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Title: Host on VIEW was about to expose vaccinations when this happened.
Post by: Mark on December 12, 2014, 08:49:05 am
This happened on the VIEW the other day, funny how it happens when the one host was going to tell about the harmful effects of vaccinations.


Then Whoopi comes out today and says it was all a joke. Funny that it happened at that specific time....

The Great Whoopi Fart Was A Fraud
Whoopi's toxic toot was merely a joke.

he View on Thursday morning began with an explanation of an issue of great concern to America, one that has been dominating some social media circles: Whoopi Goldberg's release of flatulent wind on Wednesday that was so large The Weather Channel wanted to give it a name and classify it as a "Category 5," and Bill Nye the Science Guy tried to label it as a threat to the climate. Happily for global warming proponents Whoopi's toxic toot was merely a joke.

Below is Whoppi's explanation for the fake flatulence: 

    So apparently I need to clear the air over a couple things. People thought --- I don't know--- I thought people were much smarter than the newspapers give them credit for. Apparently no. So here’s the deal, people have been talking about -- well, take a look.

    (she plays the clip of the foul funny from the day before)

    (…) So just in case you’re at home and you didn't understand it, there was a sound effect that -- okay. We had never heard this thing before.

    I'm thinking damn that's weird. What can I do?  Oh, I know. I'm going to pretend I let a little something go. As a joke. Child! These folks are e-mailing people; running up on people saying how do you feel about the fart that Whoopi did on the set? (…) It's a joke!

    You know I know you think that I don't do that anymore. But I do. I make funnies. But I don't fart on air for real.