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Title: Its the Benny Hinn Hour!!!
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Book publisher says televangelist Benny Hinn violated morality clause

 A Lake Mary book publisher is suing televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn, saying he violated a morality clause in their contract when he began an "inappropriate relationship" with another evangelist, and thus, must pay $250,000.

In August, Hinn admitted to a friendship with evangelist Paula White after The National Enquirer published photos of them in Rome, holding hands.

Hinn was married at the time. His wife, Suzanne, had filed for divorce a few months earlier.

Three years earlier, Hinn had signed a three-book deal with Strang Communications Co. of Lake Mary. He was paid a $300,000 advance on the first one, "Blood in the Sand," according to the suit.

Hinn acknowledged to his publisher "his inappropriate relationship" with White in August, according to the suit, and agreed that the publisher should get back its money, but he has yet to pay up.

Hinn's lawyer, Miles Archer Woodlief of Mill Valley, Calif., did not return a phone call Thursday.

In a letter attached to the suit, Strang also accused Hinn of violated the contract by failing to work hard enough to market "Blood in the Sand".

He failed to make television appearances to promote it, including several on "700 Club", wrote Strang attorney Chris Vlahos.

The suit was filed Tuesday in state circuit court.

Hinn lives in suburban Los Angeles. He moved there in 1999 after building a national audience at his faith-healing center, World Outreach Center on Forest City Road in Orlando, where he preached for 14 years.


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Reports of Benny Hinn and Paula White Affair

The National Enquirer is currently reporting that Benny Hinn and Paula White are having an affair.  I know, I know, it’s the Enquirer and they’re unreliable.  There’s one catch…. they’ve got pictures of Hinn/White going into and out of a hotel in Rome holding hands.  I bought an issue when a fellow researcher called and told me about this story and I have seen the pictures.  Is it true?  I don’t know.  But, judging from the photographs, Hinn may have some explaining to do!

Sometimes The Enquirer has a nasty habit of not getting the facts straight, but pictures speak a thousand words.  I would never quote The National Enquirer as a reliable source for anything, but having seen the pictures, I came to the conclusion that, barring a really good Photoshop job, this warranted posting. 

As for now I’m going to proceed with much, MUCH, caution, considering the source.  However, looking at the photographs, I believe there is a little merit to this story… for now.  I’ll start this post as a launching point, and will follow these developments as they occur.  Should this all prove to be true, we’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

Keep in mind that Paula White is twice-divorced, but Benny Hinn is still married to Suzanne Hinn.

To see the National Enquirer article (with pictures), please click here. http://slaughteringthesheep.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/hinn-white-affair.jpg


Title: Re: Its the Benny Hinn Hour!!!
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A Lake Mary book publisher is suing televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn, saying he violated a morality clause in their contract when he began an "inappropriate relationship" with another evangelist, and thus, must pay $250,000.

These people must not know anything about good ole Benny. He violated Jesus's morality clause years ago.

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Title: Re: Its the Benny Hinn Hour!!!
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Benny Hinn’s Son Arrested for Assaulting Man During Brazil Event, “Large Sum of Money” Means No Charges Pressed

Evangelist Benny Hinn is known for his massive “healing” crusades which are held all over the world. Most recently, Hinn traveled to Brazil, where Benny Hinn Ministries (BHM) reports that “an amazing revival” is taking place.

During the 16 February crusade in Manaus, however, it is reported that Benny Hinn’s son, Joshua, was arrested, along with two of Hinn’s bodyguards, for assaulting a deaf man who tried to approach the stage. From the Daily Mail:

    Hestephenson Araujo, 21, reportedly needed hospital treatment after the incident on Saturday night during a religious crusade in Manaus, northern Brazil.

    Police detained Joshua Hinn, 21, along with two of Benny Hinn’s bodyguards, on suspicion of torture after the three men allegedly locked Mr. Araujo in a trailer and physically assaulted him.

    According to police, Mr. Araujo, a local pastor, was sitting in the front row of seats at the event, in the city’s Povos da Amazonia arena when, during Mr. Hinn’s sermon, he got up and approached the stage.

