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July 22, 2018, 01:35:54 pm
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The coming U.S. civil war

January 29, 2018, 01:21:57 am Christian40 says: It will be interesting to see what happens this year Israel being 70 years as a modern nation may 14 2018
October 17, 2017, 01:25:20 am Christian40 says: It is good to type Mark is here again!  Smiley
October 16, 2017, 03:28:18 am Christian40 says: anyone else thinking that time is accelerating now? it seems im doing days in shorter time now is time being affected in some way?
September 24, 2017, 10:45:16 pm Psalm 51:17 says: The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. It states: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”
September 20, 2017, 04:32:32 am Christian40 says: "The most popular Hepatitis B vaccine is nothing short of a witch’s brew including aluminum, formaldehyde, yeast, amino acids, and soy. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that destroys cellular metabolism and function. Hundreds of studies link to the ravaging effects of aluminum. The other proteins and formaldehyde serve to activate the immune system and open up the blood-brain barrier. This is NOT a good thing."
September 19, 2017, 03:59:21 am Christian40 says: bbc international did a video about there street preaching they are good witnesses
September 14, 2017, 08:06:04 am Psalm 51:17 says: bro Mark Hunter on YT has some good, edifying stuff too.
September 14, 2017, 04:31:26 am Christian40 says: i have thought that i'm reaping from past sins then my life has been impacted in ways from having non believers in my ancestry.
September 11, 2017, 06:59:33 am Psalm 51:17 says: The law of reaping and sowing. It's amazing how God's mercy and longsuffering has hovered over America so long. (ie, the infrastructure is very bad here b/c for many years, they were grossly underspent on. 1st Tim 6:10, the god of materialism has its roots firmly in the West) And remember once upon a time ago when shacking up b/w straight couples drew shock awe?

Exodus 20:5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
September 11, 2017, 03:40:40 am Christian40 says: those in america should better repent or things will only get worse
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Author Topic: The coming U.S. civil war  (Read 809 times)
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« Reply #30 on: April 05, 2017, 07:11:26 pm »

California Senate Passes 'Sanctuary State' Bill

 The California Senate has passed a bill which prohibits local law enforcement from enforcing federal immigration rules, essentially designating California as a “sanctuary state.”

CNN.com reports that Senate Bill 54 passed in a 27-12 vote along party lines. Democrats supported the bill, while Republicans did not. It bans law enforcement from using resources, funds, facilities, property, equipment, and personnel to assist in immigration law enforcement.

The bill comes in direct contradiction to President Trump’s hardline stance toward immigration.

California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León who authored the bill condemned President Trump’s immigration policies and said the bill would allow law enforcement to focus on more important tasks.

"Our precious local law enforcement resources will be squandered if police are pulled from their duties to arrest otherwise law-abiding maids, busboys, labors, mothers and fathers," León said, adding that the bill is "a rejection of President Trump's false and cynical portrayal of undocumented residents as a lawless community."

rest: http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/california-senate-passes-sanctuary-state-bill.html
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« Reply #31 on: April 10, 2017, 08:21:05 pm »

Frontpage Mag: Marxist Professor at Cal State Calls for Hanging Trump, Killing Republicans

A history professor at California State University, Fresno, appears to have advocated for the death of President Donald Trump on Twitter. Tweets from an account purportedly operated by Professor Lars Maischak call for Trump to “hang” in order to “save American democracy,” and say the only “cure” for racist people is a bullet to their head. ....

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« Reply #32 on: April 15, 2017, 07:44:58 pm »


Trump supporters, counter-protesters clash...

Arrests after violence...

Explosions, fights, pepper spray...

Trump supporter beaten with skateboard...

   Maxine Waters rallies Tax March crowd for Trump impeachment...
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« Reply #33 on: April 20, 2017, 05:22:36 pm »

University of Alaska Anchorage Hangs Professor’s Painting of Decapitated President Trump

The University of Alaska Anchorage is currently displaying an “art piece” from an assistant professor that depicts a naked Captain America holding President Trump’s decapitated head.
The painting will be on display for a month at the campus gallery.

The Libertarian Republican reported:

The University of Alaska Anchorage is displaying a professor’s painting that depicts Captain America holding the severed head of President Donald Trump, reports Campus Reform.

The work, created by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung, is being presented as part of a month-long faculty art exhibition in the university’s fine arts gallery, reports KTUU.

“It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg,” Chung said to describe his painting, according to Campus Reform. “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”

This is supposed to be a thought provoking piece.

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« Reply #34 on: June 17, 2017, 06:17:59 pm »

Has the Second Civil War Now Begun?

Democrats and their liberal allies in the media seem surprised that James T. Hodgkinson acted upon their calls for "resistance" and "taking it to the streets" by mounting an armed attack on a group of Republican elected officials.

They shouldn't be, because as our friend "Tyler Durden" of Zero Hedge documented back in March, senior Democratic leaders have not been bashful about encouraging the violence:

Former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch made an extremely disturbing statement earlier this year. She recorded a video message in which she suggested that in the struggle against Donald Trump, there is going to be blood in the streets, and some people are going to have to die.

"I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people," Lynch says. "I know it's a time of concern for people, who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers."

"It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They've marched, they've bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again."

However, it is not politicians who are the most violent and most influential advocates of violence.

It is a very short—and logical—hop from organized leftists rioting and assaulting Donald Trump supporters in Chicago, to a far-left university professor beating Trump supporters with a bike lock at Berkeley, to a far left activist shooting up the Republican congressional baseball practice.

Our friend Nick Short of the Center for Security Policy compiled a short list of some of the more prescient statements from leftist advocates of violent resistance to President Trump and the Republican agenda.

Here are just a few from Nick Short's list:

    Art Institute of Washington professor John Griffin posted to his Facebook a statement that House Republicans "should be lined up and shot" for their passage of an Obamacare-replacement bill.
    "People Have to Die": Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN (VIDEO) #trumpprotest
    Editor's question to CNN: How does "people have to die" equal a "protest?"
    CNN's Fareed Zakaria Hails Trump Assassination Play As 'Masterpiece.' (His Employer Sponsors It)
    "Leftist Fight Club" at Public Fla. University Promotes Violence Against Republican. h/t @JudicialWatch
    Huffpost writer Michelangelo Signorile:
    "Starting today and from here on, no elected official―certainly those in the GOP defending and supporting Trump on a variety of issues, for example―should be able to sit down for a nice, quiet lunch or dinner in a Washington, D.C. eatery or even in their own homes. They should be hounded by protestors everywhere, especially in public―in restaurants, in shopping centers, in their districts and yes, on the public property outside their homes and apartments, in Washington and back in their home states."
    'Making History' Star Adam Pally Says He Wants To 'Kill Trump'


But a quick Google search will reveal even more calls for civil war and the death of President Trump and his supporters:

    CIVIL WAR: Violent Leftists openly call for death of Trump supporters
    Liberal actress Sarah Silverman calls for military coup against Trump
    Actress Sarah Silverman told her 9.8 million Twitters followers Wednesday evening (Feb. 1, 2017) to "join the resistance," voicing her support for a military overthrow of President Donald Trump.

And this isn't an idea that conservatives and careful observers of the left came up with in hindsight. Back in March, our friends at Zero Hedge posted an article: "Is the Left Trying to Start A Civil War?"

Via Michael Snyder of The End of the American Dream blog:

An army of subversives is attempting to undermine the Trump administration from within the government, and at the same time, a whole host of prominent leftist leaders are fueling the flames of hate against Trump and are promoting riots, civil uprisings and in some cases, even violence. And of course, the mainstream media is a more than willing accomplice, because pretty much everyone that works in the mainstream media absolutely hates Donald Trump. On a fundamental level, the United States is more divided today than it has been in any of our lifetimes, and the radical left is treating the presidency of Donald Trump as if it was the end of the world. We are seeing terms such as "Nazi", "racist" and "dictator" thrown around very casually, but people need to understand that words really matter. When subversives on the left use such inflammatory language, there is a very real danger that they could actually spark a violent insurrection against the United States government.

James T. Hodgkinson wasn't a "nut." He wasn't "deranged." And he wasn't "sick." He was a leftist terrorist, just like Obama's buddy Bill Ayres of the Weather Underground and Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera, who was recently honored by New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio as a hero.

Hodgkinson's attack wasn't mental illness. Read his writings, read the political manifesto in his letters to the editor, and it doesn't require an FBI investigation to recognize that this was the first "lone wolf" attack in the left's long-planned American civil war.

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« Reply #35 on: June 17, 2017, 06:19:12 pm »

America's on the Verge of Widespread Chaos, Civil Unrest

Things will never be the same in America from this moment forward.

When 66-year-old James Hodgkinson attempted to gun down as many Republican members of Congress as possible at a baseball field in Virginia, he permanently shattered the notion that we could go back to the way that things used to be in this country. At one time, Republicans and Democrats may have strongly disagreed with one another over the issues, but there was always a certain code of civility that everyone understood and respected. But now that is long gone, and if our politicians and the big media outlets continue to fuel the rising hatred in this country, it won't be too long before we are dealing with widespread chaos and civil unrest from coast to coast.

Most of the anger and frustration we are currently witnessing is being fueled by the left. On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh accused the left of openly promoting violence:

    "I have been worried for quite a while about the cumulative effect or impact of this constant anti-Trump hysteria everywhere in mainstream media: New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC," Limbaugh told listeners.

    "It's hysteria. It's lies. It's things that are completely manufactured about Trump personally, about Trump and Russia, about climate change, about any number of things.

    "I have been very concerned about what all of this is doing to the average, base Democrat voter. I have sensed them getting more and more fringe and imbalanced, and the evidence for it is everywhere in the things that they tweet. They openly promote violence and advocate some of the most despicable things happening to their political enemies."

Someone like James Hodgkinson is not produced in a vacuum. There has been a steady pattern of threats and violence against Republicans since the election, and all that Hodgkinson did was take things to the next level. Breitbart has put out an article entitled "15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP", and WND published an even longer list entitled "20 times violence threatened, used, in wake of Dems' political collapse." When celebrities, politicians and media personalities constantly use language that is seething with hatred, it shouldn't surprise us when their followers engage in violent acts.

I have warned many times in the past about the civil unrest that is coming, and now many of my fellow conservative commentators are sounding the alarm as well. For example, in the aftermath of the attack in Virginia, radio host Michael Savage made the following chilling statement to his audience: "We are at a boiling point. There's going to be a civil war."

No American should ever want to see such a thing happen, but the left just keeps getting more and more radical. And even Hillary Clinton recently stated that she has joined "the Resistance". The following comes from Ann Coulter:

    Recently, Hillary announced her steadfast opposition to the winning candidate using a military term, saying she'd joined the "Resistance."

    Imagine if Trump lost and then announced that he'd joined the "Resistance." He'd be accused of trying to activate right-wing militias. Every dyspeptic glance at an immigrant would be reported as fascistic violence.

