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Title: The Bible Bible Knowledge Test
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The Bible Bible Knowledge Test

The Bible Knowledge Test is designed to challenge Godís people as individuals and as churches about their level of Bible knowledge.

After 40 plus years of experience, I have concluded that though Bible believers love the Bible as Godís Word, oftentimes they remain ignorant of it. They might read it from time to time. They might even read it regularly, but they donít understand it very well, because they arenít Bible students and they lack the necessary training and tools for effectual study.

We challenge every born again believer to take this matter seriously. Donít be content to remain weak in Bible knowledge. By remaining in this condition, you are missing out on the richness of the Christian life as surely as a child who never matures misses out on the richness of adult life.

Carve out some serious time in your daily schedule to study the Bible and the things of God.

At the end of the Bible Knowledge Test we give some suggestions for self study.

Take the time to examine yourself by the following test. Are you of ďfull ageĒ or are you yet ďa babeĒ?