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Inside the New Age Nightmare: excerpts...

August 08, 2018, 02:38:10 am suzytr says: Hello, any good churches in the Sacto, CA area, also looking in Reno NV, thanks in advance and God Bless you Smiley
January 29, 2018, 01:21:57 am Christian40 says: It will be interesting to see what happens this year Israel being 70 years as a modern nation may 14 2018
October 17, 2017, 01:25:20 am Christian40 says: It is good to type Mark is here again!  Smiley
October 16, 2017, 03:28:18 am Christian40 says: anyone else thinking that time is accelerating now? it seems im doing days in shorter time now is time being affected in some way?
September 24, 2017, 10:45:16 pm Psalm 51:17 says: The specific rule pertaining to the national anthem is found on pages A62-63 of the league rulebook. It states: “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem. “During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”
September 20, 2017, 04:32:32 am Christian40 says: "The most popular Hepatitis B vaccine is nothing short of a witch’s brew including aluminum, formaldehyde, yeast, amino acids, and soy. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin that destroys cellular metabolism and function. Hundreds of studies link to the ravaging effects of aluminum. The other proteins and formaldehyde serve to activate the immune system and open up the blood-brain barrier. This is NOT a good thing."
September 19, 2017, 03:59:21 am Christian40 says: bbc international did a video about there street preaching they are good witnesses
September 14, 2017, 08:06:04 am Psalm 51:17 says: bro Mark Hunter on YT has some good, edifying stuff too.
September 14, 2017, 04:31:26 am Christian40 says: i have thought that i'm reaping from past sins then my life has been impacted in ways from having non believers in my ancestry.
September 11, 2017, 06:59:33 am Psalm 51:17 says: The law of reaping and sowing. It's amazing how God's mercy and longsuffering has hovered over America so long. (ie, the infrastructure is very bad here b/c for many years, they were grossly underspent on. 1st Tim 6:10, the god of materialism has its roots firmly in the West) And remember once upon a time ago when shacking up b/w straight couples drew shock awe?

Exodus 20:5  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
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Author Topic: Inside the New Age Nightmare: excerpts...  (Read 860 times)
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« on: March 04, 2012, 05:48:33 am »

This is all from, Inside the New Age Nightmare: For the First Time Ever...a Former Top New Age Leader Takes You on a Dramatic Journey  by Randall N. Baer. A very good book on the new-age. You can download the book here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/34781548/Baer-Inside-the-New-Age-Nightmare-Former-New-Age-Leader-Exposes-the-Movement-1989


Let me tell you what the New Age
Movement is really like, from the perspective of one who has lived it,
breathed it, and worshipped it for 15 years. By holding up the serpent's
original temptation to partake of the forbidden fruit, the New
Age Movement has seduced many millions of people into accepting the
promises of personal godhood, unlimited power, and immor-tality
through reincarnation. Quite the temptation. However, there is a dark
underside to the movement's banner cries of love, light, peace, and
universal brotherhood that needs to be exposed for what it truly is.
Introduction: What is the New Age Movement?

Essentially, it is a Satan-controlled, modern-day mass revival of
occult-based philosophies and practices in both obvious and cleverly
disguised forms. In effect, it is an end- times "plague of the spirit"
propagating the "powerful delusion that they should believe the lie."1 It
is nothing more than a glitteringly seductive, broad road leading
only to eventual destruction.

The New Age is actually not anything new at all. It always has
been active throughout history in numerous and widespread Western
occult traditions and Eastern mystical religions. Over the last three
decades, however, an enormous and unprecedented massive revival
of occult-based practices has been taking place, some of it disguised
as being non-occult in nature. To many peoples' surprise, New Age
philosophy and practices have crept into the very fabric of American
society in both subtle and profound ways. The magnitude and momentum
of this movement is to such an extent that it poses one of the
fastest-growing threats to Christianity today, especially in the years
ahead as the end times unfold.

What do most people think of when they hear the term New Age?
Shirley MacLaine? Harmonic Convergence? Reincarnation? Crystal
power? Channeling? Psychic readers? In fact these are only a part of a
very broad spectrum of different New Age forms, strategies, and
practices. To make matters all the more difficult, the term New Age is
sometimes not even used when something is actually New Age at the
core. The attempt to answer the sometimes slippery complexities of
the question, "What, exactly, is the New Age Movement?" will be the
recurring theme to be explored from many angles throughout the rest of
this book.

The New Age Explosion

The New Age Movement needs to be understood as one of the
fastest-growing uprisings of the end-times powerful delusion occurring
in the world today. In fact, it has expanded with explosive
diversification in the last three decades to a much greater extent than
many realize. Today's rapid growth of the New Age phenomenon is
nothing less than a major branch of the prophesied latter-day rise of
the Antichrist forces. It is in this context that the most penetrating
insights into the greatest deceptions and dangers of the movement
are seen.

Bible prophecy warns:
"For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show
great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.
Behold, I have told you in advance" (Matt. 24:24, 25).
Due to its deep and inextricable involvements in Scripturally forbidden
practices2 —like divination, witchcraft, sorcery, mediumship,
spiritism, and numerous others —the New Age opens the gates for the
adversary and his demonic legions to unleash an end times Pandora's
box of unrighteousness. In effect, the movement acts as a rapidly enlarging
breeding ground for the seeding, propagation, and unleashing
of a plaque of the spirit. The massive releasing of ghouls and demons in
the movies, Ghostbusters and Poltergeist, the New Age acts in a very
similar way in opening the gateways for Satan's demons.
Dave Hunt, in his excellent book, America: The Sorcerer's Apprentice,
comments on this theme:

"Today's world confronts a strange and growing paradox that
could very well mark a pivotal point in human history. Even as the
scientific and technological advancement which ushered in the space
age is accelerating at an exponential rate, we are witnessing far and
away the greatest occult explosion of all time."

One thing is certain: "the winds spreading the seeds of sorcery
have reached gale proportions."

The words of a leading New Age spokesman, Marilyn Ferguson,
author of the landmark New Age manifesto, The Aquarian Conspiracy:
Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980's, speak to the
magnitude of the forces in motion:

"Broader than reform, deeper than revolution, this benign conspiracy
for a new human agenda has triggered the most rapid cultural
realignment in history. This great shuddering, irrevocable shift overtaking
us is not a new political, religious, philosophical system. It is a
new mind —the ascendence of a startling worldview."

Further elaborating on the magnitude of this "benign conspiracy,"
Ferguson's book states:

"This network —the Aquarian Conspiracy —has already enlisted
the minds, hearts, and resources of some of our most advanced
thinkers, including Nobel laureate scientists, philosophers, statesmen,
celebrities, and steadily growing numbers from every corner of
American society.

"... [the] network is working to create a different kind of society
based on a vastly enlarged concept of human potential [and] ... shows
us how the technologies for expanding and transforming personal
consciousness, once the secret of an elite, are now generating massive
change in every cultural institution —medicine, politics, business,
education, religions, and the family.

"Will our present turmoil lead to a worldwide breakdown of society
— or to a breakthrough to the next step of human evolution? The
answer may depend in large measure on the influence of the Aquarian

The roots of the Movement go deep, much deeper than they would
appear at first glance. In a tempestuous world and a society filled with
millions of restless people thirsting for answers and spiritual fulfillment,
it offers a huge array of tempting alternatives to the Christian
faith —"the faith once for all delivered to the saints."7 The New Age
offers multitudes of age-old, occult-based temptations re-packaged in
the glossy modernized guise of a new, improved New Age.

The influences of this phenomenon are much more pervasive in
our society than it might appear on the surface. To cite just a few indicators
and examples:

• A University of Chicago poll showed that 67 percent of Ameri-cans
now believe in the supernatural; and 42 percent believe they have
been in contact with the dead.

• The Christian film, "Gods of the New Age," asserts an estimate
of 60-million Americans as being involved in one aspect of the New
Age or another.

• Twenty-three percent of Americans believe in reincarnation.8

• Forty million Americans believe in astrology, and there are 1-
billion astrology believers worldwide.9

• Forbes Magazine estimates that the (obviously) New Age market
does $3.43 billion in business each year.

• Business corporations (including numerous Fortune 500 companies)
spend $4 billion on management and employee programs
that subtly but distinctly are based on New Age philosophies and
practices. In some cases, employees are required to undergo these
programs if they want to keep their jobs.

• A 1978 Gallup poll indicated 10-million Americans to be engaged
in some form of Eastern mysticism. (Note: Eastern mysticism is
only one of many branches of the New Age Movement.)

• The best-selling book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, is reported by
the author, Richard Bach, to have been channeled by a spirit, and which
is totally based on New Age philosophy, has sold over 25-million copies
and met with tremendous popular appeal. This is only one of many
examples of subtle intrusion into mass public exposure of New Age
ideas in a way not explicitly labeled New Age.

• The philosophy of "The Force" so graphically depicted in the
"Star Wars" trilogy is a veritable primer of the New Age gospel, exposing
millions of young minds in a subtle, entertaining way to the
New Age hero-image of the Jedi Knight.

• There are over 200,000 registered witches in America. Untold
numbers are unregistered.

• The use of psychics by lawyers and police departments has become
much more commonplace today than at any time before.

• The B. Dalton Booksellers chain reported a 95-percent sales increase
of New Age books during the week after Shirley MacLaine's
mini-series, "Out on a Limb," and sales continue to rise steadily.

• Robert Muller, former assistant secretary general of the United
Nations, has written a book, The New Genesis: Shaping a Global
Spirituality, calling for a globalistic "New Order" based on many
aspects of New Age philosophy.

• Jean Houston, Ph.D., one of the most renowned New Age lead-ers,
reports having led a three-day intensive workshop for 150 highranking
government officials, and other workshops included top-level corporate
businessmen and government officials.10

• Fifty-two publishing houses have formed the New Age Publishing
and Retail Alliance, whose slogan is "A Consciousness Whose
Time Has Come." In all, New Age books account for approximately $lbillion
publishing dollars per year.

• Professor Carl Raschke, of the University of Denver, a New
Age critic, calls this movement the "most powerful social force in the
country today." He adds: "If you look at it carefully you see that it
represents a complete rejection of Judeo-Christian and bedrock
American values."11

These examples are but the tip of the iceberg. Clearly, this fastrising
movement demands serious attention.

An End Times Force to Contend With
We live today in a time of revolutionary stirrings and worldwide

The realm of orthodox science and technology is making many
awesome, world-shaking advances.

Profound worldwide socio-political changes are in motion.
National and international economic forces are shifting.
Global ecological deterioration plus the increased frequency
natural disasters have become facts of planetary life.
Many other deep-seated worldwide changes are astir.
The Biblically prophesied end-times stage is set.

Commenting on the New Age uprising, John Ankerberg and John
Weldon state in their book, The Facts of the New Age Movement:
"Thus the stage has been set for a revival of spiritism that could
dwarf earlier eras. Some have asserted that channeling will one day be
'bigger than fundamentalism.' Regardless, spirit contact has be-come
in many quarters a socially acceptable practice—and the spirits have
served notice that they intend to influence our future."12

Yes, the spirits have indeed served notice in many ways. A prime
example being Lazaris, by far the most influential spirit being channeled
in the late 1980s, who has stated this point clearly: "Those who
hide behind their masks of fear and confusion hope this thing called
the New Age will pass. However, that which is truly new in this age of
rising consciousness will be the bridge to the future and the hope of

The New Age makes no real attempt to hide its fundamental underlying
agenda—its "bridge to the future and the hope of
humanity." This agenda is nothing less than the complete revolutionizing
of the very foundations of not only America but the entire
world. Such a plan calls for the total restructuring of planetary civilization
into an enlightened One-World Federation in which national
boundaries and sovereignty are secondary, and "planetary citizenship"
in the "global village" is the order of the day. This innovative
orthodox science bearing many new advances combined with a "Universal
Oneness" philosophy (a neo-New Age world view) is to offer a
world in desperate need, a grand solution to profound global problems.
Apparent world peace and unprecedented opportunities for
"actualizes the human god-potential" (i.e., New Age higher consciousness)
are to be unveiled. Herein lies the Antichrist's last temptation,
offered to all the world.

What does the New Age Movement hold for the future?
One view is that it is an occult revival that will die down or level out
in due course.

Another view is that it will be rather insignificant relative to other
national and international factors.

But it also could very well be something else —a major tool of the
adversary's latter day deception that has really only just begun to hit its
stride. It could certainly be a platform upon which the Antichrist will
rise to world domination.

Dave Hunt, in America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, shares
some sobering thoughts to consider:
"The last time anything approaching this mass flight from reason
to mysticism occurred was in the 1920s and 30s. It was very likely this
great occult resurgence in Western Europe, and particularly in
Austria and Germany, which helped to set the stage for Germany's
acceptance of ****sm. Some historians, in fact, have referred to
Hitler as the 'Occult Messiah.'"

"... Something of great significance is occurring, and it must be taken
seriously. The last revival of occultism played into Adolf Hitler's
hands, and the eventual victims numbered in the millions.
One can only wonder where the current and far more pervasive renaissance
of such occultism will lead."14

In effect, the New Age is one of several major gateways for the
adversary to unleash his plans and forces for global domination. The
Antichrist comes bearing an innovative orthodox science in one hand
and a Universal Oneness (neo-New Age) philosophy in the other,
seated on a politico-economic throne of worldly power. A One-
World Order, headed by the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing, offers a
desperate world many miracles, gifts, and wonders in the name of
peace, love, planetary healing and universal brotherhood.
What used to be as obvious as an orange-robed Hare Krishna
devotee or a blissed-out hippie may come today as a man in a threepiece
suit or laboratory coat.

The New Age as "Spiritual Humanism"

This movement can actually best be understood as a broad spectrum
of non-Christian philosophies and practices that can be categorized
as NEW AGE SPIRITUAL HUMANISM. The cornerstone of
this humanism is the belief that man is divine in nature, and is therefore
essentially "God" or an enlightened "God-man."

New Age man, believing himself to be divinely perfect and ultimately
all-powerful, sets himself up on a cosmic throne. This highly
touted god-man claims to have inherently unlimited powers to command
and manipulate the universe according to his sovereign will.
Man is elevated to divinity, deity, and sovereignty —the essence of the
blasphemy of New Age spiritual humanism that seeks to exalt sinful
man to godhood and to displace Jesus Christ as King of Kings and
Lord of Lords.

