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Title: Vatican: Depopulation is the 'Only Solution to Climate Change Crisis'
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Vatican: Depopulation is the 'Only Solution to Climate Change Crisis' Vatican conference speakers push for global population reduction

Key figures at the Vatican conference have united in a push for global population reduction, declaring depopulation as the "only solution left" to fight the "Climate Change crisis."Speakers at the Pontifical Academy for Sciences seminar, designed to promote globalist agenda through the Catholic Church's influence over its loyal flock, used to the meeting to discuss ways to cull the world's population.One prominent speaker admitted the proposed target to halve the population by 2050 was "a little ambitious," but suggested a "smarter" solution would be to cull the number of people first in smaller waves.This initial reduction would make an ideal "stepping stone" to cutting it in half, thereby making a move to renewable energy easier for "the rest of us."The conference took place earlier this month and was hosted at the prestigious Casina Pio IV in the Vatican Gardens, entitled: "Health of People, Health of Planet, and our responsibility: Climate change, air pollution and health."

LSN reports: Answering a question from the academy’s chancellor, Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, on whether there should be a “hierarchy” of solutions to address the “crisis” of climate change and global warming, Taiwanese professor Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee welcomed the fact that the number of children entering elementary school in his native land has dropped from 400,000 to 200,000 since 1994.He called it “amazing.”Bishop Sanchez had said in his question that he thought renewable energy came first in Lee’s hierarchy of solutions, but in his answer, Lee said halving the population by 2050 would be his priority as it would significantly reduce consumption.“Then we [can] talk about renewable energy,” he said, which can be “easily” achieved.“But if we keep on saying that the population should increase, consumption and energy need will be increasing, then I don’t think we have a solution,” Dr. Lee told Bishop Sorondo. "So we really have to accede to the fact that we are overloading the earth […]. "I don’t believe that the man-free car, an electric car driving all over the world is called ‘progress’. "I think that we have to do something smarter than that." Dr. Lee’s remarks were met with silence, and the conference continued on.Dr. Lee, who was appointed a member of the Academy during Benedict XVI’s pontificate, explained his position further, saying the government of Taiwan has tried to encourage couples to have more children."But I think it’s not the right policy. "I think we should let the population go down in Taiwan.""We have too many people, 7.3 billion now," he said. "With so many people consuming so much, it might take 1.7 earths or 2 earths to satisfy this need. "So we pretend that with sustainable development we can cut the energy, and we can get there, but it is not right unless we cut down the consumption." Asked if he believes lowering the population across the planet is important, the University of Berkeley professor emeritus said: “Yes, that’s right. Yes.”Bishop Sorondo denied Dr. Lee was advocating population control in their exchange, telling LifeSite he spoke about “education in responsibility.” "He said you need to regulate births intelligently. "It’s not that he said you need to use birth control." "This is the difference,” the academy chancellor said. “The best way to keep the population low is the Christian family. This is what he says.” “Helping” Africa?But when asked what he thinks are “the best means” of lowering the world’s population, Dr. Lee said: “It means that we really need to mobilize and help Africa,” by improving the life of the people, providing “family planning through education, and [by making] contraceptives widely available.”“Out of five babies born [in Africa], three of them are unplanned, and so we have to change that,” Lee said, lamenting that “no action is [being] taken” by the United Nations to remedy this.“Better planning” requires providing security, jobs, better education and infrastructure, and making contraceptives more widely available, he said.But Lee acknowledged that “would be a big thing for Catholics if Pope Francis would say that they should accept contraceptives.”The longtime member of the pontifical academy said he hopes Pope Francis will change the Church’s teaching on contraception, but added that he didn’t know if the pope would be open to this.“We can try, always trying. He’s a very decent person and always with his heart in the people,” he said.“Abortion is a different thing,” Professor Lee made clear. But the Church’s acceptance of contraception would be a “big change” that would be very welcome.“He didn’t say it here”But as far as Bishop Sanchez was concerned, Professor Lee’s comments in support of contraception were irrelevant, because “he didn’t say it here [at the conference].”The academy chancellor argued: “The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that we have to regulate the population. […] It’s part of the social doctrine. […] And that is why I say that the Christian family is the best way to control the population. […] because it’s not only about having children but about educating them.”

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