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Title: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Christian40 on October 23, 2012, 11:06:53 pm
The hidden reason as to why he attacks the KJV!!!


In my personal opinion mainstream christianity is in a deep sleep! James White is a zealous attacker of the King James Bible. He has some 11,000 subscribers here on youtube, over 4 million views on his videos of which some of them I like very much (i.e. "40 arabic words") but the Lord warned us not to be deceived even if the wolves might look as if they were sheep. The occult satanic symbols on the covers of / in his books speak louder than words.

I challenge every Christian who has not yet done some basic investigations on occult Freemasonry / Illuminati to do it. Many Bible-believing Christians have made great exposés on their symbolism and how they manage it that the masses buy into their cover-up-explanations on what their satanic symbols REALLY mean. I´d like to recommend a few videos for Christians who are not familiar with the enemies devices and how mainstream christianity is being duped by the wolves in sheep clothes, hiding their real purpose behind a bright front of supposed Christianity:

1. All films by CHRIS PINTO (Adullam Films) such as there are: "Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings" (4 volumes), especially volume "Riddles in Stone" (NOT ONLY revealing w regards to America - but revealing w regards to the global massive infiltration of occult Freemasonry in all aspects of life) and many others. (and VERY revealing: "A Lamp In The Dark - The Untold History Of The Bible" (Chris Pinto))

2. Watch the exposés by BILL SCHNOEBELEN ("The Light Behind Freemasonry" and "Expsong The Illuminati From Within" and many others.

3. Watch the many videos by Watchman MIKE HOGGARD ("Freemasonry Symbols Revelaled" [and watching this video very carefully, you ought to be equipped to spot the many other freemason-influenced preachers on the tv, internet etc.!!); "Which Bible Should I Believe? and "Which Bible? You Be The Judge - (3 parts!)"; "Da Vinci Code Unmasked" and MANY others by Michael Hoggard.

Here the link to the video I used for this video here (this was part 3 of 7):


----- PLEASE WATCH ALL 7 parts (à 10min.) of it - very precious exposure!!!)

it was done by the YT-uploader "husky394xp" and the title is: Ridiculous Bible Perversions of the New Age. It is really worth watching ALL 7 parts of this exposé - the 7-part series will give you a detailed explanation on a) which manuscripts are in the modern bibles (Sola Scriptura-people: it was NOT the manuscripts Luther, Wycliffe, Tyndale used... it is a deception only to lean on the names of the martyrs who suffered such strong persecution, yes to even die for the text that is still in the King James Bible but NOT in your modern bibles!!!

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to look at the forerunners to the NASB, NIV, ESV etc. - you will see that all these modern biles had OCCULT symbols on their early covers.

Btw: go to google pics and type "American Bible Society" (and any other country´s Bible Society). What do you see as their logo? It is a SUN symbol...! wake up christianity, wake up!

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on October 24, 2012, 08:17:14 am
The big reason why James White has gone under the radar is b/c alot of these end times discernment ministries do NOT use the KJV themselves. Yeah, these discernment ministries do an excellent job exposing the Emergent Church, but the fact that 95% of the modern-day church has thrown out the KJV speaks volume of the Apostasy going on. As for the Emergent Church - yes, they are putting the final nail in the coffin in terms of ushering in the Rev 13 prophecies, but they are NOT the ROOT source of the problem for obvious reasons. They didn't even exist when the KJV was in the early stages of getting thrown out.

(http://Btw: go to google pics and type "American Bible Society" (and any other country´s Bible Society). What do you see as their logo? It is a SUN symbol...! wake up christianity, wake up!)

This was my first King James Bible - over 3 years ago a brother on PPF pointed out the heresies in Isaiah 14:12, and how Lucifer is omitted from the other versions, and the next thing I know I picked up a KJV in my house, but it was one by the ABS. While the ABS KJV didn't delete, add, substitute words, per se, what they did was choose the "archaic" words, replace them with "easier to understand" words, and then put all the "archaic" words in the back of the bible with the references to the "easier to understand" words they substituted in scripture.

Like said, they didn't "delete" them, per se, but nonetheless the average person like myself will end up ignoring going to the back of the bible pages to see the references, hence not having God's word ingrained in us. But when you have the KJV as IT IS, then the Holy Ghost will TEACH YOU the meanings of these words.

