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May 23, 2018, 04:17:51 pm
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January 29, 2018, 01:21:57 am Christian40 says: It will be interesting to see what happens this year Israel being 70 years as a modern nation may 14 2018
October 17, 2017, 01:25:20 am Christian40 says: It is good to type Mark is here again!  Smiley
October 16, 2017, 03:28:18 am Christian40 says: anyone else thinking that time is accelerating now? it seems im doing days in shorter time now is time being affected in some way?
September 24, 2017, 10:45:16 pm Psalm 51:17 says: The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. It states: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”
September 20, 2017, 04:32:32 am Christian40 says: "The most popular Hepatitis B vaccine is nothing short of a witch’s brew including aluminum, formaldehyde, yeast, amino acids, and soy. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that destroys cellular metabolism and function. Hundreds of studies link to the ravaging effects of aluminum. The other proteins and formaldehyde serve to activate the immune system and open up the blood-brain barrier. This is NOT a good thing."
September 19, 2017, 03:59:21 am Christian40 says: bbc international did a video about there street preaching they are good witnesses
September 14, 2017, 08:06:04 am Psalm 51:17 says: bro Mark Hunter on YT has some good, edifying stuff too.
September 14, 2017, 04:31:26 am Christian40 says: i have thought that i'm reaping from past sins then my life has been impacted in ways from having non believers in my ancestry.
September 11, 2017, 06:59:33 am Psalm 51:17 says: The law of reaping and sowing. It's amazing how God's mercy and longsuffering has hovered over America so long. (ie, the infrastructure is very bad here b/c for many years, they were grossly underspent on. 1st Tim 6:10, the god of materialism has its roots firmly in the West) And remember once upon a time ago when shacking up b/w straight couples drew shock awe?

Exodus 20:5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
September 11, 2017, 03:40:40 am Christian40 says: those in america should better repent or things will only get worse
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1  General Category / The Mark / Re: The MARK, HEADLINES!!! on: May 21, 2018, 11:07:21 pm
U.S. Army Surgeon General Says All Soldiers To Be Microchipped For Full-Time Monitoring And Information Culling

Soldiers may soon be carrying monitoring devices that can alert doctors thousands of miles away to medical emergencies and the need for treatment. The devices may even be implanted in soldiers and continuously monitor their status, the Army’s top doctor said in describing the near future of Army medicine.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:" Revelation 13:16 (KJV)

EDITOR'S NOTE: When you join the military, you also sign on for just about anything they want to do with you and to you. Being deployed overseas? Then you better be OK with receiving injections of just about a dozen different 'vaccines' and who knows what else are in those syringes. Start chipping soldiers for full-time 'health monitoring', you won't have anything to say about that, either. The perfect captive audience for carrying out any type of experimentation you wish to conduct. Want to see nationwide chipping of all its citizens? The military is your sandbox to work all that out.

“We should be monitoring all soldiers, all the time, looking for patterns of injury or other signs for early detection,” said Lt. Gen. Nadja West, the Army’s surgeon general, during a talk May 8 at the Association of the U.S. Army in Arlington, Virginia. “We can do better when every soldier is a sensor, and we can continuously monitor information culled from them.”
The monitors would send out streams of detailed data on a soldier’s health.

For example, a device could measure blood sugar levels and a doctor or nurse hundreds or thousands of miles away can check on a soldier’s diabetes and recommend treatment or calibrate insulin.

    “There is an explosion of wearable and soon to be implantable peripheral monitors,” West said. “It completely revolutionizes how we can follow and impact a soldier’s health and a patient’s health.”

Soldiers face environments where the threat may be unknown, and such devices will make a difference, she said. U.S. diplomats in Havana, Cuba, became ill last year from a mysterious cause, possibly a type of sound wave, that remains unknown, she added as an example. Monitoring them and their environment could have led to early detection and potentially better understanding of what happened.

Commanders can use this kind of technology to decide who to send on the next mission, West said. “Just imagine a commander having that information, where that person is and how they’re doing,” she said.

The commander would see not just “are they deployable or not,” but their state of health. “If you had a pilot getting into a cockpit, wouldn’t you want to know if they’re sleepy or not?” West said. “If you have the tools to predict, it’s amazing what you can prevent. “

Monitoring devices are available now, and Army medicine is working through how to scale the capability and secure the information flow, she said.
The device is one of many innovations in medical care, which is changing dramatically, and the Army is changing with it, West said.

The realization that the military may no longer count on having the “golden hour” for treatment of illness or injury is driving the thinking on what is next in medical care. Troops will be forward deployed in units with a smaller footprint and often without the luxury of uncontested air space, West said.

The ambush and killings in October of four American soldiers in Niger bring to the forefront the danger troops face in remote locations.

“We might not have the life-saving golden hour evacuation system we’ve been accustomed to for the last 17 years. Our soldiers may be isolated for 72 hours or more, requiring prolonged field care when injured in an austere environment,” West said. “Our medics will be faced with doing more, with less, for longer. That means no easy access to emergency departments or operating suites or trauma surgeons. “

    This the reality facing Army medics. This new environment requires significant changes in how medics and soldiers are trained and equipped, West said, and the changes are taking place now.

Command posts in the near future will have medical capabilities integrated within them, so patients can be monitored and calls made to a surgeon to recommend life-saving procedures. Robotic surgeries are another technology in development. It’s a question now of “how quickly we can scale it throughout our enterprise,” West said.

Such surgery has been tested at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for example, with doctors there and a satellite hookup with soldiers in a remote area. Technology used around the world today allows surgeons to operate virtually, West said.

The Army has invested in its first virtual medical center at Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas, which she said will expand capacity and capabilities and save more lives. A change in mindset is needed now, West said, “one that opens our minds to completely new possibilities as to the how, when, where and by whom health care is delivered.” source

2  General Category / Wolves in Sheeps clothing / Re: Stephen Anderson and his lies on: May 21, 2018, 01:38:04 pm
3  General Category / The Mark / Re: The MARK, HEADLINES!!! on: May 21, 2018, 01:32:50 pm
4  General Category / Catholicism / Re: Peter the Roman conspiracy on: May 20, 2018, 11:44:42 pm
Pope Francis tells gay man ‘God made you like this and loves you like this’


The remarks were made to a victim of clerical sexual abuse and are the most striking acceptance of homosexuality by the Catholic Church to date

POPE Francis has told a gay man that God loves him during a private meeting, it has been claimed.

In a private dialogue, the Pontiff is understood to have told Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests, that God loves gay people and it is fine to be homosexual.
Juan Carlos Cruz is a key whistleblower in Chile's most famous case of clerical sex abuse

AP:Associated Press
Juan Carlos Cruz is a key whistleblower in Chile's most famous case of clerical sex abuse

The comments are the most striking public acceptance about homosexuality ever made by a head of the Roman Catholic Church.

The remarks were made during a private meeting at the Vatican between the pair, in which the Pope offered a heartfelt apology.

Cruz was a victim of Chile’s most notorious paedophile priest Fernando Karadima.

Father Karadima, now aged 87, was found guilty of sexual abuse by the Vatican in 2011.

Chilean sexual abuse victims Jose Andres Murillo (R), James Hamilton (C) and Juan Carlos Cruz (L) in Rome

Cruz claims that his suffering was ignored by a number of Latin American bishops who used his homosexuality to brand him a liar when he spoke out.

Speaking to Spanish newspaper El País, Cruz said: “He [the Pope] told me, ‘Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter.

“God made you like this and loves you like this and I don’t care.

“The pope loves you like this. You have to be happy with who you are.”

The Pope’s words signal a much more open and inclusive approach by the often restrictive faith – a move which will likely upset many conservative Catholics.

The Vatican has neither confirmed nor denied the comments the Pontiff’s comments to Cruz.
This is not the first time Pope Francis’ comments have suggested a more open and tolerant attitude toward homosexuality

This is not the first time Pope Francis’ comments have suggested a more open and tolerant attitude toward homosexuality

The Catholic Church teaches that gay sex – and all sex outside of heterosexual marriage – is a sin.

This is not the first time Pope Francis’ comments have suggested a more open and tolerant attitude toward homosexuality.

In July 2013, when responding to a reporter’s question about the existence of an alleged “gay lobby” within the Vatican, Pope Francis said: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?"

The Pontiff’s most recent remarks come as several high profile members of the clergy have sought to publicly make amends with gay Catholics, many of whom say they feel shunned an d unwelcome in the church.
It is the most striking public acceptance about homosexuality ever made by a Pontiff

AP:Associated Press
It is the most striking public acceptance about homosexuality ever made by a Pontiff

Juan Carlos Cruz was one of three former sex abuse victims from Chile who were summoned to Rome to receive an apology from the Pontiff for years of abuse endured by them as children.

The victims described clerical sexual abuse as “an epidemic that has destroyed thousands of lives.”

5  General Category / Israel / Re: Israel Betrayed on: May 20, 2018, 05:54:57 pm
European Union ‘forbids companies from complying’ with US sanctions on Iran
European leaders on Friday agreed on a plan that “forbids EU companies from complying” with U.S. sanctions on Iran, as part of an effort to blunt the effect of President Trump’s withdrawal from the pact.


French minister: EU could compensate firms hit by U.S. sanctions over Iran
France is looking to see if the European Union could compensate European companies that might be facing sanctions by the United States for doing business with Iran, said French finance minister Bruno Le Maire on Sunday. Le Maire referred to EU rules going back to 1996 which he said could allow the EU to intervene in this manner to protect European companies against any US sanctions, adding that France wanted the EU to toughen its stance in this area.

