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Title: Hurricane Harvey Thread
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 29, 2017, 05:39:06 pm
BREAKING!!! The Levee Has Just Been Breached!!!

RT America


BREAKING: Levee breached south of #Houston, evacuations ordered https://on.rt.com/8lcj
9:59 AM - Aug 29, 2017

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Title: Re: Crazy Weather Headlines!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 29, 2017, 08:34:53 pm
Breaking! It's all starting to fall apart! Houston is in MAJOR trouble! (Tweets inside link)

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Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 30, 2017, 10:56:18 am
One trillion gallons of rain

 Fox News


.@SylvesterTurner "The one trillion gallons of rain still have to go somewhere... So we're not done with the flooding."

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Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 30, 2017, 11:07:46 am
Breaking! It's official! A new record has been set!

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Breaking911 Nature @B911Nature

#BREAKING: National Weather Service: Cedar Bayou, Texas, records 51.88 inches of rain from Harvey; new continental U.S. record. - AP

4:14 PM - Aug 29, 2017

NWS Houston


Update to the rainfall record: 51.88" has been reported at Cedar Bayou and FM-1942 as of 3:40 PM CDT today #houwx #glswx #bcswx #txwx
4:08 PM - Aug 29, 2017

Title: Re: Crazy Weather Headlines!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 30, 2017, 11:13:36 am
Just In! Chemical pollutants released into the air over Houston! It keeps getting worse!

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Exxon has announced damage to some of its refineries, including one that released chemical pollutants into the atmosphere.

breaking911.com reports: Exxon also said in the filing that Harvey damaged its Beaumont petrochemical refinery.

The damage affected a sulfur thermal oxidizer, equipment that captures and burns sulfur dioxide. As a result, the plant released 1,312.84 pounds of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.

Exxon said it was taking action to "minimize emissions" from the release of chemicals at the damaged plants.

In a statement to reporters, Exxon would not immediately detail the extent of the damage or the emissions fallout, saying it plans to assess the impact "once it is safe to do so."

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 30, 2017, 11:43:01 am
August 27, 2017 / 2:36 AM / 10 minutes ago
Harvey swamps Louisiana, eastern Texas with heavy rains

HOUSTON/LAKE CHARLES, La. (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Harvey bore down on eastern Texas and Louisiana on Wednesday, bringing the catastrophic downpours that paralyzed the U.S. energy hub of Houston with record rainfall and drove tens of thousands of people from their homes.

The storm that first came ashore on Friday near Corpus Christi, Texas, as the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in more than 50 years has killed at least 17 people and forced 30,000 people to flee to emergency shelters.

Damage has been estimated at tens of billions of dollars, making it one of the costliest U.S. natural disasters.

Clear skies in Houston on Wednesday brought relief to the fourth-largest U.S. city after five days of downpours but Harvey pushed northeast, drenching cities including Port Arthur, Texas, and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Some Houston residents began to leave emergency shelters, apprehensive about discovering what remained of the homes they had fled.

Handyman Mike Dickerson, 52, carried a grocery bag of his possessions through the city’s streets as he tried to figure out how to make it back to his home, which was waist-deep in water the last time he saw it.

“A lot of people are going back now because everything looks dry around here. But people who lost everything have nowhere to go and are still at the convention center,” Dickerson said. “They are just telling everyone to call FEMA, tell them about the damage.”

As Harvey churned out of the Houston area, it made landfall for a third time early on Wednesday, and was about 30 miles north of Lake Charles, Louisiana, near the Texas border at 11 a.m. EDT (1600 GMT) with winds up to 45 miles per hour (75 kph). It was expected to bring an additional 3 to 6 inches (7.5 to 15.2 cms) of rain to an area about 80 miles east of Houston as well as southwestern Louisiana, where some areas have already had more than 18 inches of rain.