The New Age school of thought offers myriad substitutes and
counterfeits for the Chief Cornerstone.15 Different from the atheist/
agnostic orientation of secular humanism in many fundamental
ways, New Age spiritual humanism presents a spiritually based set of
belief-system alternatives to the Christian faith.

Just as secular humanism offers its own type of anti-religious
deceits to certain types of people, so does spiritual humanism offer
spiritually based counterfeits to an entirely different strata of people
in our society, people who hunger for and search for spiritual meaning,
truth, and fulfillment in their lives.

Secular humanism denies Deity and exalts man's own intellectual,
creative, and moral powers as the way to find true meaning in life
On the other hand, spiritual humanism affirms Deity (though a distinctly
different Deity concept than Christian theology) that casts
man in the role of a higher race of cosmic gods, with correspondingly
grandiose god-power —the ultimate "power trip."

Secular humanism puts man on an earthbound throne of scienti-fic
rationalism, self-generated truth, and self-created destiny; spiri-tual
humanism assigns man to a throne that spans the heavens and the
earth in a divine heritage of universal lordship, omnipotence, and selfcreated

In The New Age Rage, Robert L. Burrows amplifies this topic:
"Ironically, New Age spiritually echoes, and is a logical extension
of, the secularism it repudiates. Both deny the reality of the Creator,
and both see humanity as the final arbiter of truth and value. New
Age spirituality simply heightens secularism's mistakes by inflating
humanity's significance, yielding what Brooks Alexander dubs 'cosmic

In Unmasking the New Age, Douglas Groothuis further clarifies this
important philosophical point: "The old-fashioned secular humanist...
said, 'There is no Deity. Long live humanity.' The new
transpersonal or cosmic humanist says, 'There is no Deity but humanity.'
God is pulled into the human breast. Scientific prowess and
rationality as the crowning human achievements are outstripped by
psychic abilities and unlimited potentials."17

However, the falseness and deep-seated dangers of the forces of
secular humanism are well documented in Christian literature. What
this book seeks to do is to help expose and define the often-underestimated
grave dangers that New Age spiritual humanism, in tandem
with secular humanism, poses as the Antichrist forces magnify their
plans today and tomorrow.

Surveying the Landscape of Spiritual Humanism

The New Age is an extremely difficult movement to define with
anything other than generalized statements. In many ways it is as
difficult as trying to represent the broad spectrum represented by the
term Christianity. Even as all Christians are united in their faith in
Jesus Christ, there are very diverse, oftentimes conflicting views between
Baptist Christians, Greek Orthodox Christians, Catholic
Christians, Pentecostal Christians, etc. So, too, there are at least as
many different sectarian schools of New Age thought.
There are no centralized organizations controlling all doctrines,
activities, or agendas. No single committee, council, or organization
dictates the doctrines and agenda, or controls all activities. The landmark
manifesto, The Aquarian Conspiracy, terms it "a leaderless but
powerful network." This characteristic has allowed room for an immense
variety of philosophies and phenomena to flourish via all
manner of diverse individuals and organizations.18 In any given large
city, there are hundreds to thousands of informal and professional
groups, businesses, organizations, classes, teachers, New Age
professionals, psychics, etc. Even in most smaller cities and towns
across America there are loose networks, organiza-tions, and
businesses of New Agers. What the movement touts as its Network
has indeed spread throughout the land, and into every available
socio-cultural niche.

The New Age spectrum runs the full gamut of types of people and
areas of society involved. What used to be an arena composed of
gurus, witches, and weirdos is now flooded with virtually every type of
person in society. Furthermore, the New Age has so many faces and
directions to its overall agenda that it has infiltrated into every
facet of American society in both obvious and very subtle, deeply
underlying ways. From religion, business, and politics to music, education,
and science the New Age has wended and wormed its way
into the very cornerstones of Western civilization —more so than
many people realize.

Let us explore this further: New Age spiritual humanism is primarily
born of a deep-seated disillusionment or dissatisfaction with
any or all of a variety of orthodox mainstream Western values and
institutions. This attitude increased primarily in the youth and avant
garde of the late 1950s and the 1960s, but throughout the 1970s and
1980s a much more across-the-board, society-wide trend toward rejecting
some or all of mainstream Western values and institutions
strongly surged.

This was born of an intense searching for new alternatives to the
problems and challenges of human existence and spiritual fulfillment.
For more and more people there was a perception that Western
society just did not provide adequate answers or fulfillment on personal,
interpersonal, societal, and global scales. Commenting on the
undercurrents of mood and thought of the ninety thousand people
attending a 1978 "Festival for Mind and Body," columnist Bernard
Levin wrote:

"What the world lives by at the moment just will not do. Nor will
it; nor do very many people suppose any longer that it will. Countries
like ours are full of people who have all the material comforts
they desire, yet lead lives of quiet (and at times noisy) desperation,
understanding nothing but the fact that there is a hole inside them
and that however much food and drink they pour into it, however
many motorcars and television sets they stuff it with, however many
well-balanced children and loyal friends they parade around the
edges of it ... it aches.

"Those who attended the festival were seeking something-not
certainty, but understanding: understanding of themselves."19

Searching For a New Age Worldview

This grass roots swell of discontent finds millions of all varieties of
people searching and experimenting in new directions for peace
wholeness, and happiness. Those people looking in New Age directions
find an eclectic grab-bag of opportunities drawing from the
foundational sources of the New Age spectrum:

• Ancient and modern occult traditions.

• Eastern and Western mystical religions.

• Neopaganism —natural religions and goddess worship.

• New Age-based psychologies.

• And modernized sorcery.

Furthermore, a host of contemporary innovations and eclectic
syntheses have blended many of these elements together into countless
New Age hybrids. American drive, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial
skills have instilled tremendous vigor to the New Age agenda.
These searching people, reaching out for new answers, new alternatives,
new directions, seized upon every facet of human experience to
remold according to sets of New Age principles. The spectrum of
issues and activities addressed is indicative of why the New Age is so
widespread today in every corner of American (and Western) culture.
These areas include: religion and spirituality; government and politics;
education; environmental issues; women's rights; psychology; art;
music; health care; science and technology; diet; child care; human
potential; creativity; sports; economics; social change; interpersonal
relationships; marriage and family; brain-mind research; and many

What is important to note here is that the New Age Movement is not
just confined to obviously occult, cultic, or otherwise fringe elements
of society. Rather, New Age thought encompasses all aspects of
human experience. In essence, it is an attempt to revolutionize every
facet of life on personal, interpersonal, societal, and global scales.
There is no aspect of the human experience or societal issues that New
Age spiritual humanism does not attempt to remold into non-Biblebased
counterfeit solutions and alternatives. It is what spokesperson
Marilyn Ferguson calls the "new mind —the ascendance of a startling

Whatever the issue, whatever aspect of the human experience being
questioned, spiritual humanism attempts to creatively draw upon
other cultures and ancient traditions and combine them with
contemporary innovations to remold the subject area into a more enlightened,
less limiting, more advanced, and more fulfilling format.
Essentially, the New Age takes all that the Bible states about human
nature, principles for living a righteous and fulfilling life, and the
Way to salvation, and attempts to redesign everything according to
supposedly superior concepts. It's a matter of taking the Creator's
perfect design for man as revealed in the Bible and trying to create
something better and more perfect.

Therefore, in reevaluating the area of marriage and family, for
example, spiritual humanism rejects the Bible's revealed wisdom as
old-fashioned or unevolved or just not my thing. Instead, it explores a
multitude of open-ended do-it-yourself possibilities that appear attractive
and viable to the new mind of New Age man. Indeed, there is
not just one perfect New Age model for revolutionizing marriage
and family, but an entire spectrum of different options are outlined
for each person to choose from according to his or her own personal

There's a basic credo that says "create your own reality according to
what feels right for you." For example, whether a person chooses to be
homosexual, bisexual, monogamous, polygamous or whatever is OK
as long as "It's right for me" or "It's done with love and no one's
hurt." This is a kind of relativistic, human-founded ethics (or designyour-
own ethics). In effect, New Age persons pick and choose from the
multitudes of options in each area of life according to their own
personal preferences. Here you pick your own truth, your own morals,
and your own wisdom. The absolute moral standards and eternal
principles of wisdom revealed in the Holy Bible are either selectively
picked through a la carte or they are tossed out the win-dow

The Alternative New Age Menu

The New Age menu encompasses the practical, the socially acceptable,
the avant garde, the routine, the down-to-earth, the adventurous,
the bizarre —all types and forms appealing to the spectrum of
humanity's tastes and interests. To provide an idea of the multiplicity of
New Age topics, here's part of the table of contents from one of the
most successful New Age media ventures, San Francisco's "New
Dimensions Radio": "Self-Help," "Consciousness, Personal Growth,
and Personal Transformation," "Body Awareness," "Holistic Health
and Wellness," "Visionary Futures," "Practical Philosophy," "Mov-ing
into Space," "Appropriate Energy and Technology," "Medicine
People and Healing Visions," "Right Living," "Evolutionary Economics,"
"Psychology Tomorrow," "Birthing, Babies, and Beyond,"
"Shamans, Sorcerers, Wizards, and Other Wonders," "Myths to Live
By," and "The Spiritual Quest."

Also, here are some week-long topics from a vacation seminar
center: "Inspired Poetics," "Writing for Enlightenment and Profit,"
"Learn to Relax," "Green Politics," "Dreams and Your Personal
Mythology," "Massage and Acupressure: Healing from the Heart,"
"New Approaches to Birth, Sex, and Death," "Communication Skills:
Talk (and Listen) Straight from the Heart," and "Personal Spirituality
and Social Responsibility."

It's easy to see from these short lists that any number of the topics
sound positive, unflaky, and even sometimes socially responsible.
Mixed in with the obviously occultic (like "Shamans, Sorcerers,
Wizards, and Other Wonders") are topics that sound like something
a concerned, thinking person might want to explore. What is not so
obvious is that each subject area is a New Age version of economics,
interpersonal psychology, space travel, poetics, self-help, spirituality,
etc. Even further, sometimes the way that the subject is presented is
not blatantly New Age but instead a quite subtle and implicit expression
of the spiritual humanistic agenda. For the unwary, spiritual
humanistic views sometimes can be assimilated without even realizing
it. It's not hard to begin seeing how the extensive branching of the
New Age Movement has opened doors at every turn of human experience,
at every angle of human issues. Few stones are left unturned in
its quest to revolutionize the world and every individual in it.

Two Major Schools of New Age Thought

Let's explore a brief overview of two overlapping but different
major schools of New Age thought:

In The New Age Journal, an article on "What is the New Age?" in
the Jan./Feb. 1988 issue generally defines the first viewpoint of New
Age thought as "Consciousness Renaissance."

"In its broadest sense, new age thinking can be characterized as a
form of utopianism, the desire to create a better society, a 'new age' in
which humanity lives in harmony with itself, nature, and the

"... unlike the biblical "Second Coming" or most other millenar-ian
visions, the new age being discussed today by a number of philosophers,
scientists, and social critics will not result from a future
upheaval brought about solely by God. Rather, they say society is
now in the midst of the transformation, a change potentially as
sweeping as the Renaissance or the Protestant Reformation. What's
more, it is occurring in society from the inside out, as more and more
people begin to question traditional assumptions about life, the
future of the planet, and the nature of reality."20

Consciousness Renaissance sees humankind currently experiencing the
beginning of a new spiritual and socio-political awakening, a modernday
super-Renaissance destined to lead man into a new era of
enlightened spiritual humanism. Spurning the thought of man
needing divine intervention to assist in the creation of a global
utopia, this perspective sees the awakening of "unlimited human
god-potential" as the means by which "heaven on earth" will manifest.
In essence, as man achieves higher states of "god-consciousness"
through New Age practices, heaven will dawn on Earth only through
the dawning of man's enlightened "higher consciousness."

As a leading spokesman of this position, David Spangler, writes:
"... The essence of new age thinking is the process of seeing the
heaven that is right here on earth every day, a process ... called 'renaming
the sacred.'

"... To rename the sacred is to have a different view of the universe.
... It is to re-expand those boundaries we have placed around
God, even to redefine the nature of divinity. It is to look at the objects,
people, and events in our lives and to say, 'You are sacred.'"21
What this school of thought basically asserts is that by elevating
man's consciousness, the "heaven" that always has been here on Earth is
then perceived. The veils of man's limited thinking are then lifted and,
lo and behold, heaven was here on Earth all along. Man is divine and
perfect, the world is divine and perfect, and the cosmos is divine and
perfect. Man has simply been blind to this eternal fact because he has
been veiled by a limited consciousness, a state of ignorance that needs
to be overcome by awakening into cosmic enlightenment.

The second major branch of New Age thought can be termed
"Quantum Leap of Consciousness." A quote in literature from a
New Age center in Florida typifies this school of thought: "We are on
the brink of a new age, a whole new world. In the twinkling of an
eye, mankind's awareness, our collective consciousness, is going to
make an instantaneous quantum leap into the heavens. Everything
will change in a flash of divine Light. Get ready. Your heavenly
heritage awaits. Come on in; the water's fine ... He who hesitates is
lost. ... He who chooses life is found."22

In this theory, humanity now has reached a critical phase of individual
and collective evolutionary growth. When sufficient momentum
is generated by enough people having developed "higher consciousness,"
then the entire world will be ready to make a collective quanturn
leap into a higher dimension of the heavenly realm. Earth and
humanity will literally leap in a flash of light into the heavens above.
In contrast to the Consciousness Renaissance view, this Quantum
Leap of Consciousness model is directly tied to some form of divine
intervention. Though there are a rich variety of concepts about the
nature and form of this divine intervention, essentially a sovereign and
omnipotent celestial force is said to deliver Earth into the heavens
above. Various groups attribute this intervention to different sources.
Examples include "highly evolved extraterrestrials," a "Council of
Ascended Masters," an "Enlightened World Teacher," or some other allpowerful
"divine" being(s). Earth and humanity are to be pulled up to
the next major notch on the evolutionary ladder, thereafter to be
governed benevolently by the intervening celestial force(s).
Man's task right now, according to this view, is to help generate
enough people with higher consciousness in order to meet the re91
quirements for intervention to occur. It's like meeting a quota before
the next stage of the job can begin.

The distortions of Scriptural prophecies are abundant; for example,
many who believe in the Quantum Leap of Consciousness hold
that the false prophets, earthquakes, plagues, wars, famines, etc.
prophesied in the Bible will be magically bypassed by enough people
meditating for peace, thereby avoiding this kind of "man-created
negative thinking." Furthermore, this school of thought maintains
that some other "World Teacher" or "Council of Ascended Masters"
will have divine authority in the New Age, not Christ.