6  General Category / War On Family / Re: The-Kinsey-Syndrome on: May 20, 2018, 05:51:00 pm
There is no ‘biological sex’

In an apparent competition among American public school boards to see which sex-education program can be made the most graphic and politically correct, there’s likely a new leader.

In a stunning development, the Fairfax County School Board in Northern Virginia is considering teaching children there is no such thing as “biological sex” and also that “clergy” are not to be trusted if students have questions.

Within just the past few weeks, WND has reported on the Albemarle district in Virginia, which was warned its explicit sex videos to classes of 14-year-old girls likely were felony violations of state and federal laws.

And the Sunnyside Unified School District in Tucson, Arizona, was warned that its proposed sex-ed program is both “illegal” and “obscene.”

Now, according to the Family Research Council, comes the Fairfax board.

“Already, each public school student must suffer through 80 hours of sex ed. That’s not a typo: 8-0,” the report said. “They call it ‘Family Life Education’ but everybody knows that’s a joke. You won’t find lessons on building happy marriages and healthy families here. No, instead you’ll find hour after hour of instruction on your evolving ‘sexual identity,’ on the proper handling of contraceptive drugs and devices, and on how to give consent for sex.”

But the report by Cathy Ruse said the move to something less “repressive” was being considered.

She noted among the ideas being reviewed was to teach children “they weren’t actually born male or female. Advisers scrubbed ‘biological sex’ from all lessons and in its place put the politically charged ‘gender-fluid’ propaganda term ‘sex assigned at birth.’ As one adviser explained: ‘Biological sex is meaningless!'”

Further, the board’s plan is to teach seventh and eighth grade students “to embrace transgender identity, but don’t tell them about the risks.”

“Advisers voted against telling children about any of the health risks and side effects from ‘gender transitioning.'”

The board also wants to stop teaching students “abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method” to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

But they are to be taught “how to use every imaginable contraceptive drug, device, and cream.”

They want to make lessons on dating and family mandatory, meaning students would not be able to opt out, mostly likely.

And they want to remove an “offensive” word.

“The sex ed advisers have finally identified a word that was too offensive for students to hear. They voted to strip the word ‘clergy’ from the list of trusted adults that students might consult with sexual identity concerns.”

FRC said the district in Falls Church, Virginia, is taking comments on the plan until June 8.

“Fairfax kids deserve better. And the Fairfax School Board members need to find another line of work,” the FRC report said.

The warning to Sunnyside schools in Arizona came from Liberty Counsel, which said the Planned Parenthood-linked “Rights, Respect, Responsibility” program for children references necrophilia, promotes abortion and homosexuality, and “imposes radical, unscientific, political ideas about gender and sexuality on impressionable children.”

The legal team, representing parents in the district, is advising the school board, led by president Buck Crouch, against the “comprehensive sex education” indoctrination being promoted by “Advocates for Youth.” The program uses abortion-industry-promoted “standards” based “upon the sex data of Alfred Kinsey, which included timed-with-a-stopwatch ‘orgasms’ for infants as young as two months old.”

“The Sunnyside Unified School District is hereby on notice of the many legal violations contained in the 3Rs curriculum. The board should reject the 3Rs curriculum in its entirety, and adopt true abstinence-based curricula which provides accurate information, and respects student and parent rights, consistent with Arizona state standards. There are many such,” the Liberty Counsel letter said.

“However, if the district nonetheless illegally adopts the curriculum in violation of the current applicable, binding Arizona statutes set forth above, Liberty Counsel is prepared to take additional action to prevent irreparable harm to the rights of our numerous local constituents.”

The Liberty Counsel letter warned: “Displaying and advertising material that is obscene or harmful to minors is illegal under Ariz. Rev. Stat. [Paragraph] 13-3506. ‘It is unlawful for any person, with knowledge of the character of the item involved, to recklessly furnish, present, provide, make available, give, lend, show, advertise or distribute to minors any item that is harmful to minors.’ Yet 3Rs does exactly that, in 12th grade, instructing the teacher to present, show, and advertise and discuss pornographic magazines such as Playboy, Playgirl, and Penthouse.”

In fact, its lesson involving Playboy and Penthouse “is a Class 6 felony.”

Liberty Counsel told the Albemarle district its programming, also from Planned Parenthood, is “gutter trash.”

“This is not education. This is raping children. The school district has caused irreversible harm to children and parents. The school must never allow this to happen again,” the legal team said.

The curriculum was forced on students during a presentation from a group called Sexual Assault Resource Agency, which, Liberty Counsel explained, was allowed to present “pornographic videos and curriculum” to students.

Liberty Counsel now represents the parents of the mostly 14-year-old girls at West Albemarle County High school who were in “Family Life Education” classes on April 13. The classes were led by Lexie Huston, an employee of Planned Parenthood-linked SARA, the legal team said.

In a letter to the district and its officials, Liberty Counsel pointed out the presentation violated Virginia law protecting minors, including a ban on abusing children, encouraging them to engage in sex acts or perform sex acts.

Earlier this year, WND reported on a new campaign to rally parents against laws in 43 states that effectively protect **** in some education settings.

“Before today’s kindergarteners graduate from high school, around 4.5 million students in America will experience sexual abuse at the hands of a school employee,” campaign organizers said.

“Liberty Counsel discovered that the laws in 43 states have exemptions from obscenity laws that permit sexually explicit materials in schools that can facilitate this kind of misbehavior. These laws protect school employees who provide students with pornographic materials from criminal prosecution under the guise that the materials are ‘educational,'” the group said.

Liberty Counsel has drawn up a template to be used for states to fix their laws.

“It is ridiculous to claim that legally harmful, pornographic material magically becomes innocent because the person providing it changed jobs,” said Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel. “It is time to hold our teachers and coaches to the same legal standards as all other adults. From Hollywood to hometown America, children deserve to be protected from harmful materials, grooming and ****.”

7  General Category / End Times / Re: Just pure evil... on: May 20, 2018, 05:44:25 pm
Ray Comfort's new movie 'solves' the school shooting riddle
'The answer to the problems in this nation is …

When a Christian evangelist asks you a question, any question, the answer always is “Jesus,” right?

Probably so.

But the question evangelist Ray Comfort poses in his new movie from Living Waters University, “School Shootings: The cause and the cure in less than 20 minutes … for those who want to know,” is a little more complicated.

Comfort is the brash filmmaker who confronts Americans where they live, in this case California.

He’s noted for projects such as “Hitler, God and the Bible,” “You Can lead An Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think,” “Nothing Created Everything” and “God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists.”

He has also done “The Way of the Master” television show, and he has never been one to miss an opportunity ask people about Jesus.

The movie is part of a new series he has created, and it wasn’t planned to be released just yet.

But then the school shooting happened Friday in Santa Fe, Texas.

Ten dead, 10 injured. Correction, Comfort said: “ANOTHER 10 dead, and ANOTHER 10 injured, as school shootings have been erupting with too much regularity.”

What do YOU think? What’s your solution to school shootings? Sound off in today’s WND poll.

Comfort told WND, “It is because of this that we decided to release our new film today.”

“The world doesn’t know why this is happening. We do,” he said. “Watch it freely. Share it immediately. Pray God uses it.”

As Comfort asks people on the street what is evil. Is someone who kills school children evil?

Are rapists evil?


The answers are what would be expected: Someone like that has a mental health problem. He’s sick.

Should such an offender be executed?

That’s a hard one.

Comfort presses for what people truly believe. He cites news reports of a previous school shooter.

“He said he was an atheist and that his life had no purpose, and other peoples’ lives had no purpose,” Comfort said.

“When nothing is evil, anything is acceptable,” he said.

On his YouTube page, Comfort said the answers are there, “for those who want to know.”

And he has more at LivingWaters.com.

He asks people on the street if they think about their own deaths.

“Shot in the back. This is California,” he pointed out.

VIDEO at http://www.wnd.com/2018/05/ray-comforts-new-movie-solves-the-school-shooting-riddle/#9fyAtDY2f0CZl40R.99


8  General Category / Health / Re: EBOLA plague 2014-15-16-17... on: May 20, 2018, 05:11:13 pm
The Ebola superhighway: New outbreak terrifies public health authorities...

Deaths rise to 26...
9  General Category / Survival / Re: Read This First Before You Decide That Preppers Are Crazy on: May 20, 2018, 04:26:20 am
Why Cities Will Unavoidably Become Lawless Within a Week or Two During a SHTF Event

We came across an interesting article on a survivalist blog about the life after an SHTF event. The writer said he believed that too many people are being too negative in terms of their projections about what will happen after TEOTWAWKI. (You can read more in-depth articles here After The Collapse Series )

This writer spoke about his belief in the basic goodness of the American people and offered up various high-minded platitudes to this effect.  As well as platitudes, he also described in some detail a scenario that he believed would apply.

Basically, it was the ‘neighborhood watch on steroids’ concept, where the residents in a neighborhood all banded together to defend themselves against roving gangs of looters and rioters.

A mean-minded person would point out that his reference to roving gangs of goblins already acknowledged that cities would become lawless to a greater or lesser extent.  But let’s not score points through rhetoric, and let’s concentrate instead on the viability of smaller neighborhood communities managing to keep law and order within their own cul-de-sac or apartment complex or gated community or whatever.

He added the comment ‘around where I live, there are more rifles than people’; that may or may not be true about where you live, but it doesn’t really matter and obscures an appreciation of the issues that do matter.

Let’s simply agree with this optimistic view of the future – that you and your neighbors have lots of weapons, are decent honest people, and you all effectively band together harmoniously and create your own micro-community and safe zone, keeping the goblins away.



What happens next?