    But the media seem blithely unaware that the anti-Trump "Resistance" has been accompanied by nonstop militaristic violence from liberals.

In recent weeks, I have heard from so many people all over the nation that are extremely excited about the possibility of me running for Congress. But anyone who is considering running for public office these days has to consider the fact that they will become potential targets for violence. For example, just recently one very sick individual actually threatened to hang Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz.

Could you imagine if your wife found that voicemail before you did?

But this is what the left is becoming. Because they don't have any sort of a positive message to offer, they have to resort to threats, intimidation and violence. I have been writing about this quite a bit lately, and it turns out that Rush Limbaugh very much feels the same way...

    They don't have an agenda that's optimistic and upbeat that they can run on, and they don't dare be honest about their real agenda. So all they can do is to continue to do what they've been doing, and it's not healthy, it's not uplifting, it's not inspiring. It isn't representative or reflective of any of the traditional American values that for so long have united us. A sense of optimism, a sense of can-do, a sense of unity, a sense of nationhood. All of these things are under assault.

If the left continues to go down this path, the anger and the frustration are going to continue to grow, and eventually, cities all over America are going to burn. This is the kind of a scenario that I laid out in The Beginning of the End, and now it is actually starting to play out right in front of us.

Today, this nation is more divided than it has ever been in my entire lifetime, and I don't see that changing any time soon. In fact, I expect even more anger and even more hatred as the divisions deepen.

Without each passing year, the left moves even farther to the left. It has gotten to the point where many on the far left actually refer to Hillary Clinton as a "moderate," which is funny because at one time she was a cutting-edge liberal.

On the right, there is an emerging movement to return to the values and the principles that this country was founded upon. So if the left doesn't like current Republican leadership, then they really aren't going to like the **** constitutional conservatives who are going to start replacing them.

We are in a battle for the soul of our nation, and the future of America is literally at stake.

It is a battle we cannot afford to lose, because if the left wins, there literally will be no viable future for our country at all.

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« Reply #36 on: June 17, 2017, 06:23:27 pm »

The Left Refuses To Tone Down Their Inflammatory Language, And As A Result We Now Have War In The Streets

What in the world did the left think would happen?  When Kathy Griffin posed for a photo with “Trump’s bloody head”, that sent a message.  And the twisted version of “Julius Caesar” that is currently being put on by a New York theater group in which a character meant to closely resemble Donald Trump is brutally assassinated sends a message.  At any time of the day, you can find leftist radicals openly discussing violence against Trump and Republicans on Facebook and Twitter, and groups like Antifa have been employing extremely violent tactics ever since the Inauguration.  So it is not much of a surprise that a huge Bernie Sanders supporter decided that it would be a good idea to try to mow down Republican members of Congress as they were practicing for an upcoming charity baseball game on Wednesday.  66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson was simply the product of a political movement that is absolutely seething with hate.

This is not a game.  House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot in the hip, and four others were injured.  You can see some footage of Scalise being taken to an ambulance here.  When Hodgkinson arrived at the practice field, he specifically asked which party was using the practice field at that moment…

    Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) recounted an “odd” encounter he had as he was leaving the field just minutes before the shooting: “There was a guy that walked up to us that was asking whether it was Republicans or Democrats out there, and it was just a little odd,” DeSantis told Fox News.

According to news reports, Hodgkinson fired dozens of shots.  This wasn’t a case of targeting a particular individual.  Rather, it was obvious that he intended to kill as many Republicans as he possibly could.

But instead of showing remorse, many on the radical left were actually celebrating the shootings on Twitter.  And there were even some that were disappointed that it wasn’t Trump that had been shot.

I hate to say this, but it is likely that this is just the beginning of the violence by the radical left.

So what would make a 66-year-old man suddenly snap like this?

His Facebook page has now been taken down, but when it was up Hodgkinson had an enormous photo of Bernie Sanders as his banner image.  And it turns out that he was a huge fan of Rachel Maddow…

    So, where did Hodgkinson draw inspiration for his “progressive” political beliefs?  Well, according to a letter to the editor published in the “Belleville News-Democrat” in July 2012, Hodgkinson’s favorite TV show was MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.”

What you consistently feed your mind determines what you eventually become, and this case is a perfect example.  On Facebook, Hodgkinson regularly shared his hate-filled beliefs…

    In a March 22 Facebook post, Hodgkinson, who  turned his ire against Trump, who he described as a “traitor.”

    “Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy,” he said. “It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

    In a post earlier this week, the suspect highlighted a campaign calling for the president’s impeachment.

    “Trump is Guilty & Should Go to Prison for Treason,” Hodgkinson wrote.

And just check out some of the Facebook groups that Hodgkinson belonged to…

 “The Road to Hell is Paved with Republicans”
 “Donald Trump is not my President”
 “President Bernie Sanders”
  “Illinois Berners United to Resist Trump”
  “Boycott the Republican Party”
  “Expose Republican Fraud”
  “Terminate the Republican Party”

The hate-filled ideology of the left is intellectually and morally bankrupt, and the only thing all of this violence is going to do is to drive the American people away from their cause.

I must say that I agreed with U.S. Representative Steve King 100 percent when he told reporters that “violence is appearing in the streets”, and that it is “coming from the left”…

    “America has been divided,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who, in suit and tie, stopped by the crime scene to pray and was viscerally angry about his colleagues being attacked. “And the center of America is disappearing, and the violence is appearing in the streets, and it’s coming from the left.”

And of course there has been a pattern of violence against Republican lawmakers in recent months.  The following compilation comes from Natural News…

    Last month, as noted by The Daily Caller,  GOP Rep. Tom Garrett’s town halls were replete with heavy security and police presence after he and his family were repeatedly threatened with death. “This is how we’re going to kill your wife,” some disgusting coward wrote, Garrett told Politico.

    Also last month, Tennessee police arrested and charged a 35-year-old woman, Wendi Wright, with felonious reckless endangerment after she allegedly attempted to run GOP Rep. David Kustoff off the road following a raucous town hall event featuring the Republican health care legislation.

    That same day, North Dakota police escorted a man out of a town hall meeting hosted by Rep. Kevin Cramer after a man became physical with him, shoving a fistful of dollars into Cramer’s shirt collar.

I almost didn’t want my wife to see what happened in Alexandria this morning, because I am very, very strongly considering running for Congress here in Idaho.

I couldn’t help but think that it could have been me out on that baseball field.

It would be naive to think that more Republican lawmakers won’t be targeted.  Just like radical Islam, the radical left in this country will never be satisfied until they completely eradicate our way of life.  The radical left uses tools such as threats, violence and intimidation because they simply do not have the ammunition to win in the marketplace of ideas.  And so anyone that tries to stand up to them will become a potential target.

But if we just sit back and do nothing, they will win by default.

In the end, Hodgkinson and others like him will fail.  Because every time they strike us, all they are doing is waking up a sleeping giant called “the American people”.  We will not bend, we will not bow, and we will not break, and no matter how violent they become our resolve will not waver.

Every since the very beginning of our nation Americans have had to stand up against tyranny, and we aren’t going to back down now.

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« Reply #37 on: June 17, 2017, 06:24:45 pm »

With A Bullseye On Half Of America, Is It Too Late To Stop What Is Coming?
- The Radical Left Must Be Stopped


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« Reply #38 on: June 17, 2017, 06:25:46 pm »

FED UP: Patriots Shut Down Performance Of ‘Julius Caesar’ Shouting ‘Steve Scalise Blood Is On Your Hands!’
At a New York performance of 'Julius Caesar' in Manhattan, fed up patriots rose from their seats and demanded that performances of the play immediately cease. The woman on the stage shouted out that it was time for 'political violence against the Right' to end.

Things are rapidly coming to a boiling point

Laura Loomer was arrested in New York after interrupting the Broadway production of Julius Caesar, a play by William Shakespeare that had been politically altered to feature the assassination of U.S. President Donald Trump.

At a New York performance of ‘Julius Caesar’ in Manhattan, fed up patriots rose from their seats and demanded that performances of the play immediately cease. The woman took the stage shouted out that it was time for ‘political violence against the Right’ to end.

Her partner stood up in his seat and shouted “you are all Nazis, Goebbels would be proud. Goebbels would be proud!” I guess there’s only so much you can take before fighting back. The shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise might just well wind up being a turning point in the ongoing Liberal war against the Right.

Something tells me it’s only the beginning of a long, hot summer.

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« Reply #39 on: July 06, 2017, 07:16:57 pm »

Linda Sarsour Calls for 'Jihad' Against Trump Administration

Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American anti-Israel activist who helped organize the nationwide Women’s March the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, called for “jihad,” or holy war, against the Trump administration last weekend.

Sarsour was speaking in Chicago at the annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group that the Investigative Project on Terrorism notes was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terror-funding prosecution, and was allegedly “created by members of the Muslim Brotherhood” in the United States in the early 1980s. (However, the group itself traces its origins to the formation of the Muslim Student Association in 1963.)

ISNA has been described as “the largest umbrella group of Muslims in North America.” President Barack Obama met with ISNA’s president in 2015, despite the group’s controversial views and alleged ties to radical movements.

Quoting the Prophet Muhammad, Sarsour said: “A word of truth in front of a tyrant ruler or leader, that is the best form of jihad.” She then added:

    And I hope that we, when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts us from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants and rulers, not only abroad in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here, in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.

The audience applauded.

Video below, via Conservative Review (6:56 – 7:44):

The context of Sarsour’s remarks indicate that she meant a jihad using words. However, the term has also been used to describe violent struggle, including terrorism, against non-Muslims or against governments described as enemies.

In her speech, Sarsour also spoke about the importance of Muslims supporting other “oppressed” groups in the U.S. in their struggles — and talked about her experience representing Palestinians in those movements. “I don’t have to choose do I not be too Palestinian this day … I have been a living example of what it means to be whole-heartedly all of me, in whatever space that I am in,” she said.

She added: “I will not be in a space where any group or any organization or any individual tells me that there’s a part of my identity that is not welcomed,” a privilege not accorded to liberal Jews or Zionists who march for the “oppressed,” as excluded Jewish lesbians recently found out (also in Chicago).

Sarsour also urged those present to divert donations away from building mosques and towards “investing in leadership, our next generation.” She said donors within the community should split their donations between assistance to Muslims abroad and support for local organizations — and “not just building masaajid [mosques].”

She also urged them to donate to Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, a Democrat who is running for governor in Michigan, and would be that state’s first Muslim governor. She attacked “establishment Democrats” who, she said, had blocked Muslims from succeeding within the Democratic Party in the past, and said that El-Sayed would change that.

Sarsour concluded by warning ISNA not to stop being outraged, and not to “normalize” the Trump administration.

Update: New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat who has often criticized Sarsour in the past, warned in a statement Thursday that Sarsour’s words should be taken “very seriously”: “Words matter. Attacks on the police, like the one New York suffered yesterday, are precipitated by violent slogans. Sarsour is very dangerous.”