Another variation on this skewed theme is that it is not the personal
and visible Jesus who returns, but rather "Christ consciousness"
that descends into the minds of all earthly inhabitants. Yet
others believe that the world will be delivered via extraterrestrials' intervention
during a time of enormous, out-of-control world tumult.

From the article, "What is the New Age?" this tension between
the two perspectives is highlighted: "Some new age fundamentalists
do predict that a literal apocalypse is imminent and that it will be
brought about by mystical, extraterrestrial, or cosmic forces. But
for many others, the new age has become a metaphor for the unprecedented
changes now occurring in many aspects of daily life, a
process of rapid personal and social transformation ..."23
Many of the Consciousness Renaissance camp try to distance
themselves somewhat from what they regard as the flakier side of the
New Age —UFO telepathic communications, crystal power, glorification
of channeling, and the like. These folk tend to focus more on
integrating increasingly socially acceptable New Age values into personal
and societal life. This is the side of the New Age that has made
especially strong inroads into areas such as the corporate business
world, psychology, entertainment media, education, health care, and
science (among others).

In terms of value-system and practical-level infiltration into
mainstream American culture, this aspect of the New Age has
proven the more successful of the two schools of thought due to its
subtler humanistic approach.

Though there is much overlapping between these two major philosophies,
the Quantum Leap of Consciousness viewpoint is much
more predisposed to the metaphysical-occult end of the spectrum. In
particular, the predominant themes lie much more towards mediumship,
spiritism, witchcraft, psychic powers, and sorceries in myriad
shapes and forms. One of the primary dangers from this branch of
the New Age is its major contribution to the historically unprecedented
unleashing of demonic forces into the world today.

What Type of People are Attracted to the New Age Spectrum?
No longer is the New Age the sole province of gurus, hippies,
witches, psychic readers, mediums, fortune-tellers, and all the other
popular associations with New Age. Today, people involved in one
aspect of the New Age spectrum or another cut across all boundaries,
come in all forms, and from all walks of life.

Marilyn Ferguson, in The Aquarian Conspiracy, comments on
the incredibly wide range of conspirators.

"The Aquarian Conspirators range across all levels of income
and education, from the humblest to the highest. There are schoolteachers
and office workers, famous scientists, government officials
and lawmakers, artists and millionaires, taxi drivers and celebrities,
leaders in medicine, education, law, psychology. Some are open in
their advocacy, and their names may be familiar. Others are quiet
about their involvement, believing they can be more effective if they are
not identified with ideas that have all too often been misunderstood."24
Here are some primary categories of people who often are attracted
to the movement. As you will see in this quick overview, it
cuts into every level of American culture.

1) Socio-cultural rebels who have a profound disillusionment
with every level of Western culture, and feel a powerful need to
search out ancient and contemporary countercultural alternatives.
This kind of person can come in any kind of guise, from an organic
farmer to a corporate business executive.

2) Regular folks looking for answers to the many challenges and
problems of human life, as well as sometimes looking for new excitement
and adventure. People looking for answers to such diverse
things as stress, psychological blocks, interpersonal communications
problems, sexual dissatisfaction, weight reduction, and many others
sometimes unknowingly can be introduced to New Age ideas and

3) A significant number of people have carried the lineages of
mystery schools, goddess worship cults, witchcraft, esoteric elite
circles, and other such metaphysical-occult traditions and schools
throughout the centuries. There always have been New Agers continuously
active throughout history.

4) People who turn away from the Christian faith due to rebellion,
apathy, curiosity, lukewarm faith, backsliding, serious personal
problems that cloud judgment, or who are unwary.

5) People who are prone to trying new fads, trends, what's hotthose
who like to experiment, adventure, and dabble in new and exciting

6) Teenagers and young adults who are finding themselves, rebelling
from authority, experimenting with new things, checking out
powerful experiences, going along with peer pressure, or trying to
find truth along misguided directions.

7) People who are bored and have a lot of extra time on their
hands sometimes wind up dabbling and experimenting with various
options on the New Age menu.

8) People who are lonely and become involved in New Age
circles to find acceptance and companionship.

9) People who are spiritually, psychologically, and/or physically
sick and who delve into New Age alternatives claiming to provide
relief, healing, and fulfillment.

10) People looking for personal power and control over them
selves, others, and/or universal forces.

The New Age has an enticement for every weakness in natural man.

Different Pictures of the New Age Spectrum
Now, let me give you several snapshots of the New Age spectrum
from different perspectives. The purpose here is not to give a complete
and exhaustive overview of the New Age; rather, it is intended more
as a helpful introduction toward understanding the multi-faceted
nature of the movement as the reader continues through the chapters

Examples of the New Age Spectrum

Yoga; est seminars (now called The Forum); Transcendental
Meditation; developing psychic powers; subliminal cassette tapes for
self-improvement; "writing your own ticket with God" ("create your
own reality" seminars); "tapping into the powers of your Higher
Self" seminars; pendulums, dowsing rods, and the I Ching; astrology;
contacting spirit guides techniques; neopagan nature religions;
consulting psychic readers; dabbling with Ouija boards; and LSD
and other psychedelic drugs.

Some Dangers of the New Age

Deep self-delusion; rejection of Christ Jesus; false happiness and
contentment; demonic possession; physical/mental/emotional
breakdowns; love of untruth and abomination; family disintegration;
making wrong life-decisions; more frustration and discontent in
life; committing immoral acts; performing scripturally forbidden
practices; and, judgment into the lake of fire.

Examples of Obvious New Age Phenomenon

Ouija boards; astrology; yoga; past life regressions; crystal
power; Shirley MacLaine; spoon-bending with mind power; firewalking;
out-of-body experiences; astral traveling; psychic readings;
pyramid power; channeling; spirit guides; tarot cards; and witchcraft

Examples of Sometimes Not-So-Obvious New Age Phenomenon

Some types of guided mental-visualization exercises; some mentalpower
development techniques; subliminal programming cassette
tapes and videos; hypnosis; some types of holistic health care; Hatha
Yoga classes at the local YMCA; meditation techniques subtly based
on Eastern mystical philosophies; "Dungeons and Dragons"; "transpersonal
psychology"; "humanistic psychology"; world peace
meditation events; brain-drive machines; re-birthing techniques; and
some children's cartoons and toys.

Examples of Some of Today's "Hottest" New Age Phenomenon

Channeling; crystal power; contacting your "Higher Self"; going
to geographical "vortexes" (occult "power spots"); goddess worship;
world peace meditations; psychic readings; self-empowerment seminars;
occult-based success and prosperity seminars; interpersonal development
and sex workshops; and, telepathically contacting UFOs.

Thus, in this chapter we see that far from being a tempest in a
teapot, the winds of New Age spiritual humanism are blowing
through grass-roots America with alarmingly increasing force. This
mounting threat to American society and the Church is not based on
simplistic strategies but is instead a complex, multi-level phenomenon
which is an end-times force whose prophesied time has come.
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Thus says the Lord, your redeemer,
and the one who formed you from the womb, 7, the Lord,
am the maker of all things, Stretching out the heavens by Myself,
And spreading out the earth all alone, Causing the omens of
boasters to fail, Making fools out of diviners, Causing wise men to
draw back, And turning their knowledge into foolishness,
Confirming the word of His servant, And performing the purpose
of His messengers" (Isa. 44:24, 25).

"You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons;
you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.
"Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? We are not stronger
than He, are we?" (I Cor. 10:21, 22).

Up until recent times, the better part of occult phenomena, especially
the innermost secrets and most powerful practices, were kept
relatively hidden from the masses by the elite of the various worldwide
esoteric traditions. While a basic body of teachings was avail-able
to the average "man on the street," the higher levels of teachings
were reserved for the privileged inner circles of occult societies.

In the last three decades, though, an unparalleled revealing of the
higher echelons of elite occult secrets has occurred. One of the rallying
cries of the New Age is that what was in the old age reserved for the
privileged few is now available to the entire planetary populace, so
that each and every individual may awaken his "god-powers" toward
paving the way for the Aquarian Age of planetary enlightenment.
What before was known only by inner circle esoteric initiates is now
readily available in neighborhood bookstores and weekend public
seminars. The secrets of yesterday are the common knowledge of

What I ignored as being "restrictive" and "limiting to my spiritual
growth" when I was a teenager and young adult just starting to delve
into Oriental mysticism and yoga has a tremendous amount of
Divine wisdom behind it. This is to say, using my own standards of
man's "wisdom" and sloughing off Divine wisdom that appeared to
be "odd," "uncool," and "unnecessarily limiting," I walked into a
lion's den that Satan makes to appear as a heavenly Utopia of New
Age higher consciousness.

Dagers of New Age Involvement

The forbidden fruit of the New Age appears so glowingly golden,
so delightfully compelling, so promising of peace, healing, and
higher truths—yet underneath all the layers of gilded power and distorted
truth is a rotten core of Satanic bondage. People may enjoy a
host of apparent benefits —amazing out-of-body experiences, sometimes
accurate psychic readings, apparently effective healings, temporary
relief from some problems, etc.— but eventually the rotten
core creeps more and more into the person's life. It is then that the
demonic tentacles tighten their grip, the New Ager's addiction to occult
activities intensifies, and a harvest of dark fruit starts to corrode a
person's life from the inside out.

All this rarely occurs overnight, though instantaneous full demonic
possession is always a possibility in occult dealings. In most cases, it
is only after regular, habitual indulgences in New Age practices that
the most severe dangers manifest. However, as pointed out earlier in
this chapter, the very first dabbling in any New Age activity often sets a
demonic hook into a person's life in subtle but insistent ways.

Some of the dangers of New Age involvement include:

• A short-term rush of energy and peace into one's life followed by
a fall-off into anxiety, disorientation, depression, and a driving desire
for another occult experience to alleviate the inner emptiness.

• A severe fall-off in job performance, family relations, and
other responsibilities as the person becomes more self-absorbed, distracted,
and moody.

• A change in personality marked by a hyper-happy, starry-eyed,
blissfully enthusiastic attitude. This floating on a New Age cloud
nine mentality can sometimes last for months, but usually ends with
disappointment, frustration, and sometimes disillusionment, or
seeking out yet another New Age high.

• A progressively absorbing addiction to seeking the advice of
psychic readers and channels to gain ego-strokes, security about the
future, self-glorification, answers to problems, etc. This can be as
addictive as any drug, and sometimes more expensive.

• An absorption into some grand vision quest—like preparing
for a UFO beam-up or discovering an ancient artifact of worldimportance
in Peru or some other planet-shaking event — to the extent
of totally ignoring the rest of one's life (job, family, mortgage,
etc.) as it disintegrates.

• An awakening of the kundalini ("serpent power" said in the
occult to lay dormant at the base of the spine) through occult practices
can lead to many severe problems including: mental/emotional
upheavals and breakdown, intense involuntary body spasms, severe
brain and perceptual distortions, and sometimes even psychosis and

• An abrupt intrusion of a demon-spirit into one's life leading to
various kinds of possession and control.

• An erosion of Biblical morals into a more lax and liberal viewpoint
that opens the way to committing sins such as adultery, fornication,
and spiritism.

• An overload of occult energy into one's system, resulting in a
type of "circuit overload"—severe hyper-tension and anxiety, mental
and emotional disorders, deep depression, rapid breakdown of physical
health, and others.

• An increasing hardening of the heart and dulling of the ear to
the Good News of Jesus-this becomes particularly ingrained the
more one delves into the New Age.

There are many other disorders, breakdowns, personality aberrations,
delusions, and types of possession but this should suffice to
demonstrate the manifest dangers a person risks with any type of
dabbling or habitual involvement in the New Age.

Becoming involved in occult snares is a classic catch-22 situation.
Those who are deluded are not aware that they are in fact deluded.
Anything shown to the contrary is regarded by the New Ager as a

Spiritism: The Root of New Age Evil

"But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall
away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines
of demons" (I Tim. 4:1).

In one form or another, to one degree or another, the influence of
"spiritual wickedness in heavenly places"1 lies at the root of all occult
evils. Satan's demons work their charms both directly and indirectly,
overtly and extremely subtly.

In The Facts on the New Age Movement, John Ankerberg and
John Weldon state: "To put it simply, the teachings of the New Age
are the teachings of spirits. What the New Age teaches and believes is
what the spirit world has revealed and wishes men to believe ... the
New Age teachings and practices are not simply the enlightened discoveries
of men, but more precisely the deliberately revealed teachings
of the spirits that men have adopted and utilized. They merely appear
to be enlightened teachings because the spirits use psychological
principles and spiritual language; they speak of God and love; and
they satisfy many of the genuine desires of fallen men. ... The spirits
are coming out of the closet in force, in numerous disguises, doing
all they can to spread the teachings of the New Age."

Sometimes the workings of spirits are quite obvious —like the
phenomenon of "trance channeling" where the medium allows a
spirit-entity to occupy his body and completely take it over for a
time. In other cases, where a person has an inner spirit guide or wise
friend with which he communicates, again we have the activity of
spirits feeding people information and invisible influences. Ouija
boards and automatic writing, as well, are a specific way of asking
for spirits' direct input.

In other ways, the influence of unclean spirits is much more subtle.
For example, the use of pendulums (for divination), astrology, tea
leaf reading, runes, fortune-telling, and palmistry all use a defined
method as a focal point for discerning specific types of information
through occult means. Especially in the more subtle spiritistically
based New Age practices, it can be difficult-to-impossible to outwardly
discern whether the practitioner is receiving influences from spirits.
Some astrologers, for example, would deny categorically that
they are in contact with any spirits whatsoever in rendering a
person's astrological chart interpretation. Such astrologers may perceive
themselves as simply using their own intuition or psychic abilities
or even confining themselves to solely rational input. However, the
crucial point here is no matter what the astrologer's (or palmist's or
pendulum user's) perception is of what he is doing, because of the
occult method he is using there is an open invitation to demons to
subtly weave their works, oftentimes in invisible, devious ways.
On still another level, there are scores of other occultic avenues
that are less obviously forbidden, but must be understood as
spiritistic in nature in order to be aware of their horrific dangers. For
example, the use of psychedelic drugs in the New Age to achieve
"higher states of enlightened consciousness" is not obviously
spiritistic in nature, but it is just that. In short, psychedelics are often a
type of metaphysical doorway to spirit contacts and demonically
counterfeited domains of glittery darkness.