By this, we simply mean, what happens when food starts to run low in your little micro-community? We see three breakdown events occurring in the days after the creation of your neighborhood cooperative.

First Breakdown

The first level of breakdown will be when your tiny self-defense cooperative is first formed.  What’s the betting that part of the deal will be the organizers saying ‘We need to join together and pool our resources for our shared common good’.  Now that all sounds fine and dandy when they’re saying ‘We all need to take turns watching out for raiders and repelling them’ but the chances they are also saying ‘And let’s pool all our food and other survival resources’.

So right from day one, you’ll be under pressure from your fellow law-abiding neighbors to share away everything you have to help them.  In return for this, they are offering additional security – ostensibly from others outside your neighborhood, but the unwritten unstated ugliness is you’re also getting security from them, too.

However, let’s say this is not a problem.  Maybe you are all equally prepared, so redistribution of all your supplies has little effect.

Second Breakdown

But now for stage two.  Some people in your community have strangely used up their share of the pooled community supplies much faster than others.  Are they secretly hoarding food?  Eating twice as much as anyone else?  Or just being wasteful?  Whatever the cause, your community and you now have your second social crisis.  Do you reward these people’s bad behavior and give them more food – especially because, at this point, everyone’s supplies are now diminishing.

With any measure of remaining civilization, this is almost certainly what will happen, because not only will some people be lobbying for more food, half the other people will also be looking ahead to the point where they too will be needing support from anyone who still has surplus food.  So they’ll support the concept of daily redistributions of food based on need, because they see themselves becoming net beneficiaries of the policy, too.  A bit like taxing a few wealthy people to feed the many poor people, right?

Besides which, while you might have had to shoot at and maybe even hit looters attempting to attack your community, they have all been strangers at a distance, and there’s been a life or death, them or us, element to the encounter.  But are you to let one of your neighbors starve in front of you?  And will they just passively starve while you continue to eat, or will they fight you to get your food?

The outcome of this second breakdown is almost certain – you give up still more of your own prepared supplies in exchange for a little bit more peace and safety within your community.

Third Breakdown

Now for stage three, and this is the point where we feel we must surely ‘win’ the argument (we use quotes because we wish we were wrong, but we fear we are right).

You’re now at the point where everyone in your community group has exhausted their food supplies.  What do you do now?

Your choices are starkly simple.  You stay where you are, and slowly starve to death, or alternatively, you do whatever it takes to get additional food for your friends, your families, and yourselves.

This is the point where all community members, of all communities, have no choice but to become ‘lawless looters’ – except that it won’t just be empty stores you’ll be smashing into to steal food from.  The stores will already have been emptied, days or weeks ago.  The only places where you can get food now are places where people still have food and are protecting their food from people like – yes, from people like you.

What do you do when your polite request for a gift of food is rebuffed?  What do you do after you’ve offered to pay them with money, with valuables, with anything at all they care to ask for, and they’ve still refused to sell/exchange even a single food item?

Most people will manage to become morally outraged at this, and so will then see what happens next not as their own transition to a lawless looter, but instead, they’ll see themselves as morally empowered to fairly redistribute the remaining food and to stop selfish people from illegally hoarding more food than they could ever truly need.

These people will not see themselves as killing the current lawful owners of whatever food remains.  They’ll see themselves saving the lives of many others when they secure the food and redistribute it.

Indeed, what passes for the remaining lawful authorities will probably pass urgent laws making it illegal to keep more than a day or two of food in one’s house, requiring ‘hoarders’ to give up their food, and authorizing any necessary level of force to take it from these demon selfish ‘hoarders’.  (Do we need to add that the people passing such laws are very unlikely to be preppers?)

10  General Category / Audio Section, Scott Johnson, Bryan Denlinger, others... / Re: End Time Current Events-5-6-18 on: May 20, 2018, 04:24:34 am
11  General Category / Audio Section, Scott Johnson, Bryan Denlinger, others... / End Time Current Events-5-6-18 on: May 20, 2018, 04:24:24 am
Listen at: End Time Current Events-5-6-18-Part 1

Listen at: End Time Current Events-5-6-18-Part 2

Listen at: End Time Current Events-5-6-18-Part 3

Listen at: End Time Current Events-5-6-18-Part 4

PDF: End Time Current Events 5-6-18

Table of Contents:

++ Demons Manifesting Through Celebrities Caught on Camera
Bush Family Secrets Exposed
Government Admits 5G Is Killing You And Your Family
Accidental Leaked Doc Exposes Big Brothers Plan For Mind Control Via Cell Phones
++ 5G It’s Worse Than You Know! Apple – iPads – iPhones – Artemis – Wireless transmissions causing the sterility of the current &  future generations
12  General Category / UFO/Watcher Theology / Re: Alien Disclosure: Don't be Fooled on: May 19, 2018, 06:05:41 pm
The Aliens Beneath the Waves

There's something creepily fascinating about octopuses: the eyes, the beaks, the tentacles, the suckers. But who knew they came from outer space?

    Octopuses are aliens. That’s the claim being made by a team of 33 researchers published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. They are not referring to aliens in a metaphorical sense, but literal aliens from outer space. Since the paper was released on Sunday, a trickle of news coverage has turned into a torrent, with increasingly alarming headlines about octopuses and their extra-terrestrial origins.

    It will not come as a surprise to many to learn that these claims have been roundly mocked by the scientific community, who have branded the paper – published in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology – as ridiculous and unscientific.

Yeah, well fooey on that. They laughed at Galileo, didn't they?

    What are the claims being made?

    They suggest the Cambrian explosion, a sudden burst of life that occurred around 540 million years ago, was the result of extra-terrestrial intervention. The paper asks whether this event, which saw the rapid emergence of most of the main animal groups that still exist on Earth today, was “terrestrial or cosmic”. Their conclusion is the latter.

    How do the scientists suggest this would work?

    Specifically, the researchers propose the idea that alien viruses crashed to Earth in a meteor, infected a population of primitive squid and caused them to evolve into octopuses. Another theory they suggest is that fertilised squid or octopus eggs were delivered to Earth by a meteor.

    Why do the researchers look at the octopus in particular?

    Octopuses are weird. They are molluscs, meaning they are closely related to snails, and yet they are incredibly intelligent. On top of their large brains and sophisticated nervous systems, the authors of the new paper list camera-like eyes, flexible bodies and ability to camouflage themselves by changing colour and shape as evidence of their extra-terrestrial origins.

    So suddenly did these features appear in the octopus family tree that “it is plausible then to suggest they seem to be borrowed from a far distant ‘future’ in terms of terrestrial evolution, or more realistically from the cosmos at large,” the authors write.

I mean, come on: not even Darwin could have thought these critters up:

Here come the naysayers:

    What reason is there to doubt the claims being made in the paper?

    There are plenty of reasons. First off, as Mark Carnall from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History pointed out in a series of tweets, not one of the paper’s authors is a zoologist. Much of the authors’ speculation rests on the idea that the genetics of octopuses and their relatives are mysterious – yet a 2015 paper published in Nature revealed the octopus genome, so this is rather disingenuous.

    In fact, octopus genes suggest they fit into the generally understood theory of the evolution of life on Earth, and require no alien invasion. They are thought to have split from the squid lineage around 135 million years ago.

    Molecular geneticist Professor Karin Moelling of the Max Planck Institute Molecular Genetics, who was asked to review the report, concluded that it "cannot be taken seriously." The primary reason for doubt given by Professor Moelling is that there is “no evidence at all."

13  General Category / Weather/Earthquakes/Global Science Hoax's / Re: STRANGE sounds being heard around the world? on: May 18, 2018, 06:58:53 pm
Weird noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE without explanation

    One woman in Canada has recorded chilling sounds several times
    At its strongest, eerie noises sounds like a trumpet
    Similar outbursts have been captured on countries around the world including the U.S., Ukraine, Germany and Belarus
    One man in the U.S. says he woke up screaming after hearing the sounds

A mysterious noise from the sky is continuing to baffle people all over the world - as well as giving those who hear it sleepless nights.

Sounding like a trumpet or a collective from a brass section of an orchestra, a selection of videos shot from the Canada to Ukraine, via the U.S., Germany and Belarus show strange goings on above us.

And the eerie sounds have been continuously heard at all different times and locations for almost a decade.
Video playing bottom right...
Can YOU work out what the sound coming from the sky is?

14  General Category / Health / Re: EBOLA plague 2014-15-16-17... on: May 18, 2018, 06:45:24 pm
Ebola Outbreak Spreads In Congo And The Death Count Is Rising

Ebola has spread to a major city in Congo, and the death toll is rising rapidly. Congo officials have reported 23 are dead and that there are 42 confirmed cases of the deadly virus. First discovered close to Congo’s Ebola River in 1976,

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3,000 Swedes Get Microchips Put In Skin

Around 3,000 people in Sweden have had microchips embedded into their hands, AFP reports.

The chips, which are only about as small as a grain of rice, are designed to hold entry keys, credit card information, access to vending machines and printers, and technology to collect train fair while the passenger is already on-board.

Ulrika Celsing is one of 3,000 Swedes with a chip implanted in her hand — a process known as “biohacking.” As the 28-year-old told AFP, “It was fun to try something new and to see what one could use it for to make life easier in the future.”

One example of the ways Celsing uses the chip, or “electric handbag,” as she calls it, is by waving her hand in front of a keycard scanner at work, instead of having to carry a physical keycard around, and then pressing a code to unlock the door.

While the chips have the ability to hold information that can be read by other devices, they cannot read information themselves. But some still have concerns that future technology may get in the way of personal security.

