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Title: Colorado's Constitution ignored, abortion funded
Post by: Mark on August 21, 2011, 06:24:51 am
Colorado's Constitution ignored, abortion funded

Colorado's Supreme Court is being asked to stop abortion funding, even though it's already in the state's constitution.

In 1984, Colorado voters approved the Abortion Funding Prohibition Amendment to the Colorado constitution prohibiting the direct or indirect public funding of abortion. In 1986, voters rejected an initiative to repeal the amendment.
Alliance Defense Fund attorney Michael J. Norton says, "On two separate occasions the people of Colorado strongly expressed that no taxpayer should be forced to pay for a procedure that takes innocent human life. That's why they amended the state constitution to put a stop to it. This is a simple matter of the rule of law."
In spite of the constitution, Norton says the state awarded $18 million in contracts to a Planned Parenthood affiliate as well as another abortion clinic.
"Government officials cannot circumvent the Colorado constitution simply because they prefer to impose public funding for abortion on demand and treat innocent human life as a commodity by funding Planned Parenthood's multimillion-dollar abortion industry," Norton says.
ADF is asking the state supreme court to review the case, which was dismissed earlier by the Colorado Court of Appeals.