Though the Bible does not specifically prohibit the use of LSD or
"magic mushrooms" or peyote buttons, the fact is the function and
actual effects of these drugs is often to open doorways in the mind to
possible "other spirit influences." This makes the practice "implicit
spiritism." This category of Bible-prohibited practices —implicitly
forbidden —means that even though the Bible does not name something
outright as forbidden, the actual function of the practice is
directly occult in nature, and therefore definitely comes under the
category of scripturally forbidden practices.

Other examples to be further discussed in this chapter include:
occult breathing exercises, telepathic UFO contacts, occult sex practices,
past life regression sessions, "create your own reality" practices,
out-of-body experiences, and numerous others that are all implicitly

In one way or another all the other listed categories of Bibleprohibited
practices —like casting spells, witchcraft, walking through
fire, necromancy, and idolatry —and their implicit counterparts rely
directly on the rulers, authorities, and powers of darkness.

Altered States of Consciousness (ASC): Open Windows to Spirit Contacts and Influences

One of the most powerful strategies in Satan's New Age trickeries
is the use of a large variety of altered states of consciousness to induce
contact and interaction with demon-spirits and their manyfaceted
powers. In the great majority of cases, ASCs are thought by
New Agers to be absolutely healthy means to open oneself to positive,
benign, and beneficial spiritual and psychological influences. It is
thought that an integral part of developing one's unlimited human
potential is learning how to put oneself into various types of higher
states of consciousness, that is, ASCs.

The basic idea is that there are thousands and thousands of different
levels of higher consciousness available to man, each level accessing a
different type of universal experience and corresponding benefit.

It is said that man's evolutionary imperative is to claim these aspects
of his unlimited divine heritage in order to grow into a more evolved,
more advanced human being — the New Age god-man of unlimited
consciousness abilities. There are a host of supposed positive benefits,

• Contacting higher sources of universal wisdom.
• Releasing psychological traumas.
• Getting in touch with one's intuition and creative powers.
• Developing a variety of psychic powers.
• Reducing stress.
• Contacting spirit guides.
• Creating health, prosperity, and happiness.
• Having fun.
• Becoming more centered and together.
• Programming the subconscious with positive attitudes.
• Exploring the higher heavenly realms.
• And many others.

An altered state of consciousness basically can be defined as a
trance or trance-like state of mind, normally induced by specific
techniques, rituals, or other sorts of volitional efforts. In most ASCs
the person is in a deeply relaxed, very passive, receptive, nonrational
state in which he is opening himself to psychological and/or
spiritual higher consciousness experiences. ASCs can occur with eyes
open or closed. The primary problem is that the person indulging is
opening a door in the mind that weakens the rational, critical
faculties as hypnotically mesmerizing influences increase vulnerability
to many sorts of undesirable influences. At the core, ASCs are like
occult windows to the New Age beyond.

The recurring theme in inducing ASCs is relaxed passivity and
decreased rational, analytical faculties in a trance-type state.
Instructions for entering an ASC often include:

• "Let go and surrender."
• "Allow your body to feel like it's dissolving into infinity."
• "Release all rational analysis and let it all flow."
• "Visualize yourself as a perfect being of light."
• "Feel like you're floating into another dimension."
• "See yourself spiralling upwards into the spirit realms."
• "Let go of your body and float upwards."
• "Just flow through any feelings of fear, alarm, or suspicion."
• "Feel your body becoming warm and tingling all over as you
release yourself into deeper and deeper relaxation."
• "Just allow any thoughts or emotions to arise, surrender to
them, and let them flow through you."

Instructions such as these and many other variations lead the participant
step-by-step into taking down his guard, relaxing into a deep
state of passivity and vulnerability, and surrendering to higher
forces, energies, and experiences.

There are many associated tools and methods used for inducing
ASCs, including:

• Mystical New Age music.
• Looking into a mirror for extended periods.
• Guided creative visualization.
• Hypnosis.
• Swirling, psychedelic light-shows.
• Repetitious drum beating.
• Repetitious chanting.
• Occult breathing techniques.
• New Age deep relaxation exercises.
• Psychedelic drugs.
• Yoga positions.
• Gazing at esoteric geometric figures.
• Metaphysical sex practices.
• Brain-relaxation machines.
• Self-hypnosis.
• All types of New Age meditation.
• Subliminal cassette and video tapes.
• Twirling occult dances and repetitious body movements.
• Crystal power techniques.
• Multitudes of others.

In effect, by opening up forbidden doors, the participant creates a
breach through which demons can infiltrate, often in quite subtle


"We want to talk to you of love. We want to blend with you - we
want to blend our energy with yours so we can touch each other—so
we can work together." - Lazaris, an internationally famous spiritentity
channeled by Jack Pursell.

"We are here to merge, to blend with your human egos, to help
your race become the central guidance system of a vast new being." -
Angels, channeled by popular New Age leader Ken Carey.

Channeling is indeed a blending, a merging, a touching, between
humans and disincarnate spirits. However, behind the oh-so-friendly
and wise facade are demons who touch to deceive, blend to invade,
and merge to possess. They come with an olive branch of peace,
love, and universal brotherhood in one hand, and a smoking gun
concealed behind their back in the other.

Channeling, both by high-priced, internationally renowned mediums
and by the many thousands of regional and grass-roots mediums, is
the single most influential phenomenon on the New Age scene today.
A virtual avalanche of seminars, consultation sessions, books,
cassette tapes, and videos has cascaded into every corner of the New
Age Movement, infusing it with an entirely new level of vigor, upgraded
philosophies, and powers of deceit. Millions of people today
are fashioning their lives on the ideas of some exalted, evolutionarily
superior spirit-entity. The repercussions go much deeper, as increasing
numbers of health care professionals, psychologists, philosophers,
educators, and other influential people subtly integrate these concepts
into their respective professional fields.

Channeling started to become really hot around 1982-85, coinciding
with the beginning of the "Shirley MacLaine era," and its exponential
rise to the present day height shows no sign of let-up. If anything, it is
accelerating today even faster along its ascent to fame, power,
influence, and glory.

Commenting on this, Christian authors John Ankerberg and John
Weldon write: "Thus the stage has been set for a revival of spiritism
that could dwarf earlier eras."4

In my years as a New Ager, I went to many channeling sessions,
and have heard the alluring words of high cosmic wisdom of multitudes
of spirits claiming to be an "Ascended Master," a spirit-God, an
extraterrestrial visitor, a dolphin, the Council of Twelve, and others
of this unholy host of creative demonic tricksters.

On stage, the medium goes into a trance and often twitches involuntarily
as the spirit takes over the body and the medium relinquishes
control. In many cases, virtually a total change of posture,
overall demeanor, voice tone, speech style, and general bearing occurs
as the spirit's presence manifests itself through the medium's body.
Often there is a perceptible tingling, buzzing, electric sensations and
high-pitched ear ringing experienced by many in attendance as the
spirit starts to assert its powers of subliminal persuasion and hypnotic

The audience is spellbound as the veil between heaven and Earth
ostensibly is parted, and the gods from above are about to impart
their celestial dewdrops to the elite privileged in attendance. Using an
almost invariably highly dramatic, glib style, the spirit proceeds to
dispense exalted proclamations and predictions, sometimes accompanied
by miracles (and promises of miracles) of many bedazzling

While the disguised demon is seeding an outpouring of New Age
thoughts into peoples' minds, there is much more going on than
meets the eye.

Carl Raschke, professor of religion at the University of Denver,
comments, "I'm convinced there is some kind of mass hypnosis going

This is exactly the case. Through speech cadence, orchestrated
body and hand movements, voice inflections, and invisible demonic
powers that fill the room, the spirit weaves a hypnotic web of rainbowgilded
infiltration. Not only do the participants take in false information
but, more deeply, they absorb the permeating influences of the
demon's formidable powers into the heart, mind, soul, and spirit.
Often, a type of open-eyed trance-state overtakes the listeners with a
sense of relaxation, pleasant tingling sensations, and rapt fascination
with the goings-on.

Acquiring Familiar Spirits

Familiar spirits operate in a somewhat different manner than
those involved in trance channeling, though they all work toward the
same ends. While trance channeling involves the spirit fully inhabiting
the medium's body while the medium is absent, familiar spirits
function more like counselors or inner friends who communicate invisibly
with the person during an altered state of consciousness.

In this case, the person usually employs some form of step-bystep
ASC induction technique to get into a deeply relaxed, receptive,
(and vulnerable) state of mind. At this point, the familiar spirit is
contacted, and some form of inter-communication occurs.
The manner of intercommunication is as unique as the individual.
But, usually there is a mental imaging (or visualization) or some other
type of volitional opening of the lines of intercommunication with
inner guides, who present themselves in many ways including:

• A friend.
• A wise one.
• An inner counselor.
• A spirit guide.
• An inner council.
• An inner healer.
• A master.
• The Higher Self.
• An Ascended Master.
• A friendly extraterrestrial.
• A power animal.
• A dolphin deva.
• An archetype.
• A council of Masters.
• An angel of light.
• A crystal helper.
• A bodiless sphere of light.
• A spark of Universal Intelligence.
• And a creative array of others.

The practice of engaging familiar spirits is one of the most
diverse, pervasive, and influential New Age methods in use today. In
terms of mainstream societal infiltration, some types of familiar
spirit practices have made the deepest New Age inroads of all. Such
practices have made deep advances in the areas of psychology, inner
healing, success/motivation techniques, creativity enhancement
methods, mind-power schools of thought, stress management, creative
visualization techniques, intuition building, and others. A great degree
of discernment is necessary here. Too many people acquire familiar
spirits without even realizing that this is what's actually happening.

Essentially, any type of method that establishes an inner helper of
one sort or another, and accesses it during any type of ASC is a familiar
spirit practice that should be avoided like the plague that it is.

Once a spirit helper of one variety or another is acquired, the individual
indeed has acquired something —a deceiving, parasitic influence.
It is not uncommon for information or influences received via
the inner helper actually to prove helpful in some real but relative
way, as it did for me. But like a parasite that offers a few presents and
promises in order to "set the hook" into the victim, the familiar spirit
gives short-term rewards but long-term victimization.

Mystical Out-of-Body Experiences

Some of the most seductive of all Satan's wiles are in mystical outof-
body experiences (OBE). Here are a few samples of such

An LSD user, in the book The Varieties of Psychedelic Experiences,
by R. E. L. Masters, and Jean Houston, Ph.D., relates his experience:
"Although consciousness of self seemed extinguished, I
knew that the boundaries of my being now had been dissolved and
that all other boundaries also were dissolved. All, including what
had been myself, was an ever more rapid molecular whirling that
then became something else, a pure and seething energy that was the
whole of Being."6

Fritjof Capra, a foremost New Age scientist, details his seminal
mystical experience for writing the landmark New Age book, The
Tao of Physics: "I 'saw' cascades of energy coming down from outer
space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic
pulses; I 'saw' the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating
in this cosmic dance; I felt its rhythm and I 'heard' its sound,
and at that moment I knew this was the Dance of Shiva"7 (note:
Shiva is a Hindu deity of destruction and devouring).

Shirley MacLaine's televised dramatization of her hot tub mystical
experience relates: "My whole body seemed to float. Slowly, slowly I
became the water. ... I felt the inner connection of my breathing
with the pulse of the energy around me. In fact, I was the air, the
water, the darkness, the walls, the bubbles, the candle, the wet rocks
under the water, and even the sound of the rushing river outside."8

The high gloss and glamour of attaining these often exquisitely
beautiful altered states of consciousness is like an utterly seductive
forbidden fruit promising enlightenment, infinite knowledge, and ultimate

I, myself, have explored these mystical terrains with considerable
enthusiasm and vigor over my many years in the New Age Movement.
Some of the most spectacular of Satan's counterfeit heavenly
domains are accessed via such out-of-body experiences. A sort of
high-tech gloss is painted over sheer darkness in these dazzling celestial
principalities. But in fact, they are bedazzling to the point of blinding
and binding the pilgrim to the underlying consuming darkness.

Crystal Power: A New Age Millstone

Crystals and gemstones have no power or light in and of themselves—
they are neutral and inert objects. In the context of mindpower-
based and other types of New Age techniques there are some
types of unusual effects experienced subjectively, sometimes powerfully
so. These effects scientifically are not measurable, and therefore
subject to all sorts of wild metaphysical theories, speculations, and
fantasies, serving only as yet another powerful New Age delusionary

Crystals have a long history of usage as power objects in the practices
of witches, wizards, sorcerers, alchemists, shamans, and other
occultic figures. When such power objects are applied in conjunction
with occult practices, there is sometimes the subjective experience
that the crystal is assisting in some ways in manipulating occult
forces. Though it is not scientifically verifiable, this is the reason why
crystals have such a long history in the occult and why so many millions
of New Agers today are in such a craze about crystal power.

Seeing from the eyes of a Christian now, I realize that if Jesus had
wanted us to use crystals for healing or spiritual reasons, surely He
would have brought up the subject clearly in His teachings. The New
Testament does not show the apostle Peter, Paul, or John holding a
crystal to their third eye to pray or to tune into Universal Intelligence
or for any other purposes whatsoever.

Crystal power applications in the New Age invariably are involved
with scripturally forbidden practices, either explicitly or implicitly.
This is the ultimate and irrevocable flaw.
Instead of being crystals of light, they are actually yet another
glossy New Age millstone.


Initiations involve a ritual infusion of occult, mystical power into
the recipient, who thereby receives various gifts, powers, and awakenings.
Though there are innumerable varieties of initiations within
the spectrum of New Age activities, all involve a direct interlinking
of the individual with demonic powers and domains via the intermediary
human initiator. By choosing to walk through this kind of
door, the person undergoes a marriage of sorts with the principality
of darkness that sponsors and controls each different type of initiation.
Often, powerful experiences of apparent bliss, joy, and love
accompany initiations. Profoundly altered states of consciousness
and out-of-body experiences are also quite common.

In addition, it is not uncommon for certain types of psychic powers,
worldly good fortune, inner feelings of peace and contentment,
and other apparently positive effects to be received by the initiate.
For such a person, all these apparently marvelous effects tend to give
confirmation that they have undergone a profound growth step toward

I underwent several types of initiations, entering into them as enthusiastically
as millions of others. Each initiation felt like a major
spiritual breakthrough into new plateaus of higher consciousness
and psychic powers, but I see so very clearly now that it was in reality
being plugged into yet another of Satan's principalities, like an
electric cord into a socket of dark power.