“I don’t think our current technology is enough to get chip hacked,” Celsing told reporters. “But I may think about this again in the future. I could always take it out then.”

The Swedes, in general, tend to be more open and willing to try new technologies and share personal information.

The country’s “10 million-strong population is generally more willing to share personal details, which are already recorded by the country’s social-security system and readily available,” Business Insider reports. “People can find each others’ salaries by simply calling public tax authorities.”

Microbiologist Ben Libberton, however, has different concerns regarding human health: “If a chip can one day detect a medical problem, who finds out and when? …The more data is stored in a single place as could happen with a chip, the more risk it could be used against us.”

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White House blames Hamas for Gaza protester deaths  Smiley

It wasn’t surprising that Hamas blamed Israel for the deaths Monday of more than 50 Palestinians protesting the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. What was unusual was a White House spokesman defending Israel in such clashes.

“The responsibility for these tragic deaths rest squarely with Hamas,” said White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah.

“Hamas is intentionally and cynically provoking this response,” he told reporters.

“As the Secretary of State [Mike Pompeo] said, Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Earlier Monday, the health ministry in Gaza run by the government of Hamas, a U.S.-declared terrorist organization, claimed dozens of Palestinians protesting at the border were killed by Israeli fire. The Israeli military said it was repelling an effort by Hamas to breach the border. The Palestinians were commemorating Nakba Day, the “catastrophe” of Israel’s founding 70 years ago.

Robert Spencer, the editor of Jihad Watch, commented that what the White House spokesman said is true, but “it is startling to see it come from the White House after so many years when Israel was always the one to blame there.”

Amid the protests, the U.S. officially opened an embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, drawing effusive praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Today, today, the embassy of the most powerful nation on earth, our greatest ally, the United States of America, opened here,” Netanyahu said at a ceremony marking the event.

“God bless the United States of America and God bless Jerusalem, the eternal undivided capital of Israel,” he said.

Netanyahu praised President Trump for his decision in December to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. Embassy. When the date for the embassy opening was announced in February, coinciding with the founding of Israel, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat called the move a “flagrant violation of international law and agreements” signed between the Palestinians and Israel that will “destroy” the two-state solution.

The Arab League, meanwhile, planned to hold an extraordinary meeting Monday to discuss the United State’s “illegal” move of its embassy to Jerusalem, reported the state news agency MENA, according to Reuters.

Iran, denouncing Trump as “feeble-minded,” called on the Palestinians and the international community to engage in resistance, the Times of Israel reported.

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri urged Muslims to take up arms and carry out jihad against the United States, saying the embassy move was evidence that negotiations and “appeasement” have failed the Palestinians, reported France 24

British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday the United Kingdom had no plans to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Britain was one of 128 countries that voted in favor of a United Nations General Assembly resolution in December declaring Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel “null and void.” Nine countries voted against it.

The Palestinian leadership, Fatah and Hamas, claims the Jewish people have falsified their 3,000 year-old history to lay claim to Jerusalem. The holy city, the Palestinians insist, is “Palestinian” and must be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

After the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 was passed, Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama signed every six months a waiver incorporated in the law allowing the president to delay its implementation for national security reasons.

Trump signed the waiver in June but decided in December finally to implement the law.

The three presidents who chose to delay enacting the Jerusalem Embassy Act nevertheless affirmed publicly when they were in office that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, and two of them said they supported moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

Obama, a Democrat, told AIPAC in 2008 that Jerusalem “will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided. I have no illusions that this will be easy.”

Bush, a Republican, promised during the 2000 campaign that “as soon as I take office I will begin the process of moving the U.S. ambassador to the city Israel has chosen as its capital.”

And Clinton, a Democrat, entered office in 1993 saying he supported “the principle” of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.”

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Disney selling gay-themed Mickey Mouse ears

Disney has stirred controversy in recent years with its depictions of homosexuality in animated features for children, and now the iconic Mickey Mouse ears are available in a gay theme.

Exclusive to Disney World and Disneyland shops, “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love,” selling for $17.99, can be customized with the wearer’s name in rainbow embroidery at an additional cost, according to the website Hornet, reported Christian News.

A social-media post with a photo of the Mickey Mouse ears said: “Disney World got gay ears and I need to get them just to [vulgarity] off old religious people.”

A Disney representative told the Huffington Post the company offers “a wide range of merchandise items that appeal to guests of diverse backgrounds.”

Last October, the Disney Channel teen series “Andi Mack” featured a “coming out scene” for one of its main male characters, noted Christian News.

WND reported in August the Disney Junior channel show “Doc McStuffins” featured a family headed by two lesbian “moms.” The show targets preschoolers and young children, and its website features child-friendly video games and print-out coloring pages.

Disney also announced last year that its new “Beauty and the Beast” movie would feature a gay character.

In March, a Planned Parenthood affiliate tweeted that what the world needs is “a disney princess who’s had an abortion” and is “pro-choice.”

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Christian filmmaker schools Mitt Romney about Bible

A Christian filmmaker has taken the time to define “bigotry” for Utah Senate candidate Mitt Romney after the Mormon politician issued a statement that appeared to demand that a Christian pastor express views that are non-Christian.

The dispute erupted in conjunction with the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, a move President Trump took to fulfill a campaign promise and carry out a federal law that had been waived for more than two decades.

Romney jumped onto social media to bash a Christian pastor, a Trump fan, who was selected by the president and his administration to deliver a prayer at the ceremony today in Jerusalem.

    Robert Jeffress says “you can’t be saved by being a Jew,“ and “Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell.” He’s said the same about Islam. Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.

    — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) May 14, 2018

Romney blasted the Christian pastor, Robert Jeffress, over his beliefs.

“Robert Jeffress says ‘you can’t be saved by being a Jew,’ and ‘Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell.’ He’s said the same about Islam,” Romney charged. “Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States embassy in Jerusalem.”

Jeffress responded with a statement insisting his views are in accord with Christian teaching.

    Historic Christianity has taught for 2,000 years that salvation is through faith in Christ alone. The fact that I, along with tens of millions of evangelical Christians around the world, continue to espouse that belief, is neither bigoted nor newsworthy.

    — Dr. Robert Jeffress (@robertjeffress) May 14, 2018

“Historic Christianity has taught for 2,000 years that salvation is through faith in Christ alone. The fact that I, along with tens of millions of evangelical Christians around the world, continue to espouse that belief, is neither bigoted nor newsworthy,” Jeffress wrote.

Christian evangelist, author and advocate Ray Comfort, whose library of work includes “Hitler, God, and the Bible,” “Nothing Created Everything,” “Noah: The Real Story” and “You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence But You Can’t Make Him Think,” wondered about Romney’s own beliefs.

Comfort said in a statement Romney is “sadly mistaken.”

He said “tweets such as this can only cause more division in our government, and potentially cause division between Israel and the United States. ”

“If Mitt Romney knew the Scriptures, he would know that no one is saved by being a Jew. God saves by grace, not by race. I’m a Jew and trust alone in His grace. If Romney knew the Scriptures, he would know that the Jesus revealed in the Bible is not the brother of Lucifer, that God doesn’t live on a distant planet with multiple wives, and that we are not all going to eventually become gods. These are just some of the beliefs of the Mormon church – not doctrines that are found anywhere in the Bible.”

He urged Romney to watch a video of “a civil discourse” he had with a “very likeable Mormon” in Huntington Beach, California, just days ago.

“The God of the Jews provided one Jewish Savior who went first to the Jews, then the offer of eternal life went universal – to the Jews and to Gentiles. The biblical gospel is good news for Jews, Mormons, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, agnostics, etc. — ‘whosoever will may come,'” he said.

“Christianity is not bigotry. It’s just the opposite.”

Romney’s rebuke of Jeffress drew the attention of NBC, which described the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas as “controversial.”

In response, Jeffress told the network Mormonism “has never been considered a part of historic Christianity.”

“People may disagree with that view, but it’s not a view unique to me.”

NBC criticized Jeffress for the comments about the Bible’s teaching that those who fail to follow Jesus will not go to heaven.

“While a staunch ally of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeffress has been criticized for preaching that all non-Christians, including people who are Jewish, will not go to heaven,” the network said.

Jeffress said in a Feb. 6, 2017, video posted on his church’s website that “the truth everyone headed to hell has rejected is that Jesus Christ is the only means by which a person may be saved.”

“Jesus could not have been more clear [when] he said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.'”

The network also pointed to other biblical beliefs Jeffress has expressed, such as Islam “is a false religion that is based on a false book that was written by a false prophet” and the “New Testament also prohibits homosexual marriage.”

ABC reported Jeffress’ prayer included, “I believe, Father, I speak for every one of us when I say we thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history, but more importantly stands on the right side of you, God, when it comes to Israel.”

President Trump announced Dec. 6 that the U.S. would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in accordance with a law passed overwhelmingly by Congress in 1994 that had been waived every six months by the president for national security considerations.

Social media comments ranged from “Spot On!” and “Hallelujah!!!” to “Mitt Rommney (sic) is using you to get his name back in the news,” with almost nothing in the middle.

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23 Major League Baseball Teams to Host Homosexual 'Pride Night' in 2018

At least 23 of the 30 major league baseball teams plan to host a homosexual “Pride Night” during the 2018 season, leaving just two teams to have never held such an event—the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels—and even then, the two still support the sin of homosexuality by other means. The other five teams have hosted Pride Night in years past.

The majority of the teams plan to hold their events during June, which homosexual advocates observe as “Pride Month.” Pride Night includes various gestures of support, such as the display of a rainbow flag, the offering of homosexual-themed merchandise, the presentation of a homosexual choral group or the zeroing in on homosexuals for kiss cams.

