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News: "Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me." John 5:39 (KJB)
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My Testimony of coming to Christ

August 08, 2018, 02:38:10 am suzytr says: Hello, any good churches in the Sacto, CA area, also looking in Reno NV, thanks in advance and God Bless you Smiley
January 29, 2018, 01:21:57 am Christian40 says: It will be interesting to see what happens this year Israel being 70 years as a modern nation may 14 2018
October 17, 2017, 01:25:20 am Christian40 says: It is good to type Mark is here again!  Smiley
October 16, 2017, 03:28:18 am Christian40 says: anyone else thinking that time is accelerating now? it seems im doing days in shorter time now is time being affected in some way?
September 24, 2017, 10:45:16 pm Psalm 51:17 says: The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. It states: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”
September 20, 2017, 04:32:32 am Christian40 says: "The most popular Hepatitis B vaccine is nothing short of a witch’s brew including aluminum, formaldehyde, yeast, amino acids, and soy. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that destroys cellular metabolism and function. Hundreds of studies link to the ravaging effects of aluminum. The other proteins and formaldehyde serve to activate the immune system and open up the blood-brain barrier. This is NOT a good thing."
September 19, 2017, 03:59:21 am Christian40 says: bbc international did a video about there street preaching they are good witnesses
September 14, 2017, 08:06:04 am Psalm 51:17 says: bro Mark Hunter on YT has some good, edifying stuff too.
September 14, 2017, 04:31:26 am Christian40 says: i have thought that i'm reaping from past sins then my life has been impacted in ways from having non believers in my ancestry.
September 11, 2017, 06:59:33 am Psalm 51:17 says: The law of reaping and sowing. It's amazing how God's mercy and longsuffering has hovered over America so long. (ie, the infrastructure is very bad here b/c for many years, they were grossly underspent on. 1st Tim 6:10, the god of materialism has its roots firmly in the West) And remember once upon a time ago when shacking up b/w straight couples drew shock awe?

Exodus 20:5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
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Author Topic: My Testimony of coming to Christ  (Read 717 times)
« on: March 07, 2011, 11:59:00 pm »

Well I have been needing to put this up for all to read, and not just in a note. Its long over do, so here you go. (By the way, I have been making Audio Files of my Testimony and they will have alot more in it, however they will take some time to finish and I need to finish it, and need to find a Audio Uploading place for them as well. I may even update this testimony in the Future, as it was not well written out and needs more, but takes time.)

So here you Go -

My Testimony

Part I

Chapter I.

I discovered Christ about the time of my dads death. This was on 1,1,2009. He committed suicide early in the morning, at about 2:00 A.M, on the East coast time. He was living in South Carolina at the time. Prior to his death a few weeks before I had planned to go down to visit him, and possibly stay. My uncle was supposed to come and get me, but he did not like driving any extra to get me. He was going to, but I just told him to not worry about it. I talked to my dad a little later, and he sounded sad and asked why I was not coming down.

I just told him my uncle did not wish to come get me, and not to worry about it, and my mother did not really have a lot of money to give me so I could down either. I talked to him over the phone while my uncle, and a cousin of mine who decided to go as well were visiting him. I talked to him for a limited amount of time, before he needed to go.

Some bad things happened while my uncle and cousin were down there with my dad. When they left, it was on really bad terms. The night, or a few nights before they left to come back home from South Carolina, my cousion and my dad decided to go to a bar to get drunk. My uncle was the driver for them. My cousin and dad came into contact with some guy in the bar who was selling drugs (marijuana). They were going to buy some from him, and my uncle did not want any part of it.

Note: Some of these things I did not find out until almost a year or more after my dads death.

Somehow their communications got messed up, and my uncle thought that my dad and cousin were going to go with this guy to his house to smoke the drugs. Well it turned out they were going to go buy it and then go home and smoke it. My dad called my uncle and asked where he was. Well when he told him that he was back at my dads house, my dad freaked out on him.

From what I was told, it was kind of like this:
“What! What are you doing back there!”
“Well I thought you were going to go that guys house and smoke it with him, so I went home”
“No! we were going to buy it than come home and smoke it”
“Come and get me!”
“Where are you at?”
“I don’t know, just come get me!”

So my uncle went back to the bar first and traced his tracks from there. Thankfully he was able to find both my dad and cousin walking down the road about two or so miles from the bar. My cousin had been punched in the eye, because he had apparently defended my uncle, and my dad and cousin got into a fight, and pushing each other down and throwing each other around on the street and sidewalks.

After my uncle picked them up, my dad punched or slapped my uncle in the side of the head. My uncle did not say anything and just drove back to the house. After they got out, my cousin and dad got into another fight on his yard. My uncle tried to calm the situation, and I can’t rememeber if he did, but after it was over, my cousin kept saying to him “you weird, your weird”. Anyways, they all went to sleep and did not say much that night to each other, nor in the morning.