The UFO Issue

I was deeply involved in the UFO phenomenon. But because it is
such a weird subject, I feel it inappropriate to comment at this point,
and rather let the words of various Christian leaders and authorities
speak for themselves, perhaps provoking the reader to curiosity and
further thought:

Brooke Alexander, president of the respected (Christian) Spiritual
Counterfeits Project, commented on the "John Ankerberg Show":
"A lot of the characteristics that attend UFO 'close encounters' are
also highly characteristic of demonic encounters ... more than anything
else, the thing that we came to understand was that these UFOs
are not extraterrestrial space vehicles, but they are extra-dimensional

Dave Hunt, noted Christian author and New Age critic, reports
the research of the renowned astrophysicist and computer scientist,
Jacques Vallee, Ph.D., on the "John Ankerberg Show": "... a very
brilliant man who has just done logical, scientific research for 20
some years on the subject. He says four things about UFOs. He says,
'Number one, they're real. ... Number two,' he says, 'They're not
physical.'... 'Number three,' he says, 'They're messengers of deception'
... 'Number four. ... They are psychologically programming, setting
up the human race, for some ultimate delusion that is too horrible
even to imagine as yet.'"10

In Confronting the New Age, Christian author Douglas Groothuis
reports, "Those supposedly contacted by the UFOs often display traits
common in other kinds of occult phenomena such as a trance state,
automatic writing, peering into crystals, the poltergeist effect, levitation,
psychic control, psychic healing and out-of-body experiences."11

Billy Graham, in his book Angels: God's Secret Agents, comments:
"Some Christian writers have speculated that UFOs could
very well be a part of God's angelic host who preside over the physical
affairs of universal creation. While we cannot assert such a view with
certainty, many people are now seeking some type of supernatural
explanation for these phenomena. Nothing can hide the fact,
however, that these unexplained events are occurring with greater
frequency around the entire world and in unexpected places."

Zola Levitt, Jewish Christian authority, in a taped lecture,
"UFOs: What on Earth is Happening?" states:

"We think the UFOs represent demon activity come out in the
open in the end times."12

It is most interesting that so many conservatively sided, Biblebelieving
Christian authorities are willing to give serious comment on
the subject of UFOs.

Whitley Strieber, famous novelist, has been the subject of national
exposure in his best-selling books on his UFO encounters,
Communion and Transformation. With no previous involvements
in any metaphysical areas, formerly a staunch secular rationalist,
Strieber has gone through a radical change of beliefs and spiritual
philosophy due to alleged direct encounters with extraterrestrials.

He reports that the visitors "have caused me to slough off my old
view of the world like the dismal skin that it was and seek a completely
new vision of this magnificent, mysterious, and fiercely alive
universe."13 He adds: "What ever the visitors are, I suspect they have
been responsible for much paranormal phenomena, ranging from
the appearance of gods, angels, fairies, ghosts, and miraculous
beings to the landing of UFOs in the backyards of America. ...

"It should not be forgotten that the visitors —if I am right about
them — represent the most powerful of all forces acting in human culture.
They may be extraterrestrials managing the evolution of the
human mind."14

As with me (when a New Ager) and so many millions of New
Agers, contact with forces or entities identifying themselves as extraterrestrials,
Strieber has undergone a radical higher consciousness
transformation that propelled him into a New Age type of philosophy.

From the perspective of past, personal, first-hand involvement in
the UFO phenomenon, now viewing it with the eyes of a Christian, I
believe that this subject merits the most serious investigation, for it
could hold a very real threat to the entire world in both expected and
highly unexpected ways. From millions of New Agers' experiences,
there is a profoundly potent force behind whatever the UFOs really
are. That force is definitely demonic in nature and has extraordinary
delusionary brainwashing effects on people. I believe that, whatever
new information may be uncovered about this phenomenon in the
years ahead, UFOs are messengers of deception, nothing else.

Former President Ronald Reagan made an interesting comment
at the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations on September
21, 1988:

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget
how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need
some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common
bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide
would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

Could this be a major worldwide issue of the future? We shall see.


This scripturally prohibited practice of divining the influence of
stars and planets (and their various interrelationships) on human
affairs and terrestrial events is one of the more popular and seemingly
benign phenomena. Every day, in newspapers circulated in
every city, astrology holds out an open invitation to the curious, the
dabblers, and the believers.

Thousands of professional and semi-professional astrologers
offer their services through an incredible variety of avenues, both in
New Age circles and mainstream society. The temptation to dabble in
astrology has been a doorway for many an unwary person leading
into deeper involvement in the New Age.

I have come across numerous New Agers who swear by astrology
for charting out their daily lives in every detail. During "Mercury
retrograde" days, for example, they anxiously would minimize their
daily routines in dread of the negative, downpulling effects of the
planets. From the choosing of marriage partners to the planning of
business ventures to the making of major life decisions, those involved
in astrology essentially become slaves, or at least servants, of
the stars, the planets, and the demons behind this type of divination.
Instead of being more free, those who use astrology cuff themselves
with yet another shackle.

Professional astrologers make sophisticated arguments for both
the scientific and spiritual aspects of this discipline, and point to a
host of apparent benefits and levels of accuracy. The bottom line, in
response to any and all of their arguments, is that: 1) the Biblical
faith of Jesus is not the chief cornerstone15 of astrology, and 2)
astrology is specifically forbidden in the Bible.16


This practice has been in existence throughout the centuries, and
enjoyed a dramatic revival in the New Age during the early 1980s.
The reader may be surprised to know that people actually do walk on
searingly hot coals for significant periods of time, and (most) come
through totally unscathed. Even National Geographic scientists have
set up controlled circumstances to observe this phenomenon and,
though they cannot yet agree on the scientific rationale, they have
verified its factualness.

As supernatural as firewalking may seem, it is yet another entrapment
scheme. Firewalking seminars always have specific ways of
building up an altered state of consciousness of high intensity. Whipped
up into a controlled high-trance frenzy, the participants dare to do
the impossible. The reluctant and even the very fearful are swept
along as the mass hypnotic force generated by the whole group reaches
its peak, and the demons are freed to do their work. An extreme high
is commonly experienced, which is, unfortunately, a combination of
adrenaline rush plus demonic intrusion. The Bible specifically prohibits
"passing through the fire."17

Occult Sex Practices

The allure of mystically enhanced super-sex is one of the New
Age's hottest items. Under the guise of spiritual development a host
of occult breathing practices, meditation techniques, kundalini
awakening (serpent power), and intricate intercourse techniques are
used in a wide variety of ways to generate occultic forces via sex. The
experiences can induce a host of mystical and out-of-body experiences,
as well as the intoxications of drinking the nectar of awakened
serpent power.

Past Life Regressions

By inducing a deep trance state (an ASC) via meditation or hypnosis,
a person searches the depths of his mind (referred to as the
collective unconscious) to recall supposed past lives. From personal
experience, I can report that such experiences can be quite richly
detailed and vividly perceived. You actually can feel like you're in the
body of some past incarnation of you, experiencing all the thoughts
and sensations of that past incarnation.

The environmental landscape surrounding the past you can be incredibly
detailed, whether it appears as Renaissance Europe, the
Christian Crusades, or even sometimes alien planets and extraterrestrial
spaceships. The apparent authenticity and depth of experience
can be most convincing and invigorating. It seems that entirely
new vistas of the multidimensional you are there for unendingly
fascinating exploration and review.

I see now that such experiences are sophisticated fabrications
perpetrated upon the unwary person by unclean spirits. As the individual
leaves himself vulnerable during the trance-state (ASC),
demons have free rein to create all kinds of fairy tales with the person
experiencing it all in dramatic detail. Not only does each past life
regression excursion open the person's mind to further levels of New
Age brainwashing, the New Ager often comes out with severe identity
problems. People actually start to believe that, for example, they are
Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, and John the Baptist all wrapped up in
one big, multi-dimensional persona.

One of the most curious facts about this popular practice is that,
almost invariably, the past lives are those of:

• Royalty.
• High priests and priestesses.
• Leading historical characters.
• Famous scientists.
• Super-advanced alien intelligences.
• Angelic beings in human form.
• Celestial super-beings.
• And all manner of other exalted, glorified figures.

Seldom have they been involved in normal, unremarkable past
incarnations. How curious. You wouldn't believe the hyper-inflated
spiritual ego-trips that come spewing out of the demonic dens marked
"Past-Life Regressions: Come on in, and see the untold wonders and
mysteries of you, glorious you!"

Psychic Powers: Clairvoyance, Telepathy
Precognition, Psychometry, Psychokinesis,
Remove Viewing, and Others

Waving high the banner of awaken your unlimited divine godpotential,
the development of a large spectrum of psychic powers is a
major New Age directive. Psychic powers are supposed to be evidence
of a superior, more "god-realized" person. While some who
claim to have psychic powers are victims of their own wishful thinking
or are merely shams, there are surprising numbers of those who have
real psychic powers.

It is important not to shrug off the notion of psychic powers. The
Bible is abundantly filled with references to the real powers of
sorcerers, magicians, enchanters, and the like (though the almighty
power of the Heavenly Father always proved superior and ultimately
sovereign).18 Also, the end-times prophecies point to "counterfeit
miracles, signs and wonders,"19 and "great signs and wonders"20 that
clearly foretell an end-time proliferation of superhuman powers.

Though much could be said on this subject, Dave Hunt provides some
eye-raising observations in America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice:

"... inside informants continue to insist that the United States
government is taking psychic power seriously enough to spend millions
on secret research, and that the Soviets are doing likewise. ...

Representative Charles Rose (D-NC), a member of the House Select
Committee on Intelligence, calls the possibility of 'psychic war' all
too real."21 And: "there are many serious researchers who are now
convinced that psychic phenomena may well involve something potentially
no less dangerous than atomic energy."22

I have seen and personally experienced too many demonstrations
of psychic powers, many of them of the "false wonders" variety,23 to
discount the distinct possibility that they are real. The growing body of
scientific verification points to the fact that this subject merits serious

Once, I was in training using numerous advanced yoga methods
to prepare literally to walk on water. Believe it or not, I was serious
about this, and spent hours and hours building up the yogic siddhis
(powers) toward the big event. But, I sank like a rock.

The other major problem is that psychic powers ultimately draw
upon demonic principalities as their source of power. At no place in the
Gospel does Jesus provide lessons on the development of psychic power.
The power of the Holy Spirit alone, not man's, is all each of us needs.
Anything beyond this not only is superfluous but also ultimately deadly.

The following are definitions of some psychic powers:

• Remote viewing: the ability to psychically see distant locations
and occurrences.
• Levitation: defying the law of gravity.
• Clairvoyance: the general ability to see the future, remote
happenings, "auras," ghosts, etc.
• Telepathy: the ability to communicate thoughts directly from
one mind to another, without need of speech.
• Psychometry: the ability to take an object and psychically trace
its past history, every event that has happened to it, and every
person who has come into contact with it. Another type of
psychometry can take a map or an object from a piece of land, and
psychically "see" the geographical characteristics of the land at a
• Psychokinesis: mind over matter —the ability of the mind to
physically influence matter.
• Precognition: the ability to foresee events before they happen
via psychic means.


The aim of the many kinds of yoga schools of thought is for the
individual to be absorbed into a state of Universal Oneness-Bliss,
like a drop of water dissolving into a great cosmic sea. Individual
identity is lost, as a type of self-less Nirvana is attained. Self becomes
"God"—the root of New Age heresy.

In order to do this, the different yoga traditions all have systematic
disciplines for awakening the kundalini-serpent power that is said to
reside dormantly at the base of the spine. Through long, diligent
hours of emptying the mind or endlessly repeating mantras (Hindu
deity-names) in meditation, a progressive evolutionary ladder is said
to be climbed over thousands of reincarnations. Along the way, a
spectrum of siddhis (psychic powers) are acquired that help the yogi
to master space, time, and matter with powers of the mind.

Extended fasting, strict vegetarian diet, Hatha Yoga, chanting,
and diverse prescribed physical purification exercises (like slipping a
length of cloth down the throat to the stomach, and pulling it back
up again) all are combined into a highly disciplined regimen.

From having delved seriously into the mysterious world of yoga
myself, several observations come to mind, from a Christian perspective:

1) There are extreme dangers involved in awakening the kundalini
practices. I have observed numerous New Agers experiencing the
subtle and extreme casualties — mental and emotional disruptions,
involuntary physical movements (from uncontrollable spasms to incessant
quivering), nervous system burn-out, outrageous ego-inflations,
sexual obsessions, intense delusionary states, hallucinations, and
other quite undesirable side-effects.

Several times through these years my mind felt like it was racing
uncontrollably, like a wind-swept wildfire. Nothing could stop it, and a
few times I felt like I was teetering on the brink of insanity. For several
months after such an incident, I would treat certain advanced
practices with extreme caution, but I didn't do the smart thing, and
stop totally.

2) The extensive yogic practices easily can take the better part of
a day, depending on how serious the yoga practitioner is. There is so
much focus on self-development that there is little or no time spent
on serving and caring for others. Yoga often leads into a selfabsorbed
type of meditative narcissism.

3) Invariably, different schools of yoga have gurus positioned at
the top of the hierarchical religious ladder, claiming to function as
the necessary interconnection between "God" and the yoga aspirants,
who must bow to the personage and will of the guru. Obviously, the
guru is a type of false christ, attempting to take the place of Jesus as
the only Way (Jn. 14:6).

4) Hatha Yoga—the pretzel and stretching exercises —is being
offered with alarming frequency through such bedrock institutions as
YMCAs, colleges, continuing education college classes, high school
phys-ed classes, and in other areas of society. Often it is thought that
Hatha Yoga is benign and somehow disassociated from the rest of
the total Yoga system. This is a potentially dangerous fallacy, for
Hatha Yoga is part and parcel of the whole of yoga, with many of the
same dangers.

In addition, Hatha Yoga also functions as a door through which
the curious sometimes walk to explore the other aspects of the New

Create Your Own Reality: The "Health, Wealth, and Godhood" Doctrine

One of the loudest trumpet calls in the New Age Movement is

The myriad variations on this trumpeting theme include:

• Vision your life perfect.
• You are god and can create all things.
• By my power, all things are created by me.
• Write your own ticket with God.
• Mind power creates all success.
• By my faith and power, I create all things.
• Thought power controls all reality.
• My powers of godhood manipulate all universal energies.
• Psychic powers are man's divine heritage.
• And my thoughts and words are binding on the powers of the

The New Age teaches faith in man. Jesus teaches faith in Him.
The New Age teaches power to man. The Bible teaches the almighty
power of the Most High.