Ultimately, what ABS did was VERY subtle, even though they acted like they wanted to be helpful.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Christian40 on October 25, 2012, 12:27:11 am
Just like with the KJV 2000 edition the archaic words are replaced, i dont trust the ABS, nearly everything has been infiltrated by sinful men that have no love for the truth, and if the RCC counter reformers or anti religion illuminati men are behind it i wont be surprised either.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on October 26, 2012, 03:06:07 pm
Excellent 7 part video presentation! :)

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Christian40 on February 20, 2013, 11:54:08 pm
James White, Alpha and Omega, finally HONEST


James White admits that the modern versions were produced for MONEY. King James Bible Believers have been making this claim for years. Finally some honesty. You can see additional videos at www.KJV1611.com which will direct you to www.BibleDoug.com. The Lord bless you all.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on February 21, 2013, 10:20:01 am
Alot of these KJV-attackers have ultimately admitted alot of these truths - DA Carson(one of these "scholars") is one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if these guys were not exactly Jesuits or anything to begin with, but were deceived b/c they thought God was calling them into "bigger" and "wealthier" ministries, only to have their consciences nag them over the long haul. Reminds me of some of these rock n roll stars where over the long haul, they realized they bought into a big lie and saw reality somewhat(that all the earthly riches of this world wasn't all that it was advertised it to be).

1Ti 6:9  But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
1Ti 6:10  For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on December 06, 2013, 10:01:20 am
James White seems to me to be out more for publicity than for the Lord.


Chris discusses the historic character of 19th century German scholar, Constantine von Tischendorf, in response to a critical review by Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries.  Dr. White has voiced a number of objections to the portrayal of Tischendorf in our film, "Tares Among the Wheat."  But are his objections based on true scholarship?  Among his complaints is that the film is not like "CNN reporting," that we failed to include White's favorite quotes, and that some of the music sounded "spooky" to him.  Yet, interestingly, he was unable to point to any specific fact or historic data that was inaccurate.

Chris addresses yet another review from Dr. James White concerning our film, "Tares Among the Wheat," and considers further the arguments made by White on the subject of Constantine Simonides and the events of the 19th century.  The tone of White's latest critique is certainly more respectful than before, but he continues to oppose the facts of history, suggesting that eyewitnesses who lived through that time were somehow or other incorrect about the environment in which they lived.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on December 06, 2013, 10:36:34 am
Among his complaints is that the film is not like "CNN reporting," that we failed to include White's favorite quotes, and that some of the music sounded "spooky" to him.  Yet, interestingly, he was unable to point to any specific fact or historic data that was inaccurate.

Well, at least White didn't say this film "is not like MSNBC reporting". ::)

White is probably a Freemason/Luciferian/occultist - he most definitely has an agenda going with all-out attacks on the KJB. Ditto DA Carson(another one of those "I stand for the faith of Jesus but I hate the KJB" wolves).

If anything - White has been able to quietly creep into some of the end times "Christian" watchmen ministry circles b/c some to a lot of these end times "Christian" ministries that expose the Emergent Church et al do NOT take a stand for the KJB. And White, at least from the outward appearance, has no connections to Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels, and the EC.

1Peter_5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on December 06, 2013, 10:45:16 am
Im thinking White was against Catholics to get some credibility. Because everything he says comes right from a catholic source. Gonna dig deeper but he seems to be the perfect example of an infiltrator.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on December 06, 2013, 10:48:07 am
Im thinking White was against Catholics to get some credibility. Because everything he says comes right from a catholic source. Gonna dig deeper but he seems to be the perfect example of an infiltrator.

Bryan has done a number of exposes on him in his videos.

Also - look up edwardpf123 on YT - he's done a number of exposes on him as well.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on December 06, 2013, 01:07:25 pm
Bryan has done a number of exposes on him in his videos.


Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on December 06, 2013, 01:45:00 pm

Sorry about that - he did a lot of them on his YT channel(husky394xp) - some of them he exposed White under different titled videos. You may have to go back as far as 2 years ago(maybe 3-4). He's been moving around since last year, so he hasn't done as many video exposes.

edwardpf123 is a YT guy(who's friends with Bryan, and is a KJB Christian Apologetics guy) - he's done a lot of videos exposing White's heresies.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on December 06, 2013, 01:48:12 pm
Forgot to say - you can pm Edward on his YT account and ask him more about White's sources. He's done a thorough research exposing this guy.

I asked him a question recently, and he was very kind in terms of responding and how he responded.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on December 16, 2013, 03:51:46 pm
I must say this James White guy sure likes to say I and ME a lot. He really seems to puff himself up way more than he probably should. I can really see this guy in for a big fall here in the future, he is very prideful, and not very humble at all.

Here is the rest of the debate between James White and Chris Pinto over Codex Sinaiticus.

Here is the actual debate that i can find.