They simply left on bad terms that night. A few weeks later my dad committed suicide with a shotgun to his head. He had been on disability and was low on money, no job, living in a small apartment type thing in South Carolina, and living the wild life. He had always lived the wildlife, and seemed to be always on the run. He was 40 years old when he died.

I was one of the last few people to talk to my dad before he committed suicide, in fact I talked to him sometime around 12:00 A.M and 1:00 A.M on new years eve of 2008/2009 , which would of put him at 1:00/2:00 A.M in the Eastern time zone. As I was in the Midwestern states. The last person to talk to him was my uncle who had visited him a few weeks earlier. He was right after me, and the person before me I believe was my grandmother on my dads side (his mother). Some of the last words he said to me was “yeah, I think : certain famous person : was right.” (I left out the persons name for particular reasons).

Chapter II.

After his death, I went down to South Carolina with my Mother, and some relatives on my dads side. We went down to pick up his ashes, and some personal items of his, and also the shotgun he used, etc. Well I had no idea that my grandmother would pull a 180 on me, as I was told I would get his ashes. My Mother and me left early to go back home. Well I never got the ashes, and I fought with my grandmother over it a little, but she never gave them. (Kind of glad now, since I discovered the cremation is a pagan practice anyways.) A lot of the items I got from my dad I simply gave away, a computer went to another of my uncles who went down to South Carolina with us after my dads death, after I went up to visit him later in 2009. (More on that later.).

I have a few of my dads items left, but nothing much. One thing actually came from a camper of his that was left in Kansas whitch was not around his death. Some other things were, which are not pretty much junk. My grandmother and me don’t talk much anymore after my dads death, as it was discovered not too long after his death that she had cancer. She has gotten a little better after doing radiation and chemo treatments (If you can call it better…). My granddad also had a lot of health problems within the last few years, before and after my dads death. Heart attacks, and I heard recently he has been having back and shoulder problems, and couldn’t sleep.

Well about three-six months after my dads death, my mother hired a guy to work on our house. I remember walking across the yard to take care of the dogs (I remember it being a warm/hot day - He remembers it being a cool day). Well I asked him if he thought my dad was in heaven, he simply said “if he believed in Jesus”. This sparked my interest and I wanted to know more, between this point and about August/September of 2009 its kind of blurry to me, so I can’t tell you I remember much. I know in July/early August I went to Iowa to visit my uncle who had went down to South Carolina after my dads death.

Chapter III.

On a side note after my dads death, it was probably February or January of 2009 that I took a shotgun I had and some shells, and was going to either shoot myself or my moms boyfriend who I did not want coming over to the house. I was in the process of placing the shells into into the shotgun, (Both my mother and uncle were struggling with me, as he had also come over). I could of easily shrugged then off if I had wanted to, as I was so much larger than my mother or uncle. They were both maybe 5”0 Foot tall and 115 pounds each, give or take.

I was 5’6 - 5”7 and 160-180 Pounds. I had one shell at the top of the barrel, as it was broken open, and I mean it was inches from being in. All I needed to do was shove it in. For some reason I said forget it, and threw the shells into a hallway a few feet away and let them have the shotgun. I’m not sure why I gave up, I can only think that the Lord Jesus Christ stopped me from doing it, but we also have free will too. I’m just not really sure, but I sure am thankful that it never went another direction.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!
Praise God the Almighty!!!

After I gave the shotgun to them, I fell down on the floor to the entrance to my room and began to cry. My moms boyfriend tried to ask me, but I could barely speak, and he could not understand me through my crying. My mom was crying also, but he finally got an answer from her. My weapons and ammunition were taken away, he said he believed I did it because of my dads death. A few weeks before this incident I had my 30. 30. Taken away, but was able to keep my 410. Shotgun/22. Rifle switch. I had hidden some ammunition under a shelf/drawer thing. I have since given these away.

Chapter IV.

Well a little later I went to my dads funeral, and it was not very good (It was at a Roman Catholic Church, a lot of my family, especially my grandmother, and grandpa on my dads side are Roman Catholics. They are very very zealous Roman Catholics, whitch is a big false religion with all its idolatry and pagan rituals and rites, etc.)

My mother met an old friend from my dads funeral, who was also a friend of my dads. She began to date him, and broke up with the guy she had been currently been dating (The one who came over, after my big gun thing happened.)

Well at the funeral I don’t remember much, we sat with an aunt of mine, who was making a lot of jokes. Things like “Its Martian Luther King day” and “your dad would be pissed for them having his funeral on this day” (This was in reference to my dads, distaste for black people. Sadly he did not like most of them). My grandmother and the rest of my family there did not like us there I don’t think, and mostly distanced their selves from us. We left quickly after the funeral, as I wanted to go home, and get something to eat.

