commenter wrote. “The church cheered when he talked about being baptized, [but] he was referring to being inducted into the LDS and the church cheered! Smh.”

“I like and pray for Glenn and his wife. I hope they find true spiritual liberty in Christ alone,” another stated. “However, bestowing alleged authority on those who are still avowed members of a non-Christian cult only muddies the ecclesiastical waters in an hour when the Church greatly needs pure fountains that run with the authority of the Word of God.”

Pierce soon stepped in to offer a defense of his invitation and actions, stating that the mantle was to have been on behalf of the nation of Israel since Beck shares “common ground” with Christians in that he supports Israel and its people.

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“Glenn Beck is devoted to Israel. The mantle was given from Israel,” he wrote. “Many Jews have never had salvation experiences. Many individuals in Methodist, Baptist, Catholic churches, etc. may have never ever had salvation experiences. However, one could bear witness to Glenn’s testimony.”

On Monday, Pierce provided a separate and more thorough explanation on Facebook.

“Concerning Glenn Beck and his family, I enjoyed being with and hosting them. Jesus would have done the same,” he said. “Glenn is a Mormon. However, many prophets have prophesied that those in the Mormon religion will have revival. How would that ever happen without someone like Falma praying and someone like me opening my heart to embrace the opportunity?”

“Glenn Beck, like Cyrus, has a voice to change this nation. Cyrus had God’s mantle to do so. Mr. Beck also has a mantle now that can be used to spread a new fire in this land,” Pierce continued. “He has a heart to see our nation continue to embrace Israel. That is our common ground. If he continues to embrace the God of Israel, then he will eventually know His fullness.”

But some state that Pierce’s reasoning is faulty and demonstrates a lack of discernment.

“I am deeply saddened by the actions of Chuck Pierce. Any credibility in this man ever had is destroyed by this act,” Ed Decker of Saints Alive in Jesus, a former Mormon of 20 years, told Christian News Network on Thursday.

“Chuck Pierce has the audacity to proclaim that his actions come from the throne of the Holy God,” he said. “This is a man who claims to be a pipeline from God, filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit, anointed of God to proclaim the living word of God.”

“Having proclaimed that position for himself, he then does a thing so blasphemous that he should be drummed out of the real Church as a false prophet and a man bringing doctrines and actions of demons,” Decker stated. “For Chuck Pierce to claim that he was instructed of God to lay hands and [bestow] a holy mantle … for a man claiming a false priesthood, who sits under an exalted man-god who lives on a planet near the great star Kolob with his many goddess wives—that claim is of the father of lies, coming from the mouth of a very false prophet.”