In Response to Chris Pinto
I had simply wanted to play the debate into the DL feed, but when I saw Chris Pinto’s spin article this morning (the first thing I was appraised of upon arising) I felt it appropriate to respond, which I did for the first about 35 minutes of the program.  Then I played the entire debate.  Enjoy!


Let me say this, who rants for well over 35 minutes about the debate BEFORE the debate. You should have with held your opinion until after the actual audio of the debate and not before so as not to influence what was being said. BUT some how i really get the feeling that was your purpose. So i skipped that part and will listen after the debate. James White is super arrogant.  :o

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on December 16, 2013, 04:13:43 pm
Just want to say, James White did a poor job of defending his position. He presented no evidence, no proof no nothing. Did a good job of defending the Catholic position though. I mean his only proof that he isnt a jesuit is that he debates catholics.  :D awesome defense...  :D

Chris presented facts and quotes for his defense of his film.

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on December 16, 2013, 04:50:22 pm
That's one of the biggest problems with these false teachers - not all, but for the most part, they babble on about their OPINIONS and their OWN WORDS on end, without quoting much scripture. Sure, some false teachers will be like a scripture quoting machine, but for the most part otherwise that is.

For example, having listened to these Jerry Falwell/Rick Warren types on the MSM for years, they do the same - they puff themselves up with "I" and "me"(ie-Warren continuing to promote his PDL book instead of the bible).

As for James White - the guy just looks creepy, to say the least!

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on May 15, 2016, 05:44:35 pm

Title: Re: James R White Exposed!
Post by: Mark on July 09, 2016, 05:45:29 pm
Apologist Defends Group at Center of Tattoo, Beer ‘Church Plant’ Fundraisers Amid Growing Concerns

A well-known apologist and debater whose son-in-law was recently shown in a live online video obtaining a tattoo at one of the fundraisers for his congregation’s proposed church plant has let loose on anyone questioning the group over the matter, and is calling out media reports—including the one from this publication, which first released the report—as being “partial.”

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries took to his webcast on Monday to speak about the issue after releasing an assertive blog post with his daughter on Saturday.

As previously reported, on June 22, Marcus Pittman, the head of Apologia Studios in Tempe, Arizona, posted a provocative live, public video of the tattoo fundraiser to social media, which he gave the questioning title “Apologia Studios Tattoo Parlor?!” (View here.) Apologia Studios is a part of Apologia Church, led by Jeff Durbin, which is seeking to plant a new church in Kauai.

In the footage, a supporter named Thad is having a Greek “Chi-Rho” symbol tattooed on his arm while in the ministry’s studio, as a tattoo artist from the congregation had offered his services to help raise funds for his part in the church planting effort.

“This is actually a fundraiser for our Apologia Kauai church plant, so people of the church are donating to have another member of the church tattoo them so they can go to Kauai and we can plant a church there,” Pittman explains. “So, it’s pretty cool.”

Weeks prior, on June 1 – 4, Pittman and Durbin, along with Les Lanphere of Reformed Pubcast, also hosted a conference called ReformCon, which included a time of “talking theology over beer” at a local pub. Attendees could participate in a beer flight, which is a sampling of various beers.

“This ticket allows you to get a beer flight from Boulders on Broadway. All the proceeds from this benefit our Kauai church plant!” the website for the event outlines. “Boulders is all about the food, craft beer, bike riding, rock climbing and adventure! With 30 draft handles and 70 plus bottles of craft beer. Bring a friend and check out our selection.”


Bible-cross-pdPittman had outlined in detail his belief that Christians should drink in public and even take over the brewing industry for Christ in a 2014 article on the site “Gospel Spam,” of which he was a contributor. He explained that he opposes drunkenness, but disagrees with those who find drinking in itself to be a worldly activity.

“Alcohol has become so synonymous with worldliness that it is almost impossible for anyone to imagine that alcohol is a gift from the Lord to be enjoyed by Christians even when Scripture is indisputable about the topic,” he wrote. “Drinking in public does not make you ‘look like the world;’ it makes you as Christ.”

“Christians need to be in the business. We need to be the ones brewing the beer, creating the wine,” Pittman continued. “We need to be the ones owning the fine taverns and kicking out drunkards. We need to be the ones who reinvent the industry and take control from the world. It’s time that we stop the silence and cowardice on this issue. But first we need to drink in public again.”

In a statement that Durbin wrote opposing Christian News Network’s news report, he released last month’s correspondence with the network’s publisher, during which Durbin outlined, “I believe that drunkenness and addiction to drugs is a very serious sin against God and I have exercised church discipline on a member for unrepentant drunkenness.”

“Perhaps you think having a beer is ‘worldly’? Or that going to a pub to have a drink to have a drink is ‘worldly’? I respect your opinion and tradition. I strongly disagree with you and do so on the basis of the word of God,” he said.