Well that’s when I met the guy working on my moms house. Hes the one who told me about Christ, and how to get to heaven, etc. It goes kind of blurry from here until about July/August.

Part II.

Chapter I.

It was middle to late July I took a trip to Iowa to visit my uncle. While up there, things started out ok, but got a little more wild later. I got up there and set up my computer, and we messed around playing video games, and board games. I met his wife, and family on his wife’s side. While up there their daughter was born. This was their first child.

I remember one day they were cooking dinner, and I kept telling my uncle I wanted my meat cooked all the way. He kept on saying I wanted it red or pink, witch it tells us in our bibles that you DO NOT want to eat blood, it actually COMMANDS us NOT to do so. I did end up eating into a bite of it, but told them it needed to be cooked more, and let it cook for a long time. I got it how I wanted, but still since the meat was originally in a package of blood, it still had some in it I’m sure, though better than being pink.

Well now looking back, a lot of things their family said was disgusting, and profane. Very vulgar, not all the time, but I remember it happening more when we played video games and such. I also remember his family becoming angry because they wanted me to come upstairs and hang around. Though I was in a depressed state and stayed downstairs on a computer most of the time.

Chapter II.

I wont get into to many details with this subject, because I don’t want to lead anyone to go looking for it, or astray, but lets just say I played a video game with a lot of violence, sex, bad themes, sexual slavery, etc. I spent hours upon hours upon this game. Thankfully the Lord shocked with lightning my computer and fried it up, (though I got another one later, I never went back to it). I did some pretty sinful things in the game, and I should be burning in hell, not only for those, but all my sins. That’s one of the main things though that makes me feel like a chief of sinners, as Paul said once in his letters.

My computer finally gave out while up there, and that was pretty much the end of it. Among other things to happen, I was downstairs when my Uncle got into a shouting match with his wife’s family, and wife over me. They wanted me to go, and were tired of me of having been there for over two-three weeks or so. He hit something, and knocked something over, breaking some things. He got really mad, and was shouting like crazy at them. His wife threatened to call the cops, it got out of control pretty quickly. Thankfully he didn’t do much more than that, and came back down stairs and just stayed on his computer quietly while I did something down their too.

Chapter III.

Sometime later I got drunk from some alcohol that my uncle had bought. I acted kind of crazy, and was out of control, I called his brother in law, and asked to go to a party, but he didn’t come get me (Thank the Lord!) so I said something like I’m “Ford Lincoln Mercury”. The reason this would be funny to someone is because my first name is Ford, though sometimes I go by William online.

Then sometime later, I was drinking some beers with my uncle while we drove around downtown Iowa at nighttime. We came across a friend of his who was apparently trying to break into this persons house, or burn it down or something, I honestly don’t remember the whole thing that happened. The guy was on meth is what my uncle had said, and he gave the guy a beer no less! Though I’m guilty for it too, since I did not say anything at the time, but I was drinking one too, though I had it hid under my feet since I was underage. Not much I could say, as I would have been a hypocrite as it says in the Bible.

The guy who was trying to break into the house, had a gasoline jug with him at the time, and a towl or some rags, and he was just walking up the sidewalk at night. He tried to bust in the door if I remember correctly, but I’m not entirely sure. He had asked some couple down the street if they knew if the people were home, and they told him they were not. Hopefully he never broke into it after we left.

Then we went speeding around Iowa a little while longer. We raced one guy that I can remember (this I’m not sure about, its been so long and that time up there was crazy, and I have mostly suppressed it). We did some other wild things as well.

Chapter IV.

Next comes probably one of the most two crazy things that happened while I was up in Iowa. These were probably two of the most demonic things to happen while up there. The other things pale in comparison. Looking back now, I believe that Iowa is one of the most demon entrenched places there is. I mean I honestly believe it’s a really bad place, so I would not recommend anyone going there. Though the whole united states is bad. I just think this place happened to be one worst possibly.

I was even told they test a lot of the laws in Iowa before they go to other states (not sure if its true though). Well what happened next, was me and my uncle took all the dogs for a walk at night. A little ways into the walk, he starts getting into an argument and then it turned into a shouting match. He was angry over my depression and how I was acting while up here, that it was my fault, and that everyone was tired of hearing about my religion, and no one wanted to hear it.

This was in reference to my false religion I had developed.


He said my grandmother, and even my dad (though my dad never really said much on it, and just thought I was full of it). He got even more angry when I tried to talk back and argue with him. I think he said “You know what, just shut up!, NO!! shut up!!”
Then he went on to say some more things, and at one point I asked him if he was going to hit me. He went on about it would be a waste to hit me. (I honestly believe he did all this to intimidate me so he could have my dads computer I had brought up for him to help me work on. I did end up giving it to him, because I was never going to use it, plus it was not worth the hassle of fighting with him). He said some other stuff, but finally it all quieted down. He said something else as well, however I don’t remember everything of the conversation.