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« Reply #40 on: July 06, 2017, 07:19:31 pm »

Tom Coburn: We Will Get 34 States for Article V Constitutional Convention to Drain the Swamp

Tom Coburn, former Republican senator from Oklahoma, talked about his new book, Smashing the DC Monopoly: Using Article V to Restore Freedom and Stop Runaway Government, on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily.

Coburn explained to SiriusXM host Alex Marlow that the “D.C. monopoly” of the title refers to Washington’s outsized role in making decisions for states, municipalities, and even individual citizens.


“In New York State, Oklahoma, Kansas, and every other state, if you look at the money raised in-state, an unelected federal bureaucrat tells you how to spend 60 percent of it – how you must spend 60 percent of it, and what the rules are,” he explained.

He said this was contrary to the American ideal of individuals deciding their own futures and shaping the future of their communities through city councils and state legislatures.

“The way to smash this republic is by using Article V to re-establish and return the Constitution to the relationship that it was intended to be,” Coburn said. “What that means is a limited federal government with decisions made at state houses and local communities, and the federal government doing what it was supposed to do, the limited role that it’s supposed to have.”

“The assumption of a monopoly usually is, when they have such great power, there’s no consideration given for anybody else’s thought,” he observed. “So ask yourself the question, ‘How well is Washington working today? How well is Congress working today?’ They’re not, and the cost to bear them is tremendous.”

“You know, this monopoly is going to put our kids – I’m talking about the millennials, the largest demographic in our country – the average millennial is on the hook right now for $1,700,000 that will have to be paid back in the next 50 years,” Coburn reflected. “What I’m talking about is the 50-year unfunded liabilities of Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, disability, military pensions, federal government pensions; it’s $144 trillion.”

“If you think about that for a minute, that’s the other thing monopolies do: they spend money with impunity because they’re not going to be the ones that have to pay it back,” he observed.

Marlow noted the political gulf between efforts to reform current spending practices and the almost incomprehensible mountain of “unfunded liabilities” described by Coburn, which few politicians dare to describe to their constituents, let alone tackle through legislation.

“I think there’s a real simple answer to that,” Coburn replied. “Most politicians want to get re-elected. They want to be in Washington. So if you start making hard decisions, which is going to cause sacrifice for all of us, they’re afraid they won’t get re-elected.”

“The real deficit in Washington is trust, and if you look at Pew’s latest research, not many people trust Washington,” he observed. “Well, the legitimacy of the government depends on trust. The legitimacy of your elected representatives means you trust them to make the hard decisions – even some that are painful to you, if, in fact, the long-term health of our country depends on it.”

“And yet, nobody’s working on that,” he lamented. “Why? Because there’s not the willpower of the career politicians to do what’s in the best interests of the country. They do what’s in the best interests of their political career. I saw it in and out for the 16 years I was there, six years as a congressman and then all four years and ten years as a senator. The conflict of interests means we don’t have any statesmen, or very few.”

Coburn recommended invoking Article V as the antidote to voter frustration over the difficulty of reforming the federal government.

“You’ve got a way to fix Washington, and it’s a way our Founders gave us,” he said. “You don’t have to be frustrated anymore. What you have to do is come join the millions of us that are going to use this tool to restore the Constitution.”

He explained that Article V was born from the Founders’ universal awareness that governments rarely give power back to the people voluntarily.

“The first portion of Article V was actually about us – giving us a way to restore relationships and balance and power. Then later came allowing that the Constitution could be amended by Congress,” he elaborated. “What they said in Article V is that if two-thirds of the states call for an identical consideration in identical areas, that the Congress has to call a convention of the states.”

“The convention of the states is a calling of commissioners from each state to consider whatever that call was in the application made by two-thirds of the states,” he continued. “And now, that’s 34 states. What happens is when you get to 34 states, Congress has to call it. A convention is held and each state sends its delegate, with each state receiving one vote on any matter that is put up there.“

“The only things that can be discussed are within the application for the convention,” Coburn said, addressing a common objection that amending the Constitution would quickly degenerate into a circus in the modern American political environment. “The reason that will hold is, number one, they’ll use the same parliamentary rules that they use in their state houses, in terms of rules of operating this convention. The second thing is, the federal government is never going to forward something outside of that application to the states for approval because they’ll get blocked, and the courts will support that block if that wasn’t part of the application.”

“Whatever comes out of there are simply recommendations back to the states that here are the things we think ought to change, and then 38 states have to approve that within seven years. If they do, we have changes,” he said.

Coburn said his recommended applications for constitutional change are clearly spelled out in the book. Each is intended to give Congress the institutional strength to make changes that politicians are unlikely to agree to independently because of their own political interests.

“Why isn’t there a balanced budget amendment?” he asked. “Why aren’t we giving backbone to the members of Congress and saying you have to do this? And then they can come home and say, ‘I had to; we have a balanced budget amendment with generally accepted accounting principles.’”

“The second one: there would be limits to the scope and jurisdiction of the federal government. And third would be putting term limits on not just elected, but also appointed federal officials,” he added.

“If you stay within those three things, you could have amendments that came out of that, and then the states would decide. In other words, we get to decide, and we haven’t been deciding. Washington’s been telling us what to do. We should be the ones telling Washington what to do. While they’ve been telling us what to do, they’ve racked up poverty for our kids and dropped us to seventeenth in the world in terms of economic freedom,” he charged.

“It’s fixable, and the great smile that comes on your face is, you can actually do something about it. You can join this group of millions of people at ConventionOfStates.com and become one of the people that’s supporting this movement to rebalance the federal government, rebalance the branches of the federal government, and rebalance the relationship with the states,” Coburn said.

Marlow asked for a frank assessment of the odds that 34 states would support the reforms Coburn recommends, given our polarized environment of “deep blue” versus “deep red” states.

“I think we’ll get to 34. I don’t doubt that,” Coburn replied. “I don’t think it has to do with red and blue. It has to do with me deciding versus government deciding.”

He proposed that even people in super-liberal Berkeley, California, would likely agree that it was better to make life decisions at the individual and local level, instead of letting Washington decide everything.

“Besides, there’s a fourth estate in Washington that decides everything, and none of them have ever been elected to any job. It’s called the bureaucracy,” he added. “I don’t think it’s red-blue. I don’t think it’s conservative-liberal. If you want to restore freedom to America, whether you’re on the left or the right, what you want to do is rebalance the relationship between the states and the federal government and rebalance the relationship between the federal government’s branches.”

“I don’t see that as a problem. Will people say, ‘We don’t think you ought to have a balanced budget?’ Who doesn’t think that? What adult doesn’t think – I’m talking true adult – doesn’t think you shouldn’t steal from your kids? That’s not controversial,” he contended.

“The other thing is, do we really want Washington telling the state of California how they’ll handle health care? Maybe California could have some good ideas other than what comes out of Washington,” he suggested.

“Just talk about what’s going on in Washington today. Nobody’s talking about the real things that will fix health care. Isn’t that interesting? Nobody in Washington is talking about the real things that will fix health care,” Coburn offered by way of example.

“Americans pay 33 percent too much for everything they pay for in health care. Everything,” he asserted. “If you had true price discovery, where you could actually find out what things cost in your community and find out what the outcomes were, then what you would see is people shopping their health care.”

“But you can’t find out what things cost ahead of time. So the real answer to health care is mandate that there be price transparency across the United States, and then let markets work – because they will. We’ll see a marked reduction within two years, if we have price transparency, that will cut the cost of health care in this country a third,” he predicted.

“Remember that the big hospitals that are vertically and horizontally integrated are nothing but monopolies. If you go to a hospital parking lot at two o’clock in the morning – I’m talking employee parking lot – and you go to that same parking lot at two o’clock in the afternoon, you’ll see five times as many cars. What that tells you is, they’re 20 to 30 percent inefficient because almost everything else is operating in the hospital – maybe not at the same level, but not five times less in the middle of the night,” Coburn said to illustrate his point.

“You have these fat insurance companies, fat in both non-profit and profitable hospitals that aren’t driven to efficiency. What they need is competition,” he stressed, citing a report from universities and think tanks in April recommending the changes he endorsed for achieving price transparency and encouraging constructive competition in the medical industry.

However, he said there was little enthusiasm for serious healthcare reform at present because “there’s too many monied interests in Washington lobbying against real competition, real price transparency, and real quality transparency.”

Coburn said his Article V coalition now includes 12 states and hopes to add another eight to ten next year.

“We’ve grown to 2.2 million volunteers now,” he said proudly. “We’re trying to move that to five. That’s why people listening to you today, if they’ll sign up at ConventionOfStates.com, learn about this, they can read this book – all the naysayers, every question that somebody who is worried about this is answered in this book. It gives you a resource of all the background, all the legal cases, all of what our Founders did.”

“The Annapolis convention of states is what called the Constitutional Convention,” he noted. “This has been going on in our country for years. Lots of compacts out West were conventions of states. The point is, if you become knowledgeable in it, you’ll see this is the answer that our Founders gave us for fixing our country and restoring what is rightfully ours, which is our liberty.”

Coburn was confident his movement can attract the civic participation it needs, even in an era of short attention spans.

“I think the point is, when you start becoming impacted personally with a choice, and you can’t make a choice that you should be able to make because some federal regulation is impacting you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re liberal or conservative or red or blue,” he said, returning to the polls that show widespread distrust of government, even among an ostensibly left-leaning younger generation widely indifferent to civic education.

“It’s not about being a political junkie, and it’s not about being hooked into this 24/7 news cycle. It’s about how do you get to live your life,” Coburn said. “Most Americans say, ‘Just leave me alone. Let me do my thing.’ That’s getting harder and harder to do. If you have a way to make sure you can do your thing in the future, then you’ll become involved in this.”

Coburn concluded by looking back to an earlier book he authored, The Debt Bomb. “That’s going to happen to us. Unless we get great leadership, unless we force a balanced budget amendment in Washington, the Great Depression is going to seem like a small burb in terms of how it impacts us.

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« Reply #41 on: March 09, 2018, 05:57:41 pm »

Seattle Police Begin NAZI STYLE Gun Confiscation: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

Breaking! Gun Confiscation Beta Test In Redlands, CA

Massachusetts Confiscation Begins.......

Pennsylvania and Hawaii Begin Gun Confiscation of Medical Marijuana Users
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« Reply #42 on: March 19, 2018, 07:24:02 pm »

Congressman suggests Second Amendment as means of opposing Trump

A Democratic congressman from Long Island implied that Americans should grab weapons and oppose President Trump by force, if the commander-in-chief doesn’t follow the Constitution.

Rep. Tom Suozzi made the remark to constituents at a town hall last week, saying that folks opposed to Trump might resort to the “Second Amendment.”

“It’s really a matter of putting public pressure on the president,” Suozzi said in a newly released video of the March 12 talk in Huntington. “This is where the Second Amendment comes in, quite frankly, because you know, what if the president was to ignore the courts? What would you do? What would we do?”

A listener then blurts out, “What’s the Second Amendment?”