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Post by: Mark on August 30, 2017, 05:48:16 pm
Mega-Rich Pastor Joel Osteen Orders Doors Of Lakewood Church Shut To Public At Height Of Hurricane Harvey
August 29, 2017
Televangelist Joel Osteen canceled services at his Houston megachurch Sunday and has yet to reopen its doors despite thousands of desperate people in need....


Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 30, 2017, 07:23:38 pm
Proverbs 19:22  The desire of a man is his kindness: and a poor man is better than a liar.

Osteen is a liar, and has no kindness. God's word says it!

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on August 31, 2017, 03:41:33 pm
BREAKING: Two Major Explosions Reported, Several People Taken To Hospital!

Two explosions were reported at the Arkema chemical plant in Houston, TX. The CEO had previously warned that given the flooding, that there was nothing Arkema could do to prevent the plant from exploding.

From Zerohedge:

When the CEO of Arkema America, Richard Rowe, warned late Wednesday that the company is powerless to prevent an imminent explosion at its Crosby, TX chemical plant, all we could do was wait for the inevitable. We didn't have long to wait, because just a few hours later, on Thursday morning, Arkema said it has been notified about two explosions at the doomed Crosby plant.

Source: Bloomberg

At approximately 2:00am local time, the company announced that two explosions and black smoke were reported. According to ABC, several people were taken to hospital.

A sheriff’s deputy was among those taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes, according to a tweet from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Nine other deputies drove themselves to the hospital as a precaution.

Arkema had already evacuated workers, and local authorities had cleared the area prior to the blow. From the statement:

At approximately 2 a.m. CDT, we were notified by the Harris County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) of two explosions and black smoke coming from the Arkema Inc. plant in Crosby, Texas. Local officials had previously established an evacuation zone in an area 1.5 miles from our plant, based on their assessment of the situation.

An Arkema spokesperson stated late Wednesday that a fire at the site was inevitable. “The fire will happen. It will resemble a gasoline fire. It will be explosive and intense in nature... as the temperature rises, the natural state of these materials will decompose. A white smoke will result, and that will catch fire. So the fire is imminent. The question is when,” spokesperson Janet Smith said.

The Arkema Inc. chemical plant on Aug. 30

Rachel Moreno, a spokeswoman for the county fire marshal’s office, said it is unclear whether all residents obeyed the evacuation order for the 1.5 mile radius of the plant, adding that the office has received an unconfirmed report of a woman who may still be in the evacuation zone.

The company also said it is working closely with federal, state and local authorities to manage the situation, according to a statement on its website.

As Arkema stores organic peroxides at several locations on the site, the threat of additional explosions remains, it said, adding that the best course of action is to let the fire burn itself out.

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
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There's major gas shortages in Dallas/Ft Worth (at least where I live) now b/c the Houston refineries is where pretty much everyone from Texas gets it - we went out to get gas, and the gas station next to our house ran out! (Very surprising, b/c not many people go there to begin with). So we went to the big one a few miles from our house - we had to wait in LINE.

It was a struggle! (as we had to readjust our car as the gas pump was on the wrong side of our car), but Praise God he got us through this!

FWIW, gas prices are through the roof now here ($2.50/gallon and rising now).

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Post by: Psalm 51:17 on September 01, 2017, 07:56:31 am
Kinda what I thought - they're trying to create a "panic". This is just my honest opinion, but I believe they're engineering this so they can open up the Alaska pipeline (which they've been pushing for many years). Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Expert: ‘Panic Purchases’ Producing Gas Shortages, Not Actual Shortage

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A gas shortage. Is it real, or consumer created out of concern?

For North Texans headed into the holiday weekend, it may not matter either way. And a “run on the tank” looks a lot like a “run on the bank” when customers start to panic, making a beeline for the nearest gas station.

But people’s frenzied gas runs are causing lines that are creating a shortage, according to oil and gas specialist Bernard Weinstein – not an actual shortage.

“Many stations are out of product because people have panicked,” says Weinstein of SMU’s Maguire Energy Institute. “So everybody with half a tank is filing up, creating lines, and draining tanks at gas stations.”