The New Age teaches "I am in control." The Holy Bible teaches
"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" (Phil. 4:13).
Power-by-me vs. power-by-the-Lord is a fundamental dividing
line between the New Age and Christianity.

The New Age uses decrees, creative visualizations, mantras, repeated
affirmations, and occult invocations to create its own reality.
New Age man steps on the pedestal of "godhood" and seeks to command
the universe according to his beck and call.

Jesus says: "Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever
humbles himself shall be exalted" (Matt. 23:12).

Pantheistic Worship Practices

In a neo-paganistic revival, New Agers bow to the god they think
is contained in every aspect of creation. Stars are god, trees are god,
planet Earth is god, dolphins are god, everything is god. They worship
creation rather than the Transcendent Creator.

This fundamental flaw leads to countless pantheistic errors. For
example, sun worship and nature worship practices are rampant.
All kinds of ceremonies and rituals are performed for invoking the
spirits of trees, animals, birds, plants, lakes, rivers, mother earth,
whales, and the like for purposes of healing, consciousness expan116
sion, and communion and co-participation with the powers of the

Pantheism makes an idol out of creation and its various parts and is
a direct violation of the second commandment.

Divination Practices Examples of some divination practices include:

• Tarot cards (a set of occult symbolic cards).
• I Ching (an ancient Chinese "Book of Changes").
• Rune stones (an ancient Nordic technique using stones with
hieroglyphics inscribed on them).
• Palmistry (divining personal knowledge from the palm).
• Dowsing (using pendulums, wands, angle rods, etc.).
• "Star + Gate" (a new New Age divination "game").
• "The way of Cartouche" (an Egyptian divination tradition).
• Astrology (already discussed before).
• Reading tea leaves (attempting to divine meaning from patterns
of remnant tea leaves).
• Ouija boards (see below).

Sometimes such divination techniques can appear to be accurate,
but any such relative effectiveness ultimately is flawed. By using a
Biblically prohibited practice the person opens up subtle or overt
demonic doorways.

One of the main dangers of such practices is that the more a person
uses them, the more deeply involved he becomes.

In my personal experiences with I Ching and using pendulums
to divine questions about the status of my life and for making lifedecisions,
I found a momentum was evoked that made me want to
use the techniques more and more often.

In the beginning, I used the practices sparingly and only for important
issues. Later on, I found myself using them with increasing
frequency for smaller and smaller issues. A growing dependence on
them arose before I realized what was happening. At times I would
feel compelled to consult these divination methods 20-30 times every
day, sometimes for the most minute decisions. After a time, I simply
quit the practice because of the obvious dependence.

Divination may took harmless to some, but it most certainly acts
as a subtle snare to further involvements in occult dependencies.

Aura Readings

Some New Agers claim to have clairvoyant super-sight that
allows them to view rainbow colors that are said to radiate around
each individual. Different color-patterns and levels of brightness and
dimness are said to indicate facts about the person on physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual levels.

Ouija Boards

This occult tool is likely one of the most dabbled-with of all.
Looking to be fun, different, an interesting experience, just something
to do, a mysterious adventure, and so many others reasons, people,
young and old, have played with this seemingly innocent game. To
many a person's great surprise, some invisible force actually will start
to move the ouija indicator with a volition of its own. The very act of
choosing to use the ouija board and the utilizing of the board opens
a potential demonic "window" into the situation.

Though this does not happen every time, this game is no game at
all; it is really a matter of playing with occult fire. This is a potent
technique for demonic familiar spirits to entice the curious, ensnare
the dabbler, and possess the habitual user.

Automatic Writing

This is another form of channeling in which the medium goes into a
light-to-deep trance and allows a spirit to take over the arms and
hands only in order to write down information. Innumerable volumes
of New Age books have been written in this way, with the medium
sometimes being totally unknowledgable in the subject matter.

Ruth Montgomery, formerly a highly influential Washington syndicated
columnist, quit her prestigious job when a council of spirits
started to write voluminously via automatic writing through her. She
has written numerous landmark books in this way, and is known to
many as "The Herald of the New Age."


Talismans are believed to be power objects that attract and emit
different kinds of occult energy. When applied directly in an occultbased
ritual or related New Age activities, there is sometimes the subjective
experience of these occult tools acting to help manipulate the
cosmic forces. Orthodox science finds no hard evidence to confirm or
verify such observations or claims. On the other hand, centuries of
occultists—including alchemists, wizards, witches, sorcerers,
shamans, and medicine men—consistently have used occult tools as
an integral part of their tools of the trade. Examples of talismans
and amulets include:

• Ankhs (an ancient Egyptian occult symbol).
• Scarabs (beetle figures —another Egyptian symbol).
• Crystal skulls (a figure of a human skull carved out of quartz
crystal or other precious stone).
• Crystal wands (for "energy focusing and amplification").
• Kachina dolls (American Indian idols).
• Fetishes (feathers, crystals, special dried plants, and other
items tied together in a bundle).
• Medicine pouches (a collection of different talismans, supposed
to be the wearer's power focus).

Talismans fall under the same category as crystals —they are inert
objects but, when combined with occult practices, they apparently
can be instrumental in producing various subjectively experienced,
but unmeasureable, effects.

The Dolphin Movement

The New Age really has gone ga-ga on this one. Quite popular is
the belief that dolphins are repositories of virtual libraries of information
from super-advanced ancient civilizations (like Atlantis), and
can communicate this knowledge telepathically to those tuned in on
the New Age wavelength.

Another well-liked view is that dolphins are also beacons of contact
with UFO intelligences and can relay intergalactic communications
through to their New Age friends. Some even believe that
dolphins are a superior life-form to humans.

On one occasion I was teaching a seminar at an upscale hotel in
Los Angeles. Coming back from a break I heard an incredibly piercing
series of high-pitched noises that sounded like someone was
being choked to death, or at least two cats having quite a battle.
When I realized that this was coming from my conference room, I
flipped. There was a growing crowd of businessmen from another
conference room gathering around the door, peering in.

I ran in, expecting to see the room in shambles and somebody seriously
hurt. Instead it turned out to be a New Ager's exceptionally
loud, off-key imitation of a dolphin. (She thought she was a dolphin
in a previous life and practices her dolphin cries for a couple of hours
every day.) Life in the New Age was not dull.


Here's an ad which appears for "Creative Dreaming": "Plan dreams
in advance, control them while they are happening, recall them with
startling clarity after awakening and banish nightmares forever!"
Dreamwork is an enduring area of New Age interest and over a
thousand books on the subject teach how to develop a type of
psychic power over dreams and how to contact higher dimensions
and spirit-beings while asleep. This area is actually a type of occult
meditation transferred over into the sleep state.

I used some of these techniques and found them leading to experiences
very similar to out-of-body experiences and occult meditational

Occult Breathing Exercises

There are any number of ways to perform special breathing exercises
to induce altered states of consciousness. In yoga, this is called
pranayama—carefully controlled breathing cycles used to regulate
consciousness. Some of these exercises are done very slowly over 15-30
minutes and calm the mind into a state of meditative emptiness.
Some other varieties involve a dramatic display of huffing and
puffing to awaken the kundalini-serpent power. Recently Stanley
Krippner, Ph.D., one authority, developed a state-of-the-art holotropic
breathing technique which is designed to induce psychedelic
experiences without the use of psychedelics.

Whatever the technique, such breathing exercises are just another
line dangling tempting bait to the unwary as well as the seasoned
New Age veteran.

Psychic Readings

If people want to waste their hard-earned money and also clog
their minds with all sorts of ego-tempting clutter, psychic readings
are just the thing. The domain of shams, clever people-readers, halfbaked
psychic abilities, full-blown psychic powers, as well as potent
demonizers, psychic readings and fortune telling are a highly popular
hotbed of demons' dens.

For the curiosity seekers who are looking for a relaxing afternoon's
recreational diversion or just something new to explore, entry
into these dens costs not only money but also a price exacted at
Satan's toll booth.

For veteran New Agers these psychic three-ring circuses are yet
another playground in which to romp and gleefully absorb layer
after layer of psychic drivel and gilded rainbow follies.

Other names by which psychic readings present themselves

• Life Readings.
• Reading the Akaschic Records of Your Life.
• Whole Person Insights.
• Identity Readings.
• Intuitive Personality Profiles.
• Shamanic Counseling.
• Transpersonal Counseling.
• And Readings for Life Success.


After my extensive excursions through many Biblically
forbidden New Age doors in pursuit of truth and fulfillment, I
came up empty. The rainbows of light crumbled into dust, leaving
only the face of consuming darkness, which was there all along but
was cunningly hidden. Would that I had obeyed my Heavenly
Father's commands instead of following my own well-rationalized
desires — the lesson I learned is that simple.
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« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2012, 08:28:02 am »

I remember hearing his testimony 2 years ago on youtube - thanks! Will bookmark this for later reading!
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« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2012, 09:24:58 am »

I remember hearing his testimony 2 years ago on youtube - thanks! Will bookmark this for later reading!

Randall N Baer – Inside the New Age Nightmare 1 – 10
Randall Baer, a former naturopathic doctor, was an internationally known authority in the area of crystals, sacred sciences and spiritual teachings.

Formally a co-director of the Starcrest Academy of Interdimensional Law and Science in Northern New Mexico.

The week he published his book “Inside the New Age Nightmare” Randall met a puzzling and untimely death. Upon completing a lecture tour in New Mexico on the topic of the New Age movement , his car ran off a mountain pass.

The price many of us pay to expose the truth.

HAS ALL 10 PARTS http://newagedeception.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/randall-n-baer-inside-the-new-age-nightmare-part-1/

Here is the testimony on Sermon Audio

Author murdered!! A few days before his revealing book was ready for distribution, Randall Baer died under“very suspicious circumstances” in an automobile “accident” in Colorado. His car went over a 350ft. precipice near Del Norte,in South Central Colorado. There were no skidmarks in the vicinity. Was Baer murdered for having blown the cover off the New Age movement through his book and this audio? By the grace of Jesus he released this audio to warn christians of the many faces of the new Age Movement and how it is influencing everything, churches,Bibles,Business,schools, government,exercise,medicine and so much more, having been in the NewAge movement for 15 years and a best selling author of New Age Books, he came to the Lord Jesus, then made this audio and wrote a book exposing the New Age Movement. 5 days before the book was to be released, he was killed. But they could not stop us from getting this audio. so we share it with you. He died to get us this message, let us not let his death be in vain.

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« Reply #4 on: March 04, 2012, 12:35:37 pm »

Somewhat exhaustive list of all the lures or snares of the enemy. One thing left out though.  People must fist be convinced that their lives aren’t good enough before it will work. This can be though trauma (induced by the same beings offering the solution) or through the natural thought that there has to be something more to life. (which is true) God has the solution to both dilemmas if one is willing to ask Him.
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« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2012, 07:51:47 am »

I personally have run across this in a LOT of new age writing. Especially in channeled UFO messages.

A Perverse "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff"

In end-times terms, similar dangers potentially apply to all those
who oppose the Antichrist's plans. Any philosophy that can logically
justify murder, abortion, and the like, can be turned to rationalize
the "cleansing" of all those who oppose it.

John Ankerberg and John Weldon comment on the ultimate
logical flaw and potentially serious danger of New Age philosophy in
The Facts on the New Age Movement:

"A thorough reading of New Age literature will show that some
New Agers sanction the persecution of Christians. They do so on the
basis of the need to remove those who may refuse to accept or attempt
to 'prevent' a spiritual uniting of humanity.

"This is one of the darker aspects to the New Age, yet it is consistent
with the overall world of the NAM [New Age Movement]. If true globalism
—or world unity—is eventually to be a reality, then by definition
all dissenting voices must either be converted, silenced, or removed.
That, of course, is the 'rub,'—the New Age of love and harmony may
have to be repressive for a time to usher in their version of peace
on Earth."8

There are many examples of different New Age leaders and channeled
spirits pointing to this time of "purification." Here are a few
quotes from noted figures to supplement the earlier quotation on the
weeding out of the "fit" from the "unfit" by the TM Guru Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi.

Ruth Montgomery, former nationally syndicated political columnist
turned leading New Age author, dubbed as being "The Herald of
the New Age," has written:

"We are indeed on the threshold of a New Age, which the [spirit
guides] guides say will be ushered in by a shift of the Earth on its axis
at the close of this century.

"... The souls who helped to bring on the chaos of the present
century will have passed into spirit to rethink their attitudes, and the
new race will engage in peaceful pursuits and the uplifting of spirits."9
Jewish Christian leader Zola Levitt reports in his taped lecture,
"UFOs: What on Earth is Happening?" that there is a popular "Berkeley
Messiah" who has risen up as yet another New Age herald. This "messiah"
states that he is the prime representative between Earth and "Masters"
who coordinate the UFO hierarchy. The UFOs, this false messiah
states, will intervene at a time of world tumult. At this point, the "Divine
Plan" will be presented to the world by these intervening forces. The
UFOs are to use "radiomagnetic rays" on Christians and all others who
oppose the "New Order" in order to "cleanse the Earth of an element
that holds back the evolutionary process for the rest of the world."10

A leading New Age channel and author, Ken Carey, in a new
book released in late 1988 entitled Return of the Bird Tribes says:

"The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential
cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence
and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated
from wheat at threshing."11

David Spangler, a long-time leading New Age spokesman, channels
a spirit posing as "Limitless Love and Truth," which states:

"In revealing a New Age ... I can be a sword that divides and separates.
You must be prepared to accept this and not resist it if such
separation occurs."12

J. Randolph Price, New Age writer and primary inspirer and organizer
of numerous large-scale World Peace Meditation events,
asserts that those who deny "the divinity of all men" (i.e., man is a
god) are of the "Antichrist." His spirit-guide, an "awakened one"
called "Asher," has informed him that "Nature will soon enter her
cleansing cycle" during which those of "lower vibratory rates" will be
purified off the planet.

In effect, following this line of reasoning, those who oppose the
coming "New World Order" —remaining Christians, Jews and any
others who resist —are by definition of a "lower vibratory rate," and
thereby are blocking the fullness of the New Age from happening.
All resisters are seen as an anchor that holds the planet down so that it
is not yet of a sufficient "higher vibratory rate" for the Golden
Aquarian Age to fully dawn. Therefore, all those "ignorant, evolutionarily
inferior souls of a lower vibratory rate must be compassionately
transferred to another world of their own choosing that fits
their lower spiritual level."

