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Title: Found this lovely little site with a bible quiz generator for KJV
Post by: TheCuriousAtheist on December 02, 2017, 06:41:14 pm

So far seems good, though It would be good if someone could take a peek at what it contains and see if it is legit.

If so it could be a good tool to help you test your memory regarding the bible, as it can generate
a 5 questions quiz. With difficulties ranging from novice to expert. All difficulty seems to pick 1-5 with the first question being novice and the last expert (Unsure of this or if it does this but places the difficulty of the questions in no particular order). There's also several options. You can select a category, subject, and even down to a individual book. Pick one of them, 2 of them, or use all 3 settings and mix and match.

Use it to help your kids learn, use it to help someone who is interested in learning, or use it yourself to become closer to god by training in the bible. Whatever suits your fancy.

Discovered the website on accident while watching that old Alex Jones Documentary about the Bohemian Grove. Watching them do that sinister stuff was nasty. (And per say absolutely effed up), perhaps god wanted to direct me to something more positive. One can wonder.  ::)

Here's a scan of the first page of a supposedly (according to the website) authenthic KJV, (Yes the real one. Original print).

Kinda big image.


The site has more images of it. (Yes those scans are apparently of a book that is say what now, 400 years old??)

I pray for the everlasting endurance of the Word of God, Amen.