Jeremiah Roberts, an Apologia member, recently noted in online comments that the congregation was “90% drug addicts coming out of rehab” at its inception.

Durbin also took to Facebook this week to outline that he does not seek to be “cool,” and that the only time he promotes the fruit of the vine in church is during communion.

“I confess, every Sunday might qualify us as ‘regular drinkers.’ We call it: C-O-M-M-U-N-I-O-N. I confess to pushing alcohol in this context. I confess to trying to get everyone to drink. And I do not repent,” he quipped.

But on June 4, Durbin live streamed the pub meetup/beer flight at Boulders on Broadway, which had been offered as one of the fundraisers for the church plant, and posted it for public viewing. (View here.)

“I think this is probably the largest pub meetup. What do you guys think? I think so,” he notes in the footage, being met with a reply by an attendee who hoped it would be “bigger next year.”



Apologia’s ReformCon conference covered a host of issues, such as the importance of the sovereignty of God and Sola Scriptura, and featured a variety of discussions with invited guests.

But on point with the issue, during the Q&A session with Darren Doane and Nate Wilson, and in the context of discussing whether or not theology can be fun, Doane shared a story of how he concluded that “theology gets you drinking,” and if not, “you’re gay.”

He said that both studying wine in the Bible and considering the words of a friend shaped his conclusion.

“All of a sudden it hits me that wine burns,” he explains during the session, which is posted on YouTube. “I take grape juice, it’s sweet, it’s fun. My kids love it.”

“But when you take wine, whew, it burns. It’s fire,” Doane continued, comparing it to Scripture’s notation that “God is a consuming fire.”

He said that he continued sorting through the matter in his mind, and later, during a visit to Idaho, the words of a friend persuaded him to begin drinking.

“I know you don’t drink and all, but you’re all for it. But if you don’t drink, who’s going to teach your daughters to drink?” the friend asked.

“I got on the plane and I was like, ‘Teach my daughters to drink?’ Why would I…” Doane thought through. “So they’re going to look at me—I’m the Jesus guy in the family. I’m dad, and they’re going to look at Jesus in the Bible and it looks like ‘Jesus drank wine.'”

“And then I was like, ‘Wow, I need to start drinking,'” he said. “I need to learn how to do it, be responsible. ‘Cause I want to be a part of this theological picture God has created and designed. He said, ‘I am wine.'”

Doane said that he told his wife that he needed to start drinking, and that he now has a “way better marriage.”

“That’s what theology does. Theology makes things better. Theology gets you drinking,” he said, evoking laughter and smiles. “Theology gets you dancing. Theology gets you just celebrating things, enjoying food–that’s what theology does. And for all you married people, you know what I’m talking about. It makes it better.”

“That’s what theology does,” Doane repeated. “And if it’s not doing that, you’re gay.”

Those on the stage laughed and replied, “Mark that.”

“You’re theology’s gay if it’s not doing that,” Doane repeated as Durbin chuckled.



While some saw nothing objectionable with the concept of offering tattoos as a way to raise funds for a church plant, nor making a beer flight available at a gospel conference, others remarked that they found the unconventional ideas to be inappropriate for church fundraising.

Sonny Hernandez, a military chaplain and adjunct professor of theology, provided his view on the subject of church fundraising and whether the two concepts should be accepted or allowed by the Church.

“The message of Scripture is about holiness, having a contrite heart, and being a Christ-centered model—to be like Christ as Ephesians 5:1 tells us,” he explained to Christian News Network, as outlined in the initial report. “And I just don’t think those methodologies and those practices are commensurate with the testimony of Scripture.”

But following the release of the news report, James White blasted the article as being a “hit piece” against specific people. He outlined that he knows Durbin well and noted that his son-in-law was the one obtaining the tattoo in the video.

“[T]here is a reason Thad was getting a chi-rho. I have a chi-rho. My son Joshua is getting a chi-rho. And Thad wanted to get a chi-rho as well,” White wrote in a blog post on the matter.

This is a chi-rho (http://s30.postimg.org/509awmzkd/120px_Simple_Labarum2_svg.png)
This is the Catholic symbol that Constantine saw in the sky. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08717c.htm

“Originally it was a discussion we had over Christmas, that we would all get chi-rhos, since Josh is my son, and Thad is my son-in-law. In fact, I’m fairly sure I had already provided the funds for that chi-rho.”

Among other contentions, he and his daughter, Summer Pinch—who is a member of Apologia—took issue that the report did not include the other fundraisers at Apologia, such as the bake sales and dinners.