    Mr. Araujo, who was carrying a bottle of water, later said he only wanted to receive a blessing from the famous evangelist, who claims he can heal the sick.

    But he was allegedly pounced on by Mr. Hinn’s son Joshua and two bodyguards, Caleb Shirk, 26, and Konstantins Konstantinovs, 34, who claimed they thought he was about to throw water at the preacher, who is worth an estimated £27 million ($42 million).


The report continues, noting that Araujo’s father “entered into an agreement with Benny Hinn’s representatives to not press charges against the men.” The agreement allegedly involved a “large sum of money.”

Benny Hinn and his ministry have not been without scandal throughout the years. Hinn also is criticized frequently for his false, unbiblical teaching and theatrical, yet largely unverifiable, “miraculous” healings.


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Post by: Mark on February 28, 2013, 04:11:38 am
Benny and Suzanne Hinn to Remarry in March

Charismatic pastor and evangelist Benny Hinn has announced that he and Suzanne Hinn, whom he divorced in 2010, will celebrate the restoration of their marriage in a ceremony on March 3 that will be conducted by Dr. Jack Hayford.

Describing how he and Ms. Hinn "are more in love with each other than ever before," Pastor Hinn shared in a newsletter with supporters:

"... On March 3, less than two weeks from now, Suzanne and I will stand before God and our family members as we celebrate the restoration of our marriage in a ceremony conducted by Dr. Jack Hayford, evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, and Suzanne's father, Dr. Roy Harthern!"

The announcement came on Monday, less than a year after the faith-healing Christian minister had revealed that he and his former wife had actually started taking steps toward reconciliation during a family gathering in Orlando, Fla., on Christmas in 2011.

Suzanne Hinn separated from her husband in January 2010 and filed a petition for divorce in a California court the following month, citing irreconcilable differences. Pastor Hinn claimed, however, that her addiction to prescription drugs is what led to the breakdown of their marriage. He also admitted that his frequent trips away from home also put stress on their relationship and could have led to her abuse of medication.

"The truth of the matter is that Suzanne filed for divorce because she was in a deep emotional and physical crisis that affected her in such a way that caused her to make a decision she now regrets. And although it was, without question, the most agonizing two and a half years of my life, the end of our marriage most certainly woke me up, and the Lord used it to show me – as a man of God and as a man – that I cannot function properly without my wife and family," Hinn previously shared.

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/benny-and-suzanne-hinn-to-remarry-in-march-90842/#CpysjYWt8QMktvrO.99

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IRS Agents Raid The Offices Of Televangelist Benny Hinn

Criminal investigators from the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Postal Service raided the Grapevine, Texas offices of televangelist Benny Hinn on Wednesday afternoon.

Hinn is famous for his stadium-filling “Miracle Crusades.” At these revival-style events, held worldwide, Hinn claims to use special, supernatural power to heal people suffering from terminal diseases and various handicaps.

Several IRS and Postal Service agents participated in the Wednesday raid.

The investigators entered Hinn’s offices, then left with boxes — and boxes, and boxes — of documents. The investigators then placed the boxes on trucks at the scene.

Officials offered few details about the scope of the investigation, reports Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA.

“Today, we are here on official business,” IRS criminal investigations special agent Michael Moseley told the flock of reporters who gathered to watch the slow-moving raid.

“We are primarily investigating Title 26, which is tax evasion and general fraud against the government,” Mosely also said, according to WFAA.

“We are conducting a search warrant on the premises. Basically, that’s all I can tell you today,” Moseley added.

An unidentified federal employee told WFAA that the investigation into potentially illegal activities by Hinn had been extensive prior to Wednesday.

Hinn’s Twitter feed — a never-ending series of Benny Hinn advertisements intermingled with Bible verses and uplifting sayings — offers no information on the federal investigation.

Reports suggest that Hinn is currently in France.

A report at Patheos, a nondenominational religious website, suggests that Hinn or his organization may have removed a tweet about his visit to France.