The left-leaning Democrat says, “The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms.”

The spectators laughed — some nervously. Republicans were not amused.

“This video is incredibly disturbing. It’s surreal to watch a sitting member of Congress suggest that his constituents should take up arms against the president of the United States,” said National Republican Campaign Committee spokesman Chris Martin.

Suozzi political adviser Kim Devlin denied the pol was “advocating for an armed insurrection.”

But the Suozzi campaign at the same time seemed to double down on the comments, as they forwarded a line penned by Thomas Jefferson that called for armed resistance.

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms,” the quote said.

Suozzi’s comment seems to conflict with his recent push for gun control following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Suozzi even participated in the March 14 student walkout for gun control outside the US Capitol — and called on the young people of his district to back tightened gun laws.

“I think we should engage the high school students of #NY03, and all of Long Island, to promote gun violence prevention legislation,” he said in a Feb. 21 tweet.

Trump himself has in the past used language similar to Suozzi’s. During the 2016 campaign, he told a crowd at a rally in North Carolina that if Hillary Clinton were elected and able to nominate a Supreme Court justice, there would be nothing that gun supporters could do. He then added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The remark was widely seen as a veiled call for violence, though Trump denied that was his meaning.

Suozzi, a first-term congressman elected in 2016, is seeking re-election this fall. He formerly served as Nassau County executive.

He is expected to easily win the Democratic primary and face GOP challenger Dan Debono, a former US Navy SEAL, in the general election.

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« Reply #43 on: March 25, 2018, 06:36:43 pm »

It Begins. Democrat Candidate for Sheriff Suggests Killing People to Take Their Guns

R. Daryl Fisher is a candidate for sheriff in Buncombe County North Carolina.

Daryl Fisher is a Democrat.

Daryl is running on the simple platform of “Justice for All.”
Daryl Fisher also says he will kill citizens of his county if they don’t turn over their guns.

In a recent speech Fisher, a Democrat, suggested killing people if they don’t turn over their guns.

Daryl Fisher: Any weapon that is designed for use by the military I think we should ban. You’ve heard people say you have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands. (shrugs) OK.

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« Reply #44 on: April 07, 2018, 08:11:40 pm »

Jack Dorsey Shares Controversial Article

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey aroused controversy after labeling a Medium article “great” that claimed there’s no “bipartisan way forward” in the United States and that the country is engaged in a “fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.”

Dorsey shared the Medium article on his personal Twitter account Thursday night, with the accompanying acclaim that it was a “great read.”

Author and media consultant Peter Leyden and political commentator Ruy Teixeira argued in the article titled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War” that America is already in the midst of a second major domestic conflict of sorts and the way out is for the rest of the country to imitate California.

“In this current period of American politics, at this juncture in our history, there’s no way that a bipartisan path provides the way forward,” they wrote. “The way forward is on the path California blazed about 15 years ago.”

Essentially, the authors called for a complete marginalization of the Republican Party and its voters since they only care “about rule by and for billionaires at the expense of working people” and not “average citizens.”

California, despite its mass wealth inequality, growing lack of social cohesion, poverty, and soaring housing costs “provides a model for America as a whole,” according to Leyden and Teixeira. Interestingly enough, they claimed the state’s economy is booming, although arguably not for long. They also oddly claimed the state is running on surpluses without acknowledging its debt crisis.

“The public is happy with its political leaders,” they noted. However, California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has a 44 percent approval rating. The article also does not acknowledge that the state has seen tens of thousands of residents leave annually for the last few years.

Leyden and Teixeira are somewhat correct that America currently faces a dialectic of “two political cultures already at odds through different political ideologies, philosophies.” Yet, they do not call for Democrats to try to understand their political adversaries.

Instead, they proposed Americans “take the Republican Party down for a generation or two” in order to save the country.

“America can’t afford more political paralysis. One side or the other must win. This is a civil war that can be won without firing a shot. But it is a fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order,” Leyden and Teixeira asserted.

Dorsey’s tweet comes in the midst of growing concerns about his website’s treatment of conservatives. Over the last few years, Twitter has banned a number of right-wing accounts that it says violate the site’s terms of service.

Critics say the site is selective in who it punishes and engages in so-called “shadowbanning,” which effectively makes a user’s post invisible to others without officially taking the account down.

Twitter has denied these allegations.

Dorsey’s tweet brings up a more fundamental question: If he agrees that the country is in the state of crisis that Leyden and Teixeira believe, does he feel an obligation to use all tools at his disposal to help the Democrats “win” this alleged second Civil War? Is Twitter — a social media site with considerable influence over the media’s day-to-day narrative — a vehicle for Dorsey to help accomplish this goal?

If the country is in as dire of a position as the Medium article claimed, how can Dorsey not feel an obligation to help steer the country away from collapse?

Dorsey did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment via Twitter after he disputed DCNF reporter Peter J. Hasson’s tweet that he “loves” Leyden’s piece.

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« Reply #45 on: June 25, 2018, 04:37:08 pm »

Trump aides urged to get a gun

Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by a top Democratic lawmaker, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permit and back it up with a pistol.

"There are simply not enough police in D.C. or Virginia or Maryland to protect all Trump officials at their homes and when they go out to restaurants. Getting a concealed handgun permit would be helpful to protect themselves and their family,” said John R. Lott Jr., president of the influential Crime Prevention Research Center.

“High level officials in the Trump administration, especially if their faces are likely to be recognized by many in the public as a result of appearances on TV, might want to consider applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia, and/or other states they frequent, in view of the call by Rep. Maxine Waters for the public to ‘absolutely harass’ these officials in public places, and other recent events indicating the increased danger they are in,” added public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

And Emily Miller, who wrote a book about the difficult process getting a gun permit in “Emily Gets Her Gun,” tweeted, “Trump admin officials can get DC gun carry permits to defend themselves from the crazies who obey Maxine Walters.”

Recent legal decisions have lowered the hurdle for Washington residents to get a concealed carry permit but it can take a long time to get one, unlike in neighboring Virginia.

As a result, Banzhaf suggested Trump aides move now.

“Since the application process, including a detailed background check, can reportedly take some time, they may wish to begin the process now,” he said. “That way, if and when they decide that they should carry a small firearm to protect themselves and/or their families, they will be able to do so. Obviously it will always be their own choice, since having a permit certainly does not require them to carry a gun at all times, or even at any time,” added the George Washington University law professor.

The issue was sparked when three top Trump aides were harassed at restaurants. In the last case, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a Lexington, Va., restaurant owned by a Trump critic.

Waters over the weekend told her legion of followers to confront Trump aides.

"If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere," Waters said Saturday in Los Angeles.

Lott noted that even though it is less hard to get a D.C. carry permit, there are many areas where packing heat is unlawful. "There are so many places in D.C. where you can’t carry, that a permit is of very limited use there," he told Secrets.

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« Reply #46 on: June 25, 2018, 04:38:22 pm »

Sarah Sanders’ Red Hen moment shows mob, media mentality

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ booting from a northern Virginia restaurant is just a symptom of a much wider illness of left-wing intolerance. It’s part of a growing pattern of intimidation and mob scenes against Republican officials. Grassroots activists share in the blame, of course, but the largest single accelerant is the mainstream media.

The rinse and repeat cycle of anti-Trump outrage blared on nearly every news network, magazine and newspaper has fomented an increasingly brazen brand of radical ideas turning into radical action.

Last week was a turning point. And certainly not in a good way for anyone — the administration, the media, Republicans or Democrats.

The headlines and Twitter feeds have become one recycled (and often artificial) tempest outrage after another. Biased anchors and editorial rooms create a bellows effect of turning isolated incidents or policies of years prior into white-hot cauldrons of outrage. The over-the-top kabuki-theatre-type “coverage” of family separations at the border acts more as undisguised activism than objective

eporting. If House Minority Leader Nancy PelosiNancy Patricia D'Alesandro PelosiConservative leader on Huckabee tweet: Where did my friend go? Democrats cannot afford to play hardball on immigration reform GOP scrambles to regain fiscal credibility with House budget MORE (D-Calif.) handed a check to a TV anchor on set, it would be less subtle.

Every new affront ratchets up the already-tense leftist base and riles up Republican RINOs. Except the fury doesn’t match the underlying issues. The Trump border policy, coupled with enforcement of provisions dating back to George W. Bush, has been willfully extrapolated to extremes by the people who should be refereeing political debate. Instead, we have, for example, a deceptive (to put it charitably) TIME Magazine cover and mental gymnastics to hide President Obama’s own family separations and child cages, all funneling red meat (or a non-cruelty tofu substitute) to the Resistance base.

This miscarriage of responsibility has — and will have — real-world ramifications.

The maelstrom reached a crescendo Thursday due to Melania TrumpMelania TrumpMelania Trump tells kids to embrace kindness, avoid judgment GOP senator: Obama administration’s track record on reuniting families 'wasn't particularly good either' Democrats parody Melania jacket with shirt that says: ‘We care, we vote. Do u?’ MORE’s jacket. One newspaper headline declared her an “Agent of Coat Chaos.” Her sin? Wearing an off-the-shelf jacket with the words “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” while boarding a plane to Texas.

Her trip to comfort children was overshadowed by her jacket. Her jacket.

She didn’t even wear the article of clothing while meeting with weeping children or with government officials. She was snapped wearing it while boarding a plane. Many on the left rightly dismissed criticism of Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMeghan McCain tears into Maxine Waters for urging protests against Trump officials Michelle Obama says upcoming memoir shares the 'ordinariness of a very extraordinary story' Colbert: Melania Trump’s jacket was ‘one message she did not steal from Michelle Obama’ MORE’s wardrobe — and they should stand up for this first lady’s agency to wear what she wants, when she wants to.

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« Reply #47 on: June 25, 2018, 08:21:04 pm »

MUST READ ARTICLE;As The Left 'Declares War' Upon Conservatives,

'Luciferian Inversion' Is Running Rampant In America - Remember! Obama's Friend Bill Ayers Said They'd Have To 'Eliminate' 25 Million Americans!

As The Left Declares War Upon Conservatives, Luciferian Inversion Is Running Rampant In America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media is busy further destroying their credibility by labeling all President Trump supporters 'Nazi's' or worse, this new story over at Zero Hedge hints that the playing field is finally being leveled on at least one level with radical left-wing hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center now responsible for paying out a $3.375 million settlement after a lawsuit was filed against them by a former Islamic radical who now goes against Islamic radicals.

With Maajid Nawaz suing the SPLC over their designating him an 'anti-Muslim extremist', his lawsuit has opened the door for over 60 different organizations, as well as the leaders of 47 non-profit groups, to also sue the organization with their fall perfectly detailed by none other than the Washington Post in this new story titled "The SPLC Has Lost All Credibility".

Yet the Zero Hedge story points out why all of this is so important: Big tech has been using the SPLC's reports to police 'hate speech' on the internet with Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all relying upon the SPLC for guidance while the mainstream media regularly used their reports to tag various groups, aka President Trump supporters, as Nazi's and 'white supremacists'.