“I’ve gained weight participating (read: purchasing and consuming) in bake sales, cotton candy sales, and dinners, the financial beneficiaries of which are the Apologia Kauai church plant,” Pinch wrote. “The members of the church are coming out in droves, giving of their time, talents and energy, and all they ask is that you donate to the church plant in return.”

White also noted that the tattoo fundraiser was three weeks after ReformCon and was not advertised to the public.

“There is a conflation going on between one thing that was offered as a fundraiser at ReformCon and something that took place weeks later that was not advertised,” he asserted in his webcast on Monday. “There weren’t, like, people walking down the streets going, ‘Hey, come to our church; we’re a tattoo parlor now.’ And that was three weeks separate!”

Therefore, those that posted commentary on the matter, such as Pastor J.D. Hall of Polemics Report, were chastised as going on “partial information” and “judging from afar.”


But in his post on Monday, Hall stated that he found White’s contentions to be deflective of the focus of the article, which was whether these two specific types of fundraisers should be acceptable for church plants and if they should be considered being “of the world” or not—a biblical prohibition—as Hernandez opined. White did not mention Hernandez in his post or webcast, nor did he address Hernandez’ remarks.

“As polemicists, deflections avoiding substantive discussion typically come from either (1) misdirecting accolades of the good qualities of the person or institution questioned or (2) firing accusatory bullets toward the messenger,” he wrote.

Hall said that White’s response could have included thoughtful discussion on answers to questions such as “What happens when Christian liberty issues (alcohol consumption, for example) conflict with Christian maturity? Are there limits to Christian liberty? Should we associate our private or personal Christian liberties with functions of the church, given the complications that necessarily arise?”

“Boy, that would have been a helpful discussion I think we all would be eager to hear,” Hall stated. “But we didn’t get that.”

Hernandez also expressed concern about the response, stating that the issues were important for the Body of Christ to discuss.

“It is imperative that Christian liberty should always be exercised with a true affinity for God alone as Lord of our conscience,” he said in a statement to Christian News Network. “The fruition of Christian liberty is humility, discernment, reverence, sober-mindedness, and a vehement love for others that will not allow them to stumble because of our practices, and nothing that will bring reproach upon the bride of Christ.”

“Young men and women need mature examples that will teach them biblical maturity, reverence and purity that will guide them to perfecting holiness in fear of God, and not leaders that deflect the underlying issues of Christian liberty by categorically decrying everyone who disagrees with them as being judgmental, slanderers, liars, bigots, and Pharisees,” he said.

Pastor Justin Pierce of Grace Life Church Tri-Cities in Blountville, Tennessee likewise wrote on the subject as he talked about what he called the “golden calf” of Christian liberty.

“[L]iberty is to be set aside to responsibility,” he wrote. “That is where we desire to stand, as Reformed brothers and sisters who desire to display modesty before the world, and would ask James White, Jeff Durbin and Apologia to respect that stand enough to agree that broadcasting their freedom across the airwaves causes many of their beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to be uncomfortable and offended.”

“[W]e would like to see biblical liberty in modesty and modesty in self-control and self-control in unity, to the glory of God,” Pierce said.

Jeff Durbin, along with Luke Pierson, the discipleship pastor at Apologia, told Christian News Network that leadership is unable to respond to the matter until later this month due to their full schedule.

Among the variety of news reports presented, Christian News Network has covered a number of unconventional activities in congregations worldwide, such as the Colorado Bible study group that smokes marijuana over the Scriptures, the female pastor who hands out cigarettes and condoms on the street, and the U.K. assembly whose signs quote from secular rapper Kanye West, Winnie the Pooh, Winston Churchill, Gandhi and Spongebob Squarepants because the Bible “puts people off.”


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Post by: Mark on June 16, 2017, 11:04:30 pm


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And Sam Gipp called White a saved man? Wow! ::)

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Apologist James White Draws Concerns After Holding, Defending Interfaith ‘Dialogue’ at Church With Muslim Imam

A well-known Reformed apologist, elder and professional debater is drawing concerns after presenting, and continuing to defend, an interfaith dialogue event at a Mississippi church with a Muslim imam, which he says was meant to help Christians and Muslims engage in conversation and to “get along without compromise.”

Some objectors, while noting that they support dialoguing with and evangelizing Muslims, do not believe that it was proper to give an unconverted Muslim any type of platform during a special event hosted at a church, and feel that many of the imam’s statements should not have gone unchallenged.

“I’m totally in favor of having an accurate view of what they believe,” Andy Woods, the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas and president of Chafer Theological Seminary in New Mexico, told Christian News Network. “Working out our differences and sitting down and making sure we understand each other is one thing, but giving someone a platform at a church is a different matter.”