Some teams specifically highlight their scheduled Pride Night on their website.

“The Phillies invite you to celebrate Philadelphia’s rich LGBTQ culture at our second annual Pride Night Celebration at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday, June 28 at 7:05 p.m. when the Phillies host the Washington Nationals,” writes the Philadelphia Phillies. “All members of the LGBT community, as well as family, friends and organizations are invited to come out and show their pride at this event.”

The St. Louis Cardinals additionally are offering a rainbow-themed t-shirt to attendees of their upcoming Pride Night, and plan to donate a part of the ticket sales to a homosexual advocacy organization.

“Pride St. Louis and the St. Louis Cardinals are partnering to present the 2nd Annual Pride Night at Busch Stadium on Friday, August 17,” their site reads. “Join LGBT friends, family, and allies to watch the Cardinals take on the Milwaukee Brewers.”

“With the purchase of a special theme ticket, fans will receive a Cardinals t-shirt with a rainbow STL logo. A portion of each ticket sold will benefit Missouri Courage Scholarship, which is the first, and largest, state-wide LGBTQ scholarship organization in Missouri,” it states.

The major league team says that it plans to present a men’s choral group singing “God Bless America” prior to the game.

The Boston Red Sox will hold a pre-game “pride party” and the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus will perform the national anthem at the June 7 game.

Other teams scheduled to offer Pride Night include the Minnesota Twins, the Milwaukee Brewers, the New York Mets, the Atlanta Braves, the Baltimore Orioles, the Seattle Mariners, the Oakland Athletics, and the Washington Nationals.

LifeSite News reports that while the New York Yankees have not hosted a pride-themed evening, as they do not offer themed games of any kind, they do support “organizations that assist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths.” The Los Angeles Angels also sell pride rainbow shirts on their website.

As previously reported, Christians believe that all men are born with the Adamic sin nature, and have inherent inclinations that are contrary to the law of God, being utterly incapable of helping themselves. It is why Jesus outlined in John 3:5-7 that men must be regenerated by the second birth.

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God,” he declared. “That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”

2 Corinthians 5:15-17 also teaches, “He died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto Him which died for them, and rose again. … Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Jesus additionally outlined in Matthew 19:4-5, “Have ye not read that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they twain shall be one flesh?’”

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Bizarre Leftist Claims Parents Need Consent From Babies Before Changing Diapers

Leftists just continue to get stranger in their ideology and quest towards a completely totalitarian/government-controlled society.  But now, one bizarre woman claims that parents need consent from their babies before a diaper can be changed.

A fiction novel could never do justice to the ridiculousness of the modern liberal. This is evidenced in an interview conducted by ABC with a terrifyingly serious woman who claims parents should have to get consent from their babies before removing fecal matter from their behinds.  The woman who made the ridiculous claim is now under fire.

Deanne Carson, who describes herself as a “sexuality educator, speaker, and author” on Twitter says asking the babies permission would set up an atmosphere of “consent” from birth.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at the video:

 Not kidding – look:

She even admits the baby can’t actually respond with consent, but it’s the thought that counts.  “Of course the baby is not going to respond, ‘Yes mum, that’s awesome. I’d love to have my nappy changed.’ But if you leave a space, and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you’re letting that child know that their response matters,” Carson says.

What kind of body language are we waiting for here? A different response than a baby screaming because the feces stuck to their sensitive skin is irritating?  This woman is a lunatic and we aren’t the only ones who thought so.

LAD Bible reported that many people who saw the segment were completely in amazement at the level of irrationality displayed. People were left feeling pretty confused, shocked and annoyed by her comments, with one writing on Twitter: “If parents are getting advice from this woman about raising a baby then the baby should be removed from parents care.”

Another wrote: “What in the hell is WRONG with these people?”

Someone else said: “Must admit I was watching the whole interview open-mouthed and shaking my head when it was broadcast, and couldn’t believe the interviewer wasn’t remotely questioning some of the nonsense this lady was coming out with.

Sky News commentator Rowan Dean heard about Carson’s comments and was not happy, accurately slamming the segment as “lefty lunacy” on air. “Here we go, Ross,” Dean said to his co-presenter. But he seemed pretty lost for words by the segment, adding: “A consent for changing nappies – I think that might get a bit, uh… Anyway, I won’t go there.”

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New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat Predicts Sex Redistribution, Suggests Prostitutes and Sex Robots Could Meet a ‘Right to Sex’ Better Than Marriage

New York Times Op-Ed: Sex Robots, Prostitutes Could Meet a ‘Right to Sex’ Better Than Marriage

On Wednesday, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat addressed the idea that people might advocate for a "right to sex," and suggested that America might be more likely to look to prostitutes, sex robots, and to address sexual desire rather than the age-old wisdom of marriage. Douthat did not himself endorse this view, but he did predict that American society would favor a combination of leftist changes and sex robots.

"At a certain point, without anyone formally debating the idea of a right to sex, right-thinking people will simply come to agree that some such right exists, and that it makes sense to look for some combination of changed laws, new technologies and evolved mores to fulfill it," Douthat predicted.

The New York Times contributor addressed the idea of "incels," involuntary celibates — one of whom turned terrorist, seeking "retribution against women and society for denying him the fornication he felt that he deserved." Douthat paraphrased Robin Hanson, a George Mason economist, who suggested that “one might plausibly argue that those with much less access to sex suffer to a similar degree as those with low income, and might similarly hope to gain from organizing around this identity, to lobby for redistribution along this axis and to at least implicitly threaten violence if their demands are not met.”

Amia Srinivasan, in The London Review of Books, wondered, "Does Anyone Have the Right to Sex?" Srinivasan suggested that the "right to sex" should extend, not just to less desirable angry young men, but to the overweight and disabled, minority groups considered unattractive, transgender people and more. She also argued that "who is desired and who isn't is a political question," one that feminist power politics should answer.

Douthat insisted that these arguments should not be dismissed as weird or crazy. As for the suggestion there might be a "right to sex," "the idea is entirely responsive to the logic of late-modern sexual life, and its pursuit would be entirely characteristic of a recurring pattern in liberal societies." He presented three reasons for this.

    First, because like other forms of neoliberal deregulation the sexual revolution created new winners and losers, new hierarchies to replace the old ones, privileging the beautiful and rich and socially adept in new ways and relegating others to new forms of loneliness and frustration.

    Second, because in this new landscape, and amid other economic and technological transformations, the sexes seem to be struggling generally to relate to one another, with social and political chasms opening between them and not only marriage and family but also sexual activity itself in recent decline.

    Third, because the culture’s dominant message about sex is still essentially Hefnerian, despite certain revisions attempted by feminists since the heyday of the Playboy philosophy — a message that frequency and variety in sexual experience is as close to a summum bonum as the human condition has to offer, that the greatest possible diversity in sexual desires and tastes and identities should be not only accepted but cultivated, and that virginity and celibacy are at best strange and at worst pitiable states.

Douthat argued that the "master narrative" established by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner "makes both the new inequalities and the decline of actual relationships that much more difficult to bear ... which in turn encourages people, as ever under modernity, to place their hope for escape from the costs of one revolution in a further one yet to come, be it political, social or technological, which will supply if not the promised utopia at least some form of redress for the many people that progress has obviously left behind."

This second sexual revolution, moving away from "free love" and toward a bureaucratic "right to sex," has arguably already started, but in a more negative way. President Barack Obama unleashed a "sex bureaucracy" on college campuses, emphasizing the value of consent and devaluing the right of due process for the accused. While President Trump has begun dismantling this sex bureaucracy, it arguably helped spur the #MeToo movement.

Douthat did acknowledge, however, that there is an "alternative, conservative response." He summarized the traditional sexual morality viewpoint "that our widespread isolation and unhappiness and sterility might be dealt with by reviving or adapting older ideas about the virtues of monogamy and chastity and permanence and the special respect owed to the celibate."

The New York Times columnist said America is not likely to return to the value of marriage, however. "This is not the natural response for a society like ours," he suggested. "Instead we tend to look for fixes that seem to build on previous revolutions, rather than reverse them."

To his credit, Douthat suggested that this budding sexual revolution 2.0 would not be a "utopian reimagining of sexual desire" like Srinivasan suggested, nor "anything quite so formal as the pro-redistribution political lobby of Hanson's thought experiment."

Instead of these ridiculous suggestions, the columnist promoted the idea that Americans would turn to sex robots and prostitution. Seriously.

"But I expect the logic of commerce and technology will be consciously harnessed, as already in pornography, to address the unhappiness of incels," Douthat wrote. "The left’s increasing zeal to transform prostitution into legalized and regulated 'sex work' will have this end implicitly in mind, the libertarian (and general male) fascination with virtual-reality **** and sex robots will increase as those technologies improve."

Douthat acknowledged that "sex workers" and sex robots might not solve the pressures involved in the sexual revolution 2.0. "Whether sex workers and sex robots can actually deliver real fulfillment is another matter. But that they will eventually be asked to do it, in service to a redistributive goal that for now still seems creepy or misogynist or radical, feels pretty much inevitable," he concluded.

Douthat, a conservative Roman Catholic, clarified on Twitter that he did not actually endorse these likely movements. As for the return to conservative values, the Times columnist noted, "few people seem to want that, organized religion is in decline, public Christian leadership is captured by partisanship, social cons haven't figured out how to assimilate feminist insights. So odds of that response happening are low."

Instead, he predicted a "commercial-technical approach dressed in the language of social justice and libertarianism." To be clear, Douthat declared, in capital letters, "I THINK THIS APPROACH IS BAD. Worse than my own conservative ideas, worse than the feminist-egalitarian-utopian alternative. Frankly dystopian, in fact. But also the most likely near-future 'fix' eefor the problem of sexlessness."

