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Title: test-tube food
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First test-tube MEATBALL revealed: Startup claims lab grown meat will be on shelves within three years and says raising animals to eat will soon be 'unthinkable'
The firm says technique produces 90 percent less greenhouse emissions
Begins by isolating cow and pig cells that have the ability to regenerate
Costs $18,000 to make 1lb ground beef, compared to $4 in US grocery store
Working on plant-based alternative to replace fetal bovine serum

Test-tube meat is getting closer to leaving the lab and being served on our plates.

Memphis Meats, which grows meat from animal cells, says it hopes to have its animal-free products on the market in three to four years - and has unveiled the first lab-grown meatball to the public.

It is one of several firms developed 'test tube meats' that could one day be cheaper and more environmentally friendly to produce than traditional farming.

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'This is absolutely the future of meat,' said Memphis Meats CEO Uma Valeti.

'We plan to do to the meat industry what the car did to the horse and buggy.
'Cultured meat will completely replace the status quo and make raising animals to eat them simply unthinkable.'

The firm has been growing real meat in small quantities using cells from cows, pigs and chickens, he revealed.

'We love meat. But like most Americans, we don't love the many negative side effects of conventional meat production: environmental degradation, a slew of health risks, and food products that contain antibiotics, fecal matter, pathogens, and other contaminants,' the firm says on its website.

Its first line of products will include hot dogs, sausages, burgers and meatballs, which will all use recipes developed by award-winning chefs.

'Our concept is simple. Instead of farming animals to obtain their meat, why not farm the meat directly? To that end, we're combining decades of experience in both the culinary and scientific fields to farm real meat cells—without the animals—in a process that is healthier, safer, and more sustainable than conventional animal agriculture.'

rest: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3428438/First-test-tube-MEATBALL-revealed-Startup-claims-lab-grown-meat-shelves-three-years-says-raising-animals-eat-soon-unthinkable.html