James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, and Dr. Yasir Qadhi, the Dean of Academic Affairs at the Al-Maghrib Institute, appeared at Grace Bible Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi on Jan. 24 for an unmoderated interfaith discussion called “Christians and Muslims: Agreements and Differences.”

The ticketed Tuesday night event was recorded and posted to YouTube.

“I think the greatest barrier for Christians in reaching out to the Muslim people is fear,” White explained during the discussion. “We have fear in our hearts. It’s based upon ignorance. It’s based upon other things. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to do this.”

“What would it mean if the Muslim people in your neighborhood knew that you loved them, cared about them and prayed for them, and were willing to do anything for them?” he asked. “It would change everything. But unfortunately, that’s not generally how they view us.”

Qadhi said that he believes some Christians view Muslims with mistrust and hatred, and he doesn’t think that it should be that way. He said he desires for Christians and Muslims to treat each other with mutual compassion while acknowledging their disagreements.

At the beginning of the event, White said that Qadhi has been a “primary influence” in his studies on the Islamic religion and said that he “sense[d] in him such a kindred spirit on the other side of the chasm that divides us in regard to our theology and our beliefs.”

He said that he has listened to Qadhi’s material in seeking to understand Islamic beliefs, and at one point, asked Qadhi to critique his presentation on Islam to ensure it accurately represents the Muslim religion.

While also noting that the two disagree on matters of faith, White stressed that the event was not a debate, but rather a dialogue. Therefore, the two-hour discussion was spent mostly discussing and gaining and understanding of Muslim practices and beliefs, at times being contrasted with the Christian perspective.

Topics included explaining the two sects of Islam, the belief that the Koran is the word of God, the Muslim view that Jesus was a prophet and not divine, nor was He ever crucified.

“Muslims are looking forward to Jesus’ return because when Jesus comes back, we believe His soldiers and His army will be Muslims,” Qadhi also explained to those gathered. “We also believe—and this is in the Hadith or the Sunna of the prophet—that every true Christian will then recognize that they were incorrect [about] the Trinity and then follow Jesus as well.”

During the second hour of the event, Qadhi outlined that Muslims never judge whether or not someone is bound for Heaven or Hell and that they don’t even speak with certainty about themselves. White then noted how Christian belief differs from this point of view.

“From the Christian perspective, the only reason that I can have peace with God or confidence of entering into His presence is because I’m in possession of the righteousness of Jesus Christ given to me,” he explained.
White and Qadhi at the Memphis Islamic Center

“We don’t view ourselves as a group that is somehow better than anybody else. We believe that a Christian is a person who has fled to God for His mercy and recognize that He (Jesus) is the only one that God has given to where His righteous is perfect in God’s sight … and that’s why I can have peace with Him,” White said.

“This is one of the fundamental differences. We’ll have to agree to disagree from our perspective,” Qadhi replied. “It’s an element of arrogance to say ‘I am going to Heaven and I’m certain about it.’ Rather [we say], ‘I am very hopeful. I am very optimistic.'”

White also explained during the event that he believes it is permissible to have relationships with Muslims as long as they understand his beliefs and his desire for them to be saved. He said that he prays for Qadhi and that he wants him to bow the knee to Christ, and Qadhi acknowledged that he, conversely, desires for White to embrace Islam.

Qadhi said that even if both sides believe the other is on the path to Hell, Christians and Muslims should still come together despite their differences to fight society’s ills.

“Do we have to make this world a living Hell because of that? That’s the question. Let God judge on Judgment Day,” Qadhi said. “… Can’t we be good neighbors together? Can’t we work together for better schools, to minimize crime, to fight against pornography and drugs, to affirm family values?”

“Why must we hate one another in a civil society where coming together will bring about so much potential good?” he asked. “Why can’t we look at what we have in common even as we understand and appreciate and are honest about our differences?”

The following day, White spoke at the Memphis Islamic Center, where similar dialogue about the Muslim and Christian faiths took place, with White—while complimenting Qadhi’s expertise and influence on his studies—explaining concepts such as the Trinity, original sin and the imputation of righteousness through Christ.


Several weeks ago, Brannon Howse, host of Worldview Weekend, discovered the footage of the event and expressed concern that an Islamic imam was brought into a church for dialogue. Howse regularly speaks and writes about Muslim issues and terrorism both on his radio broadcast and website, in addition to discussing various false doctrines in the Church.

“Preach the gospel, but do not give them a platform to deceive the American people, and most importantly, the Church,” he said in a broadcast on June 11, which featured guests Usama Dakdok, an Egyptian-born Christian who had been schooled in Islam as a youth, and Sharam Hadian, a former Muslim turned pastor.

