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Title: Forgive Me iPhone, For I Have Sinned
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Forgive Me iPhone, For I Have Sinned
February 9, 2011

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new app for devices like the iPhone and iPad aims to take the intimidation factor out of Confession for Catholics — and the Church is giving it the thumbs-up.

You’ll still have to tell a priest your sins in person, but “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” holds your hand through the process via your hand-held.

Katie, a Temple University sophomore, likes how the app takes you step-by-step, preparing you for the sacrament by asking questions that might point out a sin or two you’ll want to divulge.

“I like how you have the ‘in the name of the Father’ — like what they should say,” Katie said.

Teresa, a senior at Temple, says that’ll help — as long as you’re not blasting Jay-Z when you enter the confessional.

“Confession for some people can be kind of intimidating, so I think this will make it a lot easier for them to go through it,” Teresa said.

Father Jerry Wild at the University’s Newman Center says when it comes to absolution, touchscreens can’t replace the face-to-face, but support for the app shows the Church is keeping up with the times.

“We certainly live in a technological age, so the Church has to be aware of that and respond to that reality.”

Title: Re: Forgive Me iPhone, For I Have Sinned
Post by: Mark on February 10, 2011, 05:50:42 am
Hey! Ya know what works even better and is way faster? PRAYER!!! Thats right prayer, you have a direct line to the Creator of the Universe, Jesus himself. No phones, no apps, no waiting....

anyway, i dont see this app being approved by the Catholic church, as by using this thing it takes away the black mail aspect of the catholic confession. unless an electronic copy of the confession is made and sent to the vatican, which wouldnt surprise me.