So as a result we now have nearly half of America descending into madness based upon the lies coming from the SPLC, the MSM, big tech, colleges all across America and radical groups such as Antifa and the entire resistance movement, most of whose leaders have been shown to be anti-white bigots and radical communist revolutionaries.


In fact, while it wouldn't be fair to blame just any one group for the 'luciferian inversion' we've been witnessing across America for many years, the SPLC absolutely deserves their fair share of the blame. Labeling numerous church groups, anti-war activists, those opposed to Islamic terror and countless other Conservative groups as 'hate groups', the MSM picked up the SPLC's lies and ran with them, thus infecting the minds of millions with horrific untruths.
And now we're witnessing the results of the SPLC and MSM's lies in the absolute stalking of public officials taking place under the order of psychopath 'Mad Max' who is calling for more stalking and harassment of Trump officials while many on the left say there shouldn't be any safe spaces for Conservatives. Will this lead to Civil War? Certainly if Hillary were President, any 'deplorables' stalking and harassing her aides would have been 'deep-six' arkancided.

As Kurt Schlichter recently reported, the hatred we're seeing from liberals towards Conservatives will eventually turn to violence. Barack Obama's friend Bill Ayers of the 'Weather Underground' claiming up to 25 million Americans or more must be killed proves that the murders of Conservatives is in the Democratic playbook.

With Schlichter warning that there's no sign of sanity what-so-ever from liberal leaders, we can report that ANP has reached out to numerous politicians at the federal level from Maryland and none of them have condemned Maxine Waters remarks or the harassment and stalking of President Trump supporters or employees. Why do politicians not only allow but encourage such behavior? Talk about 'luciferian inversion'. It runs rampant in Washington DC. From Schlichter's important story:

Many of us are predicting that eventually these foam-spitting, psycho liberals are going to embrace violence out of frustration at their inability to recover the power we stripped from them, but we’re already past that point. Just ask Steve Scalise, alive today only because the Bernie bro who tried to massacre a bunch of Republicans, as well as Jeff Flake, did not know how to shoot.

But we Normals do know how to shoot, and that’s significant. Because, as I have grown hoarse from shouting, I see these leftist morons charging headlong down the same slippery slope I was stationed at the bottom of in Kosovo.

The bottom of the slope is really bad, and they should stop their descent. Now.

But there’s no sign of sanity. This week they turned the hate up to “11,” then cranked it to “17.” There are not many places to go once you reach “You are real live Nazis murdering children by not letting aspiring Democrat voters flow into the country at will!” At some point, instead of a few wild-eyed randos with crummy aim trying to off libs’ political/cultural opponents, they are going to start collectively going to go for the throat.

Our collective throat. Which I do not anticipate us Normals responding to in a huggy, loving kind of way.

You can see it coming as they grow more and more unhinged. Peter Fonda, astonishingly still only the second most garbage Fonda, got on Twitter to pedo-threaten Trump’s kid and to call for the public **** and torture of a conservative women, and exactly zero prominent Democrats seemed to complain. I don’t mean one or two. I mean zero.


And if American conservatives being labeled Nazi's by the SPLC, big tech and the mainstream media isn't bad enough, we learned yesterday from Judicial Watch that Republican Senator John McCain's subcommittee staff urged the IRS to engage in "financial ruinous targeting"...of Conservatives!!! Talk about 'enemies of Americans within'. What kind of person does that? Well, McCain is in good company...Barack Obama did it too.

With completely wacky California Congresswoman Maxine Waters calling for more public harassment of President Trump aides (imagine how quickly ANP would have been forever thrown away should we have called on fellow deplorables to stalk and harass Barack Obama aides!!!), while claiming 'God' is on their side (actually Lucifer is on their side), will Waters be held responsible should someone working for President Trump be harmed by the rapidly maddening left?

As the United Nations continues their fight to disarm all Americans at a time when Republican Congressman Steve King recently warned on twitter that the US may be headed towards another civil war, can anything stop the madness? As we warned in this ANP story on June 23rd, calls for violence upon law-abiding American Conservatives could instantly explode in the faces of those carrying out such crimes. The 2nd Amendment was partially created to ensure such 'instant karma'.   


And with a recent study confirming that the highest percentage of psychopaths in America live in none other than Washington DC we have to ask, how many of them are now in Congress? There is no doubt in our minds that history will prove we were one election away from having ANOTHER psychopath in the White House. 

With the body count that has long followed Bill and Hillary Clinton wherever they go continuing to this day, it's not a stretch to say that had she somehow stolen the presidency (as she stole the Democratic party nomination), death camps would be waiting for Conservatives should her 're-education camps' have failed.

With the Obama administration having labeled tens of millions of law-abiding American citizens as potential terrorists, building data bases on Christians, Conservatives, Preppers, those who support the US Constitution and especially gun owners, while he funded and provided arms to ISIS terrorists in Syria to kill Christians, we must remember that the 'luciferian inversion' of the Obama era included "the removal of all references to Islam from terror training materials, and instead the term “terrorist” was applied to large groups of American citizens."

While Obama spent 8 years weaponizing the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS and several other federal departments, it's obvious that his 'hit squads' are still in place and it may take years for President Trump to totally clean house. And while President Trump is doing his best to reverse the tide that has long been flowing in the other direction, tens of millions of those on the far left bought into the Obama/mainstream media lies hook, line and sinker.

As events of June prove that potentially grave danger remains, we're reminded that during Obama's time in office, he armed federal government agencies to the max. Where is all of that weaponry and ammo now? He said while in office he wanted his own private army. Was he 'arming the resistance'? And we can never forget 'fast and furious' and look what's happening now in Mexico where more than 120 Mexican politicians have been murdered since last September. Also keep in mind the open door policy of Obama allowed a countless number of 'trojan horse terrorists' into the country.


With the mainstream media's war upon the truth comparable to lining up liberty in America before a firing squad, we've previously warned on ANP that before President Trump got into office, we were rapidly heading in the direction of Europe, where truth is treason in their Islamo-fascist empire of lies. Perfectly exemplified in the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson for reporting upon a Muslim grooming gang, there but for the Amazing Grace of God goes America.

And with the insanity level from the far left kicked up to 17, Republican politicians and those within the Trump administration would be wise to acquire armed guards for without them, they're sitting ducks to the unhinged left.

With Devin Nunes recently claiming US assets were likely used to spy upon the Trump campaign, there's no doubt that those same 'assets', under Obama's control, were targeting US citizens. And with Nunes giving the DOJ until 5 pm today to hand over information on when that spying began, it's long been warned that before the 'dark cabal faction' of the deep state 'bites the bullet', they'd try to take all of America down with them.

With madness in the air in Washington DC and across America, please pray for the safety of President Donald Trump, his cabinet members and employees and Conservative Americans and fellow 'deplorables' all across the country as the totally unhinged left's hatred turns to violence.

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While Many On The Right Are Sleeping, Many On The Left Are Promising To Bring War To The Streets Of America

You might want to start taking the radical left seriously.  When they tell us “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” and that “this is just the beginning”, they are making threats that they intend to back up.  There have been other times in modern American history when the left has resorted to physical intimidation and violence, but I believe that what is coming is going to far surpass anything that we have ever experienced before.  Of course not everyone agrees with me.  On Monday I authored a piece about the “civil war” that is rapidly approaching, and there were some that loudly criticized me for it.  They insisted that we didn’t have anything to worry about from the left and that I was blowing things out of proportion.  As you read the rest of this article, I hope that everyone will start to see that I am not exaggerating the threat one bit.  And what we should all be able to agree on is that the radical left is super energized right now.  Just look at what happened on Tuesday.  28-year-old radical socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez absolutely crushed 10-term congressman Joe Crowley in a Democratic primary in New York.  She was outspent 18 to 1, and in normal times something like that would never happen. (Read More...)

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Here It Comes – The Warnings About A “Civil War In America” Are Becoming Much Louder

Civil conflict is coming to America, and it is going to tear our nation apart. Earlier today I received an email from a good friend about the rising tide of anger and frustration that we are currently witnessing in America. After thinking about it for a few moments, I wrote back and told him that I don’t know if there is any way to stop what is coming at this point. In my entire lifetime, we have never been closer to a “civil war” in this country than we are right now. Let us work for peace, but it would be foolish to ignore the forces that are ripping the fabric of our society to shreds. In this day and age, the coming conflict will not be between two armies from specific geographical locations. Rather, it will be between groups of Americans with fundamentally different ideologies. However, just like in our first civil war, American cities will burn before it is all said and done. First there will be massive protests, then there will be widespread violence, and ultimately there will be mobs of lunatics running around smashing things, looting, stealing, killing and setting things on fire. (Read More...)

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The Left Celebrates July 4 By Denouncing The First Amendment

If you’re on the Right, it is not news that the Left wants to shut us up. The only change is that this goal is being announced openly in the leading publications of the mainstream Left, specifically in a long article in The New York Times warning about “How Conservatives Weaponized the First Amendment.” Weaponized. That’s right, they’re giving the First Amendment the same treatment they gave the Second. Does free speech seem as scary and dangerous as an AR-15 yet? So what’s wrong with the First Amendment? It protects people the Left doesn’t like. No, really, that’s the argument.


Facebook deletes Declaration of Independence text as ‘hate’

Algorithm can’t tell difference between white nationalists, Jefferson


Amazon’s Fusion With The State Shows Neoliberalism’s Drift To Neo-Fascism

From Amazon to Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and PayPal – among others – revelations poured out confirming the ongoing abuse of user data by monopolistic corporations, as well as their growing role as vendors of surveillance technology to the U.S. police state, military, and migrant detention agencies.


Roe v. Wade Film Begins Shooting amid Mounting Protests and Backlash

Actor and producer Nick Loeb is filming a movie about the highly controversial 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade amid rejection by pro-abortion advocates.


Trump calls Maxine Waters ‘corrupt,’ says she’s becoming the ‘face’ of the Democratic Party
President Trump on Tuesday lashed out at Rep. Maxine Waters as “one of the most corrupt people in politics” while arguing the outspoken liberal is becoming “the face” of the Democratic Party as the midterm elections heat up. “Crazy Maxine Waters, said by some to be one of the most corrupt people in politics, is rapidly becoming, together with Nancy Pelosi, the FACE of the Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted. “Her ranting and raving, even referring to herself as a wounded animal, will make people flee the Democrats!”


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Rap Sheet: ***258*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

When not calling Trump supporters “Nazis” as a means to dehumanize us, the establishment media like to whine about the lack of civility in American politics, even as they cover up, ignore, downplay, or straight-up approve of the wave of violence and public harassment we are seeing against supporters of President Trump.

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. Remember how crazy the media went over a nobody rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask, a GOP staffer who criticized Obama’s daughters? And yet, hundreds of Trump supporters are harassed and brutalized and the media only dutifully report them, if at all. That is because the media are desperate to normalize and justify violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters.