Howse pointed to 2 John 1:9-11, which he said would admonish White not to “give [Qadhi] a greeting of spiritual solidarity, [or] say you’re kindred spirits, [or] say you’re seeking common ground.” He said that White should apologize and express regret for holding the event at a church.

“We’re calling you to repent. Humble yourself,” Howse declared. “I believe [there is] damage you’re doing to Muslims, to non-believers, to Christians, to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Hadian also expressed concern about those that Qadhi is associated with, including controversial Brooklyn imam Siraj Wahhaj, who is considered to be a jihadist. Qadhi has also appeared at events with Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the Washington Women’s March, who expressed her hope earlier this month that “when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad.”

“When he says, ‘We have kindred spirits,’ ‘He’s my mentor,’ ‘You’ve taught me much,’ ‘I’m learning from you,’ you’re endorsing someone who is denying Christ and is operating by the anti-Christ spirit,” Hadian contended.

Gregory Williams, pastor of The Cross Church in the Washington, D.C. metro area, also took to social media to express his objection to White’s interfaith dialogue, writing in part:

“Any Christian that supports James White having an interfaith dialogue with a Muslim in the church show that they cannot be trusted with protecting the flock or the gospel. They, along with James White, show that they do not take seriously the evil of false religions. They believe you can bring satanic false religions into body of Christ and have a dialogue about getting along. This is ridiculous. It clearly contradicts biblical teaching.”

Williams additionally posted 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 as an admonition, which reads in part, “What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols?”


White has repeatedly defended the event as contention over the matter continues to stir, stating that there was nothing unbiblical or compromising about his actions. In responding to Williams, he contended that 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 does not apply to dialoguing with and witnessing to Muslims.

“If discussing differences in beliefs means we are ‘unequally yoked,’ then all witnessing encounters would fall under this condemnation, would they not?” White asked. “Was Paul unequally yoked with the philosophers and religious men on Mars Hill? With his unbelieving opponents in the synagogue? How about in business? If Paul had to buy animal hides from unbelievers to make his tents, was he ‘unequally yoked?'”

“Clearly, the only way to interpret Paul’s words has to do with specifically religious and spiritual activities where there is a need for *commonality of faith* to accomplish the ends, such as, for example, evangelism, church planting, etc.,” he said.

White posited that his critics overlook that the event, while at a church, was held on a weekday outside of regular service hours, and was a ticketed event only for those interested.

“It fits the ‘meme’ better for people to assume it was a Sunday morning service and an Imam was invited to preach the sermon,” he said.

Williams responded by stating that White had made the “wrong assumption” that he and others believed the event was held during the Sunday service, and that “it makes no difference regarding what time it was held or on what day.”

He also noted that he was “not arguing that Christians cannot engage [with] Muslims” nor was he “asserting that it is wrong for Christians to interact in general or worldly affairs with Muslims or unbelievers,” but rather referring only to bringing false religions into the church. Williams said that White’s example of Paul’s visit to Mars Hill was faulty.

“No, Paul was not unequally yoked with the philosophers and religious men on Mars Hill; neither did the Apostle Paul reach out to a church and ask them to give a satanic religion and its representative a platform in their place of worship in the front of believers and unbelievers,” Williams wrote.

White additionally directly addressed Howse, claiming that Howse’s “ignorance is being used” by a “powerful group” with a political and financial agenda that seeks to stop such dialogue.

“There are people in our society today that are very intent on building huge walls between Christians and Muslims, making sure we do not have any conversations with one another. That, of course, ends any meaningful evangelism,” White said. “As Christians, we should be people who are laying down our lives to reach the lost, including those from false religious systems.”

He additionally refuted Howse’s interpretation of 2 John 1:9-11 in a blog post, writing, “[T]his passage teaches us to examine the doctrine of Christian teachers and to not give a basis for operation in our communities for those who are not orthodox in their teaching. Likewise, we can see the text has nothing at all to do with doing debates, outreaches, or even dialogues with those of other religious faiths.”

“Attempting to apply this text to non-compromising outreaches, interactions, debates, etc., is clearly a misuse of the passage in its original context,” White contended.

Howse has responded with a number of social media and blog posts, denying that there are any forces behind him in coming forward with his concerns, and that reaching out to Qadhi to help Christians understand Islam “is like asking Glenn Beck to make a video for Christians to better understand Mormonism.”

“Publicly apologize and repent for your interfaith dialogue with Yasir and for saying you sense a kindred spirit with him, giving a platform for his antichrist religion, and asking him to make a video from which Christians can learn about Islam,” he wrote on July 12.