Tropical Storm Harvey knocked the country’s two largest oil refineries offline, hampering the transport of fuel to gas stations and pummeling oil production as a result. But Weinstein says there’s no need for what he calls “panic purchases.”

“Right now there’s a a limited supply of product, but I don’t think this is a long term problem,” he said. “I think this so-called shortage will be gone by mid next week.”

The head of the Texas agency that regulates the oil and gas industry is urging people to wait three or four days to fill their cars and trucks with gasoline if they can.

Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton said Thursday that people are panicking and that’s causing a run on gas and empty fuel pumps.

He says there is plenty of gas in Houston and elsewhere, but there are logistical problems of making sure all of the stations are getting it. Additionally, Sitton says he doesn’t think it will be an issue a week from now as long as people stay calm and fill up their tanks as they normally would.

QuikTrip will begin limiting gas sales at its North Texas stores before the end of the week. Company spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said that they are now working to identify which stores will not sell any gas.

Several drivers have already reported stations out of gas, and others are waiting in long lines for their chance to fill up.

The Keller Police Department tweeted the following list to help drivers looking to fill-up.

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
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I was talking with my dad about this this morning - even he agreed - people were panicking even though their cars were filled 3/4.

We've been through this many times - one week everyone acts like the sky is falling, but the next week everyone not only forgets about the whole thing, but goes back to talking about sports, movies, reality shows, and what not.

When they shall say, Peace and safety...

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on September 01, 2017, 11:47:49 am

Commerce | Economy | News | Top Story | Transportation
Despite rumors, there is not a gas shortage: Officials say North Texas stations will resupply fuel soon following post-hurricane demand
By Miranda Wilcox|   Posted Aug. 31, 2017 at 2:27 pm

Motorists across North Texas are hunting for gas stations that still have fuel while eating the cost of increased prices.

Brad Douglass, CEO of Douglass Distributing based out of Sherman, Texas, said Hurricane Harvey is responsible for affecting 31 percent of the refinery capacity in the United States. Many facilities have shut down, and productivity on others have slowed, he said.

“They’ve closed the refineries, and the refineries supply [the Dallas-Fort Worth area] through pipelines, so when you stop pushing product through the pipelines, you literally have millions of gallons of fuel stranded in the pipelines because there’s nothing in the pipes,” Douglass said.

He asked for motorists to be patient.

“Don’t panic – we have plenty of motor fuel, it’s just our inability to resupply every store right now,” Douglass said. “The stores will be resupplied. There’s plenty out there.”

He said he expects fuel supplies to return to normal within a week.

In the meantime, AAA Texas is encouraging all drivers to be prepared.

“Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead for any road trips and should not allow their vehicle’s gas level to fall below a quarter of a tank,” said Daniel Armbruster, AAA Texas senior public affairs specialist. “Despite the country’s overall oil and gasoline inventories being at or above 5-year highs, until there is clear picture of damage and an idea when refineries can return to full operational status, gas prices will continue to increase.”

AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch reported the statewide gas price average in Texas is $2.26 for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel. It is a four-cent increase from Wednesday’s average prices, and is 12 cents more per gallon compared to Thursday of last week.

Of the major metropolitan areas surveyed in Texas, drivers in Dallas are paying the most on average per gallon at $2.37, while drivers in Beaumont are paying the least at $2.17 per gallon, according to the report.

Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton said in a press conference Thursday that Texas is missing out on about 2 million barrels of gasoline, but he emphasized that there are still 238 million gallons of gasoline in storage. There is not a supply issue, he stressed, there is a logistics issue.

Sitton attributed the hunt for fuel to a self-fulfilling prophecy for people who speculated that fuel supplies would run low, and spread their concerns to friends and family members.

“They’re taking gas tanks, suburbans and they’re filling up,” Sitton said. “That’s six to seven times the demand on every gas station. The big issue is people trying to get their hands on every gallon they can. My advice is if you can go three or four days without gasoline, hold off. Don’t stand in line. This is going to stem.”