Furthermore, any persecution and woes experienced by "lower
vibration people" also can be justified as the reaping of "bad collective

New Age author Moira Timms, in her book, Prophecies and Predictions,
distorts the meaning of the plagues of Revelation into being
"special packages of karma visited upon the obstinate that they
might awaken to their wrong attitudes."13 The New Age attitude
would be: "They chose to bring this on themselves. Karma is divine
justice. We must not attempt to disrupt the workings of universal
law. Those souls will use the situation as a positive, spiritual, learning
experience. Who are we to oppose divine justice?" The blatant hatred
of the ****s for the Jews is re-wrapped into a New Age version of
detached, compassionate concern for spiritual laggards.

New Age literature is filled with obvious and implicit targeting of
specific types of people who resist the "New World Order," and uses
"enlightened and compassionate" reasoning to justify the "purification"
process. Using reincarnation-based logic, the "cleansing" process
is said to be merely re-locating these laggard souls into other incarnations
in less evolved worlds. The horrifying gas chambers of the
Holocaust were a crude and obvious forerunner of a much slicker,
glossier plan to round up dissidents and take them to "re-education
centers of love and peace."

In essence, there is a time in the New Age agenda where it is a
"holy duty" to "purify all oppositional elements that are holding
back the fullness of the New World Order." When enlightened philosophy
can justify mass murder as a holy duty, therein lies a gruesome
danger. My bone marrow chills at the thought of smiling-faced
New Agers, who have succumbed to the Antichrist's "powerful delusion"
lovingly embracing those whom they are rounding up to send
off to the "re-education centers."

"It'll be great." They will say, "You'll receive so much more love
and light than you can possibly imagine. You'll find peace there, and
you'll go with your own brethren to your very own 'new world."'
Yes, Hitler's version of the Holocaust was a crude, barbaric, and
absurd rehearsal for the slick and sophisticated plans of the Antichrist.
If you would have told me this five or 10 years ago, I would
have laughed uproariously. Such a notion would have seemed patently
absurd. However, in view of the end-times rise of the New Age
"plague of the spirit" and how it feeds into the plans of the Antichrist,
New Age leaders and channeled demon-spirits are indeed laying
out the basic agenda for a glowingly golden Age of Aquarius. Peace,
love, and brotherhood are its mottos that cunningly conceal the
devouring face of darkness that is behind it all.

Sadly, the people who are swept up in the Antichrist's powerful
delusion will have little to no idea of the Neo-Holocaust that they are
helping to perpetrate. Just as most New Agers today would scoff at
these ideas, they are blinded to the fact that Satan is the author of
this movement, serving his purposes alone in preparing the way for
the False Messiah.

Douglas Groothuis, in Confronting the New Age: How to Resist
a Growing Religious Movement, concludes on this subject:

"... the mixing of messianic and millennial enthusiasm, apocalyptic
expectation, ethical relativism and occult intrigue makes for a very combustible
compound. There is every possibility that if the people of God
do not rise up in the Spirit's power ... it will assume an increasingly
potent and sinister form marked by hostility toward its opponents."14

Dave Hunt, posing the question, "Are We in Any Real Danger?"

"Something of great significance is occurring, and it must be
taken seriously. The last revival of occultism played into Adolf
Hitler's hands, and the eventual victims numbered in the millions.
One can only wonder where the current and far more pervasive renaissance
of such occultism will lead."13

Joseph Carr, who investigates the occult basis of the **** regime
in The Twisted Cross, notes parallels between New Age philosophy
and **** National Socialism:

"One cannot argue against the claim that the **** worldview
and major elements of the New Age Movement worldview are
identical. They should be, after all, for they both grew out of the
same occultic root: theosophy. Their respective cosmogony,
cosmology, and philosophies are identical."16

Further, he states that the New Age is "an Antichrist movement
that could easily spawn another Adolf Hitler — and a holocaust
that makes the killing of the Jews during World War II look like a
minor action."17

Finally, in the classic book, The Occult and the Third Reich, a
due forewarning is given:

"Those who induced Germany to embrace the swastika are not
dead. They are still among us, just as they have been in every era,
and doubtless will continue to be until the Apocalypse. National
Socialism was for them but a means, and Hitler was but an instrument.
The undertaking failed. What they are now trying to do is
revive the myth using other means."18
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« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2012, 08:42:37 am »

I've only read 20 or so pages of Baer's book online, but it is a FASCINATING read, thus far, nonetheless. Pretty much everywhere he went to get "New Age enlightenment", short-term it would be great, but long-term it would wear out, and he would hop onto another bandwagon.

Will give my thoughts later when I finish the book, but yeah, it's important that we be wise as serpents and know our enemies - something the modern-day church refuses to do.
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« Reply #7 on: March 07, 2012, 08:58:05 am »

it's important that we be wise as serpents and know our enemies - something the modern-day church refuses to do.

and on that note I will post the Appedix. I think this was one of the major factors that he was killed, as the New-Age tends to guard this info above all else. Constance Cumbey also hints at this in her books. So here is the appedix's, loaded with just the code words and organizations and how to spot new-age stuff people and places. 

Appedix A: Practices and Techniques
Advertised of Listed in New Age-Based
Magazines, Books, and Newsletters

3HO Superhealth; Acu-massage; Acupressure; Africa Training;
Alexander Technique; Alexander Training; Aroma Therapy; Aura
Readings; Ayurveda Kinesiology; Ayurveda: The Yoga of Medicine;
Beijing T'ai Chi Gong Breathing Exercises; Bioenergetics; Body
Electronics Acupressure; Bodymind Acupressure; Bodynamic Psychotherapy;
Brain Gym Edu-Kinesthetics; Breath Therapy; Breathwork;
Chakra Harmonization; Chakra Balancing; Color Healing;
Crystal Healing; Depth Psychology; Dianetics; Domain Shift;
Dream Therapy; Electro-Therapy & the Evolving Soul; Emotional
Clearing; Ericksonian Hypnosis; Feldenkrais Method; Flower
Essences; Food Additives to Enhance Psychic Abilities; Gem Tinctures;
Gestalt; Harner Method Shamanic Counseling; Healing
Stones; Healing at a Distance; Hellerwork; Hemispheric Synchronization;
Herbal Essences; Hoffman Quadrinity Process; Holonomic
Touchwork; Holonomic Movement Awareness; Homeopathy; Intuitive
Massage; Jin Shin Do Acupressure; Johrei; Laying on of Stones; Lomi
Bodywork; Looyen Work; Macrobiotics; Mentastics; Mind-Body
Medicine; Movement Psychotherapy; Naturo-Vet Services; Neo-
Rechian Massage; NLP —Neuro-Linguistic Programming; O Sensei
Training; Open Heart Therapy; Ortho-Bionomy; Past Life
Regression; Past Life Therapy; Polarity Therapy; Primal Therapy;
Psychic Surgery; Psycho-Psi Dynamics; Psycho-Synthesis; Psychospiritual
Integration; Quan Yin Acupuncture; Radiance Technique;
Rajneesh Rebalancing; Rayid Iris Interpretation; Rebirth Yourself;
Rebirthing; Rechian Therapy; Reflexology; Reiki; Relaxation Therapy;
Rolling; Rosen Method Bodywork & Psychotherapy; Self-
Imagery; Self-Improvement Counseling Classes; Sending Energy at a
Distance; Senoi Dream Education; Shen: Physio-emotional Release
Therapy; Shiatsu; Soma Neuro-muscular Integration; Spinning:
Energetic Repatterning; Strategic Hypnotherapy; Subliminal Programming;
Swedish-Esalen Massage; Symmetrical Movement Technique;
T'ai Chi; Therapeutic Touch; Touch for Health; Traditional
Acupuncture; Trager; Trance-Action; Transformational Counseling;
Transpersonal Psychology; Transpersonal Hypnotherapy; Vibrational
Healing Massage; Whole Brain Learning; Yoga for Health;
Zen Shiatsu.

Appendix B: New Age Buzzwords, Groups, and Potpourri

Academies of Universal Science; Affirmations; Age of Aquarius;
Agni Yoga; Aikido; Akashic Records; Alchemy; Alpha Awareness
Techniques; Alpha Pacer II Brain Machine; American Indian
Rituals; Amulets; Ancient Crystal Technology; Angelic Music; Anthroposophy;
Ascended Masters; Astral Projection; Astrocartography;
Astrology; Atlantean Healing Paddles; Atlantis; Attraction
Modules; Automatic Writing; Awakening the Master Healer Within;
Balancing the Male and Female Within; Bhakti Yoga; Bi-Location;
Blending Yoga and Mysticism; Bodhisatva; Brain Machines; Buddhism;
Celestial-Seed; Ceremonial Scepters; Channelled Music;
Charms; Chi Kung: The Act of Mastering the Unseen Life Force;
Clairsentience; Clairvoyance; Comics & Cartoons as Transformative
Tools; Conscious Conception; Continuum Meditation; Cosmic Consciousness;
Council of Twelve; Course in Miracles; Create Your Own
Reality; Creative Visualization for Achieving Goals; Creative Visualization;
Creative Listening; Crystal Skulls; Crystal Visioning; Crystal
Dreaming; Crystal Pet Halters; Crystal Gridworks; Crystal Light-
Tools; Crystal Flute; Crystal Jewelry; Da Free John —Dawn House
Teachings; The Daemon Deck-meditation/therapy cards; Dance the
Dance of Your Power Animal; Dances of Universal Peace; Devas;
Dharma Voodoo; Divination; Divine Science; Dolphin Dream-Time
Workshop; Dowsing; Dream Crystals; Dream Therapy; Dream Discovery:
Diving into the Deep; Dreams and Your Personal Mythology;
Druids; Dungeons and Dragons; Dzogchen Contemplation;
Earth Chakra Activation Pilgrimages; Earth Initiations; Eckankar:
The New Age Religion; Egyptian Sand Reading; Egyptology;
Equinox Celebrations; Esalen; Esoteric Science; ESP; est; Fairies;
Feminist Wicca; Finally ... A bridge between ancient and modern
technology, The Findhorn; Finding Your Soul-Mate; Firewalking;
Form Energy; Forum; Full Moon Rites; Gemstone Elixirs; Genesis
II; Geomancy; The Gnostic View of Life; The Great Invocation;
Great White Brotherhood; Handwriting Analysis; Harmonic Convergence;
Hatha Yoga; Healing Wands; Healing Wands; High Tech
Meditation; Higher-Self; Hinduism; How to Become an Angel;
Human Potential Movement; Hypnosis; I Ching; Imaging; Incan
Religion; Inner Peace Movement; Innerquest; Insight Training; Integral
Yoga; Interdimensional Communication; Invocations; Iyengar
Yoga; Jewelled Wand Pendants; Jonathan Livingston Seagull; Kabbalah;
Kahuna; Karma of Vocation; Karma Cards; Ki; Kirlian Photography;
Klark Kent Super Science; Kripalu Yoga; Kriya Yoga;
Kundalini Yoga; Kundalini; Learn How to Build a Psychic Shield;
Lemuria; Levitation; Life After Life; Life Purpose; Lifespring;
Light Body Activation; Light Ceremonies for World Peace; Lightbased
Technologies; The Lion's Path; Lost Emerald Tablets; Lucid
Dreaming; Magic Mandates from the Right Side of the Brain; Magnetic
Alignment of the Chakras; Mandelas; Mantras; Mayan Religion;
Medicine Wheels; Mediumship; Megalearning; The Michael Group;
Middle Earth; Mind Expansion Without Drugs; Money Mantras;
Moon Signs; The Motherpeace Tarot Playbook; Mu; Mud-ras;
Mystery Schools; Necromancy; Neo-Reichian Education; The New
Sacred Psychology; New World Ascension Process; New Age Music;
New Age Expos; New Age ESP Expo; Nirvana; Occult Numerology;
Ooahpse Bible; Open Relationships; Oracles; Orgone Energy
Accumulator Blanket; Ouija Boards; Palmistry; Pendulums; Personal
and Planetary Ascension; Personal Transformation through Sound;
Physics and Mysticism; Plant Spirits; The Power of the Sacred Pipe;
Power Animals; Power Objects; Power Spots; Prana; Precognition;
Programming Crystals; Prosperity Affirmations; Prosperity Imaging;
Psychic Spoon-Bending Parties; Psychokinesis; Psychome-try;
Psychotronics; Pyramid Power; Radionics; Radix; Rainbow
Warriors; Raja Yoga; Right Brain, Left Brain Balancing; Runes;
Sacred Scarabs; Sacred Geometry; Sacred Science; SAGE Seminars;
Samadhi; Satori; Scientology; Scrying; Seances; Secret Spiritual
Names; Sedona: The Psychic Vortex Experience; Self-Development
Using Gemstones, Color, Sound, and Herbs; Sensory Imagery and
Meditations to Heal the Mind and Body; The Seven Rays; Sexual Astrology;
Shamanic Movement Exploration; Shamanism; Shamballah;
Silva Mind Control; Solstice Celebrations; Sorcery; Soul-Mates;
Spirit Guides; Spiritism; Spiritual Hierarchy of Light; Spontaneous
Drawing; Star-Gate; Star-Seed; Sufi Dancing; Sufi; Summon Wine;
Sun Signs; SuperLearning; Supersensonics; Sweat Lodge; Sweat
Lodge Ceremonies; Synchronicity; Talisman; Tantric Yoga; The Tao
Way to Total Sexual Fitness for Men; Tarot; Telekinesis; Temples of
Light; Third Eye; Tibetan Book of the Dead; TM; Trager Mentastics;
Transformational Workshops; UFO Advanced Psychic and Mental
Abilities; UFO Super-Advanced Technologies; UFO "Universal Religion";
UFO "Universal Brotherhood"; UFO Crystal Technologies; UFO
Intergalactic Brotherhood of Peace and Love; Ultra Meditation;
Unified Energy Fields; Universal Mind; Universal Intelligence; Universarius;
Vpanishads; Vedas; Vipassana Meditation; Vision Quest;
Visionary Art Pictures; Vortexes; Walk-ins; The Way of Cartouche;
White Crystal Medicine; White Shamanism; White Tantric Yoga;
Whole Life Expos; Whole-Light Beings; Wicca; Witchcraft; World
Hunger Project; World Peace Movement; Yantras; Yin-Yang; Zen.