The author of the Patheos report, Grove City College psychology professor Warren Throckmorton, told The Daily Caller that religious groups often face little scrutiny about their revenues.

“Religious organizations are not required to be as transparent as other nonprofits,” Throckmorton told TheDC.

“Hinn is innocent until proven guilty but, hopefully, this investigation will answer many questions about Hinn’s ministry which have been raised over the years.”

Hinn has a reputation for living a lavish, fancy life. He flies in a private jet and stays in the finest hotels worldwide, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The Senate Finance Committee investigated — and ultimately cleared — Hinn and half a dozen other pastors in 2007.

The IRS also investigated Hinn in 2005.

In 1999, Hinn declared that he was totally going to build a $30 million center dedicated to faith healing. He raised several million dollars. However, the center never materialized.

In 2013, Hinn remarried his wife, Suzanne, after she had filed for divorce in 2010, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The ceremony took place in Orlando, Florida at the Holy Land Experience, a Christian theme park featuring a replica of Jerusalem’s Old Testament-era temple, restaurants, shops and a 2,000-seat auditorium.

Hinn’s long-running television program, “This Is Your Day,” is among the most-watched Christian TV programming on earth.

Hinn has repeatedly denied accusations of fraud and tax evasion.


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'The Gospel Is Not for Sale': Benny Hinn Confesses 'Crazy Theology,' Says Prosperity Gimmicks an 'Offense to the Lord'

 ??? ??? ??? CHANGE OF HEART?

Televangelist Benny Hinn said on Monday that he has had a change of heart in regard to prosperity preaching and is actually quite upset about the matter — specifically in terms of asking people to give money so that God will bless them in return. Hinn stated that he is concerned that many churches are delivering a “feel good” message that centers on self, and warned the people that persecution is coming to America.

Some are cautiously optimistic about Hinn’s words and opine that time will tell whether or not his stated transformation is genuine.

“Today, sadly, among a lot of circles all you hear is how to build the flesh. It’s a feel good message,” he said on Your Love World. “It’s about feel good, do good, make money — all the rest of it. And I’m sorry to say that prosperity has gone a little crazy, and I’m correcting my own theology and you need to all know it.”

Hinn, one of the most recognized proponents of the prosperity gospel’s promises of favor and blessings in exchange for “seed faith giving,” revealed that he does not view the Bible the same as he once did. He said that he has felt this way for some time, but has not been public about it so as to avoid hurting friends who still believe as he once did.

“I think it’s an offense to the Lord. It’s an offense to [tell people to] give a thousand dollars,” he said forthrightly. “I think it’s an offense to the Holy Spirit to place a price on the gospel.”

“I’m done with it,” Hinn said, generating applause. “I will never again ask you to give a thousand or whatever amount because I think the Holy Ghost is just fed up with it. … I think that hurts the gospel.”

He noted that he was making the statement publicly for the first time, adding that he doesn’t “care what people think about me anymore.”

Hinn said that he recently corrected someone for preaching such a message, and that he likely will not be well-received if he’s invited to assist with telethon fundraisers in the future.

“I think they will not like me anymore,” he remarked. “If I hear one more time, ‘Break the back of debt with a thousand dollars,’ I’m going to rebuke them. I think that’s buying the gospel. That’s buying the blessing. That’s grieving the Holy Spirit.”

He told those watching that if they do not give financially simply because they love Jesus, then “don’t bother giving.”

“I think giving has become such a gimmick that it’s making me sick to my stomach,” Hinn stated emphatically. “And I’ve been sick for a while, too. I just couldn’t say it. And now, the lid is off. I’ve had it.”

Hinn, who has been known to live a lavish lifestyle and for his charismatic crusades where crowds fall backwards at the swoosh of the arm, said he believes he needs to take the stand now because he doesn’t want God to rebuke him when he stands before the throne.

“I think it’s time we say it like it is: The gospel is not for sale,” he declared to applause. “And the blessings of God are not for sale, and miracles are not for sale. And prosperity is not for sale.”