And while the media openly encourage this violence against us, the media also campaign to disarm us, to take away our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves.

This list will be updated as needed. Back-filling it will be an ongoing project over…

Here is a video channel dedicated to documenting the dozens and dozens of assaults against Trump supporters.

Please email jnolte@breitbart.com  with any updates or anything you think deserves to be added to this list. Also, if you see errors — duplicate postings or events misinterpreted as attacks on Trump supporters, please let us know. Unlike the establishment media’s reporting, we want this list to be comprehensive and factual. 

    July 9, 2018: Far-left blog Talking Points Memo mocks Stephen Miller over report of confrontation with bartender.
    July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Stephen Miller harassed on street by angry bartender.
    July 9, 2018: Motorists scream curse words at Sean Spicer in his yard.
    July 9, 2018: Trump senior aide Kellyanne Conway harassed in grocery store
    July 9, 2018: Anti-Trump activists vandalize New York DHS office
    July 8, 2018: LISTEN: Idaho GOP Rep. Receives Threatening Voicemails, Emails Because of This Facebook Post
    July 8, 2018: Longtime Hillary Clinton aide publishes contact information about bookstore owner who stopped the harassment of Steve Bannon, Reines’s  obvious goal is to see the bookstore owner harassed.
    July 8, 2018: Far-left Daily Beast writer defends public harassment of Steve Bannon
    July 7, 2018: Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) menaced outside restaurant. We know where you live!
    July 7, 2018: Steve Bannon harassed at bookstore; police called
    July 7, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Tommy Robinson supporters in San Francisco
    July 7, 2018: New York Times editorial calls for Dems to “take a page from The Godfather” to “go to the mattresses” to stop Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.
    July 6, 2018: CNN analyst justifies violence against Trump supporters
    July 6, 2018:  Long Island Man Threatened to Kill Supporters of Republican Congressman, Trump: Police
    July 6, 2018: Florida man attacked over Trump flag in yard.
    July 6, 2018: Woman threatens to stab Alan Dershowitz in heart.
    July 5, 2018: Founder of #WalkAway campaign refused service at camera store.
    July 5, 2018: Trump supporter wearing Make America Great Again hat allegedly assaulted in burger joint (video at link).
    July 3, 2018: Left-wing Catholic calls for sending Trump supporters to the guillotine
    July 3, 2018: Nebraska GOP office vandalized.
    July 3, 2018: EPA head Scott Pruitt harassed at restaurant.
    July 2, 2018: MAGA hat wearer harassed at seafood restaurant
    July 2, 2018: Mother of cancer survivor harassed online for thanking Eric Trump for $16 million in St. Jude support
    July 2, 2018: Cher accuses ICE of “Gestapo tactics.”
    July 2, 2018: Man accused of threatening to kill Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and his family.
    July 1, 2018: Washington Post reporter publicly calls on mobs to give Trump officials a “life sentence” of harassment.
    July 1, 2018: Man wearing MAGA hat refused service in restaurant.
    July 1, 2018: AntiFa terrorists attack Patriot Prayer rally in Portland.
    June 29, 2018: Media falsely blame Trump for murder of five journalists in Maryland.
    June 28, 2018: Journalist lies about Maryland mass-shooter being a Trump supporter.
    June 29, 2018: Hollywood actor calls on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be harassed at “every meal.”
    June 29, 2018: California man accused of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children.
    June 28, 2018: Reuters editor says Trump has blood on his hands for murder of five journalists in Maryland. He still has a job.
    June 28, 2018: Singer John Legend praises and agrees with Rep. Maxine Waters for calling on mobs to publicly harass Trump officials out of public spaces like restaurants.
    June 28, 2018: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) calls on “angry” Latinos to oust Trump.
    June 27, 2018: Media defend and champion Virginia restaurant owner who kicked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out, and then reportedly harassed them as they ate at a nearby restaurant.
    June 26, 2018: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao harassed at home by protesters.
    June 26, 2018: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) blames President Trump for her intern yelling “**** you!” at him through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. The intern was not fired.
    June 26, 2018: Comedienne Kathy Griffin attacks the Trump administration as “pro-Nazi.” Obviously, once you describe someone as a Nazi, you are calling for violence against them.
    June 26, 2018: Chicago bar refuses to serve Trump supporters.
    June 26, 2018: Singer John Legend calls on Trump officials to be harassed until our immigration policies are weakened.
    June 26, 2018: Late night comedians celebrate the harassment of Sarah Sanders and her family.
    June 25, 2018: Burned animal carcass left on Trump staffer’s porch.
    June 25, 2018: After refusing to serve Sarah Sanders and the family, we learn a restaurant owner then organized a mob to harass Sanders’ family at a nearby restaurant.
    June 25, 2018: Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) calls on mobs to confront Trump officials over immigration policies.
    June 25, 2018: CNN contributor attacks those on the right calling for civility.
    June 25, 2018: CNN’s Jake Tapper dismisses harassment of Sarah Sanders as a political ploy on Sander’s part.
    June 24, 2018: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) publicly calls on mobs to “turn on” Trump officials, to “harass” them, ensure they “they won’t be able to go to a restaurant, they won’t be able to stop at a gas station, they’re not going to be able to shop at a department store.”
    June 23, 2018: Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi harassed, menaced, and reportedly spit at by left-wing protesters at movie theater.
    June 22, 2018: Sarah Sanders and her family booted out of restaurant by left-wing owner.
    June 22, 2016: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed by protesters outside her private home.
    June 22, 2018: Rep. Jackie Sperier (D-CA), compares border enforcement to Auschwitz.
    June 22, 2018: Left-wing activists vandalize billboard.
    June 22, 2018: On Morning Joe, Donny Deutsch smears Trump and his supporters as “Nazis.”
    June 21, 2018: Democrat state legislator in Pennsylvania greets Vice President Mike Pence with a “middle finger salute.”
    June 21, 2018: White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller heckled and harassed at restaurant.
    June 21, 2018: Actor Adam Scott compares Tucker Carlson to a Nazi.
    June 20, 2018: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists publish list of ICE agents for harassment purposes.
    Jun 20, 2018: Florida man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), a U.S. combat veteran, and his children in a series of nearly 500 calls to his office.
    June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to kidnap President Trump’s 11-year-old son and throw him in a cage with pedophiles.
    June 20, 2018: Actor Peter Fonda calls for a mob to sexually humiliate and abuse Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
    June 20, 2018: Nancy Sinatra praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
    June 20, 2018: Documentary filmmaker Josh Fox praises Peter Fonda for his tweets.
    June 20, 2018: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for politicians in favor of border security to be put in cages.
    June 19, 2018: Kirstjen Nielsen harassed out of restaurant.
    June 19, 2018: Democrat interns screams “**** you!” at Trump through the halls of the U.S. Capitol. She was not fired.
    June 19, 2018: New Yorker fact checker publicly (and falsely) accuses a disabled war veteran who works for ICE of being a Nazi.
    June 16, 2018: Jewish Trump Supporter Attacked Outside Kathy Griffin Show In San Francisco
    June 15, 2018: Man has MAGA flag stolen at rally.
    June 15, 2018: CNN analyst heckles and screams at Sarah Sanders.
    June 14, 2018: Nancy Pelosi wonders why there ‘aren’t uprisings’ across nation: ‘Maybe there will be’
    May 30, 2018: Anti-Trump Band NOFX Tells Vegas Audience ‘At Least It Was Country Fans’ Killed in Oct. Shooting
    May 24, 2018: Anti-Trump forces threaten lawmakers’ lives in name of #Resistance
    May 23, 2018: Tomi Lahren has water thrown at her at Minnesota restaurant
    May 22, 2018: Trump supporter suspended from school over border wall t-shirt.
    May 21, 2018: 14 threats reported against EPA chief Scott Pruitt.
    May 16, 2018: CNN’s Chris Cillizza puts Trump in crosshairs.
    May 14, 2018: Black man in MAGA hat harassed, threatened, called “****” at Cheesecake Factory.
    April 23, 2018: Trump supporter shouted out of bar in New York.
    April 8, 2018: David Crosby celebrates fatal Trump Tower fire: ‘oh boy … burn baby burn’
    April 7, 2018: Mental Health Expert who hates POTUS cheers Fire at Trump Tower-Jeffrey Guterman
    April 4, 2018: Councilwoman accused of yelling obscenities at teen wearing Trump shirt
    April 3, 2018: Woman brutally attacked in restaurant over support for Trump.
    April 1, 2018: Trump golf course sign vandalized.
    May 22, 2018: CNN guest on Trump: “If you’re going to shoot him, you have to shoot to kill.”
    March 19, 2018: Democratic Congressman Hints at Armed Rebellion Against Trump
    March 19, 2018: Trump supporters attacked for protesting anti-police coffee shop.
    March 16, 2018: Capitol police arrest male democrat operative over assault of Trump official
    March 15, 2018: Student with ‘Trump’ flag assaulted by mob during National School Walkout
    February 27, 2018: Trump supporter threatened with knife.
    February 23, 2018: Spanish teachers have students hit Trump piñata in Laguna Hills
    February 21, 2018: CNN publicly smears elderly Trump supporter as Russian plant, death threats follow
    February 8, 2018: Northeastern University wishes death on Trump during lecture
    February 7, 2018: Democrat attested for sending white powder to Donald Trump Jr.
    February 2, 2018: CNN Writer Thanks God for Fatal GOP Train Wreck
    January 31, 2018: Party thrown to hurl stuff at television image of Trump.
    January 29, 2018: Saginaw, MI businessman’s Trump sign vandalized.
    January 22, 2018: AntiFa calls for “riot ****” against Trump supporter Tom, Brady
    December 20, 2017: AntiFa terrorists assault Trump supporter outside bookstore
    December 18, 2017: Eminem song ‘Framed’ plots assassination of Ivanka Trump
    December 9, 2017: Students wearing MAGA hats booted from ‘safe space’ coffee shop
    December 3, 2017: Trump supporter’ home and vehicle vandalized for second time.
    November 27, 2017: Singer Morrissey: I would kill Trump ‘for the safety of humanity’
    November 22, 2017: Trump-hater snatches, steals student’s MAGA hat.
    November 22, 2017: Man mistaken for Trump supporter attacked
    November 20, 2017: University of IL instructor assault Trump supporters
    November 13, 2017: Trump supporter assaulted for wearing MAGA hat.
    October 26, 2017: SF Gate columnist says death threats against EPA chief Scott Pruitt make sense
    October 19, 2017: Left-wing thugs arrested for disrupting College Republican meeting, shouting “fascists,” “racists” and “white supremacists”
    September 28, 2017: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos heckled as “white supremacist” during speech.
    September 17, 2017: Trump supporter physically assault in Roosevelt High School gym.
    September 15, 2017: CNN host “jokes” about killing Trump with hemlock in his food.
    August 28, 2017: Car with Trump bumper sticker vandalized in San Francisco.
    August 28, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists attack peaceful Trump supporters at Berkeley.
    August 28, 2017: GOP headquarters in Fayetteville, KY vandalized. “Die Nazi Scum” spray painted on windows.
    August 24, 2017: Black Trump supporter spit at for wearing MAGA hat.