Indeed, "sex workers" and sex robots are not nearly as unique and modern as some might suggest. Prostitution goes back thousands of years — at least as far as Judah, the son of the Bible Patriarch Jacob. As for sex robots, they may approximate the intimacy of sexual intercourse, but the lack of personality will not be easily brushed aside.

As Srinivasan noted, the human desire for sex is not just about the physical pleasure of coitus — it also involves a relational and emotional aspect that even the most effective sex robot will not be able to gratify. Theoretically, if such personality were created, it would pose serious problems as illustrated by the HBO show "Westworld."

Marriage, by contrast, satisfies a great deal of the injustice of free love. While the complementary values of celibacy outside of marriage and devoted love within marriage may seem quaint and result in long denials of sexual pleasure, they solve the culture's intense desire for clear consent and result in a more just distribution of sex, so to speak.

In marriage, the most attractive people only have sex with one other person, freeing up the pool for those who are less attractive to still find partners.

Furthermore, not only does marriage provide a powerful ground for consent, it also addresses the deep relational needs inherent in sexual desire. This gives marriage a powerful advantage over both sex workers and sex robots. Finally, marriage also provides a ready-made support system for children conceived from sexual intercourse.

Contrary to the technocratic suggestions presented in Douthat's article, there really is no replacement for marriage. People can fool about with sex robots and sex workers, but these will not end up satisfying them in the same way marriage can. Furthermore, raising children is one of the most meaningful experiences available to human beings, and marriage enables, prepares parents for, and sustains them during the long and meaningful process of child-rearing.

22  General Category / Health / Re: FRANKEN-Squito-Zika on: May 02, 2018, 03:59:02 am
Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds

The number of people who get diseases transmitted by mosquito, tick and flea bites has more than tripled in the United States in recent years, federal health officials reported on Tuesday. Since 2004, at least nine such diseases have been newly discovered or introduced into the United States.

Warmer weather is an important cause of the surge in cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the lead author of a study in the agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

But the author, Dr. Lyle R. Petersen, the agency’s director of vector-borne diseases, repeatedly declined to connect the increase to the politically fraught issue of climate change, and the report does not mention either climate change or global warming.

Many other factors are at work, he emphasized, while noting that “the numbers on some of these diseases have gone to astronomical levels.”

C.D.C. officials called for more support for state and local health departments. Local agencies “are our first line of defense,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, the C.D.C.’s new director. “We must enhance our investment in their ability to fight these diseases.”

Although state and local health departments get brief infusions of cash during scares like the 2016 Zika epidemic, they are chronically underfunded. A recent survey of mosquito control agencies found that 84 percent needed help with basics like surveillance and pesticide-resistance testing, Dr. Petersen said.

While the C.D.C. did not suggest that Americans drop plans for playing outdoors or lying in hammocks this summer, Dr. Redfield emphasized that everyone — especially children — needed to protect themselves against tick and mosquito bites.

Between 2004 and 2016, about 643,000 cases of 16 insect-borne illnesses were reported to the C.D.C. — 27,000 a year in 2004, rising to 96,000 by 2016. (The year 2004 was chosen as a baseline because the agency began requiring more detailed reporting then.)

The real case numbers were undoubtedly far larger, Dr. Petersen said. For example, the C.D.C. estimates that about 300,000 Americans get Lyme disease each year, but only about 35,000 diagnoses are reported.

The study did not delve into the reasons for the increase, but Dr. Petersen said it was probably caused by many factors, including two related to weather: Ticks thriving in regions previously too cold for them, and hot spells triggering outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases.

Other factors, he said, include expanded human travel, suburban reforestation and a dearth of new vaccines to stop outbreaks.

In an interview, Dr. Petersen said he was “not under any pressure to say anything or not say anything” about climate change and that he had not been asked to keep mentions of it out of the study.

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More jet travel from the tropics means that previously obscure viruses like dengue and Zika are moving long distances rapidly in human blood. (By contrast, malaria and yellow fever are thought to have reached the Americas on slave ships three centuries ago.)

A good example, Dr. Petersen said, was chikungunya, which causes joint pain so severe that it is called “bending-up disease.”

In late 2013, a Southeast Asian strain arrived on the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten, its first appearance in this hemisphere. Within one year, local transmission had occurred everywhere in the Americas except Canada, Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

Tickborne diseases, the report found, are rising steadily in the Northeast, the Upper Midwest and California. Ticks spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, rabbit fever, Powassan virus and other ills, some of them only recently discovered.

Ticks need deer or rodents as their main blood hosts, and those have increased as forests in suburbs have gotten thicker, deer hunting has waned, and rodent predators like foxes have disappeared.

(A century ago, the Northeast had fewer trees than it now does; forests made a comeback as farming shifted west and firewood for heating was replaced by coal, oil and gas.)

Most disease outbreaks related to mosquitoes since 2004 have been in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and American Samoa. But West Nile virus, which arrived in 1999, now appears unpredictably across the country; Dallas, for example, saw a big outbreak in 2012.

For most of these diseases, there are no vaccines and no treatment, so the only way to stop outbreaks is through mosquito control, which is expensive and rarely stops outbreaks. Miami, for instance, was the only city in the Western Hemisphere to halt a Zika outbreak with pesticides.

The only flea-borne disease in the report is plague, the bacterium responsible for the medieval Black Death. It remains rare but persistent: Between two and 17 cases were reported from 2004 to 2016, mostly in the Southwest. The infection can be cured with antibiotics.

Dr. Nicholas Watts, a global health specialist at University College London and co-author of a major 2017 report on climate change and health, said warmer weather is spreading disease in many wealthy countries, not just the United States.

In Britain, he said, tick diseases are expanding as summers lengthen, and malaria is becoming more common in the northern reaches of Australia.

But Paul Reiter, a medical entomologist at the Pasteur Institute, has argued that some environmentalists exaggerate the disease threats posed by climate change.

The 2003-2014 period fell during what he described as “a pause” in global warming, although the notion of a long trend having pauses is disputed.

Also, disease-transmission dynamics are complicated, and driven by more than temperature. For example, transmission of West Nile virus requires that certain birds be present, too.

In the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, St. Louis encephalitis, a related virus, surged, “and it looked like climate issues were involved,” Dr. Reiter said. But the surge turned out to depend more on varying hot-cold and wet-dry spells and the interplay of two different mosquito species. St. Louis encephalitis virtually disappeared, weather notwithstanding.

“It’s a complicated, multidimensional system,” he said.

A. Marm Kilpatrick, a disease ecologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said many factors beside hot weather were at work, including “a hump-shaped relationship between temperature and transmission potential.”

Warm weather helps mosquitoes and ticks breed and transmit disease faster, he explained. But after a certain point, the hotter and drier it gets, the more quickly the pests die. So disease transmission to humans peaks somewhere between mildly warm and hellishly hot weather.

Experts also pointed out that the increase in reports of spreading disease may have resulted partially from more testing.

Lyme disease made family doctors begin to suspect tick bites in patients with fevers. Laboratories began looking for different pathogens, especially in patients who did not have Lyme. That led to the discovery of previously unknown diseases.

23  General Category / Audio Section, Scott Johnson, Bryan Denlinger, others... / Re: Question about Chuck Missler on: May 02, 2018, 02:24:26 am
Bible champion Chuck Missler dies at 83

Chuck Missler, founder of Koinonioa House, prolific author and encourager for those who study the Bible, has died at the age of 83.

Koinonioa House, a publisher and conference organizer, announced his death Tuesday.

Missler died peacefully at his home in Reporoa, New Zealand, to which he moved following his retirement from full-time involvement in Koinonia, which is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

He was preceded in death by his wife and Koinonia co-founder, Nancy Missler, in 2015.

She founded The King’s High Way Ministries.

Both Misslers were raised in Southern California, and they were married after Chuck Missler took his commission in the Air Force and completed flight training. He later became the branch chief of the Department of Guided Missiles, and started and salvaged several private corporations.

Chuck Missler also was preceded in death by two sons, Charles and Mark.

He is survived by two daughters, Lisa Bright and Meshell Missler, grandchildren Emily Wilmore, Madeline Wilmore, Mason Missler, Noah Bright, James Bright, Sommer Bright, Alexandra Bright and Sophie Missler.

Joseph Farah, WND founder and CEO, knew Missler for many years.

“Chuck Missler was an inspiration to me for 40 years. He was a true friend for 40 years. He played a unique role in my life for 40 years. Words are inadequate to explain the role he played in my life for all that time. I mourn his passing but with the assurance that we will be reunited in God’s Kingdom – the Kingdom He taught me and the rest of the world so much about,” he said.

Missler’s first career, after he concluded his education at the United States Naval Academy and subsequent time in the U.S. military, involved a wide range of leading edge technology ventures. He started several companies and saved many more. He worked at the executive level, having served on boards for a multitude of publicly held operations.

He was recruited by the Ford Motor Company into a senior management position and established the first international industrial computer network in 1966.

His final consultancy in the American technology sector was as an adviser to the Super-Wide Area Satellite (SWANsat) System, an international telecommunications venture.

His second career, Koinonia House explained, was that of biblical studies.

“Truly the passion of his life was encouraging of others to commit to the serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God,” the organization said of its founder.

He started out with an informal affiliation with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California, and worked more than 40 years to share his teachings on the integration of Scripture with science, history and prophecy.

His work covered spanned the technology of audio cassettes and video tapes to internet downloads and YouTube videos.