Chapter V.

Now comes the part where I explain what my false religion was.

My religon was first developed in 2006/2007. This was sometime before my dads time, and I developed it over this time until about middle of 2009 or so.

Now this was basically some of the things of my religion.

1 - I came up with a name for the person or god, angel, (demon, devil) whatever you call it.
2 - His name was Blackfire (This was his title) His real name was (Blagerius/Blagarius)
3 - I believed that there should be no sexual marriage, no sexual intercourse, or anything of the sort, this actually is something close to what all the New Age people want, to some degree. I honestly believed in full purity (Though this was straight from the pit of hell). When I say full purity, I believed you had to abstain from sex and not be married, to be holy, pure, etc. If anyone was caught doing this, they would have been killed according to a law I had made.

Now bear in mind this is just one law, I had actually envisioned myself having more laws with some future kingdom, if my “plans” of conquering the world ever came into fruition.

4 - I had made like a list of laws, but I never finished it. There was like 7 - 10 I made and actually wrote out, maybe a few more, and a lot of them had death penalties to them.

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that none of these things are reality, but they could soon become in the future, or things similar to them when the Antichrist, or Beast comes onto the scene.

5 - I believed there were (3) Brothers, and they were: Blagerius - Eldest, Lucifer - Second, and Baal - Third.
6 - Now this is what was probably the worst of them, even if it was in ignorance, but I actually thought that this “blagerius” character was the son of god, as well as the two others listed above.
7 - I even came up with a small story, that the reason that blagerius got kicked out of heaven (all three did, in my story).
8 - I came up with my own calendar, and years, etc.
9 - There was a lot of other stuff as well, however I don’t remember everything

Chapter VI.

Story Below to some of the stuff, that explains it out in more detail.

He got kicked out because: There was this female angel in heaven who was assassinated by these two other angels, and he became angry and went and took and ate from the tree of power, then from the tree of knowledge and good, and I can’t recall but he might of ate from the tree of life, or he was either cast before he did.

After being cast out he went and made his own world, and my story tells of him creating earth.

Anyways to skip ahead, both the “other” two also made a kingdom of there own. They called it Hell….

Some other angels who fell came to earth and asked “blagerius” to be their king rule over them. So finally he does and his kingdom called the Exzile World. Well the story goes on to say that a war brakes out between blagerius, The other two and their kingdom of “Hell” and Heaven.

The story goes that he had conquered earth, and almost destroyed all of Hell, and had done a lot of damage to Heaven. Finally he was shot through by god by a lightning shot, or bolt. His body (blagerius) was destroyed but his soul escaped and remained on earth until he could find a body to take over that would work just right, and allow him to stay in it.

What I also thought was that, I was the only body on earth that would work, and another would not come for another 1,300 years. I believed that I (or he) was in my body, and he would come back to his original (that was destroyed) body in the year 12,31,2012/2013 - More Specifically 2013 (That’s another Important number I also chose as well, was “31” because it can be reversed to make “13”, and any multiples of 13 as well).

Oh yeah, that’s another big thing. I even chose out my own number, “13” it was like my sacred number, or holy number…if you can call it that, laughs. I chose more Specifically 613, and 13. 613 was my main one, while 13 was my next important number behind it.

This is just part of it, but there was a whole lot more, and even during the time when I made up this false, and Hellish religion, I never worked on it much or payed much attention to it. By that I mean, I never really was extremely diligent in it on a day by day basis, and also because I really only ever told it to my family, and they never believed me, so no followers.

Thank God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, that no one was led astray of this, and that his grace was with me, and upon me. He was very merciful to me, even when I should be dead, and burning in hell right now, and I mean I should have already been struck down with physical death, and cast into the lake of fire for a spiritual death, because I deserve it, not only for just this, but all my sins, but this was like not just one of those small things, I believe it is one of the things that would make the Lord very wrathful towards me, and NOT pleased with me at all, I mean ready to simply destroy me in my error, Thanks be to him for his grace.

Praise Jesus Christ my Lord!!!

Chapter VII.

I remember also as I listened to old (or newer even, but older seemed to make it more powerful, like stuff from 60s-80s and early 90s). That I can recall that I would I guess you could say “dancing?” in my room, I think more of a frenzy, NOW bear in mind I did no drugs, and the only time I drunk alcohol was with my uncle in Iowa and like 2-4 times with another Uncle in Missouri which was my mothers brother.

This frenzy I got into I would literally start laughing, shouting, screaming, pretending like I was shooting a gun, leading armies, conquering the world, fighting with swords, laughing hysterallically, sometimes lifting up my hands, or doing jestures similar to “Hitler’s” you could say, and a multitude of other things.

And here’s the other thing that I don’t understand either, is that I seemed to know when to, and not to do this. Because I would hide it and only do it alone at home, and this was just not at night my friends, it would be in broad daylight. Like in the morning sometimes, or at noon. I would hide it though and never did it around my mother or others.