Qadhi himself has also posted online about the matter in defense of White, who he said has been the target of “severe online character assassination and smear campaigns” for hosting a Muslim at a church.

“I cannot deny that one of the reasons any Muslim would talk about Islam in front of a non-Muslim audience is to demonstrate the beauty of Islam, and hope that some amongst them find in it the true message that Jesus himself preached,” he wrote in part. “And I know full well that Mr. White’s intentions, which he has expressed explicitly, was to hope that some Muslims convert as they listen to him explain Christianity.”

“I would be happy if any Christian who listened to my lecture converted,” Qadhi also acknowledged. “But if they choose not to convert, that’s their business to decide, and Allah’s to judge. It is not my duty to do anything more than speak.”

Others also came to White’s defense, including Charismatic columnist Dr. Michael Brown and host of “The Line of Fire,” who is a friend of White’s and is sometimes questioned by Christians for his ties to Benny Hinn and those in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Brown opined that the dialogue helped to educate Christians so that they can knowledgeably witness to Muslims, now knowing what they believe.

“It appears, … that White’s unforgivable sin was that he chose Dr. Yasir Qadhi as his partner in dialogue, since Qadhi is a very conservative Muslim. But isn’t that the one you want to talk with? Don’t we want to hear things out of the horse’s mouth?” Brown asked in an article entitled “Why the Hysterical Attack on James White for His Interfaith Dialogue?”

“That’s called getting accurate information out,” he said, “and as someone who has also studied Islam, even in the primary sources in Arabic, I can assure you that Qadhi accurately represented the beliefs of many millions of Muslims.”

houldn’t we try to engage such people with the good news?” Brown inquired. “And shouldn’t we do our best to understand what they actually believe? Aren’t there enough misconceptions floating around already? Why not get clarity, especially from the lips of a Muslim leader?”


But some believe that instead of utilizing a Muslim sheikh to help Christians understand the Islamic faith, White could have selected a number of former Muslims now serving Christ to share the same information, but from a biblical worldview.

“If you really wanted to educate [Christians] about Islam, the person who you bring in is not someone who is a believer in an anti-Christ theology,” Andy Woods, the senior pastor of Sugar Land Bible Church in Texas and president of Chafer Theological Seminary in New Mexico, told Christian News Network. “We would never bring in a Mormon or a Jehovah’s Witness to teach Christians about Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses; you bring in an ex-Mormon and an ex-Jehovah’s Witness who can analyze the system through the lens of truth.”

“So, I can think of a lot of really good people he could have brought in to educate the Christian public who are former Muslims that are now born-again Christians, but that’s not what he’s doing,” Wood opined. “He’s bringing in someone who is actually still an adherent of the anti-Christ theology.”

He said that hosting the event outside of regular service times as a separate ticketed event did not ameliorate the matter. He also disagreed with White’s citation of Mars Hill as being an example of why the interfaith dialogue was Scripturally permissible, and said that it was rather a comparison of apples to oranges.

“First of all, Paul is outside the walls of the church on his missionary journeys. [And] he doesn’t give them an opportunity to preach in his planted churches,” Wood said. “He’s out there where they are, and how does he end that presentation on Mars Hill? He ends it with a testimony about Jesus Christ, His resurrection from the dead, [that] He’s coming back to judge the living and dead, and Paul says in Acts 17, … [God] commands all men everywhere to repent.”

“So, he doesn’t say, ‘I’m a kindred spirit with you,’ or ‘You’re my mentor,’ he calls them out of their false belief system into the truth,” he explained. “And obviously, Paul on Mars Hill is not giving them equal time within a church.”

As the debate over the matter continues—even weeks later, others have also entered the discussion, including radio host Janet Mefferd, Christian musician turned pastor Steve Camp, and an elder of John McArthur’s Grace Community Church.

“We would not sanction a public dialogue with a Muslim imam, or any other person with an agenda to teach false religion, at Grace Community Church,” Grace Community Church Elder Chris Hamilton wrote in a response to an inquiry from Howse. “But neither are we sympathetic to the lynch-mob mentality that seems determined to use a disagreement such as this to discredit years of faithful ministry by Dr. White.”

Howse says he rather believes that some Christians are wrongfully considering certain leaders as being off-limits for discussion or criticism, no matter the error, and finds it hypocritical that some will denounce Rick Warren’s bridge-building with Muslims while rebuking those who express concerns about White’s interfaith dialogue.

White has engaged in debates with Muslims in the past, but explained this time that while Qadhi did not desire to debate, he was willing to have a dialogue about the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.