Missler had earned a Masters Degree in engineering at UCLA with additional post-graduate studies in applied mathematics, advanced statistics and information sciences. He completed earned his doctorate at Louisiana Baptist University.

His vast library of published works includes “The Kingdom, & Power, & Glory,” “The Romance of Redemption,” “Isaiah: An Expositional Commentary,” “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” and “Storm Warming.”

He occasionally drew attention for some novel concepts about the Bible, such as the 2013 event where he concluded the Bible is not from our “time domain.”

He’s created a video presenting evidence.

“The Bible is incredible, and you can demonstrate it is of extraterrestrial original,” he said in a talk to the Christ’s Commission Fellowship Church.

He also saw a message in the genealogical sequence of the names Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah.

According to the associated letters in Hebrew alphabet, the names together say: “Man appointed mortal sorrow. Blessed God shall come down teaching that His death shall bring the despairing comfort.”

When his wife died it was reported the couple had taken on some weighty issues, addressing questions such as: Will eternity be the same for believers who follow Christ faithfully and those who live a carnal lifestyle?

Another issue was: Scripture says we are to “prepare ourselves” for Christ’s soon return. What does this mean for each of us personally? What’s at stake?

24  General Category / Health / Re: "And there shall be pestilences ..." on: May 01, 2018, 11:03:08 pm
25  General Category / War On Family / Re: Disney's coming out party on: May 01, 2018, 06:42:01 pm
Disney Selling Homosexual-Themed 'Rainbow Love' Mickey Mouse Ears at Theme Parks

 Photographs and videos have emerged online of a rainbow Mickey Mouse hat that is being sold at Disney’s theme parks in Florida and California, the latest development in the company’s continued accommodation of the sin of homosexuality.

“Disney World got gay ears and I need to get them just to [vulgarity] off old religious people,” one visitor posted to social media. “Disney now has gay [expletive] ears!” another wrote.

The red hat features rainbow ears and embroidery of two Mickey hands forming a rainbow heart.

The site Hornet reports that the offering is exclusive to Disney World and Disneyland, especially the shops Emporium, Fantasy Faire and The Chapeau Hat Shoppe, and is called “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love.” It sells for $17.99, and can also feature the wearer’s name in rainbow embroidery at an additional cost.

“We offer a wide range of merchandise items that appeal to guests of diverse backgrounds,” a representative told the Huffington Post.

As previously reported, the company, known for its “Magic Kingdom” and theatrical representations of magical powers and sorcery, has been including homosexuality in its movies and Disney Channel productions in recent years.

In October, the second season premiere of the teen series “Andi Mack” featured a “coming out scene,” as one of the main male characters acknowledged that he is jealous of his female friend’s new relationship as he likes the boy that she is dating.

In August, an episode of the preschooler-geared Disney Junior cartoon “Doc McStuffins” featured an animated depiction of the lesbian mothers of two children.

Disney also aired its first-ever same-sex kissing scene during a broadcast of its cartoon “Star vs. the Forces of Evil.”

Bill Condon, director of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” live-action remake, similarly revealed last year that that the film would include a subtle “gay moment.”

Condon told the outlet Attitude that homosexuals have had a history with “The Beauty and the Beast” as the man who wrote the lyrics for the animated version of the film, released in 1991, had been fighting AIDS while working on the project. Howard Ashman died before the movie was released in theaters.

“It was his idea not only to make it into a musical, but also to make Beast one of the two central characters,” Condon outlined. “Until then, it had mostly been Belle’s story that they had been telling.”

“Specifically for him, it was a metaphor for AIDS,” he said. “He was cursed, and this curse had brought sorrow on all those people who loved him, and maybe there was a chance for a miracle—and a way for the curse to be lifted. It was a very concrete thing that he was doing.”

However, late British preacher J.C. Ryle, who often spoke on the natural depravity of the human heart and the need for rebirth by the Holy Spirit, once said:

“The Christianity which is from the Holy Spirit will always have a very deep view of the sinfulness of sin. It will not merely regard sin as a blemish and misfortune, which makes men and women objects of pity, and compassion. It will see in sin the abominable thing which God hates, the thing which makes people guilty and lost in his Maker’s sight, the thing which deserves God’s wrath and condemnation.”

“It will look on sin as the cause of all sorrow and unhappiness, of strife and wars, of quarrels and contentions, of sickness and death—the curse which cursed God’s beautiful creation, the cursed thing which makes the whole earth groan and struggle in pain. Above all, it will see in sin the thing which will ruin us eternally, unless we can find a ransom—lead us captive, except we can get its chains broken—and destroy our happiness, both here and hereafter, except we fight against it, even unto death.”

26  General Category / Revelation Prophecy / Re: 10 countries for a United States of Europe on: May 01, 2018, 02:05:30 am
The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

The socialist entity known as the European Union wants you to know it's had it up to its bright-red kommie keister with member "states" who don't toe the party line:

    EU member states that fail to live up the European Union’s democratic values could find parts of their EU subsidies being “frozen” until they mend their ways,  The Telegraph understands.

    Under proposals to be unveiled in Brussels this week by Guenther Oettinger, the EU’s budget commissioner, Eastern EU states like Poland and Hungary could feel a financial squeeze if they were deemed to have failed to live up to the founding values of the EU. The move comes after pressure from liberal groups in the European Parliament and leading western powers like France and Germany, who want to find a mechanism to put pressure on recalcitrant member states.

    “The precise details are still to be worked out, but the proposal will include the temporary freezing of funds in order to motivate a change of behaviour among states,” said an EU source briefed on the document. Poland and Hungary are both major recipients of EU ‘structural funds’ which are designed to narrow the gap between rich and poor member states, each receiving €5.5bn and €2.7bn respectively a year.

Not much of a surprise, this. The globalists who run Western Europe have no patience for the embarrassing vestiges of patriotism and cultural tradition evinced by Poland, Hungary, and the other former captive nations of Eastern Europe. All have histories of subservience to either the Soviet or the Muslim yoke, or both, and none wants any further part of it.

But the EU is essentially one giant socialist-atheist construct that exists solely to ease its senescent population of childless women and capon men into the grave as painlessly as possible -- Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is the poster girl for this political program -- and it doesn't much care either about the past or, increasingly, the future of its own people. To the EU, its native populations -- thanks to birth control, abortion, irreligiousness, laziness, and ennui -- are putting themselves to sleep and the communist-raised Merkel and her ilk are just facilitating the suicide process.

Hey -- at least they have health care!

But Poland and Hungary are causing trouble and therefore must be reined in:

    Sources said the threat to freeze access to funding for projects could also include agricultural subsidies, but would not include student programmes like Erasmus to avoid punishing citizens for the misdeeds of their governments. Reports also suggest that new formulas for calculating payments will mean that southern EU states, who tend to adhere closer to liberal values, will receive higher payments when the next 7-year budget cycle begins in 2021.

In effect, the EU is bribing member states with below-replacement birth rates to go to sleep quietly, while demonizing the duly elected governments of Poland and Hungary, which have essentially told them to take their Muslim and sub-Saharan African "refugees" and "migrants" and shove them elsewhere:

    Tensions have deepened over the last two years after eastern EU countries refused to accept refugee resettlement quotas following the 2015 migrant crisis, and Poland introduced judicial reforms judged anti-democratic by the EU.

    The recent re-election campaign of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, which was marred by anti-semitic rhetoric, corruption scandals and warnings from OSCE election monitors about a lack of free media, only deepened concern in Brussels.  Poland is currently battling Brussels over an ‘Article 7’ disciplinary procedure for breaches of EU commitments to maintain the ‘rule of law’, but is protected from serious punishment by a Hungarian promise to veto any sanctions.

    EU sources said the plan to explicitly link EU payments to democratic standards was in part driven by a French and German desire to have a less draconian and more flexible mechanism for pressuring states that were falling short. They added that the Commission would have to negotiate a system for deciding when payments would be frozen - but leading western states, like Germany, want it based on majority voting to avoid the kind of protective vetoes that have neutered the Article 7 process.

The EU was created largely to keep France and Germany from each other's throats, and thus avoid a repetition of the calamities of World Wars I and II. Now, the two former enemies have teamed up against the rest of the Continent to make sure the Second World War has a peaceful ending for each of them after all: the peace of the grave.

27  General Category / Eugenics / Depopulation / Re: The Agenda 21 Genocide, WATER WARS on: May 01, 2018, 01:55:13 am
French town of Vittel suffers water shortages as Nestle seems to tap and sell too much of it

It is the source of one of the world’s most popular mineral waters, but the eastern French town of Vittel risks running dry. Nestle seems to have tapped and sold too much of it. This may also occur just around your corner. Next is Michigan, probably!

Is Nestle responsible for water shortages in the town of Vittel?

Nestlé Waters, which owns the Vittel brand, is accused by residents and environmentalists of “overusing” local spring water that supplies the town and its bottling plant to maintain exports. The company denies the allegation.

The underground water level has been falling by 30 centimetres (nearly 12 inches) a year since 1990, according to the French government’s geological bureau. It has gone down by 10 metres in the past four decades.

Why should their business practices affect only people in Ethiopia. Exactly, why not in the USA too! Just a month ago, Michigan granted Nestlé permit to extract 200,000 gallons of groundwater per day for the purpose of bottling drinking water.

Read More at Telegraph


28  General Category / Israel / Re: Israel Betrayed on: May 01, 2018, 01:47:52 am
100,000 Secret Files Prove Iran ‘Lied Big Time’ About Nukes

 In a dramatic press conference in Jerusalem aimed at the international community, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday unveiled a cache of secret files he says were obtained from inside a hidden Iranian site and clearly demonstrate that Tehran maintained a secret nuclear weapons program despite declarations to the contrary.

