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Title: Alcohol Anonymous Founder Bill Wilson was a Freemason
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on April 29, 2013, 04:50:14 pm
Got this off of another message forum...

According to pro-A.A. author Dick B., A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson “had been pelted with ideas from Carl Jung, William James, William Silkworth, Richard Peabody, Sam Shoemaker, Frank Buchman, Emmet Fox and other New Thought writers, and perhaps even with the Masonic mysticism which might have crept into [A.A. co-founder] Dr. Bob’s expressions.” (Dick B., When Early AA’s Were Cured And Why, pg. 65) (bold mine)

There are some remarkable similarities between Freemasonry and the Alcoholics Anonymous religion. With both Freemasonry and A.A., it is not about what particular “god” you believe in, only that you believe in something.

In this respect, it is easy to see how Dr. Bob’s Masonic background may have been a strong factor in the formulation of Alcoholics Anonymous.

According to Cedric L. Smith, Grand Secretary of Masons in Vermont: “Robert H. Smith was a member in Passumpsic Lodge No.27, St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Initiation January 29, 1903, Paiing February 5, 1903, Raising February 12, 1903, Suspended April 1934, Reinstated September 3, 1942, Died November 16, 1950. He was a Freemason in good standing at the time of his death.”