Douglass said the demand for gas will result in “spot outages,” and this spike in prices and harder-to-find fuel will be only temporary. If drivers cannot find fuel at one station, he said they need to keep driving and find another.

“Just keep looking,” he said.

That is what many drivers at the Shell Station at the corner of Preston Road and Lebanon Road in Frisco had to do. On Thursday, drivers waited up to two hours to get to a gas pump, with lines extending out to the roadway and wrapping around the building. By noon, the station was out of gas.

“This is crazy,” Amber Pineda said as she filled her car. “The station by my house was out of gas completely. I’m going to be late for work, but they’ll understand. They know it’s like this everywhere.”

One thing drivers will not have to worry about is price gouging, Douglass said. Because gas stations post the station’s prices in big numbers on outdoor signs, all a competitor has to do is look down the street to get a perspective on where prices should be.

“We’re all in this thing together,” Douglass said. “And people have a long memory of this kind of abuse, if somebody does decide to price gouge, people remember that.”

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
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Well, with all the over-exposed media coverage on Irma, and the less-than-expected damage that resulted (it wasn't this "nuclear" hurricane it was hyped up to be) - notice how the end result of this is that HARDLY ANYONE is talking about Harvey anymore. (and the long-term tremendous damage it caused)

IOW, Irma was likely nothing more than a big distraction. (and notice how they craftily pushed "climate change" through all this)

Title: Re: Hurricane Harvey Thread
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Texas Woman Dies After Contracting Flesh-Eating Infection in Harvey Floodwaters

by Elizabeth Chuck

A Texas woman has died after she contracted a flesh-eating infection when she fell into Hurricane Harvey's floodwaters, officials say.

Nancy Reed, 77, died on Sept. 15 after falling in a flooded home earlier in the month in Houston's Kingwood neighborhood, the Harris County medical examiner said this week. She contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a skin infection that kills the body's soft tissue, through a wound she got from the fall, Houston Health Department spokesman Porfirio Villarreal said Thursday.

Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare disease caused by various types of bacteria, most commonly group A strep, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While infections from group A strep are generally mild, in the case of necrotizing fasciitis, the bacteria spread quickly and can become deadly in a short period of time without prompt treatment.
[Toxic floodwaters pose risk after Harvey]
Toxic floodwaters pose risk after Harvey 1:17

Those with weakened immune systems and other health problems, like diabetes and kidney disease, are more susceptible to getting the infection, the CDC says. The agency says there are anywhere from 700 to 1,100 cases each year in the U.S.
Image: Houston Area Begins Slow Recovery From Catastrophic Harvey Storm Damage
A person walks down a street as residents begin the process of cleaning up the damage to their property after torrential rains caused widespread flooding during Hurricane Harvey on Sept. 1, 2017 in Houston. Harvey, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi on Aug. 25, dumped around 50 inches of rain in and around areas of Houston and Southeast Texas. Scott Olson / Getty Images file

Villarreal was not aware of any other cases of the disease in Houston since the hurricane. However, in nearby Missouri City, Texas, first responder J.R. Atkins was also infected with necrotizing fasciitis earlier this month while he tried to rescue victims from Harvey's floodwaters, reported NBC affiliate KPRC. He recovered.

Reed's death is the county's 36th Harvey-related fatality, according to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science.

Related: Mosquitoes, Medicine and Mold: Texas Battles Post-Harvey Health Issues

Harvey made landfall in August as a Category 4 storm. Health officials had feared its historic levels of rain would create a breeding ground for dangerous waterborne illnesses.

While the floodwaters have mostly receded, Villarreal urged Texans to still take precautions.

"A lot of people are working on their homes, and so it is important to clean up your home, but do it at a pace where you don't injure yourself," he said. "It's really important if anybody has a wound just to keep it clean and covered up with dressing and bandages, and make sure that those bandages and dressing are clean. That way, it doesn't become infected."