For some reason I was good I being I guess you could say “Secretive?”

I know that usually only when music was on that I was in this frenzy, and yes even rap, hip hop, country, and even other stuff did it, but the strongest seemed to be hard rock, some newer, but the old stuff like - Ozzy, black Sabbath, Freddie mercury, I mean all kinds of people. The old rock was the strongest of the stuff.

My dad also listend to the older rock, and liked it a lot. This was one reason I listend to it as well, but it got out of control as I got into my false religion and older. I was only 13 - 16 when this stuff was going on. That’s how young.

This is about as demonically possessed you can get, without drugs or alcohol, or other things, but I’m sure there has been people to have worse than this (I hope not though).

A lot of sexual stuff, and sins was also incorporated into all this as well. I mean, honestly I’m surprised I never became like you know “a Satanist” or something. I think it was the Lord Jesus Christ holding me back, I know most of this stuff was at home, but even when out and about I would still have evil thoughts.

I became very cold that I can remember, would stare sometimes into the distance for times at length and a long time, and just think and think, and sometimes I wouldn’t even think at all.

These frenzies could last up to maybe half an hour, to a few hours, though they never lasted I would say more than 4? The longest was maybe 6, but in bursts, with short breaks in between.

After this point, I don’t remember to much with my false religion, but I can tell you, I was infested with demons, and a LOT of them. I remember being VERY prideful, I honestly believe to this day I was possessed by Satan himself, but if not AT least a lot of high level demons, and this stuff is only going to get worse and worse the further we go into the end times, and there running right on schedule.

Praise the LORD JESUS CHRSUS and his HOLY BLOOD that was shed on the CROSS of Calvary, for he
Is victorious, and has overcome all things. PRAISE be to the LORD Almighty!!

Chapter VIII.

Now a lot of the things I discussed above were when I was in Missouri, others in Iowa. The part with the Argument with my uncle when walking the dogs was the part where it ends in Iowa (give or take). This next part is the last thing that happened while I was in Iowa.

I went for a walk one day, early in the morning, as I wanted to go see what the city looked like. I remember walking down into this strange area, one part had an old wooden bridge and was some old park. Though that’s not where this happened. Anyways I began walking down this sidewalk, it was on the side of a major road, that went through the city. At the end of my walk I came to a stoplight with cars going here and there.

I turned around at this point and went back to the house, but the whole walk down there to the stoplight, I kept believing and honestly believed this at the time, that I was the Antichrist. That I was destined to become the Beast, etc, etc. I believed I was the one, this must have been one of those strong delusions, I had delusions of extreme grander as you can tell from above, but it was more than that. It was demonic possession of my body.

I kept walking down all the way there, I just remember stuff like thinking I was the Antichrist, I was going to be him, etc. Its really vague for me now, but I do remember that much. The more I walked down there, the more I convinced myself of this. On the way back it disappeared though. It would reappear later in my life to take hold on me though, and I would start thinking this same thing, until I finally got saved in 2011 (For real).

On a side note, above I talked about my frenzies, I remember I would also move my hands and imagine I could cause fire to come out, and that I could shoot bombs, and energy bombs out of my hands. I believed I was on fire at times, etc. A lot of these things that happened I believe was because I watched a lot of cartoons (when I was real young cartoon network almost all day long - One of my favorite shows was called Dragon Ball Z - Japanese Show). I also played some pretty evil games at a young ages, like Diablo…Diablo II, Doom, Doom II, but I played other games besides those, but those games were incredibly evil I can see now, can you imagine the effect they had on me? I was playing these things when I was 4, 5, 6 and even older!

I played a lot of video games, but I’ll get into that a little more later.

From here we go to part III, as this is the next phase in my life, my search for Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!!

Chapter I.

This all began in late August/Early September of 2009.

Next on September 9 I went out and began preaching to people. I went out in the streets in my town and started shouting “Repent! For the Kingdom of God is at hand” “God Bless!” “Jesus is the truth!” And I said some other things I don’t remember, I don’t remember them all, but the first two for sure, and I think even the third one. I also taped on my back and my front side with things written on them, like “God is King” etc.

I also put stuff out on my lawn before I went to preach to give away to whoever needed. I then went walking through my streets preaching, and I also stood sometimes in one particular spot to do this. I remember praying that even just one person might stop, and after I made that prayer, a man did stop with his wife and told me “hey what your doing is really good!” I even shared a verse with him out of John.

Note: this was in a town of like less than 500 people. Just around 500 people.

I did this again a second day, putting stuff out on the lawn again before I left. I went to another part of town to also preach there. I went down to our local city park and met a kid down there, and talked to him and also shared the Gospel with him. I told him his name from now on would be “Jacob” he replied my name is “Jacob”. Then I went into the back of the park community building and prayed there for hours, then I walked back home.

