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Watch the video in this article to see how complete the Scientology brainwashing is:

Was Her Breaking Point
Katie Holmes filed for divorce primarily over Tom Cruise's fierce ties to Scientology, fearing that Tom would drag Suri deep into the church ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... Katie has never been fully committed to Scientology, even though she has had ties with the church.  We're told the couple had been arguing over Suri -- that she's now of the age where Scientology becomes a significant part of her life.

Sources familiar with the split tell us Katie is filing for sole legal custody -- as we first reported -- specifically because she does not want Tom to control decisions relating to religion.

Sources have told us that the divorce is NOT about money -- we're told Katie doesn't need Tom's money ... because she has plenty of it ... and will be well taken care of under the terms of the prenup. 

To give you an idea of how fierce Tom's ties to the Church are -- a video featuring the actor discussing what Scientology means to him leaked onto YouTube in 2008. You gotta watch the whole thing.

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http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/tom-katie-divorce-signs-were-213100554.html (http://shine.yahoo.com/love-sex/tom-katie-divorce-signs-were-213100554.html)

"...The signs were there"

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to Divorce: The Signs Were There

By Piper Weiss, Shine Staff | Love + Sex – 9 hours ago

Actress Katie Holmes listens to questions during a press conference to promote an ice skating event in Taiwan last …Last week, Tom Cruise took daughter Suri and son Connor to an awards ceremony in New York. Meanwhile, Katie Holmes was on the other side of the planet in Taiwan. The official reason was to promote an ice skating event.
Now that Holmes filed for divorce on Friday, according to People, Holmes' Taiwan trip seems more like a warning sign than anything else.
In recent months, the couple was rarely photographed together, even when the two were in the same city. Back in New York this week, Holmes was photographed all over town with Suri, wearing matching outfits, going to see the movie Brave, eating ice cream, all without Dad.


"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:" Matthew 12:25 (KJB)

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Scientologist spies allegedly deployed against Katie Holmes

This is nothing new, Scientology has alway's deployed spies and lawyers to quite people. or if your a memeber they just kidnap you and lock you away until you die from starvation in some moldy dungeon. If this lady wasnt a big celebrity with cameras always on her, i doubt she would still be walking around free. Just imgine all the people that do not have that protection?

Holmes has filed for divorce from her superstar husband Tom Cruise, ending a six-year marriage that produced one daughter and captivated celebrity watchers worldwide.

Holmes filed papers in New York City on Thursday, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking sole custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter Suri in a move that came "out of the blue" for the "Mission: Impossible" actor, said one source with knowledge of the situation.

The Sun said that mysterious men were seen monitoring the street outside her home. The actress asked aides to take photographs of the alleged spies.

rest: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/9369610/Scientologist-spies-allegedly-deployed-against-Katie-Holmes.html

Post by: Psalm 51:17 on July 02, 2012, 12:44:57 pm
Well, let's pray she has the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to her, and she believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God who shed his blood on the cross for our sins.

I'm surprised Cruise's previous spouse has escaped OK(don't know if she's saved though).

Post by: Mark on July 04, 2012, 07:58:29 am
Scientologists Deny Spying On Katie HolmesReports had claimed Katie Holmes was being followed by the Church Of Scientology amid her split from Tom Cruise.

The Church Of Scientology has denied sending anyone to follow Katie Holmes after she filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.

A lawyer for the church also dismissed reports that Cruise - a prominent Scientologist - wanted their six-year-old daughter Suri to join the Sea Organisation.

The Sea Organisation, or Sea Org, has been described by its detractors as a boot camp for the controversial religion.

Reports that Holmes was being followed first appeared on celebrity news website TMZ.com.

But lawyer Gary Soter insisted: "There is no truth whatsoever to the TMZ.com report (or any other report) that the Church Of Scientology has sent anyone to follow or surveil Katie Holmes.

"The allegation about a six-year-old joining the Sea Org is similarly untrue."

TMZ reported that Holmes, who announced on Friday that she was filing for divorce, feared her estranged husband wanted Suri to join the Sea Org in the near future.

