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Title: ExposÚs on 80 different Pastors/Teachers
Post by: akfools on February 15, 2011, 04:19:02 am


Anderson, Neil 

Arthur, Kay   

Blue, Ron   

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich   

Bright, Bill 

Briscoe, Stuart & Jill   

Burkett, Larry   

Campolo, Tony   

Cho, Paul (David) Yonggi   

Collins, Gary   

Colson, Chuck   

Copeland, Kenneth 

Crabb, Larry 

Dobson, James   

Engstrom, Ted   

Ezzo, Gary   

Falwell, Jerry   

Finney, Charles   

Foster, Richard 

Gothard, Bill   

Graham, Billy 

Hagee, John   

Hagin, Kenneth   

Hanegraaff, Hank 

Hayford, Jack   

Hendricks, Howard   

Hinn, Benny   

Hocking, David   

Horton, Michael   

Howard-Browne, Rodney

Hunt, Dave   

Hybels, Bill     

Hyles, Jack   

Jakes, T.D. 

Jeremiah, David   

Kennedy, D. James   

Kroll, Woodrow 

LaHaye, Tim & Beverly   

Laurie, Greg 

Levitt, Zola   

Lewis, C.S.   

Lindsey, Hal   

Lovett, C.S.   

Lucado, Max 

Luther, Martin 

McCartney, Bill 

McDowell, Josh 

MacArthur, John

MacDonald, Gordon   

Mains, David & Karen 

Matzat, Don   

Maxwell, John C.   

Meyer, Joyce   

Minirth, Frank & Meier, Paul   

Moon, Sun Myung   

Osteen, Joel   

Packer, J.I.   

Palau, Luis 

Parsley, Rod 

Peale, Norman Vincent

Peck, M. Scott   

Peretti, Frank   

Rainey, Dennis   

Robertson, Pat   

Robison, James

Ross, Hugh   

Schaap, Jack

Schuller, Robert   

Seamands, David   

Smalley, Gary 

Smith, Chuck   

Solomon, Charles   

Sproul, R.C.   

Stanley, Charles 

Swindoll, Charles   

Warren, Rick   

Wildmon, Donald   

Wimber, John 

Yancey, Philip   

Ziglar, Zig   


Title: Re: ExposÚs on 80 different Pastors/Teachers
Post by: Psalm 51:17 on February 15, 2011, 08:54:05 am
It wasn't until a couple of years ago when I had no idea how bad some of these people in this list really are -

It's largely b/c I just went by what my churches said about them(which were largely very positive) - for example, I had no idea Chuck Colson was pushing Roman Catholicm, and had no idea Rick Warren was a government agent and an agent of Satan. Again, I just went by "conventional wisdom".

And for the record, no, I don't blame these churches, no matter how much of a "corporate ****" they are, because I myself should have been a good Borean and searched these scriptures et al.