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Title: Amish Pedophiles
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Three charged after dozen Amish girls found in home including one 'gifted' to alleged rapist who impregnated her

Lee Kaplan was reportedly given the girl when she was aged 14 by her parents, when he helped them out with money problems

Three people have been charged after a dozen Amish girls were found in a home, including one who was allegedly 'gifted' to a suspected rapist who impregnated her.

Lee Kaplan was reportedly given the girl when she was aged 14 by her parents, when he helped save their farm.

Now 18, the girl became pregnant when she was 14 and again at 17, according to court records.

Child welfare workers in Bucks County, Pennysylvania, found 11 girls between the ages of six months and 18 years living in the house of 51-year-old Kaplan in the town of Feasterville on Thursday.

All are believed to be Amish.

Police arrested Kaplan as well as Daniel Stoltzfus, 43, and his wife Savilla Stoltzfus, 42, who are the parents of the 18-year-old.

Kaplan is charged with 10 counts of various sexual offenses, eight of them felonies, including statutory ****.

Daniel Stoltzfus is charged with conspiracy to commit statutory sexual assault.

Both he and Savilla Stoltzfus are also charged with endangering the welfare of children.

They are each being held on $1 million (696,000) bond.

Police said in court papers the Stoltzfus couple was grateful to Kaplan for saving their farm from foreclosure.

They admitted to giving their then 14-year-old daughter to Kaplan after they found information on the internet suggesting this would be legal.

The couple sent nine of their other children to live with Kaplan after they lost their farm - but there was no evidence they were sexually assaulted.

ABC discovered court documents which show the couple fell out with the Amish church in 2003 which ended up with their home being being seized for Sheriff's sale and Stoltzfus' steel fabrication business going under.

Stoltzfus blamed the church for his economic woes, including the mortgage foreclosure on the home, and the couple declared themselves born again Christians.

One of Kaplan's neighbours, Jen Betz, told ABC : "I saw a couple girls last week standing in the driveway.

"They just looked unhappy and sad and again in the blue dresses, and I've been telling my husband for years something isn't right, something isn't right."

Police and the assistant district attorney prosecuting the case could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

Court papers did not say where the other girls came from, but authorities said they all appeared in good health and were in protective custody together.

The three arrested will face a preliminary hearing on the charges August 2.