Netanyahu explained that the structure of the U.S.-led international nuclear agreement was in part based on deceptive Iranian descriptions of its previous nuclear work. He said Iran’s failure to disclose its secret program while misleading the world shows the nuclear deal is “based on lies based on Iranian deception.”

The Israeli leader presented evidence that Iran continued research for a nuclear weapons program even after signing the 2015 nuclear deal.

“Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu began. “Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied.”

“After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret files,” he said. “In 2017 Iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in Tehran.”

Netanyahu said the secret nuclear files prove the following:

    Iran lied about never having a secret nuclear program. Second, even after the deal it continued to expand its nuclear program for future use. Third, Iran lied by not coming clean to the IAEA. Finally, the nuclear deal is based on lies based on Iranian deception.

The prime minister’s speech was based on 55,000 pages of documents and 183 CDs that Netanyahu said were smuggled out of an “atomic archive” painstakingly preserving Iran’s secretive nuclear program so that the country would have the option of restarting its nuclear weapons activities after the nuclear deal expires or in the case of Tehran prematurely bolting the agreement. Israel’s ability to acquire the archive marks a massive intelligence coup for the Jewish state.

“Iran lied. Big time,” Netanyahu said of the half-ton of material obtained by Israel.

The trove, Netanyahu added, contains “incriminating documents, incriminating charts, incriminating presentations, incriminating blueprints, incriminating photos, incriminating videos and more.”

He said Israel shared the material with the U.S., and that “the United States can vouch for its authenticity.”

The “atomic archive” was compiled by Iran with the express purpose of preserving its secretive nuclear weapons plan known as Project Amad, which aimed to “design, produce and test… five warheads, each with a 10 kiloton TNT yield, for integration on a missile.”

“That is like five Hiroshima bombs to be put on ballistic missiles,” asserted Netanyahu.

Netanyahu outlined Project Amad as containing five key elements described by the Times of Israel thusly: “Designing nuclear weapons, developing nuclear cores, building nuclear implosion systems, preparing nuclear tests and integrating nuclear warheads on missiles.”

Netanyahu said that in 2003, Iran shut down the version of Project Amad that existed at the time and instead divided its nuclear program into both covert and overt components. Besides archiving the material for future use, Netanyahu said Iran continued to research nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu called on President Donald Trump to “do the right thing” as the May 12 deadline to recertify the nuclear agreement approaches.

“The right thing for the United States. The right thing for Israel. And the right thing for the peace of the world,” he concluded.

29  General Category / Israel / Re: Israel Betrayed on: May 01, 2018, 01:46:43 am
Obama Bros. Speechless After Netanyahu Exposes Iran Deal Lies  Shocked

The vaunted “echo chamber” that President Barack Obama’s aide Ben Rhodes created to sell the Iran deal was quiet on Monday, in the aftermath of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations of new intelligence proving that Iran had lied to the world about its nuclear weapons program.

Netanyahu presented a trove of over 100,000 files, both paper and electronic, that he said Israel had obtained from a “vault” where Iran had stored an archive of its nuclear research. The files included diagrams of nuclear detonation devices, nuclear warhead designs, and plans for nuclear testing sites, among other incriminating information.

The intelligence haul, Netanyahu said, shows that Iran lied to the world when its leaders said it had never had a nuclear weapons program.

(In 2015, “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “Iran has never sought to build nuclear weapons.”)

Netanyahu also said that the files show that Iran also failed to come clean about its past nuclear research, as required by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — the “Iran deal” — in 2015.

Moreover, Netanyahu said, the files suggested strongly that Iran’s past nuclear weapons program was continuing under the guise of scientific research within the Iranian defense department, conducted by exactly the same people. And the files also show that Iran’s intent was to revive the nuclear weapons program at a later date, he said.

Supporters of the Iran deal were silent.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who said in 2015 that the U.S. had “absolute knowledge” about Iran’s past military uses of nuclear research, had nothing to say on his Twitter feed.

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, who urged Congress not to reject the Iran deal in 2015, was active on Twitter, but said nothing about the new revelations about Iran.

Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor — one of the co-founders of the “Obama bros.” podcast, Pod Save America, found time to call Trump an “idiot” on Twitter, but said nothing about the Iran news.

And Rhodes himself, who established the pro-Iran deal “echo chamber,” said nothing.

A few pro-Iran deal observers weighed in, mostly arguing that the Iran deal was working — and that it allowed for monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities (ignoring the fact that Iran has been able to keep international inspectors out of military sites).

The Rand Corporation’s Dalia Dassa Kaye minimized Netanyahu’s revelations: “Is this news? That’s why there was a major international agreement to curb Iranian nuclear development and most of the world believes it is working.”

Matt Duss, a foreign policy advisor to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), tweeted sarcastically: “Based on Netanyahu’s presentation, it seems like it would be a really great idea to have a multilateral agreement that restricts and monitors Iran’s nuclear program.”

CNN analyst John Kirby, a spokesman for the State Department under Obama, essentially ignored the news entirely and insisted that the alternative to the Iran deal would be worse:

None of these defenses grappled with the fundamental weaknesses of the Iran deal — namely, its lack of full monitoring, its failure to control Iranian missile development, and the fact that its major provisions expire over time.

And none acknowledged the fundamental problem of Iran lying to the world about its nuclear weapons research — as the Obama administration defended Iran’s good intentions, insisting that it had “absolute knowledge” of past and present Iranian activities.

30  General Category / UFO/Watcher Theology / Re: Alien Disclosure: Don't be Fooled on: May 01, 2018, 01:40:47 am
Did another advanced species exist on Earth before humans?

Our Milky Way galaxy contains tens of billions of potentially habitable planets, but we have no idea whether we're alone. For now Earth is the only world known to harbor life, and among all the living things on our planet we assume Homo sapiens is the only species ever to have developed advanced technology.

But maybe that's assuming too much.

In a mind-bending new paper entitled "The Silurian Hypothesis" — a reference to an ancient race of brainy reptiles featured in the British science fiction show "Doctor Who" — scientists at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the University of Rochester take a critical look at the scientific evidence that ours is the only advanced civilization ever to have existed on our planet.

"Do we really know we were the first technological species on Earth?" asks Adam Frank, a professor of physics and astronomy at Rochester and a co-author of the paper. "We've had an industrial society for only about 300 years, but there's been complex life on land for nearly 400 million years."

If humans went extinct today, Frank says, any future civilization that might arise on Earth millions of years hence might find it hard to recognize traces of human civilization. By the same token, if some earlier civilization existed on Earth millions of years ago, we might have trouble finding evidence of it.
In search of lizard people

The discovery of physical artifacts would certainly be the most dramatic evidence of a Silurian-style civilization on Earth, but Frank doubts we'll ever find anything of the sort.

"Our cities cover less than one percent of the surface," he says. Any comparable cities from an earlier civilization would be easy for modern-day paleontologists to miss. And no one should count on finding a Jurassic iPhone; it wouldn't last millions of years, Gorilla Glass or no.

Finding fossilized bones is a slightly better bet, but if another advanced species walked the Earth millions of years ago — if they walked — it would be easy to overlook their fossilized skeletons — if they had skeletons. Modern humans have been around for just 100,000 years, a thin sliver of time within the vast and spotty fossil record.

For these reasons, Frank and Gavin Schmidt, a climatologist at Goddard and the paper's co-author, focus on the possibility of finding chemical relics of an ancient terrestrial civilization.

Using human technology as their guide, Schmidt and Frank suggest zeroing in on plastics and other long-lived synthetic molecules as well as radioactive fallout (in case factions of ancient lizard people waged atomic warfare). In our case, technological development has been accompanied by widespread extinctions and rapid environmental changes, so those are red flags as well.

After reviewing several suspiciously abrupt geologic events of the past 380 million years, the researchers conclude that none of them clearly fit a technological profile. Frank calls for more research, such as studying how modern industrial chemicals persist in ocean sediments and then seeing if we can find traces of similar chemicals in the geologic record.

He argues that a deeper understanding of the human environmental footprint will also have practical consequences, helping us recognize better ways to achieve a long-term balance with the planet so we don't end up as tomorrow's forgotten species.

Then again, he's also a curious guy who's interested in exploring more far-out ideas for finding Silurian-style signatures: "You could try looking on the moon," he says.
Lunar archaeology

The moon is a favored target of Penn State University astronomer Jason Wright, one of a handful of other researchers now applying serious scientific thinking to the possibility of pre-human technological civilizations.

"Habitable planets like Earth are pretty good at destroying unmaintained things on their surfaces," Wright says. So he's been looking at the exotic possibility that such a civilization might have been a spacefaring one. If so, artifacts of their technology, or technosignatures, might be found elsewhere in the solar system.

Wright suggests looking for such artifacts not just on the lunar surface, but also on asteroids or buried on Mars — places where such objects could theoretically survive for hundreds of millions or even billions of years.

SpaceX's recent launch of a Tesla Roadster into space offers an insight into how such a search might go. Several astronomers pointed their telescopes at the car and showed that, even if you had no idea what you were looking at, you'd still quickly pick it out as one weird-looking asteroid.

Finding technosignatures in space is an extreme long shot, but Wright argues that the effort is worthwhile. "There are lots of other reasons to find peculiar structures on Mars and the moon, and to look for weird asteroids," he says. Such studies might reveal new details about the history and evolution of the solar system, for instance, or about resources that might be useful to future spacefarers.

If the efforts turn up a big black obelisk somewhere, so much the better.

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