But it cited the Scientology lawyer as saying nobody under the age of 16 can join the elite body.

Minors must have the "consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians" to become members.

TMZ also cited sources close to Holmes as saying she believes the Church Of Scientology views her as a threat to the organisation.

rest: http://news.sky.com/story/955443/scientologists-deny-spying-on-katie-holmes

Post by: Mark on July 04, 2012, 08:01:15 am
Former Scientologist says Katie Holmes' answers during church QA sessions will be used against her

catholic church does the same thing with their "confessional", its all a form of black mail

Katie Holmes isn’t just parting ways with A-list husband Tom Cruise, she is also divorcing the Church of Scientology.

Holmes is seeking sole custody of their daughter reportedly in part to extricate Suri, 6, from her father's faith before Suri's heavy-duty Scientology education starts.

But according to multiple insiders and experts, it could be a rough ride for the former “Dawson’s Creek” star, both personally and professionally.

Mark “Marty” Rathbun, a former higher-up in the church who left and became one of its biggest critics, used to be Cruise’s Scientology auditor and legal affairs advisor. Rathbun told FOX411's Pop Tarts column that Holmes has reason to be concerned.

“In the long run, Tom – if he takes (David) Miscavige’s advice – may very well try to hamper Katie’s career through Scientology Inc. propaganda and smear tactics after the smoke settles on the divorce,” Rathbun said.

(David Miscavige is the head of the Church of Scientology and one of Cruise's best friends. He was also best man at Cruise and Holmes' wedding.)

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/07/03/former-scientologist-says-katie-holmes-answers-during-church-qa-sessions-will/?intcmp=features#ixzz1zeslNyKl

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I read last week that Cruise's 3 wives were 33 years old at the time of their divorces.

Isn't 33... :-X

Post by: Kilika on July 05, 2012, 02:24:55 am
Saw that too. It is. Different chapters of the same club.

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Post by: Psalm 51:17 on September 06, 2012, 12:31:34 pm

Scientologists turned Nicole Kidman's children Bella and Connor against her, boycotted her films

SCIENTOLOGISTS turned Isabella and Connor Cruise against their mother Nicole Kidman using fear-based brainwashing techniques, an investigative journalist claims.
"It's all lies" says Tom Cruise

Cruise denies Scientology wife-recruiting allegations

Nazanin Boniadi was almost Mrs Tom Cruise thanks to Scientology matchmakers

The sensational new claims appear in Maureen Orth's cover story in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.

Orth alleges that senior Scientology members made it their mission to turn the children against Kidman following her 2001 divorce from Tom Cruise, when Isabella and Connor were aged eight and six respectively.

"The central problem (in the 11-year marriage) was Nicole did not want to deal with Scientology," former high-ranking Scientologist Marty Rathbun told Vanity Fair.

Rathbun said Kidman was labelled an "S.P" - short for "Suppressive Person" - a spiritually toxic person to be avoided at all costs.

Crucially, his claims have been backed by John Brousseau, who was a Scientologist for 32 years and the former bodyguard and brother-in-law of enormously powerful church leader David Miscavige.

Both men say Isabella and Connor, who were home-schooled, accompanied their father on "auditing sessions" and were taught how to recognise an "S.P"

"They rejected Nicole -- they've been instructed," Brousseau told the magazine.

"They took a course, P.T.S./S.P., Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person, for persons connected in their lives who are an S.P.

"(Bella and Connor) whispered to me, 'J.B., Nicole is an S.P.! Our mom's an S.P. -- we hate going and seeing her.'"

Sources also claim in Orth's story that Kidman was so loathed by the Scientology community that members were banned from watching her films.

"The Scientology world hated Nicole," Brousseau said. "People in (the elite Scientology unit) Sea Org were mandated to see every freaking Tom Cruise movie that came out. But if you ever mentioned an inkling to see a movie with Nicole, oh my God, you'd hear about it."

The Church of Scientology has dismissed the idea that Kidman was idenitfied as an S.P or that her children took a course on how to identify Suppressive Persons.