    August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter sucker punched in Laguna Beach.
    August 23, 2017: Black Trump supporter punched multiple times while leaving Trump’s Arizona rally
    August 18. 2017: Top Missouri Democrat calls for Trump to be “assassinated.”
    August 17, 2017: ‘Nazis’ spray painted on New Hampshire GOP headquarters
    August 16, 2017: Anti-Donald Trump campaigner ‘shoots Republican neighbour twice in the head’
    August 14, 2017: Conservative student attacked for “YAF” hat at vigil for Charlottesville victims.
    July 31, 2017: Women’s studies professor wants Trump shot
    July 7, 2017: Student threatened for supporting Trump.
    July 7, 2017: Man attacked for wearing MAGA hat in New York bar.
    July 5, 2017: CNN threatens to expose Trump supporter to online mob over parody video.
    July 3, 2017: Philadelphia Trump supporter jumped by three men after rallies
    June 22, 2017: Actor Johnny Depp “jokes” about assassinating Trump.
    June 15, 2017: Several shots fired at truck flying ‘Make America Great Again’ flag on I-465 in Indiana
    June 14, 2017: HuffPo publishes article calling for “execution” of Trump.
    June 14, 2017: Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a group of Republican congressman. Rep. Steve Scalise is shot and nearly dies.
    June 12, 2017: Wire creator David Simon calls on mobs to pick up a “brick” if Trump fires special counsel Robert Mueller.
    June 10, 2017: Trump supporter beaten with ‘Queers for Muslims’ sign in Seattle.
    June 10, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa hurl urine at woman protesting against Sharia
    June 7, 2017: HuffPo: ‘Inherent Value’ and ‘Logic’ in Violence Against Trump Supporters
    June 7, 2017: Veteran’s wife violently beaten for voting for Trump
    June 6, 2017: “Trump” is stabbed to death in front of cheering audience in Central Park
    June 3, 2017: Anti-Trump band decapitates Trump statue on stage
    May 30, 2017: Kathy Griffin beheads Trump.
    May 19, 2017: Man arrested for multiple acts of anti-Trump vandalism.
    May 13, 2017: Woman attempts to drive GOP congressman off road over health-care vote, police say
    May 4, 2017: Leaked Screenshots Reveal BuzzFeed Director Wishing for Trump Assassination
    April 23, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa arrested for assault in DC.
    April 20, 2017: University of Alaska is displaying a painting of a decapitated Trump in its gallery
    April 19. 2017: MSNBC ‘Counter-Terrorism Analyst’ Calls for ISIS Bombing of Trump Property
    April 15, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists start riot in Berkeley.
    April 15, 2017: Left-wing terrorists with AntiFa assault Trump supporter with bike lock.
    April 14, 2017: Two arrested for burning Trump sign in Maryland
    April 5, 2018: Orange Park, FL Trump supporter spends two hours in surgery after attack.
    April 3, 2017: Left-wing AntiFa terrorists disrupt pro-Trump rally in Vancouver
    April 6, 2018: During Ellen appearance, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) “jokes” about killing Trump, Pence, Sessions on elevator.
    March 27, 2017: Pro-Trump march organizer pepper-sprayed by protester
    March 20, 2017: Violent kids hit Trump supporter in face with skateboard
    March 19, 2017: MAGA hat wearer kicked out of bar
    March 19, 2017: ‘Murder Trump ASAP’ graffiti found on freeway wall in San Diego
    March 17, 2017: ‘Making History’ Star Adam Pally Says He Wants To ‘Kill Trump’
    March 16, 2016: Rapper Bow Wow threatens to “pimp” first lady Melania
    March 15, 2017: University of Michigan student detained after damaging Trump supporter’s flag
    March 16, 2017: Pro-Trump Michael Savage assaulted.
    March 14, 2017: Young Trump supporters harassed online as Nazis
    March 12, 2017: Snoop Dogg “shoots” Trump in the head.
    March 9, 2017: Florida man punched in face after road rage incident sparked by Trump bumper sticker
    March 7, 2017: Hillary VP pick and Sen. Tim Kaine’s (D-VA) son arrested for hurling smoke bomb in the Minnesota Capitol rotund
    March 7, 2017: CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at the Oval Office.
    March 6, 2017: Berkeley man arrested for destroying College Republican sign
    March 5, 2017: Leftist rioters crash peaceful pro-Trump rally with tasers
    March 4, 2017: Left-wing rioters attack peaceful pro-Trump rally at Berkeley
    March 1, 2017: Trump supporter’s car vandalized in Oregon
    February 26, 2017: Trump supporter’s house egged three times in New York
    February 26, 2017: Female Trump supporter assaulted in Hollywood
    February 25, 2017: Ohio man assaulted by anti-Trump mob
    February 27, 2017: Flier in North Carolina calls on mobs to assault Trump supporters
    February 17, 2017: Professor tweets ‘Trump must hang,’ gets paid leave:
    February 16, 2017: Kansas City man with AR-15 taunts Trump supporter, rips down Trump flag
    February 15, 2017: Hateful messages found on Trump supporter’s historic Denver home
    February 14, 2017: Stephen Colbert puts White House adviser Stephen Miller’s head on a pike.
    February 13, 2017: Black Trump supporter’s home vandalized with “KKK’ spray paint – hoax hate crime
    February 11, 2017: University of Central Florida Club Incites Young Kids To “Kill Donald Trump”
    February 10, 2017: Black Lives Matter bully threatens to smash woman’s laptop over Trump sticker.
    February 10, 2017: Protesters block Education secretary Betsy DeVos from entering school.
    February 9, 2017: Man arrested for attacking Trump supporter in California
    February 9, 2017: AntiFa middle school teacher Yvette Felarca arrested for starting riot in Berkeley
    February 8, 2017: Police investigating multiple incidents of anti-Trump graffiti in North Carolina.
    February 8, 2017: CSUF instructor suspended for striking pro-Trump student
    February 7, 2018: Trump supporters’ home vandalized in Oceanside CA
    February 7, 2017: Girl in MAGA hat pepper sprayed
    February 5, 2017: Rapper Big Sean Threatens to Kill Donald Trump in New Freestyle
    February 4, 2017: School suspends victim after he is beaten for wearing MAGA
    February 2, 2017: Comedienne Sarah Silverman calls on military to overthrow Trump.
    February 2, 2017: Arrests at NYU after left-wing thugs disrupt conservative speaker
    February 2, 2017: Trump supporter attacked in street in Berkeley
    February 1, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group AntiFa assaults Trump supporters at Berkeley.
    January 31, 2017: Former VP candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), calls on Democrats to “fight in the streets” against Trump.
    January 29, 2017: Times Journo Calls for Assassination of President Trump
    January 26, 2017: Texas Teacher Pretends to Shoot Trump in Class
    January 23, 2017: WATCH woman harass Trump supporter on flight
    January 23, 2017: Protesters Throw Water at Trump Inaugural Ball Attendees
    January 22, 2017: Trump supporter Scott Baio was roughed up by protesters in DC
    January 21, 2017: Madonna fantasizes about blowing up the White House.
    January 20, 2017: Reporter falsely accuses 10-year-old Barron Trump of killing 100 small animals
    January 20, 2017: Comedian Limmy tells Donald Trump assassination joke
    January 20, 2017: Anti-Trump protester lights Trump supporter’s hair on fire.
    January 20, 2017: Left-wing terrorist group Antifa riots over Trump’s inauguration.
    January 19, 2017: CNN fantasizes about Obama staying in power if Trump is assassinated.
    January 17, 2017: German journalist: Assassination of Trump would end ‘tragedy’
    January 5, 2017: Left-wing thugs kidnap, beat, and torture an 18-year-old with schizophrenia while shouting “**** Trump” and “**** white people.”
    December 29, 2016: Charlie Sheen Wishes Death Upon Trump
    December 22, 2016: Ivanka Trump harassed on JetBlue flight by college professor
    December 14, 2016: Politico reporter accuses Trump of incest.
    November 30, 2016: CBS Boston Freelancer Tweets that  ‘Trump Died Sleeping’ calms him.
    November 19, 2016: Texas High School Students Perform Trump ‘Assassination’ Skit
    November 18, 2016: Actor Michael Shannon: Time for Trump voters to die
    November 16, 2016: PacketSled CEO resigns after threatening to kill Trump
    November 16, 2016: Man gunned down outside bar after he joked about voting for Trump
    November 16, 2016: Left-wing thugs assault 15-year-old Trump supporter.
    November 14, 2016: Toronto Student Wants Trump To Be Assassinated
    November 14, 2016: Avengers director Joss Whedon says Trump “CANNOT” be allowed to serve out his term in office.
    November 12, 2016: 2 Men Attack Trump Supporter in Meriden, CT
    November 12, 2016: Man in MAGA hat attacked by New York subway rider.
    November 11, 2016: Mother emotionally abuses child for “voting” for Trump.
    November 10, 2016: Telegraph’s columnist Monisha Rajesh expressed a desire that Donald Trump be assassinated in a tweet
    November 10, 2016: Student Trump supporter attacked at Woodside High School
    November 10, 2016: Trump Supporter Beaten in Chicago Street, Recorded on Video
    November 10, 2016: Orange Is the New Black star Lea DeLaria threatens “to pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking Republican and independent I see.”
    November 9, 2016: Stafford, TX student says he was attacked for supporting Trump in mock election
    November 9, 2016: Marilyn Manson “kills” Trump in music video.
    November 7, 2016: Trump volunteer assaulted, robbed for wearing MAGA hat
    November 6, 2016: Trump Supporter’s Truck Torched Because of Bumper Sticker
    November 3, 2016: LA Times reporter tweets: ‘I would rather see Donald Trump’s life end.’
    October 29, 2016: Homeless woman guarding Trump’s Walk of Fame star assaulted in Hollywood.
    October 28, 2016: Trump signs vandalized in Quincy, IL.
    October 26, 2016: Trump’s Walk of Fame star vandalized.
    October 16, 2016: Left-wing terrorists firebomb GOP headquarters in North Carolina.
    October 16, 2016: 17 vehicles vandalized at Trump rally in Bangor, Maine.
    October 7, 2016: Robert De Niro says he wants to “punch” Trump in the face.
    October 3, 2016: Trump billboard defaced with swastikas.
    September 18, 2016: Trump supporter beaten in El Cajon.
    August 27, 2017: Vandals deface Trump supporter’s lawn signs.
    August 19, 2016: Left-wing thugs attack Trump’s motorcade and his supporters.
    August 9, 2016: Man’s Trump T-shirt sparked crowbar attack, cops say
    August 6, 2016: Massachusetts woman vandalizes Trump sign, tries to run down owner.
    July 1, 2016: Black Teenage Trump supporter in Atlanta receives death threats For Supporting Trump
    June 18, 2016: Man attempts to assassinate Trump.
    June 2, 2016: Left-wing thugs violently attack Trump supporters. One women was surrounded by a mob and pelted with raw eggs.
    May 25, 2016: Brad Thor on Glenn Beck: ‘If Congress Won’t Remove’ Trump from White House, ‘What Patriot Will Step Up’
    May 8, 2016: Trump Supporter Christopher Conway Attacked By the Tolerant Left
    April 7, 2016: Actor Mickey Rourke challenges Donald Trump to a fight – with a baseball bat
    March 21, 2016: Man’s homemade Trump billboard vandalized and destroyed in Michigan.
    March 17, 2016: Violent protesters attack Trump supporters in Chicago.
    March 15, 2016: Vandals deface  Trump signs in Dayton Ohio,
    March 14, 2016: CNN treats man who tried to tackle Trump as folk hero.
    March 12, 2016: Trump supporter’s Virginia house vandalized
    March 12, 2016: Man tries to tackle Trump at campaign rally.
    March 9, 2016: Trump billboard removed due to repeated vandalism in West Town IL.
    March 1, 2016: Former Daily Show contributor Larry Wilmore “jokes” about killing Trump.
    February 24, 2016: NYT columnist Ross Douthat “jokes” about assassination attempt on Trump
    January 5, 2016:  Jewish Trump support’s Trump sign vandalized with Nazi images.
    November 19, 2015: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activist Calls for Donald Trump’s Assassination

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New York Times calls for war against President Trump: Use mafia Godfather tactics

The New York Times has abandoned all pretenses at objective journalism or even decency.