Appendix C: Some Organizations Advertised or LISTED IN NEW

Acupressure Institute; Acupressure-Acupuncture Institute; Alchemical
Hypnotherapy Institute; Alive and Well!: Institute of Conscious
Bodywork; American Society for Psychical Research; American
Association of Meta-Science; American Institute of Hypnotherapy;
The American Center for the Alexander Technique, Inc.; Ananda
Marga; Antioch University San Francisco; Association for Humanistic
Psychology; Association for Humanistic Psychology; Association
for Holistic Health; Association for Research and Enlightenment;
Astara; The Aston Training Center; The Body of Knowledge; The
Boeing Employees Parapsychology Club; Boulder College; Cadake
Industries; California Institute of Integral Studies; California School of
Herbal Studies; California Institute of Integral Studies; Camp Lenox;
The Center of Light; Center for Transpersonal and Expressive Arts;
Center for Shamanic Studies; Center for Applied Institution;
Chinook Learning Community; Chinook Learning Center; Choices;
Dialogue House; Doctor Jay Scherer's Academy of Natural Healing;
Dr. Edward Bach Healing Society; Esalen Institute; The Esoteric
Philosophy Center; Feathered Pipe Foundation; The Female Principle;
Flower Essence Society; The Focusing Institute; Foundation for Life
Action; Foundation; Hakomi Therapy; Harbin Hot Springs; Heart
Center; Heartsong Center for Expanded Perception; Heartwood
Healing Arts Institute; The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga;
Holistic Dental Association; Hollyhock Farm; Infinity International
School of Hypnotherapy; Institute for Biogenetics and Gestalt;
Institute for Evolutionary Research; Institute for Transpersonal
Psychology; Institute of Noetic Sciences; Integral Yoga Institute; Interdimensional
Sciences; Interface; International Rolf Institute; International
Foundation for Homeopathy; International Association of
Holistic-Health Practitioners; International Association for Psychotronic
Research; International Kirlian Research Association; International
Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association; John Bastyr
College; John F. Kennedy University; John-David Learning Institute;
Joy Lake Mountain Seminar Center; Ken Keyes Center; Kushi
Institute; The Kushi Foundation; Lesley College Graduate School;
Life Integration Trainings; Life Sciences Counseling Services; The
Light Ages Foundation; The Lomi School, Macrobiotic Learning
Center; Lorian Association; The Lucis Trust; Maharishi Ayurveda
Association of America; Melia Foundation; Monroe Institute of Applied
Sciences; Mount Madonna Center; The Naropa Institute; National
Center for Homeopathy; The New Mexico Academy of Massage
and Advanced Healing Arts; New York School of Astrology; New
England Sound Healers; New York Open Center; New Life Health
Center; New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics; Nyingma Institute;
Oasis Center; Oasis Center for Human Potential; Omega Institute
for Holistic Studies; Omega Institute for Holistic Studies; The
Option Institute; Parapsychological Services Institute; Piedmont
Yoga Center; Polarity Therapy Center of San Francisco; Potomac
MyoTherapy Institute; PSI Research; The Radionic Association;
Rocky Mountain Dharma Center; Rocky Mountain Peace Center;
Rosicrucian Order, AMORC; Rowe Conference Center; The Rudolf
Steiner Institute; Rudolf Steiner College; The Sedona Institute; The
Self Center; Self Realization Fellowship; Shakti Center; Sirius Community;
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm; Sivanda Yoga Vendanta
Center; The Society of Metaphysicians; Southwestern College of Life
Sciences; Spiritual Emergence Network; Spiritual Emergence Network;
Sri Chinmoy Center; Strong, Stretched, and Centered, Taoist
Esoteric Yoga Center and Sufi Order; Theosophical Society in America;
Three Mountain Foundation; Touch for Health Foundation;
Traditional Acupuncture Foundation; The Trager Institute; Transcendental
Meditation; Transformation Arts Institute; Vega Study
Center; Vipassana Meditation Center; Wainwright House; White
Lotus Foundation; Windstar Foundation; Wise Woman Center;
World College West; World Peace University.

Appendix D: Some New Age-Oriented Journals, Magazines,
Resources and Newsletters

Balance Magazine; Beyond Avalon; Body, Mind and Spirit Magazine;
Brain/Mind Bulletin Newsletter; Common Ground; Common
Boundary Between Spirituality & Psychotherapy; Earth Star/New
England; East West Journal; The Essential Whole Earth Catalog;
Fate Magazine; Free Spirit; Harmonist Magazine; Holistic Health;
Life Times; The Light Connection; The Loving Brotherhood Newsletter;
Magical Blend; Meditation Magazine; The Monk; National
New Age Yellow Pages; The New Times; New Age Exchange; New
Dimensions Radio Network; New Frontier Magazine; New Frontiers
Newsletter; New Age Journal; New Realities; Orange County Resources;
Reflections; Whole Again Resource Guide; Whole Life
Magazine; Whole Life Monthly; Yoga Journal.

Appedix E: Names of Some of the More POPULAR SPIRITS BEING

Adept; Alexander; Alien Soul; Ascended Masters; Ashtar Command;
Basher; Celestial Seed; Crystal Woman; Divine Flame Holder;
Divine Counterpart; Djwhal Khul; Dr. Peebles; El Morya; Eleutheria;
Emmanuel; Enchantment; Enlightened Master; Etherion; Fortuneteller;
Global Dreamer; Goddess; Guru; Healer; High Priest; Hilarion;
Holy One; Initiate; Jaguar Woman; Jason; "Jesus"; John; Jonah;
Konar; Kristos; Kuthumi; Lanto; Lazaris; Light Worker; Lilly; Maat;
Mafu; Magician; Maitreya; Master R; Master; Medicine Woman;
Medicine Man; Medicine Man Sorcerer; Mentor; Mystic; Mystical
Traveler; Old Chinese; Oracle; Orion; Power Woman; Prophet; Quan
Yin; Ra; Ramtha; Saint; Sananda; Savant; Seer; Seth; Shaman;
Shepherd; Soli; Soothsayer; Soul Projection; St. Germain; Star Seed
Rainbow Warrior; Sunat Kumara; The Michael Entity; Visionary;
Warlock; White Eagle; Witch Doctor; Witch; Wizard; Xax; Zosh.

Appendix F: Examples of Some Titles of New Age Workshops

33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane; A Transpersonal Dream Healing
Ceremony; Activating Your Place in God's Plan for Earth; Acupressure
for Pregnancy; Akashic Records and Reincarnation;
Alchemy of Success; and Science; "Angels and Archetypes"; Astral
Projection to the Moon, the Other Planets, and Beyond; Awakening
the Heart: Relationship as a Transformative Journey; Balancing the
Global Energy Network; Change Your Life with Science of Mind;
Conscious Evolution and Transforming Personal Rules; Creative
Imagination with Colors; Death, Dying, and Transcendence; Developing
a Prosperity Consciousness and Learning to Receive; Dialogue
with Infinity; Earth Ascending: Preparation for Planetary Empowerment;
The Egyptian Mysteries; Emotions and Money; ESP: Extended
Sensory Perception is a Natural Function for Everyone; Finding an
Authentic Feminine Spirituality; Getting Used to the Idea of Being
God; Goddesses is Every Woman; The Harmonics of Health and
Wholeness; Healing Our Relationships Through a "Course in Miracles":
Crystal Healing with Breath Using Ancient Egyptian Techniques;
Herbs: Sacraments for Spiritual Growth and Healing; Hermetic
Wisdom: Qabalistic Path to Wholeness; Holistic Dentistry; Hot
Tub Workshop; How to Become an Angel; How to Attract Money;
Intuitive Development ... Keys to Inner Self; The Inward Arc: Developing
Intuition for Healing and Wholeness; The Joy is in the Journey
Through Hatha Yoga ... Body, Mind, and Spirit; Learn How to Slow
the Aging Process and be Forever Young with Magician, Shaman,
Priest, and Priestess: A Look at Esoteric Art Making Love Work: A
Personal Growth Seminar; Medicine; Multi-dimensional Energy Transference;
Multidimensional Art; Opening the Creative Flow; Overcoming
Situations of Love, Sex, Rejection, and Jealousy via Precision Psychodrama;
The Path to Mastership; The Path of Power; Peruvian Whistling
Vessels; Planetary Herbology: A Training in Clinical Chinese-Western
Power Primal Fusion Music; Psychic Aura-Clearing; Relationship
Discoveries; Rod Workshop; Sacred Healing Temples of the Past,
Present, and Future; The Sacred Science of Chakra Balancing and
Activation; Secrets of Esoteric Sexuality; Self-hypnosis; Shamanic
Healing: Journeying and the Dreamtime Experience; Taoist Internal
Alchemical Yoga; Theosophical Attitude to Non-violence; Thoughtform
Technology; Touch for Health Therapy; Tree of Life Study and
Meditation; The Unfolding Female Master; Using Crystals as Holographic
Computers; The Vision Maker's Workshop; Visualizations: A
Powerful Aid to Cancer Rehabilitation; The Way of the Warrior Priest;
White Tantric Yoga', Women's Mysteries: Discovering the Goddess
Within; You are the Light; Your Lover is Your Healer: Tantra Yoga.

Appendix G: Power Trips: Ideals and Self-Images of New Agers

Adept; Alien Soul; Causal-Plane Overseer; Celestial Seed; Clairvoyant
Channel; Crystal Woman; Divine Counterpart; Divine Flame
Holder; Enlightened Master; Fortuneteller; Geomancer; Global
Dreamer; Goddess; Guru; Healer; High Priest; Holder of the Universal
Keys; Initiate; Jaguar Woman; Kahuna; Keeper of the Flame;
Light Worker; Magician; Master; Medicine Woman; Medicine Man
Sorcerer; Medicine Man; Mentalist; Mind-Master; Necromancer;
Oracle; Power Woman; Power-Masters; Prince; Princess; Prophet;
Psychic Consultant; Saint, Mystic, Holy One; Savant; Seer; Shaman;
Shepherd; Soothsayer; Soul Projection; Spiritual Counselor; Star
Seed Rainbow Warrior; Trance Channel; Transformational Channel;
Upholders of the Light; Visionary; Warlock; Warriors; Witch; Witch
Doctor; Wizard.
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What can you do for Jesus?  Learn what 1 person can accomplish.

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« Reply #8 on: March 07, 2012, 08:59:29 am »

p.s. I have both of Cumbeys books for those who are interested.
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What can you do for Jesus?  Learn what 1 person can accomplish.

The Man from George Street
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« Reply #9 on: March 07, 2012, 09:09:55 am »

p.s. I have both of Cumbeys books for those who are interested.

Are they in PDF formats or just regular book formats?

Thank you for the Appendixes - to be frank, I generally end up avoiding appendixes in general(just a habit, that's all). Looks like this is a very important one.

Also, remember this asian "missionary prophet" I talked about recently? Baer talked about how when he was in the New Age movement, he would get thrusted into seeing the "spiritual world", it's as if his mind was really in speed control. These false prophets(like the one I mentioned recently) have these "visions" of the SAME THINGS. Didn't Paul(or Peter) say that "no man hath seen God at any time"(except for the Apostles, that is)?
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« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2012, 09:14:41 am »

Tribulation Clip: Helen Hannah's Day of Wonders


This 1999 movie inspired me and still does. Astonishingly, the term “hater”, which was rather foreign back then is now common. 9/11 hadn’t happened yet, so terrorism wasn’t a common idea. The public attitudes depicted then are manifesting now in real life. None of the actors are backed by Hollywood anymore.
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« Reply #11 on: March 07, 2012, 10:20:42 am »

Are they in PDF formats or just regular book formats?

Thank you for the Appendixes - to be frank, I generally end up avoiding appendixes in general(just a habit, that's all). Looks like this is a very important one.

Also, remember this asian "missionary prophet" I talked about recently? Baer talked about how when he was in the New Age movement, he would get thrusted into seeing the "spiritual world", it's as if his mind was really in speed control. These false prophets(like the one I mentioned recently) have these "visions" of the SAME THINGS. Didn't Paul(or Peter) say that "no man hath seen God at any time"(except for the Apostles, that is)?

I believe they are both PDF, if you want i can send them when i get home.
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What can you do for Jesus?  Learn what 1 person can accomplish.

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« Reply #12 on: March 07, 2012, 10:22:21 am »

Tribulation Clip: Helen Hannah's Day of Wonders

This 1999 movie inspired me and still does. Astonishingly, the term “hater”, which was rather foreign back then is now common. 9/11 hadn’t happened yet, so terrorism wasn’t a common idea. The public attitudes depicted then are manifesting now in real life. None of the actors are backed by Hollywood anymore.

I feel the same way ever since i saw that movie, i see the term HATER being applied more and more on the Christian. I have some good links just cant post right now. will update later on how this applies.
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What can you do for Jesus?  Learn what 1 person can accomplish.

The Man from George Street
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« Reply #13 on: March 07, 2012, 10:53:26 am »

I believe they are both PDF, if you want i can send them when i get home.

Yes, I do. Thank you! Smiley
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« Reply #14 on: March 07, 2012, 10:56:09 am »

I feel the same way ever since i saw that movie, i see the term HATER being applied more and more on the Christian. I have some good links just cant post right now. will update later on how this applies.

The modern-day church has no idea what "hate" means anymore - if, let's say you MERELY criticize a pastor or a church leader for all the wrong he's(obviously) doing, you are just that.(ie-get these responses when I point out Rick Warren's wrong-doings almost all the time)

It's as if the modern-day church has no idea what wolves in sheep's clothing are. And it's as if they wouldn't care if a convicted child molester taught at their kid's kindergarten school anymore.
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« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2012, 05:33:26 pm »

Am only 1/3 of the way through Baer's book(Inside the New Age Nightmare), however, it is thus far a FASCINATING read.

This was written in the 1980's, but I believe what he went through was going on BEFORE the 1980's - having reading it, you would have thought this was being written IN OUR PRESENT DAY! UFO's, modern pseudo-technology, and all kinds of very subtlely deceptive resources used for sorcery in alot of products. It also sounded like a wide range of businesses, institutions, and workforces are involved in the New Age as well.

And the kicker about the New Age movement is some of the sectors are VERY subtle, b/c they don't make themselves look too obvious, and aren't "cults" per se!

Also, while the New Age movement is first and foremost haters of Christianity, it's not like they ignore the bible completely. What they do is merely pick and choose scripture verses to their liking, and interpret them to their liking. Isn't this what modern-day Churchianity does? Sometimes I wonder if almost all of these so-called Churchianity pastors are New Agers themselves.

Will give more thoughts on this when I finish it, but I HIGHLY recommend this reading if you haven't read it yet!
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