Hinn said that he still believes in prosperity, but told those watching to stay away from teaching that would put them in the mindset of doing things for self and what they can get from God. He outlined that the proper motivation for giving is because you want to see other lives changed by the gospel, not because of what you can get out of it.

“If it’s not about adoring [and] loving Jesus, have nothing to do with it,” he exhorted. “If it’s about self and moolah … about how to get rich, [stay away from it].”

Hinn also remarked during the broadcast that he believes Christians are too entangled with politics and that persecution is coming to America. He urged Christians to be bold and not be afraid to speak the name of Jesus rather than speaking in general terms about God.

“When someone does not glorify His name, it really gets to me. Why are they afraid to say ‘Jesus’? They’ll say ‘God’ or something else to be politically correct,” he noted. “We are to be bold. We are not ashamed of the name Jesus! … Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is lord!”

Hinn told a story about his daughter, Jessica, explaining that she had been asked to speak at a women’s conference in Minneapolis, but was told once she arrived not to speak about the Bible or repentance but to simply give the women hope. She refused.

“This is what is happening in the Church. They want to keep the crowds happy,” he lamented.

Christian News Network contacted Benny Hinn Ministries and World Healing Center Church to obtain further comment, but was only able to reach a live operator through a donation and products line. An automated menu recording has a prayer for callers that wishes “God’s favor and blessings be upon you in a greater way than ever before.”

Costi Hinn, the nephew of Benny Hinn and pastor of discipleship at Redeemer Bible Church in Gilbert, Arizona, told Christian News that he is cautiously optimistic about his uncle’s words.

“I was encouraged by his blunt refutation of the prosperity gospel,” he said. “I sincerely hope and pray that this is the beginning of repentance for him and a turnaround in these later years in his life and ministry.”

Hinn had been brought up in prosperity preaching but came to renounce it in realizing that its promises of health, wealth and giving to get do not square with the Bible. He outlined in his book “God, Greed and the Prosperity Gospel: How the Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies” that he loves his family and is only opposing the theology, not the people themselves.

“I’m on a rescue operation,” Hinn explained. “There are millions of people who need to be saved from the prosperity gospel like I was. I’m trying to reach them, while at the same time inspiring other people to reach them too. I want people to see that the prosperity gospel is damning and abusive. It exploits the poor and ruins the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.”

Hinn told Christian News that he hopes his uncle is genuinely repentant and not merely remorseful. He said that Hinn has expressed regret for statements and decisions in the past only to resume his unbiblical behavior.

“Genuine repentance in the Bible is always accompanied by actions that prove that it’s really repentance,” he stated, explaining that repentance would look similar to that of the account of Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree out of his eagerness to see Jesus.

“Jesus saves him and goes to his house that day, and is willing to eat a meal with him and show him love and grace in the midst of his past and his sin,” he recalled. “And Zacchaeus is jumping for joy, excited to pay people back, excited to do whatever it takes to follow Jesus and show his genuine repentance through his actions.”

Hinn noted that the Bible says love is to believe all things and hope all things (1 Corinthians 13:7), and that Monday’s announcement should be treated accordingly. Time will tell, he said, whether or not the transformation is for real.

“My desire is that Uncle Benny’s statement is not merely public remorse to save face or protect his ministry from decline,” he stated, “but rather that it is genuine repentance and that he would be willing to forsake everything if it means gaining Christ and the full gospel.”

In 2018, Benny Hinn made similar remarks in a Facebook live video, stating that he believes in prosperity but not the kind that is seen today.

“Today, the idea is abundance and palatial homes and cars and bank accounts. The focus is wrong. … It’s so wrong,” he said. “We all sadly make the mistake of thinking that, ‘Well this is what God wants,’ and God says ‘No, that’s not what I want.’ It’s time to live biblically. You know, it all comes down to one thing. Do we love Jesus, yes or no? If we love Jesus, then it’s all about Jesus. If we don’t love Jesus, then it’s about other things.”