On July 6, 2018, the Times‘ editorial board published an editorial titled “Democrats: Do Not Surrender the Judiciary,” calling on Democrats and progressives to go to war against President Trump by deploying unscrupulous mafia tactics.

The editorial says:

    With Republicans controlling the Senate and the judicial filibuster dead, the Democrats’ odds of denying President Trump a second Supreme Court appointment are slim. Barring some unforeseen development, the president will lock in a 5-to-4 conservative majority, shifting the court solidly to the right for a generation.

    This is all the more reason for Democrats and progressives to take a page from “The Godfather” and go to the mattresses on this issue.

The New York Times tells Democrats to “take a page from” the 1972 movie, The Godfather. The following are the tactics used by the Corleone and rival crime families in the movie:

    Shooting (gunning down)
    Ambush with machine guns
    Car bomb
    Sending a dead fish as a message that someone had been murdered (“sleeps with the fishes”)
    Decapitating a horse and putting its bloody head in the bed as a warning

As Breitbart‘s John Nolte points out:

    The term “going to the mattresses” means going to war.

    The Urban Dictionary accurately describes the phrase as meaning “preparing for battle” within the context of a mob war, a violent mob war involving firearms, assassinations, and bombings.

    The anti-Trump New York Times describes this editorial as a “call to arms” and adds that the “fire now raging against Mr. Trump and his nominees can’t be sustained indefinitely.”

    As of July 7, Breitbart News has documented 190 acts (this list continues to be updated and now numbers 254) of media-approved violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters during the last 31 months.

    The establishment media continue to ignore, downplay, encourage, and even justify violence against their political enemies on the right, and the result of this indifference and wink-wink encouragement is an epidemic of violence and harassment.

    Simply put, the media have declared “open season” on Trump supporters.

    And now, we have the “esteemed” New York Times editorial board calling for Democrats to use the mafia as their inspiration to stop a judicial appointment.

    Keep in mind that the same media encouraging this violence against everyday Americans is the same media constantly campaigning to have those same everyday Americans left helpless by disarming them.

The New York Times‘ despicable editorial is reproached by a reader, “Walked away,” who wrote this comment on July 7, 2018:

    As an African American man, I have lived in the DC for a considerable period of time, and I have never seen the type of vulgar, mean spiritedness rage after an election. After the election I went to my place of work, and the police told us to remain in the building because of the riots taking place.

    When President Obama was elected that never happened. Yes, conservatives hated it, vowed to make him a one term president, but no burning cars, broken windows, bullied people because you wore an Obama or hat shirt.

    Now we have a Congresswoman openly endorsing harassment of cabinet members – at their home, and while they carry out their daily duties! What if a child is involved?

    For the first time in my life we have our own elected officials advocating for people who are not American citizens more them than American citizens.

    From where I’m sitting, the Dems are positioning themselves for a great loss during the Midterms and quite possibly the General. The vitriolic narrative is one thing, but assaults and harassment are another. You cannot act or be like what you don’t want in the White House, and yet; that’s what the Dems are doing. When you endorse harassment, censorship and hatred, the sleeper effects of the silent majority will nail you, just as it did election night.

    In my opinion, fix both your narratives and optics if you want to win the SCOTUS and in the voting booth. What I am witnessing from the Democratic party is not just unAmerican it’s scary.

Here’s a screenshot of the comment:

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Patriot Warns Antifa Violence Could Break Out Suddenly And Without Warning

In this new story over at Zero Hedge we see that thousands of protesters showed up to shut down a highway in Chicago on Saturday, demanding that Americans be disarmed to stop the bloodshed in their city while claiming they "live in a state of emergency". While Democrats have been in control of one of the nation's most corrupt cities for over 80 years, the cries of 'state of emergency' echo remarks recently made by CNN host Brian Stelter who proclaimed on national TV that Americans in 2018 are living in a state of emergency just because President Trump is in the White House, attempting to make America great again.

And if the lead story over at the Drudge Report this morning hinting that Hillary Clinton may be secretly planning a 2020 run for President wasn't bad enough, the growing echo chambers on the left and proliferating propaganda being shouted from the rooftops by the mainstream media that President Donald Trump is the 2nd Adolf Hitler and his supporters all Nazi's have many warning a 2nd Civil War in America is surely ahead.

As Susan Duclos reported on ANP on July 7th, in just the first 7 days of July there had already been 14 media approved and incited acts of violence and harassment against President Trump supporters and as this July 5th story by John Nolte over at Breibart reported, the 'rap sheet' against the MSM is now up to 202 different incidents dating back to January 5th of 2016 and growing by leaps and bounds every day.

With former OJ Simpson attorney Alan Dershowitz recently claiming that he's being treated worse for his defense of President Donald Trump than he was for helping to get O.J. off of his murder charges, Dershowitz also recently told an interviewer that defending President Trump: "It's a red badge of courage".

Claiming that he'd been shunned by many in his Martha's Vineyard social circles by leftists using McCarthy-like tactics over his aggressive questioning of the legitimacy of Robert Mueller's totally illegitimate 'Russian collusion' witch hunt, what's happening to Dershowitz and many President Trump supporters should be seen as a dire warning to ALL Americans who care about the US Constitution, freedom and America as we're still only one election away from losing our country and all of the freedoms that come along with it.

And while we'd believed we'd dodged the nightmare that a Hillary Clinton presidency would bring, we can never forget that she stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders and history has proven that she'd surely resort to trickery and theft to do so again, and this time try to steal the presidency, allowing her to complete the globalists horror for America.

As President Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani recently told ABC news, special counsel Robert Mueller is leading one of the most corrupt investigations he had ever seen and as we reported on ANP just days ago on July 6th, the 'boiling frogs police state' that has been established in America was largely created under his watch where he was head of the FBI from 2001 to 2013. From a new Washington Examiner story.:

“This is the most corrupt investigation I have ever seen that the Justice Department is allowing to go forward,” Giuliani told ABC News on Sunday. “I’ve never seen an investigation with texts from FBI agents, now seven of them, that have such extraordinary bias.”

The former New York City mayor was referencing messages exchanged by FBI employees that were hostile to Trump. The messages were revealed in a report from the Justice Department's inspector general last month.

Giuliani also criticized the members of Mueller's team, saying the special counsel has “very, very severe partisans” working on the investigation into Russian meddling and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. He said “biases” should be explored surrounding Mueller’s probe.

“How you could end up hiring a group of people that are as prejudiced and biased as this group, in their record at least, is extraordinary,” he said. “And how you could expect us to just walk our client up like a lamb going to the slaughter? We wouldn’t be lawyers.”

As we reported on ANP back on June 21st, great evidence indicates the globalists had a 16-year plan to complete the destruction of US sovereignty. And while Barack Obama's 8 years in office led them to the completion of many of the globalists goals including the funding of terrorism, the opening of US borders to MS-13 and an endless flow of Democratic-voting illegal immigrants and massive cuts to the US military budget, their goals of completing the destruction of the US and allowing the rise of their luciferian 'new world order' has been temporarily nipped in the bud.

With Democrats now panicking about the viral nature of the #WalkAway movement as Susan Duclos reported in this new story and attacks against Conservatives becoming the 'new norm' in America, it's not a stretch to say that had Hillary somehow stolen the election, the 'red list roundups' long warned of and 'Hillary fun camps' even Hillary spoke of would have been fully implemented policies by now, nearly 2 years into her presidency.

As we had reported on ANP back on June 14th, we have proof that 're-education camps' in America were built before our eyes with college campuses nationwide turned into socialist indoctrination centers while children nationwide and at every level of the education system were being dumbed down under 'common core'.

And with the attempts by the global elite aided by the mainstream media to destroy American sovereignty and leave us with a revised Constitution and open borders temporarily stopped in its path with President Donald Trump in the White House, the left has nothing else but to resort to violence with anybody sporting anything #MAGA or Trump-related now quite literally being 'dehumanized' by the left as if they really somehow believe that their own s**t doesn't stink.

Well, we all know that it does and its first name is Hillary. But with leftist politicians and the mainstream media still attempting to incite violence against President Trump supporters, each and every President Trump supporter should have our eyes and ears wide open in the days, weeks and months ahead and be ready for anything.

As we hear in the first video below from 'Proud Boy' member Rufio Panman in an interview with Infowars, situations such as the recent peaceful prayer meeting in Portland, Oregon that was viciously attacked by antifa terrorists can turn from verbal to physical violence in a matter of moments.

Panman was brutally attacked by one such anarchist with a metal pipe before the thug was met with instant karma with Panman defending himself and knocking the 'soy boy communist' out with one swift and brutal blow to the head.

Panman tells us that he only wanted to have an open and polite conversation with these anarchists who hate America before he had to resort to defending himself after they turned violent and in this video, he reveals to us his tips on getting ourselves out of trouble in an increasingly violent world should suddenly and without warning, a situation such as the brawl that happened in Portland unfold where you are.

And with more and more deranged Democrats threatening to harm or kill President Trump's supporters as we recently saw in one 75-year old man in New York melting down and threatening Conservatives and a Republican representative, as long as the Democratic establishment continues to encourage violence and incivility against President Trump and his supporters as we see in the 2nd video below, the potential for another civil war in America lives on. 

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« Reply #54 on: July 09, 2018, 08:46:15 pm »

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What can you do for Jesus?  Learn what 1 person can accomplish.

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