(Note, I believed this was a true experience that happened, however now I’m not sure, and I have my doubts. It may not have been, and it could of just been on my own decision, and also because I could still have been infested with demons, so don’t take it as a true experience, apply scripture to it if you can).

When I got back home, I learned that my mother had called the police to come looking for me. They never found me, but they asked if they should still come out to the house, and she said yes. I never talked to them, but my mother did, for a few minutes, and then they finally left.

Chapter II.

The next day, which was on September 11 She took me and put me into this Physic ward in Kansas city. I stayed there for four or five days. I met some other kids there, in the children’s wing. One kid there thought he was batman, and said some other things that just sounded off the wall. Lets just say a lot of these people were heavily affected, and I believe it was demonic spirits now.

When I first went in, I noticed a lot of these people seemed to be Chinese, or oriental people. This was the main first person we talked to, but in the department where the people actually took care of the kids, (this was 10-17 year olds I think) was mostly blacks and or young people. The way the people acted was almost relaxed, they did not seem worried and they seemed to me like they weren’t even really qualified health professionals.

When we got to the first main person, I remained quiet as a sheep, thinking I should do the same Jesus did when he was arrested. The lady asked me what the date was, if I wanted to tell my side of the story about what happened. I never answered, well they did put me in this place. After going in they gave me a meal, and acted all nice. I met this other girl who had been there once before, because she had got into trouble with her mother, and threw shoes at her or something.

I talked to her a little, and she seemed nice to me, and seemed to know the place. This other girl there was from a town a little ways from where I lived, like 25 or miles maybe. I also met this young boy who was on some kind of drugs, he got put on a drug of some kind, I can’t remember the name of it though. It was some heavy stuff though. I was diagnosed being Bipolar, and put on Seraquill. I think they put me on this because I said: “My dad was on this, and I told them I have a hard time sleeping”. (I still do have a hard time sleeping, and getting up). I went to some therapist for many weeks, he was from Wisconsin, and had even lived in California for many years. He had a big family, with lots of grandchildren too.

He seemed to act kind of funny, and he even started reading the bible after I told him about my belief in Christ, but he only quoted like a few popular verses, like “John 3:16” and “He is the bread of life”. Anyways I stopped going to him sometime in early/middle 2010. While in that ward, once they prescribed me the drugs, I spit them out in the sink, after they gave me them in the hall with water, I hid them up beneath the teeth. However by the second day I ended up collapsing and taking it, and just ended up taking it.

That same day, or the next I left. After I left the place I went home and just waited out the next few weeks. It went by quite quickly, and well later in October I ended up going to what me and my family refered to as “Computer Parties”.

Chapter III.

I went up and spent a weekend at another of my uncles house, (Not the one from Iowa, and not the one who went down to visit my dad in South Carolina, but the one from Iowa was also here, and two other of my uncles, and three of my cousins, two were sons of my uncles who’s house we were having this party at. The other cousin was the brother of the cousin who was in south Carolina with my dad, in fact this cousin (will call him B) is how I found out about Dr. Scott Johnson. When visiting him sometime later in 2009, later on this.

The other uncle, which I have not talked about lived in Kansas, along with cousin B. They all came up to this party. Now there was drinking alcohol there by some of them, however I did not drink anything this time.

Now we mostly played video games here, but I only played for a few hours before wandering up stairs and talking to my Aunt, we will call her Aunt J. Aunt J was drinking heavily, and kept going outside to smoke every once in a while. She was talking to me about religion, spiritual stuff, and my dads death. Now my uncle from Iowa’s wife was also up there hanging out and listening to us. Now we stayed up till like 4:00 A.M. that night. When my uncle who was Aunt Js husband came up stairs and said we were crazy, and that we were on LSD for being up so late.

Now take in mind, at least three of these people are Roman Catholics, my Uncle and Aunt J, and my Uncle from Iowa, also my Uncle K, and Aunt J had two children that were about 10-12 who are Roman Catholics, one of them is a candle boy or something.

Also my cousin who I found out by Dr. Scott Johnson, was talking about some vulgar things that night. He found a picture online of a completely naked man except pizza box around his unseemly parts. That gives you an idea, of how vulgar he was. Though I’m not guilty of it, as I have done things like this in the past.

There was some other stuff going on there as well. One of my younger cousins kept watching something on you tube about some guy named Fred. Also he watched something on the internet about haunted bridges in the united states, and ghosts.

Now after this, from November to January or so about 2009 there was not much happening, and it all goes kind of blurry for me.

Chapter IV.

In spring of 2010 I just quit my medication on my own, and stopped taking it. And I also stopped going to my therapist sometime in that year as well. I also took off for northeast where some of my family lived (including my cousin B, and the cousin from South Carolina, and my grandma and grandpa who are the Roman Catholics). I got a job there at McDonalds and worked for like one day before heading back home to Missouri, because I got into an argument with my aunt there.
Well after heading back home, I worked for a few months at my mothers business, drilling holes for termite liqiud treatments. This was between May and June or so. Then I took off for Kansas again in late June/Early July. I worked at a sonic in the same city for about 3 days before I decided to head home once again…before I went up here, I came across this website that I learned Christmas was wrong and pagan, and read some stuff from them, and believed I was saved, started reading my bible, etc. I went up and tried to preach to my family as well. I got up there at like 3:00 A.M. and walked around thinking about my dads death.

I told my grandma and grandpa that praying to mary was not right, and they kept on saying “oh no! that’s Jesus mother, if you don’t honur her! that’s not good, and they said you must pray to mary”. well I disagreed with them, but could not convince them. NOT once in the Bible did they ever tell us to pray to mary, and Jesus told us to pray to the FATHER!! Also how could anyone but God hear you? They are dead, and mary most likely went to heaven, where she would not even be able to hear you.

Anyways it got really hot up there, I stayed in my grandpas and grandmas basement where it was much cooler. Finally I went home at end of July, early August of 2010.

Chapter V.

Also I remember finding in early 2010 or spring of 2010 a church outside of my small town. However after a friend alerted me to the KING JAMES VERSION of being Gods correct Bible, I quickly disagreed with the Church, because they used the NIV Perversion. I even tried to show him a place where they removed verses, but the one he gave me (I returned it, I should have thrown it away) only showed it like that, the one he had, had them in there. So I don’t know what was going on.

I said that he did not know what I was talking about and that “I assure you that they were not removed intentionally” YEAH RIGHT, LIES. I should have done it in front of everyone, but I did it quietly and privately with him.

Anyways this was just a non denominational church, and it was very lukewarm. They also handed out the tray, the minister was some kind of businessman. I get a strange feeling that he was possibly a Mason, but I don’t know for sure. Most of the kids were forced to come to this Church, and a lot of people only came for the food it seemed, but I could have been wrong.

I actually came to try and learn of God as best I could, but I did not like the NIV Bible they were using, so I left that Church.

Chapter VI.

Now I’ll get back to late July, and Early August of 2010. Now until about early 2010 I still played video games, but early at the beginning of the year I threw most of them out, if not all. I now looking back am so glad I got rid of them, I played a game called…wait for it…the WITCHER, among war games, Doom III, and other games that were unprofitable.

Now during all this time I was still talking to my friend in my town who told me about Christ, the one who talked to me when I walked over to feed the dogs. The guy I talked about earlier working on my moms house.

Now he helped me in along of things, like the 501C3 Churches, also about the KJV Bible and the modern translations, BUT they celebrate Christmas, and I tried to tell them, but they wont give them up. I have not talked to him since December 12 2010, other than when he once worked on my moms house since then, as hes still doing work on it, and still will be.

He even told me about a lot of other things that helped me grow, but I see a lot of things that aren’t good like CHIRSTMAS - A pagan holiday. Read Jeremiah Chapter 10. They also celebrate Easter, etc. Well he’s also the one who introduced me to this guy…who got me tripped up on the whole keeping the law, Hebrew roots thing…etc. Even though I was not saved up until this point, thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ, and our God, who is working through Dr. Scott Johnson, who brought me the truth of the Gospel and I was able to believe on Christ.

Chapter VII.

Well I met this guy in September, and was also going to a new church in another city, which was also a non denominational. Now the minister told me he used the King James, and it was his first bible he used, but there were so many problems in this church too! They used the NAS at this church for their preaching Bible. Also they believe a big awakening is coming in the next few years, and they trusted Gwen Beck, and that hes not a False Prophet, I even talked to the minister about this, and challenged him on it.

He would not listen and I left. Then this other guy from the church calls me trying to get me to come back. I talked to him on the phone while on my break at work, (I was working at this panda Garden restraunt) and he went talked about a bunch of different things, before I told him I was eating and needed to go so I could get back to work.

Well after that thing happened, it was proably late September to early October I went with the Hebrew roots guy to this messianic temple thing in Roach Port Missouri. And I met some characters here. I asked them why in the NIV that they removed a verse in acts 8? I think it was, something like acts 8:37 was COMPLETELY gone from the Bible. They tried to explain it, but I did not believe it. Now this guy then says, he could find a lot better reasons to not read his NIV or use it, and was confused why I was worrying about this one verse, and yet hes still using it!!

This guy also later I found out had been before a: Jehovah’s Witness, A Roman Catholic, an Amish, and I think possibly Morman, but not sure. Now he was Messianic. He even said he learned good things from the Jehovah’s Witness, like the Sabbath, at this time I also believed in keeping the Sabbath, even before coming into contact with the Hebrew roots guy. Now I know were saved by grace, through faith, and NOT of works.

I even handed them a thing with some 10 or more questions on it, pertaining from do you believe abortion is wrong, do you believe homesexuality is wrong, do you believe in using the King James Bible possibly, etc. Oh and I asked if they were a 501C3 church. They wondered why I wanted to know that, and tried to beat around the bush, and get out of explaining it. He even said “Do you know how much money that would cost us!” Referring to their building that had been built, and all the free tax reduction they got on it.

I only went once to this place, it was enough for me, and a waste of gasoline to even go like 100 miles just to get there. This was the last official church I ever went to. Well come about November 2010 I got into some disagreements with The Hebrew roots guy, and my other friend who introduced me to him. And I pretty much lost my faith, and was not sure what to do. I wasn’t even saved anyways, so I think it’s a blessing so I could get cleaned up by the Lord.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! For all the grace and mercy hes shown all of us by dying on that cross for our sin debit. Amen.

Well inbetween November 2010 - to February 2011 I just kind of tried to figure out my life and what to do. I wrestled with a lot of questions.

Chapter VIII.

Also in 2010 sometime, I had a supernatural experience when I walked down my country road, and some big black like shadow or demonic dog with bright red eyes appeared for a short amount of time, and it seemed to be chasing me, before it simply just disappeared. This thing was huge, and one of the few supernatural experiences I have had. I remember I had a dream when I was younger with some grim reaper chasing me in it, as I ran over a bridge to some old gothic cathedral. And I also saw for like two weeks one times, some kind of UFO that had green clouds from it, behind our house. It would appear there for some reason, never seen it again. Not sure what I saw.

Now how I learned of Dr. Scott Johnson. You see my Cousin B, likes a lot of Conspircacy theroies you could say, he does believe in God, but does not always pick the best choices of things to be involved with. In that I mean, Like games like World of Warcraft, etc. Though I’m guility of it too, and deserve hell for it just as much as anyone. He found Dr. Scott Johnson through searches, or the prophecy Club as well, because he likes the Prophecy club, but once he found Dr. Scott Johnson as well, he liked him more.

Well one night I was up there watching some of the videos with him (I believe this was on the new moon part, so this was one of the earlier ones from like 2007 I believe, cause I remember asking him why Dr. Scott Johnson never said anything on the werewolves, and he said this was just for the first movie, and probably before the others came out.) I have never watched the movies, but I heard of werewolves in them, and vampires, etc.

Now heres a funny part about this, is that my cousin even likes vampires movies, like Underworld…and I questioned him on it about what Dr. Scott Johnson talked about in his sermons, and he just simply said. “I don’t agree with him on everything”.

So I got intrigued, and listened to Dr. Scott Johnson a little over the year 2010, but very seldom. Yet it would turn out in early 2011 that Jesus Christ saved my soul, by working through his ministry.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

I learned that I was a wretched sinner without hope, and needed Christ to save me from this doomed body that would be cast into hell if I did not repent. So I repented and amitted my sins.

I believed on Jesus sacrifice ALONE for my sin debit and salvation.

I believed in his resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion.

I believed he was God in the flesh, and came in the flesh as God.

I believed he was born of a Virgin birth.

I was born again at that moment I repented and believed on Jesus.

I have not been able to be baptized due to needing a born again Christian to be able to do this, though were not saved through works, but by faith in his sacrifice alone.

I began reading and studying my KJV 1611 Bible, and praying as much as I possibly can. I’m still a baby in Christ and need to grow, but I’ll trust myself in the Lords hands.

I believe the King James Bible to be the only and true Word of God, as its says in Psalm 12:6

This is the testimony of

Ford Coots, signed Saturday, February 12th on the year 2011.
Praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, and our God in heaven who hath delivered us from our sins, and given us eternal life and hope through Faith in Christ’s death. May his grace be with us all. Amen.
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 12:14:31 am »

Thanks for sharing this and Blessings to You!
This is the type of testimony that unbelievers need to hear, how you can come to belief in Jesus Christ.
I will keep you in my prayers, keep in the Word of God and you will grow well. The Word of God is very precious.
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« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2011, 03:56:58 pm »

Thanks for sharing this and Blessings to You!
This is the type of testimony that unbelievers need to hear, how you can come to belief in Jesus Christ.
I will keep you in my prayers, keep in the Word of God and you will grow well. The Word of God is very precious.

Thank you for your prayers, and God bless you.

[Also I have some of my Testimony on Audios and uploaded now, so you can listen, more will come over time.]

Here are Parts 1-3

Part 1: Part 1.wma - 10.8 MB - Download: http://uploading.com/files/6b577fea/Part%2B1.wma/

Part 2: Part 2.wma - 10.7 MB - Download: http://uploading.com/files/27c99451/Part%2B2.wma/

Part 3: Part 3.wma - 9.6 MB - Download: http://uploading.com/files/e9b637e1/Part%2B3.wma/
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